Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Amelia just turned 18 and hates her homelife. After getting detention at the private school her mom forces her to go to, she meets a mysterious new teacher... a man prepared to take control over her....


Amelia just turned 18 and hates her homelife. After getting detention at the private school her mom forces her to go to, she meets a mysterious new teacher... a man prepared to take control over her....

Chapter1 (v.1) - Detention

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Submitted: December 12, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 12, 2016



I felt numb. I’ve been living in this seemingly perfect family my entire life, perfect to anyone who asked. My mother was obsessed with our image: Church fundraisers, perfect soccer mom to my younger sister, cooked every night, helped my younger brother with homework. Every week went the exact same as the last. Monday through Friday mom drove Kelly and Ben to school at 7:45, letting me take my car all the way to bum fuck nowhere highschool because “This is the best private school in the state and I’m not about to let you throw away everything we’ve worked for blah blah blah”.  Her shrill voice makes my life a living nightmare. I would give anything for her to just let me live, but to my mother, if you’re anything less than perfect, you might as well be the devil. She tries to control every aspect of my life using Kelly and Ben as her personal rats. They were born to snitch.

My mothers so batshit crazy because my father is a useless alcoholic. He gets up, goes to work, stops at the ABC to pick up some more liquor, crashes in front of the tv and drinks himself into a stupor. Mom gets home from some dumbass thing (be it church event, yoga, soccer match - who cares), sees him on the couch and starts yelling. Honestly her awfulness is so much worse than his drinking but she never sees it. Most nights she yells for hours and no one cares what I do - except for the rats. They watch me like a hawk so that mommy will love them if they prove that I did something wrong. I tried sneaking out once and ended up without a car for a month.

The only real freedom I get is my way to and from school. Most students hate school but any time away from that hell hole is heaven so I do my best to get there early and stay as late as possible. One Monday morning after an especially horrible weekend I got to school before my mother was even awake, hours before the doors opened. I threw my keys and cellphone into my purse and quickly walked across the student parking lot towards the shitty motel across the street. It was mid january and the cold air bit my face making me walk faster. I made it to the alley with the dumpster behind the motel and grabbed a bag out of my purse. Ripping open the bag, I started to sigh with relief. Being careful not to drop any, I began rolling a joint. When I finished I pressed it to my lips and fidgeted with the lighter for what felt like a lifetime before angrily chucking it into the dumpster. Before I can put the unlit joint back in my purse a hand grabbed my wrist and snatched it from me.

Startled I looked up preparing to beg for mercy, face red and puppy eyes ready. My eyes met theirs and immediately I sighed with relief before laughing “Katie you bitch you nearly gave me a heart attack”

“Serves you right!” she teased, “I can’t believe you were gonna smoke without me! I mean really Amelia, after everything we’ve been through?” she dramatically threw the back of her hand to her forehead while clutching her heart with the other.

“Oh shut up and help me light this damn thing” I said through laughter.

Katie searched her bag for a couple of seconds before pulling out a box of matches. “You can’t be serious.” I blurted.

Katie rolled her eyes and giggled “I don’t see any other ideas miss ‘I’m too good for matches.’”

She lit the joint and took a deep inhale. Exhaling, she raised it in the air and exclaimed “to your 18th”

“Oh right. That. Not my best birthday I must say, but this is definitely better than Saturday’s celebration”

She took another hit and laughed “no shit”

“Well don’t hog it” I commented as I took the joint from her hands.

We sat there like that for a good hour before 7:30 rolled around and we shuffled back to school. It didn’t start for another hour but the doors were finally open and Katie kept complaining about the cold. The warmth washed over me and made me smile. I felt relaxed for the first time all weekend and I felt invincible. The next hour seemed to fly by, and the one after that was a blur. The bell for second period rang and I noticed my high starting to fade. I stared at the graffitti on my desk: crudely drawn penis’s and rants about how we are all sinners. Without thinking I pulled out a pen and scratched into the desk “NEVER GIVE IN TO THE ANGELS, THEY’RE ALL BITC-” suddenly my pen was in the hands of an angry teacher, glaring at me with those soulless eyes. My (still fairly red eyes) stared right back at her, tilted my head and smiled. “I’m pretty sure stealing is illegal Ms. Margaret”.

Time started to slow around the first 45 minutes of Detention. I sat there smug as hell, cherishing every moment of I missed of calculus. I looked at over at Mr. Johnson. Any longer and he might just morph with the chair. His five o’clock shadow was already showing and he struggled harder than me to just stay awake. It was just me and him in this room and ge obviously didn’t care what I was doing. Giggling to myself I started doodling on my jeans to pass the time. Just then the door swung open and a teacher I had never seen before came marching over to Mr. Johnson’s desk. My jaw practically fell to the floor as my eyes scanned every inch of his body. He had to be at least 23, his jawline looked like it was sculpted by Michelangelo. He wore a long sleeve plaid button up shirt that looked so easy to tear right off of him. It was easy to tell his arms were well toned even through the sleeves. I yearned to run my hands through his thick, black hair, fantasizing all the things I wanted him to do to me….

His hands running up my thigh while the other grabs my hair and pulls my lips closer to his…. I can feel his breath on my skin, the anticipation is killing me. I pull closer to kiss him but find myself restrained by the handful of hair in his hand. The other hand starts moving slowly up my back to my bra, unhooking it before moving his hand around to my breast. He pulls on my hair forcing my head back, leaving my neck exposed. I feel him running his finger around my nipple while his soft lips gently suck my neck. His hand grasps my breast and he forcefully pulls my head back down and presses his lips on mine, gently biting them as I start to softly moan…

“Ms. Amelia Clark do you need something?” This Mystery man’s soothing voice came from where Mr. Johnson was sitting only minutes ago.

Startled i jumped up nearly knocking my chair over. His devilish brown eyes were staring into my soul and I wanted to say something, anything, to explain why I was moaning but I could feel his eyes on me and I just stood there, flustered.

Suddenly I become very aware of what I was wearing, a mono colored short sleeve shirt and some jeans: the school uniform. My hair was brown and curly, my bra size only 32C. I had a little bubble butt and average legs. At 5’8 I felt overwhelmingly average. I then realized that my panties were wet and he was still staring at me waiting for a response. “Um… uh… no sir. Sorry Sir.” I practically whimpered.

Just then a smile flickered across his face before quickly vanishing. He stood up and started walking over to where I was standing. My legs were numb and my voice was lost, he stood inches away from me with only a desk to separate us. “My name is Mr. Dean” He spoke softly

“I’m sorry… Mr. Dean… I’ll remember that….” Every word felt like a fight

He walked around the desk until his body was almost touching mine and whispered, “Don’t be sorry. There’s no need to remember it, I prefer you call me sir anyways”

My knees felt weak and I almost fell to the floor, but instead found myself in his arms - one around my waist and the other on the back of my neck. He slowly leaned in, his face a breath away from mine when he stopped looked deep into my eyes

“Kiss me” I murmured

Just then his smile returned, I closed my eyes….


The bustle of footsteps echoed through the halls as students made their way to the buses. He lifted me up and walked back to his desk. I stood frozen in place. “I’ll expect to see you here again Amelia. You have detention for the next five thursdays. If you are late or neglect to arrive another two will be added on. I’ll see you next week,” he winked, “You may go now.”

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