Virtually Lovers

Virtually Lovers

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


"The teasing and anticipation of impending outcome is breath taking" To the outside world, Lucy is an outwardly unremarkable married mother of one, living in an English country cottage. But she is also a published, yet anonymous author of erotic romance. Her two identities are kept utterly separate, even from her own husband. That is until the delicious Theo strikes up an online conversation with her and starts to break down the carefully-constructed wall which separates her two lives. In their steamy, cross-continental virtual relationship, Lucy discovers something entirely unexpected; a writing partner, a sexual equal and most importantly, a friend. As virtual erotic sparks fly, Theo and Lucy smoulder in each other’s online company. But will there ever be an opportunity for them to meet in person...and what the hell would happen if they did?


"The teasing and anticipation of impending outcome is breath taking"

To the outside world, Lucy is an outwardly unremarkable married mother of one, living in an English country cottage. But she is also a published, yet anonymous author of erotic romance. Her two identities are kept utterly separate, even from her own husband. That is until the delicious Theo strikes up an online conversation with her and starts to break down the carefully-constructed wall which separates her two lives.

In their steamy, cross-continental virtual relationship, Lucy discovers something entirely unexpected; a writing partner, a sexual equal and most importantly, a friend. As virtual erotic sparks fly, Theo and Lucy smoulder in each other’s online company. But will there ever be an opportunity for them to meet in person...and what the hell would happen if they did?

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Submitted: June 04, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 04, 2019



‘Thomas, please don’t bite the car door.You’ll hurt your teeth,’ sighed Lucy in exasperation as she gently detached her four-year old son from the vehicle and strapped him into the car.If anyone had told her five years ago that she would ever utter that group of words together in the same sentence, she would have laughed.Now, it was an almost daily occurrence.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, Lucy exhaled slowly and gazed momentarily into the rear view mirror.A pair of honest, blue eyes stared curiously back at her from within her round face framed by long, brown hair.She observed the freckles which were splattered across her button nose in a random manner, adjacent to the faint laughter lines bunching around the outside edge of her face.In time, they would undoubtedly turn into deep-set wrinkles but for now they served as a proud reminder that she had spent the majority of her life laughing, often at herself.That she consciously made the effort to choose amusement over anguish, silliness over sorrow. 

Throughout her forty years on the planet, she’d been given plenty of opportunity to experience the entire range of human emotions, including love, lust, heartbreak and despair.Of the handful men she’d slept with, pondered Lucy, as she drove away, Thomas’s father, who was also her husband, represented the only partner who’d never let her down.He helped to provide a large constituent of what she needed in life; stability, support and safety.Unfortunately, the downside was that she rarely felt that zing of excitement and desire coursing through her veins now.But then life was full of compromises.Stealing a brief glance in the mirror once more, she caught sight of her smiling, adorable son and her heart clenched with the kind of unquestioned, overflowing love that can only be felt towards your own child.Every day spent with Thomas felt as though she had been given this amazing gift, which ultimately made other parts of her life worth enduring.

Lucy turned up the car’s air conditioning as a cloudless, blue sky enabled powerful sunlight to permeate through the windows, ramping up the temperature.June had recently flourished into July and England found itself in the grip of a heatwave which hadn’t relinquished its hold for well over a month.As the previously lush green fields turned crisp and yellow from the drought, reservoir levels became dangerously low and the country was predicted to experience the driest and hottest year on record.At home, their garden was no exception and a hosepipe ban had done nothing to assist with the general decline.But, thought Lucy, knowing the successful way she managed to compartmentalise her life, “failing gardener” was just another one of the many categories.She was a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and employee; each guise requiring a slightly different approach.A different persona.And that was just by day.By night, she was a published author of erotic fiction and that definitely required an individual compartment all to itself, double-bolted and secured with an industrial-sized padlock.Nobody else in the world knew that secret; not even her husband.

Once she had put her son to bed later that night, Lucy settled down on the sofa and booted up her laptop.As always, her husband Chris was busy outside in his shed which Lucy accepted. Indeed, more recently she had started to actively encourage this behaviour as it provided her with the latitude to write in peace, without being overlooked or disturbed.This, in turn, made her secret easier to maintain.

Before commencing work, she logged into the email account she’d set up under Grace Spencer, her writing pseudonym, bracing herself for what communications might have arrived over the past twenty-four hours. Lucy had been publishing her stories for nearly a year now, selling steadily online and yet the range of comments she received continued to astonish her.On one end of the scale were a small subset of people who seemed to be somewhat distanced from reality.She had received emails blaming her for wasting the time of a very angry man who had read her story on a free site and not enjoyed it.The odd wannabe literary critic provided some amusement, requesting she never use specific words in future stories because they set his teeth on edge.One such word was ‘retorted’ which, simply for her own childish amusement, Lucy found herself now purposefully including in every new story she wrote.Predictably, in a very depressing way, there were also those wanting to show her a “verysexy time”.

Fortunately, such examples were few and far between. The majority of her communications were from decent, kind, generous and encouraging individuals, often providing genuinely constructive feedback which Lucy entirely welcomed and tried to apply to her work.Scrolling through her mails, she noticed a reply from Theo who was one such person. Several nights previously, he had sent a very complimentary email about one of her stories.Lucy had replied, suggesting that he might like to take a look at another she had written.Double clicking on the message, it simply read:

“Oh.My. Gawd!!!”

Lucy stared for a moment at the bright screen, emphasised by the relative darkness of the room, her eyebrows scrunched up with confusion.With a slightly quizzical smile on her face, she hit reply and began to type.

“Is that good or bad?”

Hoping it was good, she cleared down the rest of her emails and was just about to start on her writing for the night, when a new message from Theo popped onto her screen.

“Ha ha.I think I want you to marry me!What a mind!”

Grinning, Lucy typed back a light-hearted response, thanking him for the kind feedback on her story and hit send.A response almost immediately re-appeared.

“I’ve often toyed with the idea of writing erotic fiction myself but never taken the step.I’m curious….would you be interested in reading a story of mine?”

Agreeing that she’d be happy to read his work she quickly clicked send, before pulling up a different window on her screen as Chris sauntered into the room.

‘I’m off to bed.Are you going to be late?’ he asked.

‘Probably another hour or so.I’ll see you in the morning.’

‘Okay,’ he replied, giving Lucy what some might consider a slightly dismissive kiss on the cheek.He smelt of sawdust and wood varnish.‘Night then.’

‘Night,’ she sighed.Once he’d left the room, she closed down her email window and opened up the story she was working on.The evening was when she truly came alive and the sensual woman who remained largely hidden from view was allowed to escape and generally run riot.Released at last, the carnal desires and lustful thoughts that would otherwise overpower her mind were allowed to flood onto the page. Exhaling with relief, she began to type. 




Later that week, after a Thomas-filled day of swings, Lego, grazed knees and a sudden yet inexplicable fascination with putting stones into the dog’s water bowl, Lucy collapsed onto the sofa alone, laptop in her hand.Her attention couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to a new email from Theo, containing his story of two work colleagues who had been getting up to no good on company time.As she neared the end of the story, an unexpected twinge of desire started low down in her abdomen, as a result of the arousing detail and unique perspective of his storytelling.

“She came. A second time. She came with me inside her. Buckling under me, screaming wildly as her spine cringed and curved. She cried until her voice ran out. I was amazed at how tight she felt. With every thrust was a response of one, sometimes two pulses of her perfect pussy clamping around me. 


I could hear the tap of liquids falling to the floor and droplets accumulating at the base of my scrotum. Everything blurred for that one agonizing second, before snapping back into sharp clarity. What started as a dull throbbing turned into a slow and constant tightening around my throbbing cock. I couldn’t hold back much longer and I felt the head increase in size as a wave began to well from deep within.


With my hands firmly clasped around her hips, I began to feel the release of every single stream inside her. My thrusts simultaneously slowed and deepened as I succumbed to my immense pleasure. I revelled in that moment, feeling the energy overflow and reverberate throughout my entire body.”


With a pulse thumping loudly in her ears, Lucy concentrated on slowing her breathing.There wasn’t a great deal of comment she could provide, other than his words made her feel seriously horny…probably not what he wanted to hear.Theo had hinted that the entire story had been written from a real-life scenario too, which somehow made it even hotter.Instead of sharing feedback on how the story made her feel, however, Lucy did her best to provide some helpful critique and suggested that he publish it on a free site under a pseudonym, in order to gather wider feedback. 

“I am totally smiling right now.Thank you Grace!” read his email response.

“You’re welcome,” replied Lucy.“Although my real name isn't Grace as I've followed my own advice and gone down the pseudonym route.You do know that if we chat too much, something you say will probably end up being the kernel of an idea for my next story.  Just a warning!”

“Well then...perhaps I need to give you more fodder? I am really liking where this is going!” came the reply.His words caused her stomach to tingle with unanticipated excitement as she smiled broadly. She wasn’t much complaining either.




Lucy couldn’t help but be drawn to Theo and he fluttered in and out of her mind over the following days.She had always wondered what an erotic fiction story co-written by a man and a woman would look like and gradually an idea started to form.They both seemed to appreciate each other’s work and from what she’d gleaned so far, he was intelligent, articulate, sexy, experienced and fun.Might this be a good opportunity to explore such a collaboration?

It took Lucy a while to compose what needed to be a fairly up-front email to a virtual stranger, but eventually, she was content.


“Hey there Theo,

Fodder sounds intriguing and, linked to that, I’ve had a thought. However, before I run it past you, I wonder if you would answer a few questions for me please.They might sound a bit dodgy but I promise that I am asking for a good reason!You don’t have to respond, obviously, but I would like to know the answers, before I share my idea:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. What is your relationship status?

And please can they be truthful answers, rather than "internet" answers?  For example, if you asked me a similar set of questions, I wouldn't try and tell you I'm a twenty-one year old buxom peroxide-blonde who excels at gymnastics ;-)

Hopefully speak again soon if my interrogation doesn’t put you off!”


Had a stranger sent Lucy a similar email, she would have replied with single word answers.‘Forty, England, Married’ would have been all she was willing to divulge at such an early stage, which made the response she actually received back from Theo all the more surprising.


“Hey there you too :)

Most definitely...

I am forty-four, living on the outskirts of Montreal and I am married with kids. I have been in this relationship for many years and it has been largely sexless for about the last five, hence the interest in exploring my writer side of erotica. 

Straight up, I will understand if that creates somewhat of a moral issue with you. I am not here to convince you that it is okay nor am I interested in hearing what a bad person I am. It is what it is...My perception is that this is a safe way to continue to explore my sexuality without anyone getting hurt. It is my hope you understand.

So does this mean you are NOT a 21 year old buxom blonde gymnast??

I will wait to see where this lies with you before I volunteer any more details.”


Lucy re-read the email a good number of times, trying to decipher the character of the person thousands of miles away, with whom she was starting to build an embryonic relationship.Communication face to face was traditionally difficult enough, when you had gestures, pauses, hand signals, facial expressions, body language and tone of voice at your disposal.It became a good deal more difficult when relying solely upon words typed out onto a screen.Nevertheless, there were plenty of clues.And so far, she certainly liked what she saw.He was clearly a sharp, confident, self-aware guy who would likely challenge her thinking and better her writing as a result.

Lucy was naturally a deep thinker, carefully processing information and taking time to thoroughly consider all options and possible outcomes before taking appropriate action.However, in this instance, it didn’t take her long to realise she had been right about this man and quickly put her proposal to him.


“Hi Theo.

Thank you for answering my questions.  I am forty, not that buxom and certainly not a gymnast!I live in the U.K. and am married with a four year old boy.

The reason I asked how old you are is because I wouldn't run my idea past you if you were eighteen or eighty, because it would just feel wrong!I asked where you live, largely because I’m nosey.And the reason I asked about your relationship status is, I guess, just so we are clear that I'm not looking for anything "more".  I don't have any issues, moral or otherwise, with what you describe.  I certainly don't think you're a bad person :-)  I'm just sorry you find yourself in the situation you describe, as I'm guessing it wouldn't be your ideal choice.

So, anyway, my idea.  How would you feel about having a go at writing a story together?  When I read erotica, it is usually obvious if it has been written by a man or a woman.  I was thinking, what would it be like if it were written by both?  It could be like a game of cross-continental chess, whereby we keep bouncing the next few paragraphs across to each other.

Anyway, that's my idea.  If you're willing, we'd probably need a couple of basic ground rules, but I'll let you consider this idea and let me know what you think?”


Theo clearly needed even less time to make snap decisions than she did because within no more than a few minutes, a response had appeared in Lucy’s inbox.


“You are making my day Grace (don't worry I know it’s not your real name).I LOVE this idea.My sex life is certainly not my choice. I have been all over the map on the topic over the years and I have resolved that there are certain things I need to take care of and this is a great way for me to express what I am feeling without any major issues. I welcome the challenge of a co-write and like I said, I have been secretly fantasizing about this as part of a side hobby so I find the idea to be very stimulating intellectually as well as sexually.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize that I am not your average bear. I love mental sex as much as I enjoy giving pleasure and I have deemed it as somewhat of a curse that I am in the situation I am in. I appreciate your understanding and welcome a collaboration on any level. 

I have a couple of questions for you as well, and feel free to tell me that it is none of my business in case you feel I cross a line. I am perpetually curious...
Does hubby know you write killer erotica?

What areas of erotic writing do you wish to explore.Are there certain scenarios? 

I am very interested to know what prompted your last story? It is my opinion that you have an insanely erotic mind and I am secretly trying to probe it a little – okay, maybe not so secretly.I admit to finding the sexual mind of a woman almost intoxicating.”


Aware that Theo had been incredibly honest with her so far, Lucy found herself happy to answer his questions, explaining how she had not shared her secret hobby with her husband, who thought that she wrote romance stories.She basically saw herself as a middle-class, middle-aged, middle-of-the-road kind of girl. She was well respected in her part-time, professional capacity working at a legal firm, had been well brought up by very straight-laced parents, and her closest friends were all married with two point four children and the obligatory Labrador.Not only would she die inside if anyone she was acquainted with discovered she had written the erotic storylines of her published work, but she also felt it would inhibit what she currently dared to write in her current status of blissful anonymity. 

In terms of ground rules, these were very quickly agreed and then not discussed again.Theo’s response was typically direct, dry and made her chuckle:


“As for ground rules I will allow you to establish them as I likely have few limits...other than you boiling rabbits and contacting my wife of course. :)”


Lucy’s proposal was slightly more practical, suggesting an equal share of whatever income was received from their stories, with them both needing to agree publishing terms before any action was taken. She ended her email with a slight plea.


“I don't know what you think about this, but I would love for us to be completely and totally honest with each other.  We can decline to answer a question if it’s too personal, but if we do answer, we don't sugar coat it - we just tell the truth.  Similarly, if we don't like something, we say so.  I just think it would be really refreshing to have that kind of collaborative relationship.  Not sure if total honesty with another person is actually possible, but I don't see why it shouldn't be in this environment?And with that in mind, I would like you to know that my real name is Lucy.”


Although she barely knew him, she would have put money on Theo being open to her suggestion.It therefore came as no surprise when he swiftly confirmed back that he was absolutely happy with the suggested arrangement.And that, thought Lucy, was that.Within what felt like the work of a moment, she was part of a cross-continental erotic fiction writing partnership, with a man who she sensed would challenge her…in every respect of the word.



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