Educating Daisy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

"a great read!"
"the storyline and character development is wonderful!"

daisy has barely thought about sex in years, much less participated in it. hardly surprising when her trust was destroyed by a cheating ex. instead, she is happy to focus all her efforts on raising her child in the sure knowledge that sex is completely overrated anyway.

when their sons become firm friends, daisy is suddenly thrown into the orbit of the delicious nick jackson. at first, he simply infiltrates daisy's increasingly erotic dreams. however, he is soon upsetting her equilibrium by interacting with her in a much more up close and intimate manner. nick begins to show daisy the full range of carnal pleasures that she's been missing out on all these years. but can she really risk putting her trust in another man and allow herself to fall in love?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Daisy aimlessly stroked the faux suede material of her coat, enjoying the velvet-like feel against her fingertips.Glancing at her watch, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Really, it should be against the law to expect parents to drop their children off at school before six in the morning pondered Daisy as, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

‘Daisy, that was such a delicious meal, thank you,’ murmured Nick, relaxing back into the sofa, having finished his coffee.The boys h... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

It was half past nine when Daisy finally woke up the following morning.Looking blearily at her alarm clock, a feeling of panic immediatel... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Nick had been gently massaging Daisy’s body with his warm, oily hands for some time.The bulk of the time he had concentrated on her tig... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Despite her best efforts, Nick had been almost continuously on Daisy’s mind throughout the week which followed.A couple of times, she h... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

‘You didn’t have to pay for the babysitter,’ reprimanded Daisy, having returned to the lounge after checking on the boys upstairs. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

‘Daisy?’ growled Nick. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘What do you think?’ sighed Daisy, hooking her fingers beneath the wais... Read Chapter

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