The Boy Next Door

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I teach curious teenage boy a lesson.

The Boy Next Door




Men are predictable, I should know, I used to be one.


My surgically perfected breasts were proudly on display while I sunbathed on a chaise lounge beside my new pool. I’d recently purchased a Spanish Style house in a suburb just outside of Vegas. My famously functional magic wand was concealed, or perhaps enhanced, by a gold metallic thong. There was no way to hide the whole nine inches. I wear a thong because men like tan lines, and men are my business.


I’d noticed a thatch of red hair above the fence on the hill at the back of my property. I couldn’t see the eyes, but I had little doubt they were focused on my tits. I rolled over on my back.


I am proud of my backside. I sleep late and work out hard when I get up. I am toned and tanned and my hips naturally flare in a very feminine way. I have often been assured that I have an ass to die for.


I guessed it was the tall, gawky kid next door doing the looking. I didn’t really mind, I love an audience, why not let the kid dream. Anyway, I was way out of his price range. Still, I like to entertain close friends also in a natural state, and privacy can be important.


I’d seen the kid pretending to be watering his grass while I’d been moving in. Of course his house had a sprinkler system like mine. We were in the middle of a desert. I understood the temptation and his hormonal imperatives; I was only twenty-three myself.


I decided to scare the kid off. He assumed I was some kind of showgirl, tall and buxom with long hair dyed the color of cotton candy. I rolled back onto my back and got comfortable. His red hair was still visible above my fence. I pinched my nipples a couple times and began rubbing my golden thong. I’m six foot and well endowed. I keep my equipment tucked away, but it wasn’t long before I was sporting a tent pole.


I snuck a peek at the fence. Half his head was above it now. I slid the gold fabric aside and let my erect shaft waggle in the sun. I applied a dollop of sunscreen and began stroking myself. When I was plenty rigid I looked directly at the fence.


I figured he’d run for his mama when he saw my monster all veiny and angry. He didn’t. The kid had to be six foot six. He must have stood up because his whole head was visible above the fence. He had long red hair and a pimply face. He was skinny, but given time he might have filled out into something. I didn’t want to expend any semen I might need later, so I picked up my water bottle and gave my ass a little runway sway as I walk across the patio and into the house.



Shelly rang my business cell about 4 pm.



“Guess who’s in town again?”


“Family Values Leadership Council? Evangelical Pedophile Hypocrites Union?”


“Close. You’ve got a judge. Wants a classy girl with a big dick.”


“Don’t we all? Premium rate?”


“Yup. Dinner and fantasy play. Little black dress -- no panties. Bring your mistress kit.”


“Where and when?”


“7 pm. Louis the 14th Suite.”


“How old?”


“60 plus. Planning for a Viagra Niagara.”


“They say hope is not a plan.”


“Be nice to him. First timer, I think. Dinner on the QT. Room service for two..”


“7 pm. No panties.”


I proceeded to shave and make myself beautiful. It doesn’t take too much.


The judge was a deadpanned guy. Restrained. I eventually got him to relax. It’s a more important skill than being a virtuoso in the bedroom. He talked about French history. Judges never talk about anything related to cases they have before them. At least they’re not supposed to.


I was delicious in my little black dress. His eyes devoured me, probably trying to figure out if I female after all. I slipped my heels off and ran my toes up the inside of his pants leg. He was about halfway hard.


“Oops! My earring. It must have fallen under the table. The rug’s pattern makes it invisible. It’s a small diamond stud. Do you see it?”


This was the fantasy he wanted to play out.


He patted my hand. “Let me take a look, my dear. I’m sure we’ll find it.”


He crawled under the tablecloth and searched around. I put one leg on top of his back to give him a reference point. I’d palmed the earring when I’d reached up to my ear.


He began kissing the inside of my thigh and working his way up. He touched my balls tentatively, gauging their size and weight. I let him take his time. Soon enough he began sucking my cock like a starving man at a buffet. I let him get it out of his system. He even plunged his tongue into my anus. He was pretty good at that.


“Oh, here’s my earring,” I said when he began wheezing and came up for air. We adjourned to the bedroom. I donned my black leather corset and tall boots. A leash and a collar kept him crawling on the carpet. I steered him with my riding crop. He needed to be controlled and humiliated. I peed on his bony back and made him beg to lick a few drops off the tip of my dick. He worshiped my cock and ass like a holy relic but never did arouse me enough to cum. I fingered his scrawny ass and he came a few drops after a lot of hard sucking.


It was predictable. These pillars of society usually want some version of the same thing. The ones that don’t are usually creepy and potentially violent. I left early with empty balls and a big tip. Old men are good gigs; they pay well and are guaranteed one and done.


That night I dreamed about hard cocks and massive explosions of cum. I texted Reynard.


“Get your ass over here and fuck my brains out.”


“Ask nicely,” was his reply. He had beautiful manners to match his beautiful body..I loved his Creole accent too.


After stripping and using my outdoor shower, he took his time waking over to the pool, elegant and natural in the nude. Tall and slender, he stood beside me and began oiling his muscular body until his bronze skin glowed. He was broad shouldered with no body fat and little of body hair. Each muscle was crisply defined. The sumptuous vee of his lower abs formed a visual springboard for the upward curve of his long cock. Arching erect, it surged above me like twelve inches of fantasmic pleasure. His large ball sack hung low under the weight of two orbs full of thick cum.

He stepped across my face so I was looking up at the seam between his balls and his anus. He knew I love to lick along this masculine highway. I wanted his balls in my mouth and he lowered them slowly to me. I clasped his sack above them so they protruded out and sucked one big ball into my mouth. It was all I could fit in at one time. I sucked one ball and then the other and trace the seam to the edge of his anus with my long tongue. His long cock jumped upward.


I turned so that I was kneeling on the cushions and worked his shaft with both hands while I sucked. He must have been horny and soon exploded filling my whole mouth with sweet and salty semen. I sucked down every drop. He was aroused and stayed hard. He stepped behind me and jerked my thong off and used it to tie my wrists behind my back. I raised my cheeks and open asshole to meet him. His oiled cock was always bigger than I expected and I could only take half of it at first. He grabbed my long hair and jerked my head back to pull himself deep into me.


I always made him a little wild despite his gentle instincts. He buried his twelve inches balls deep in my ass and fucked me so hard his balls slapped against mine with abandon. I pushed back into each of his thrusts to seeking full penetration. He got his feet up on the lounge and grasped my hips to plunge even deeper. Such long strokes! My hard cock was swaying all over the place and Reynard was in a frenzy of desire. He fucked me and came and began again almost immediately. I could always count on Reynard for a thorough fucking.


Spent, he dragged the other lounge chair next to me and collapsed in a satisfied heap. When I recovered I got each of us a cold beer from the cooler. It tasted delicious in the heat and I cradled it between my large tits.


“Why you fuck anybody else, Fellicia? I am the man for you.”


“So true, but I like to save you for when I’m really horny.”


“You always horny when you suck my cock.”


“And you can’t wait to bury it in my ass.”


“Is true. We are a pair.”


“We are. A beautiful pair like those bulging balls of yours, but I have house payments to make.”


“Hah. You make payment on one date.”


“I never charge you.” I said as I stroked his half-rigid cock. Besides, you have Mimi.”


“Mimi is beautiful woman, but you have other things. You drain me dry.”


“Are you sure? My slow hand began to get him hard again.


He lifted me off the ground and entered me while I clung to his shoulders and kissed him passionately. He used my weight to pound his bursting cock into me again and again. I was going to be sore for a few days.  I wouldn’t be taking any outcalls tonight.


I was still feeling Reynard inside me the next afternoon when the red mop of hair reappeared above my backyard fence. I wondered if he’d seen yesterdays

‘s performance? Probably, the kid would be obsessed with me by now.


I had on a simple black thong. As I spread oil on myself I caressed my tits and lifted a leg to oil my thigh. I teased him with glimpses of this and that and kept readjusting my cock beneath the thin fabric of the thong. The truth was I was horny as hell.


I looked over at the pair of eyes peaking over my fence. What the hell? At his age he was brimming with cum. I beckoned him over with the wag of a finger. He jumped the fence and strode toward me on long legs.


When he got close I held up a hand and he froze where he stood. I looked him over. He was hard under his jeans, and the long bulge matched his height. I pointed to the cooler.


“Get us a couple beers,” I said. “What’s your name?”




“Ok Jason, bring me the beer.”


He twisted off the cap and handed it to me. His bulge was growing.


I delicately touched his jeans and bulge surged. So did mine.


“Drink your beer, Jason.”


I rubbed myself while I rubbed him.


“You were watching yesterday, I know you were.”


He started to shake his head, but my eyes skewered him. He wasn’t sure what to say. I took that as a yes.


“Reynard has a lovely cock doesn’t he?”


Again no answer, but his cock was nearly peeking above his beltline.


“Can you imagine playing with that monster? It comes like a gusher.”

I unzipped his jeans. He was frozen between desire and uncertainty. It was a natural reaction. The feminine voluptuousness of my body and the rigidity of my cock poking out beside my thong formed a perplexing dilemma. His hormones said Wahoo! His brain said Whoa!


I stood up and stepped in close to him, so close my nipples poked his chest and my cock crossed his. I freed his cock from his pants and grasped its length tightly in my hand. There was still sun tan oil on my hands. I smoothed it up and down his shaft. He nearly came just from that. Jason was ultra rigid.


I sampled the tip of his cock with my fingertip. It was slippery with pre-cum. I brought it to my lips and sucked while I looked into his wide eyes. My other hand stroked him intermittently. I didn’t want him to come just yet.


I moved my wet finger from my mouth to his. He tried to turn his lips away but I grabbed his cock hard again. Reluctantly he let me slide my finger into his mouth.


“Suck it,” I said.


He did as he was told. Soon he was sucking hard while his cock surged.


“Sit down here,” I point to where I had been sitting. It put his face level with the nine inches sticking out beside my black thong. His eyes went wide again.


I turn so my ass brushed against his lips. I placed his hands on my hips. His lips stayed close.


“Kiss my hips and ass. All over. Don’t miss any spots or you’ll have to start again.”


He was more enthusiastic than skilled. That could be addressed in time. When he got bold enough to wander close my anus I bent forward and pushed his face into it. He pulled away, so I spun and slapped my hard cock back and forth against his face. He took it without pulling away. I pushed my balls against his lips.


“Is this what you want? Is this what you’ve been peeking at?




When he opened his mouth I slid my cock into it.


“How does that taste? You want my cock don’t you? Suck it Jason. Suck it hard and maybe I won’t tell your mother you’ve been peeking over my fence.”


After the initial choking, he started sucking with a purpose. He wanted it. He’d been dreaming about this for a while.


“Squeeze my balls while you do that.”


He took direction without complaint. He was enjoying himself. That was a good start.


“Suck my balls now, suck them hard.”


“I’m clean. I just showered. Do you want to lick my pussy? It makes me crazy hard.”


He shook his head but kept my balls rolling around inside his mouth. His hands crept around to squeeze my ass.


I put one foot up on the lounge chair to give him better access.


“The seam. Just below my balls. Lick it up and down. That’s right, all the way up and all the way down. Goes as close to my hole as you dare. Yes, like that. Slowly. Lovingly. Surprise me when you’re ready.”


 He was nibbling around the edges. Sprinkling in small kisses. Getting bolder and closer. It was enough for now. I was very hard.




I spun him around so he was kneeling on the chaise cushions and ripped his jeans and whitey tighties down to his knees. I reached between his legs and grabbed his hard cock. It was bigger than mine. I stroked it from behind with both hands. He came in less than a minute and I caught in my palm while I milked him like a cow. When he was empty I smeared his cum all over my tits and let half dribble down between them to my belly button and onto my balls.


“Come to Mama big cummer. Clean my tits up!”


I pushed his face between my tits and let him go wild. By the time he was following the cum-trail down to my balls he was hard again. I pushed him down on the chaise and sat on his face.


“You missed a few drops down low.”


He was right in there.


“My, what a long tongue you have. Show me how deep you can go.”


I settle onto his face and let him work while I jerked his cock again. The harder I jerked the deeper he dove. When I was good and hard I fucked his mouth. He gagged when I pushed toward his throat. I let him come up for air and had him kneel in front of me.

“Grab your cheeks and spread them apart.”


I squirted oil all over his ass and let it drip between his cheeks while he held them. I laid the tip of my dick at the opening of his anus. He tensed.


“Jason, you’ll need to relax. Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly and let yourself open like a flower. Good. Now once more and fully relax. I’ll let you push back at your own speed. I’m big, but once the head passes the shaft will follow easily.”


His anus flared only slightly, but he was trying his best.


“So, Jason, I want you to think about this: I am about to slide my dick up your ass without any protection. Is that what you want?”


He nodded.


“Say it, Jason. Say, I want your big dick up my ass.”


“Uh, I want your big dick up my ass.”


“Louder, Jason, say please.”


“Put your cock in my ass, please.”


“How old are you Jason?”




“Do you graduate in June?”




I pushed the head of my dick a fraction of an inch into him. He caught his breath.


“Jason, I want you to go home and think about this. It isn’t a small step. You’re horny right now. Take some time and calm down. Does anyone else know you have these feelings?”


“No.” He shook his head.


“Our secret then. You can talk to me if you like. No promises for anything beyond that. What we did today doesn’t define you or your sexuality. I see lots of straight, married guys. My shape turns them on. Forbidden fruit always attracts. Believe me, I know. The attraction you feel flows from of being a healthy male. And one other thing.”




“Jack off as much as you want, but never ever let anyone do this without wearing a condom. Never, no matter how excited you may be, have sex without a rubber on. Got it? No exceptions.”


“Okay. Are you going to fuck me?”


“Not today, and no more peeking. If I catch you, I tell your Mother. Ring the doorbell if you need to talk. Stay off my wall.”











Submitted: January 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 fellicia. All rights reserved.

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well you really are a "bag of tricks"lol!
Great Read.

Sat, January 16th, 2021 6:41am


Thanks! My bag is yours to command. Just added a picture to the text. Thank for reading.

Fri, January 15th, 2021 10:46pm

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