Playing School

Playing School Playing School

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: March 03, 2016

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Submitted: March 03, 2016




We were too old to play school, but we did it anyway.

In high-school, Lina was my pleasingly-plump blonde friend.  We were both seniors, and close to graduating.  At my house one day, when my mother was at work, I was sitting at my desk, which was somewhat official-looking, and she was looking at stuff in my room. 

Somehow, the topic came up of the dean at our school, who had at various times paddled each of us (along with many others). 

"My desk looks like his, doesn't it?", I asked.

"Uh-huh,", she said, not thinking too much of it. 

"Hmmm…maybe I should punish you, then," I mused.

Her mouth formed the shape of a donut, and then she said in a high tone: "Why would you punish me??".

"Hmm…," said I.  "I'm not sure, but I could probably think of some reason you need to be punished.  I couldn't tell by her expression what she was thinking: her eyes seemed to gleam with amusement, or was that…?  Was that lust?? 

She had kissed me once -- on the mouth -- very quickly as I was dropping her off after she'd attended my 18th birthday-party.  Then she'd said: "That wasn't a kiss."

What pretense could I use to get my hands on Lina's charming body?  A-ha!  I'd loaned her my calculator recently, and she'd lost it.  So I brought that up.

To this, she responded: "I'll buy you a new one!", her small, cute nose rising as if to assure me.

"Hmm…you said that last time.  I think you've had enough warnings, Lina.", I pronounced, dean-like.

"Uh!!", she re-acted.

"You must refer to me as 'sir'; that is the way to address a dean."

She still appeared unsure whether to go along with this or not, so I walked over to her and gently led her to my desk and prodded her into bending-position.

"Hey!", she managed, but she didn't offer any more resistance than that.

"Uh-uh!  'Sir'!", I corrected.

"Sir.", she said poutily.  She hadn't looked at my crotch, but if she had, she would have noticed a pronounced hardness there.

Standing beside her, my mouth close to her ear, I said: "Now, Lina, I am going to punish you.  How many licks do you think you deserve?"

She didn't answer, but seemed confused.

Reflecting a little more, I continued: "Well, I don't have a paddle, so I'll have to use my hand."  I then, very half-heartedly, smacked her very-ample derrière.  She had the kind of derrière that filled a pair of blue jeans delightfully, luring every man's gaze the way a bug-zapper lures imbecilic flying insects to their doom.

"Oh!", she said, playing along with my half-hearted, exploratory smack.

I spanked her again.  "That didn't hurt!", she said, lifting her cute, button-nose in defiance as she turned her head partly back at me.

"Well then I may have to order pull down your pants."

"Uhhh!", she gasped.  "No-o-o," she sang, her giant baby-blue eyes looking pathetically at me. 

This was becoming delicious.  My whole body was revved.  I had to remember to swallow, as my throat was getting dry.

My own nose rising, I looked down it at her, and commanded: "Pull down your pants, Lina."  I was pretty sure she would refuse. 

She looked at me unsure, so I repeated those delicious words.  "Pull down your pants, Lina."  I loved it! 

Then an amazing thing happened: she looked down, as if slightly ashamed, and then she reached in front of her, and started unbuckling her belt!  Hallelujah! 

"Do I hafta pull down both pairs?", she asked sheepishly.

"Yes, Lina.  Pull down your pants -- down to your ankles."  She put her hands on the waists of her jeans and slowly started sliding them down.  Her gigantic hips -- birthing-hips, a previous era would have called them -- slowly and wonderfully came into view, as the moon slowly rises, teasing us bit by bit as we await desperately her light.  Lina stopped and looked at me.

Again, and with earnest and sincere delight, I once again commanded: "Pull down your pants, Lina."  I heard her inhale a gasp; then she quickly pulled them down to her knees.  Her very wide, very large and haughty fanny was beautiful: smooth, curvy, soft-looking.  Her knees were tight together, and I couldn't see her beaver from behind her. 

"Alright Lina, now I'm going to spank your bottom."  I had to swallow again -- my throat was dry.  My hands were shaky.

"Yes, sir.", she replied glumly.

I moved to her side, and smacked her pretty right buttock, making a smart, crisp sound, and sending her delicious rump into jiggling quivers.  "Bad girl!", I said, my mouth close to her ear so she could feel my breath.  But I left my hand on her buttock for a few seconds, clutching it.  It felt good! 

Again, "Bad girl" -- smack. 

Her beauteous right cheek was taking-on a pink hue, and I switched to her left one.  "Ba-a-ad girl", smack!

At that point, a further development occurred: she kicked off her pants, which had slipped to her ankles.  And then, she changed her stance so that her pretty -- if wide -- feet were far apart as she continued to lean over my desk, and her puffy beaver came into my view for the first time.

And I knew just what to do: "I'm going to switch from my hand to another implement.", I informed her.  She looked back at me, unsure.  Then she saw the bulge in my pants.  Her eyes quickly grew large, then back to normal, and she seemed to bite her lip.  My own pants quickly dropped to the floor; then my shorts came down, and my penis, like a lollypop with a purplish tip, came bounding out, wagging.

"I'm going to punish you with my special instrument", I informed her.  

Standing close behind her, I grabbed my kielbasa in one hand, and used it to smack her on her sensuous rump: PAP!

"Oh!", she said, sounding excited.

"You bad girl!", I responded.  I did this several more times, as she replied with sounds like "Oach!", "Ow!", "Oh!", and sharp inhales.  

I could bear it no more, and with my hand, I took the wide, purplish tip of my phallus, and used it to contact and rub her engorged clitoris.  

A very loud, sharp inhale and "Uhhhhh.  Hhh.  Dean Adams!", my sexy, full-figured friend gasped.  My mouth was so dry!

"Because you're so bad, I have no choice but to punish you in this manner.", I said.  Then I reached both arms in front of her, and hugged her around the waist, while my penis continued to rub against her lips.

"Ohhhh-oh!!  Dean Adams!!", she gasped.

I put my hands on hers, which were on my desk as she leaned on it, supporting herself.  I held them there for a few moments, then ran my hand up her arms, to her shoulders, and massaged slightly.  I rubbed my fingers behind her ears, and she nodded her head on her neck.  Then I massaged her back a little, and at last, my fingers crept around and clasped her immense mams, greedily massaging, fondling them through her shirt and bra.

"Ohhh-huhh!  Ohhh!", she exhaled.  

Finding her long, thick nipples, I played with them and pinched them -- a little hard.

"Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...", she gasped.

At that point, my peter, which had been rubbing her clit the way a boy-scout starts a friction-fire, suddenly slipped into the girl.

"Oh Lina,", I whispered.  "Oh Lina, Ohhhh..."

"Oh.  Dean.  Dean.  Dean Adams!  Dean Adams!", she said hysterically.

"Where is my penis, Lina?", I asked.

"Uhh''s inside me, Dean Adams.", she said in an uneven, breathless whisper.

"And why is that, Lina?"

"Because I'm a bad girl, Dean Adams, and I deserve to be punished.  Such a bad, bad girl.  Ohhh..."

"That's right, Lina, you're a bad girl, and you're also amazingly hot, and I just couldn't help myself.  I had to have you.  Your fine, womanly curves compelled me.  I told you I had no choice.  I need you, Lina.  I cannot be complete without having you."

"Yes, sir."

"Now, I'm going to start pumping you.  I want you to tell me 'in' and 'out'.", I said.

"Huhhh, yes sir, yes, sir.  I...I will sir."

Then she began: "In", and I jabbed deep into her.  She gasped.

"Out", she followed, and I partly, but not completely, exited her warm body.

" God!".

Right then, we both came all over the place!  I continued to hug and squeeze her tightly, as I issued forth an unprecedented mass of sticky life-fluid.


Still I held her tightly, and still my member remained inside her warm body. 

At last, I whispered: "Lina...I'm so glad you lost my calculator.". 

I would have held onto her for hours, but as the reader can imagine, the position was not the most comfortable one. 

But I soon had her lying on my bed beside me, her huge, bright blue eyes smiling at me.  "When you kissed me before, you said it wasn't a kiss.  Now I want your pretty lips to kiss me for real.", I told her. 

And she did. 

I kissed her on the cheek, put my hand behind her head, pulled it to my chest, and then we held each other in blissful silence. 


That was 25 years ago.  She found me on Facebook recently.  She looks even sexier now as a 40-something woman than she did at 18.  Her birthing-hips have done an excellent job, and she now has an 1800's-size family! 

Lina, Lina, Lina. 

A piece of my heart will always belong to you.




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