My Overdue-Library-Book Penalty

My Overdue-Library-Book Penalty My Overdue-Library-Book Penalty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Small-town librarians abuse their petty power.


Small-town librarians abuse their petty power.


Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



My Overdue-Library-Book Penalty


I went to take 2 audiobooks back to the library.  One of them I'd listened to, and then given to my ex-wife to listen to, but she hadn't liked it.  The other one I'd just finished.

"Um, hey", said Leeanna as I walked in.  The other worker was looking at something, and smacking gum.  They were both middle-aged, married moms, and we got along well.

"I wanna bring these back", I stated.

"'Kay", Leeanna said, taking them, and performing some functions with the computer.  "Um…", she began, "these are both overdue, especially Sea Glass".  (That was the one I'd listened to first, then given my ex to listen to.  She'd held onto it for a long time before I finally asked her which CD she was on, and she said she'd quit listening.)

"How much is the fine?", I asked.

"Gonna be like a hundred dollars", she said, looking at me with an attempted poker-face, though I thought she was suppressing a smile.

"What?!!", I countered.  "For 2 Anita Shreve audiobooks?  Wedding in December depressed me and made me feel gross.  It's morally debased!", I cried.

The other worker suddenly chimed in, in a sing-song: "There's a long line of patrons waiting to listen to it…".

"Oh come on, Gupsy!  Not you, too!", I sort of roared.

Gupsy just clucked.

Leeanna spoke again: "Well since it's you, and we're friends, I think we can work out a special deal", Leeanna said conspiratorially, her eyes narrowing.

There were only 2 other patrons, and they were both in another room, engrossed in -- well, who knows --, and out of earshot.

"Yeah?", I said quizzically.

"I'll give you a spanking, and we'll call it even."

Gupsy put her hand over her mouth, and opened her eyes wide, saying: "Oh my!".

"Alright", I said, squinting in distrustfulness.

Then Leeanna added something: "But it's gotta be bare-ass".

Now it was my eyes that opened wide.

"Um, o-, okay", I stammered.

"Come with me", Leeanna said with a toothy smile, and a hooked finger to "pull" me along.

"Oh!  I wanna watch!", Gupsy volunteered.

"Somebody's gotta work the stupid front desk", Leeanna reminded her.

"I'll watch from the doorway, and that way, if somebody comes in, I'll be ready to catch them.", Gupsy issued in a stream, dancing in place like a tiny child begging for candy.

By this time, Leeanna and I were at the door of an office, and her hand was on the doorknob.

I followed her inside the door, and Gupsy came springing along behind us, giddy.

I had just left work, and was wearing dress-clothes with a tie.  Standing behind me, Leeanna put her hands on my hips, and positioned me sideways to the door in front of a desk.  I guessed correctly I would be bending over it.

Still standing behind me, she said: "Now get those pants off, boy".

The situation didn't feel as weird as it would have if I hadn't been going to that library for years, and hearing sexual innuendo from them the whole time.  I felt like I knew them pretty well, even tho' I'd never socialized with them.  For that reason, when Leeanna gave me the order, I didn't hesitate: I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them, and let them fall.

"These, too", Leeanna said, tugging on my boxers.  Leeanna was behind me, but Gupsy was standing at the door, with a view of me from my side, staring with a goofy, happy smile, her face somewhat reddened.

Still, I didn't hesitate; I just put my hands on my hips, and pulled them straight down.

"Ahhh!" came a hushed version of a catcall from Gupsy.  I turned, and she was looking at me with her mouth open, and her face red.  She kept looking between my face and my erect wiener, one hand on her face.

"Lean over that desk", Leeanna said, sounding mean.

I did, and Leeanna slapped me pretty damn hard with her open hand on my right buttock.  "Bad!", she said loudly, sounding like she meant it.

Leeanna placed her left hand on my left hip, and smacked me again on my right buttock.

"Ow!", I complained.

"Bad!", she said with an air of authority.

I heard laughter, and turned to see Gupsy laughing.  "Oh my god!", she howled.  Her face was really red now, and she still kept moving her eyes between my face and my dick.

Leeanna's left hand was still on my left hip, and she began inching her fingertips slightly around, toward my front.

"Bad!", Leeanna said again, and again slapped me on my right buttock.  It was starting to hurt.  After all, I hadn't been spanked in over 30 years.

"Ok, Leeanna, is that enough?", I asked.

Gupsy exploded in laughter, and squealed: "Spank him in the front!  Spank him in the front!"  She moved not her eyes, but her whole head, up and down along the length of my carrot.

Leeanna's fingertips were now on the border of my pubes.  Her right hand was gripping my ass.

"Okay", said Leeanna, putting both hands on my hips again, and pivoting me toward the door, where for the first time, she, too, saw my tusk.  She stared at it and smiled toothily for several seconds.  "We'll spank you in the front."

I didn't know what this meant.  I hoped it wouldn't be too painful.  Leeanna walked in front of me, and knelt before me, but still left Gupsy's view open.  Leeanna's busty cleavage was quite pronounced in her position on her knees in front of me.

"Okay young man, you're going to pay the penalty for leaving those books out too long".  With her left hand, she gripped my scrotum, and not too gently, either -- with a moderate clamp.  With her right hand, she slapped my penis.  "Bad boy!", she pronounced.

Gupsy started giggling, bouncing up and down, and moving the fingers of one hand in and out of her mouth.

I looked at Leeanna, her tanned face and blue eyes on a level with my naked and exposed dick, her bosom very revealed, one hand on my scrotum, and the other slapping my penis, and Gupsy giggling and staring and my dick, and I came ALL over, squirting Leeanna in the face as she scowled, and down her bosom, for about 10 seconds, my head thrown back, and my mouth half-way opened in pleasure!  "Awwwwwww…", I moaned softly -- like a bitch, I'm not ashamed to say.  It was that fulfilling.

During the time I was shooting the middle-aged, married mom in the face with my love-gun, Gupsy apparently got so agitated that she accidentally closed the door, with her pinky in it.  But she didn't even notice the pain for like 10 seconds or so after I finished cumming.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh", I said, with a lazy, sated smile.

"OW!!", Gupsy finally said when she felt her finger mashed in the door.

Leeanna turned to her with my pearly liquid still on her plump face, and said: "I thought you were supposed to be watching the damn counter!".

"Ouch, ouch ouch!", Gupsy said, flitting outside the office door, but at least having the sense to close it.

Then Leeanna gazed at my nakedness, my manhood having fallen now, but still handsomely engorged, its plump purple vein a symbol of the timelessness of sexuality and transmission of the life-force through the generations, through the eons of life on this planet.  I was still smiling stupidly.

She looked me in the eyes for a few seconds, and I thought she was gonna say something, but then she leaned on the desk to pull herself up, and reached for some kleenex.

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