Teen Coming of Age Story (Chapter I)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This story is about the first day Maddie has free from school in a long while.
It is a part of a larger world which contains more stories, characters and moments.
To follow the continuing story, please consider going to my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/faye_xo_erotica

Chapter I, Fall
A soft afternoon light dances through a window and onto a bed of white cotton sheets. They move like small ocean waves as a body contorts them into various positions. A girl yawns quietly and sits up slowly, resting her head against the white headboard. It's the first day of the autumn break, the first day the girl doesn't have to be up at the ungodly hour of six AM to be at school on time. She's taking advantage of this fact by sleeping in until eleven, no- twelve in the afternoon. She yawns again as she reaches for her iPhone that's sitting on her bedside table along with a hair-clip, some crystals, and photo-booth printouts of her and her friends. Though her mind was still very much in the process of waking up, her fingers moved swiftly across the phone as she checked her Instagram, Facebook and finally her messages. She sees a message from her friend Emily.
"What are you doing tonight?" 
> "Nothing yet."
"Want to come out with Sam and I? She's bringing her new guy and Nick might come too."
> "What are we doing?"
> "Nice. I'll be there."

She sets her phone back down shifts her legs off the bed, her small feet touching the warm hardwood floor. She walks over shirts, underwear, and books to get to the bathroom where she looks herself in the mirror. She always thought she looked better in the mornings. Her hair was red, touching little past her shoulders. It was straight, much too straight for her liking, though she never had the patience to do anything like curling it. Her eyes were seafoam green, although one couldn't tell before this year when she finally got contacts and chose to save her large glasses for when she was at home, (very much out of sight of anyone she knew.) Her skin was a soft, peachy white with very light freckles across the tops of her cheeks. Her nose, which was petite like many of her features, led to her lips, which were her favorite thing about herself. Pouty, soft, supple, and naturally blush red, making them appear larger than they were, like she was wearing a small amount of cherry lipstick all the time. 

One of the things that she didn't care for as she gazed into the mirror, was her height. She knew that a person's height has nothing to do with how attractive they are, but she still had the want in the back of her head to be just a little taller, as she stood at about five-foot-two. Looking away from the mirror, she puts her contacts in and puts her toothbrush in her mouth. She pulls her blue boyshorts down to her ankles and relieves herself as she brushes her teeth. 

She comes out of her bathroom and looks onto her room, which had become less and less cleanly as the semester had gone on. Her closet, which had once been a neatly arranged assortment of her clothes, is now only half-filled, the other half lies on the floor and beneath her bed. She picks out a pair of tan shorts that stop at her thighs and a black and white striped t-shirt. She stands in front of her mirror as she pulls her pink sleeping tee off her body. The cotton slides up her stomach, touching her navel softly as it moved up and over her two small humps. She takes off her boyshorts, pulling them down, letting them fall to her feet and kicking them away to some corner of the closet. She looked into the standing mirror and inspected herself. Her small toes, covered in polish that was just a day or two overdo. Her legs, always naturally hairless, glowed like some kind of nubile marble in light emanating from her nearby window. She gazed at her soft pillowy thighs that invited you to her butt, which was not at all like many of her other traits. Quite the contrary, it was round and plump, not monumental, but just enough where it stood out on her petite frame. 

Her stomach was flat, smooth, it lead up a soft velvety line towards her small, perky breasts. Creamy white, a handful each, they were taught on her body, only moving when she placed her right hand on them. She ran her hand from the bottom of her breast to her nipple, which was so pink it was almost blurring into whiteness. As her finger ran across her small bosom, she felt a shiver start below her waist, move into her spine and then onto the tip of her nose. She was so sensitive today, maybe it was all the extra sleep she'd gotten last night. Maybe it was the coming of the new season. In books she'd always read that witches and women of pagan descent felt renewed during autumn. However, she knew this wasn't the case. The real reason she was so quick to react to the slightest touch is that she had not only been neglecting her body, but she had been longing for the physical touch of someone for some time. She let the thought collect and then overtake her little by little. She stood there in the mirror, imaging her hands on her breasts weren't her own. She imagined the hands of someone she knew, someone she'd be seeing tonight. She pushed her breasts together and opened her mouth, looking at her reflection move and sway in the mirror. She let her right hand slowly move down her stomach, caressing her navel as it made its way down to her waist. She could tell her breathing was quickening. Her cheeks were flush and her heart was beating faster now. Her hand slid down her waist as much as it could until she heard a loud voice echo from down the stairs. 

"Maddie, mom and I are leaving! Have a great day, don't sleep too much or you won't be able to get to bed!" She heard the door shut and soon after two cars started and drove off down the quiet suburban street. She had finally found time to have some privacy with herself. It was just like her parents to ruin a mood. She loved them, but they always had the worst timing. When she was in middleschool she and her friends were playing seven minutes in heaven in her closet and her mom came in offering lemonade right as she was about to have her kiss. 

She flopped down in her bed, pulled the covers over her still naked body and sighed. The feeling would strike her again, she just didn't know when. She looked into the sun shaft coming from the window and yawned, finding herself tired again. Within a few minutes she was asleep again. She started to dream, it was blurry, her dreams always were. She was clothed, wearing the clothes she was going to put on before she fell asleep. She was in a perfectly white room with no objects in it. She turned around several times until she saw a door. It was much taller than any door she'd ever seen. It was purple, and in the middle of it a drawing of an eye laid still. She tried opening the door but it remained shut. She tried again. Nothing. Then she had the idea to strip her clothes off. She didn't know why, but it worked. The door creaked open slowly. She looked inside and saw nothing but a deep and endless black void. There was nothing inside but she could feel the energy calling to her. She stepped inside, her foot falling into a pool of black that had the consistency a very warm jello. She sunk into it, the black substance moving her onto her back. She looked up, a moon was now bathing her in its light. She stood still, nothing but the sound of her own breath. Until suddenly she felt flesh touch hers. A thousand hands emerged from the void. She gasped as each one of them slid over her young body, feeling every inch of her supple figure. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she awoke.

She was back in her own room, in her own bed, in her own home. She got up and looked outside. It was now approaching dusk as the sun slowly went down. She smelled something cooking from the kitchen downstairs. She sat in her bed and read a text from Emily that said she was going to pick her up at eight. She replied, then sat and contemplated her dream. It was so odd, as all dreams tend to be, but so specific. Blurry yet focused. It almost felt as she had actually been in that dreamlike setting. She had this feeling before after waking up from dreams; you feel as if you've actually spent time there. She slid into a pair of pink panties with a tiny bow on the front, her striped tee, tan shorts, and small white tennis shoes. She didn't wear a bra this night because it was still warm out, it would be awhile before she'd have to worry about the infamous winter nipping. 

Maddie walks down the stairs and is greeted by her cat Kozi, who purrs and rubs up against her leg. "Hey, Koz." She says lovingly as she pets her head. "Maddieeeeeeeeeee" her father calls from the kitchen in a sing-song tone. She enters and a waft of some kind of Italian dish blows past her. "Hey, kiddo, how'd you sleep? You want some Puglia?" Her father kisses her on the head and rummages through the pantry for some unknown spice. "I slept okay. What's Puglia, dad?" The man emerges from the pantry, his mustache and glasses now slightly covered in white wheat powder. "Puglia-" he throws some wheat mix into the pot on the stove "is raw octopus, but I'm doing it American style and adding a little extra gluten in the mix." A car honk is heard from the front of the house. "Well, even though that sounds great, dad, I think I'll let you and mom eat for once." Her father bows. "How very kind. Have a good time with...?" She turns around as she's opening the large front door. "Sam and some friends. Bye, daddy!" She runs across the lawn and hops into the car. It was a new Honda of some kind. It still had the new car smell that made most people have headaches, but Maddie was fond of it for some reason. 
"So. How was your last day yesterday? I pretty much skipped anything that wasn't AP." 
"Oh, so that's why I didn't see you. I went to everything except bio I think. Maybe history too." 
"Really? I thought you were going to home-wreck Mr. Kingston."
"Eww, no, Em! He has a wife and like- a two year old kid. He talks about it all the time."
"Oh my God: it."

They both laughed and then there was a silence in the car as they drove through the shaded neighborhood. Sam turned on the radio to the top 40 channel and Maddie's hand darted and changed it to something else. The music played and blended with the sound of the wind from the open windows blowing into the car. Maddie glanced at Emily from her peripheral vision. She had a white tank-top on with a little logo of a whale on the chest, denim shorts with the pockets sticking out underneath them, and a pair of pastel blue sandals. Her hair was put up in a bun until she saw her boyfriend Sam, and her horn-rimmed glasses glinted as the last bit of sunlight touched them. Maddie and Emily had known each other since Elementary school, but it wasn't until somewhere in Middle school that she started to notice how pretty she was. Her dark auburn hair fell long, almost to the bottom of her rib-cage. She had a sweet nose that curved ever so slightly and rounded at the tip. Her eyes were a deep brown that reminded Maddie of Halloween and the colors of fall. The thing that she'd always noticed, and tried not to, was that Emily had an angelic figure. She'd slept over with Emily and others countless times, and had seen her friends naked plenty, but she couldn't help but look at Emily's body longer than she felt comfortable. She knew that if she ever said anything to her about what she thought, she'd never be invited to another sleepover, she'd probably be ostracized completely. 

So she kept her thoughts secret. Her eyes would wander over her best friend's body until their eyes met, then she would quickly look away. It went on like that for years without change because she didn't want to risk losing her best friend just to express feelings that might not be returned.
"So where are we going?" Maddie asked.
"Well Sam said we should all go down to the football field since the season's finally over. We can lay out a blanket and smoke hookah or something?" 
"Yeah that sounds nice." She sticks her hand out of the window and feels the warm air flow across her arm, into her sleeve, and down her shirt. Her eyes closed, she thinks about girls. Nameless, faceless girls. She thinks about boys too. As her confusion nears a head, the car stops. "Here!" Says Emily as she grabs her phone from the center console and slams the door shut. 

The football field was massive. A grand statement made by the Ridge Creek High school board to flex their monetary muscle. Of course they had to cut some funding for other non-essential courses, but they think that's best left unsaid. The stadium itself was also quite Greek in size. It was boasted to seat somewhere around nine to ten-thousand people. 
"How are we going to get in?" Maddie asked, looking at the very locked front gate.
"Hop over, duh." Emily tossed her small boho style bag over the fence and began climbing.
"I really shouldn't have worn sandals for this." She says as she tries not to get her feet caught in the chain-link fence. Maddie begins to climb. As she reaches the top of the fence she looks out across the empty parking lot and watches the sun set slowly. The wind blows a few stray leaves across the lot as Maddie reaches the ground on the other side of the fence. Emily spots three figures sitting in the middle of the field. "Come on!" She exclaims, as she runs toward them, pulling her sandals off as she goes. "Heyyyyyy." Sam kisses Emily as she embraces him. "How're you? I see you didn't get into a horrible wreck this time." He grins.
"One little fender bender and I hear about it forever." She says while grabbing a cigarette from Sam's hand.
"I heard it wasn't so bad." Said Jess, pushing a strand of bleach blond hair from her eyes.
"I heard they had to call the fire department." Nick laughed as he looked down, setting up the hookah.

Nick had black hair cut short. His brown eyes were sunk deep in his head, which always made him look moodier than he acted. His lips were pink and thin and led slyly up to his cheekbones which jutted out sharply, giving his face a gaunt, angular look. Maddie always thought he looked interesting. Handsome, not like a movie star, but kind of like a runway model. A strange kind of handsome. He was tall, thin and almost always wore some kind of darkly colored flannel button-down. His jeans were still perfectly blue, liked they'd never been worn before. 
"Why don't you sit down, Mads?" Nick said, blowing a puff of smoke out through his lips. "You gotta get it going." He says through a loud cough and squinted eyes. Maddie sits down in the circle. Emily takes a couple tokes from the hookah and passes to Jess who does the same and passes to Sam. "So, Maddie. How does your momentary freedom from the establishment feel?" Asked Nick before taking a hefty drag from the tube. 
"It feels good. I've just kind of been decompressing today."
"Saaaame. I woke up at three, ate a bowl of cereal then went back to bed until Emily called." Said Jess as she buried her nose inside Sam's bag looking for a fresh cigarette. 
"I've been decomposing, myself." Nick said deeply as the smoke went past his vocal chords and lowered his voice significantly. Maddie giggled and her and Nick's eyes caught for a second before she looked down to the ground. She pulled up little pieces of grass from the field and took a small drag. She was confused. She had feelings for Nick but she didn't know what kind. Her feelings for Emily were more clear in her head. She pined for her body and her spirit. She was confused, yes, but in that moment on the field: happy.
"Do you guys want to put some weed in with the other stuff?"
"You have weed!?" Jess cried in anticipation. Everyone laughed and Sam put some of the herb inside the top of the hookah. Maddie hadn't smoked a lot of weed before. Just a few times with Emily at her house. She wasn't a professional smoker but she enjoyed it when it was around. They all took turns passing again and again and again until they were all giggly. 

"Do you guys wanna play truth or dare?" Emily said as she took another drag. The smoke billowed from her lips and disappeared into the evening air. "Nooooo," sighed Jess "that's a kid's game." 
"Boooooooooo," Sam said, his tongue sticking out "it's fun and I only ever got to play it twice. I'm down." 
"Okay, then I go first," Emily said, putting her fingers on her chin thoughtfully "Niiiiiick. I dare you to-"
"No, no, no, you have to give me a choice of truth or dare." 
"Okay, truth or dare."
Emily sighs. "Okay, I dare you to throw your socks in the trash."
"That seems a bit aggressive just to start out with." Nick said as he pulled his socks off and walked them to the nearest trash can. 
"That felt good." Emily said, lying back on Sam. 
"Now it's my turn. I dare you to kiss Mads." Nick pointed to Emily with one hand and Maddie with the other. 
Maddie's heart began to beat faster. She felt her hands shaking just a little bit. 
"That's easy."

Emily scoffed as she moved toward her. Maddie felt her face get flush as Emily slid her left hand into her. Emily's right hand moved under her tee and onto her waist. The last of the light had gone down but she could still see her lips coming closer to hers. Her heart throbbed in her chest and she could feel her nipples hardening. She had wanted this for so long. Dreamed about it. Pleasured herself to the idea. Emily pulled Maddie by the waist until they were right against each other. Maddie let her eyes close. Their lips touched. She felt the warmth of Emily's breath as their soft, wet lips slide between one another. She tasted her chocolate chapstick as her tongue brushed up against her. Emily moved her hand further up the back of Maddie's shirt and slid her tongue slowly around her mouth. Her tongue felt like electricity was being run through her body. She felt it in her knees as they weakened. She felt it in her breasts as her nipples hardened and pressed out against her t-shirt. She felt the warmth move down her thighs and in between her legs. She noticed her underwear getting wet. The kiss seemed to last forever although it was only half a minute or so. Emily pulls away slowly and looks down her nose at Maddie sensually. Maddie's mouth is hanging open and her eyes are doeful, wanting. Emily turns to the group, throws her hands up and smiles. Claps from the other three are heard. "Wow, that was hot, Em." Says Sam as he attempts to light a cigarette. Emily hits him on the arm. "Well," Nick says, getting up and collecting the hookah "nothing's going to top that tonight. I elect we all split our separate ways until we meet again eventually. Probably sometime next week." 
"I'm with you, can I get a ride." Jess puts out a cigarette on the bottom of her shoe before getting up with Nick's help. 

The group walked slowly and laughed as they crawled over the fence clumsily. They all say goodbye and get into their cars and drive off into the night which had fallen over the parking lot. Maddie and Emily got into the car. Emily turned on the radio to top 40s and Maddie sat in silence and let it play. "That was fun." Says Emily, smiling and looking forward toward the darkened road. Maddie looked at Emily for a second before looking out the open window, the night air pouring in on her. "Yeah, it was."
The story continues with even more characters, moments and erotic feelings on: https://www.patreon.com/faye_xo_erotica

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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