controlling sarah jenkins

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

suburban wife and mom is controlled by her rival

Table of Contents

The rules

Tina parked the car in the local mall parking lot. “I am going to have so much fun ruining your reputation sweetie. Just to be clear, until I get board of you, you will wear whatever I tell you to
wear. I think we should do some shopping first. Only short skirts for you, easier to show off the goods that way, and I noticed when you left that very generous tip for that boy, very conservative
underwear. I will pick out some nice little girl panties for you, that will make showing them off all the more embarrassing.” “Please Tina, this has gone far enough. I know what I did embarrassed
you but giving my panties to a former student should make up for it. I have a reputation in this town as a conservative churchgoing mom and I really want to keep that. Please just let me go I will
do anything you want.” Tina smiled, “oh sweetie that is precious but you will do anything I want anyway. You will have a say in what happens. I can control you, but I can’t control your
expressions, so when I ask you to do something I expect a cheerful happy reaction. Anything less and you will be punished. Don’t get me wrong you will be showing off and quite publicly, but how
many people that get the thrill will be up to you.” Tina smiled “before we go shopping we need to go over your rules. We already discussed your wardrobe and the boys at school will be so happy with
that. Whenever I say show me you are to lift your skirt up above your waist and keep it there until I tell you you can drop it. When I say strip everything comes off including shoes. If i point at
you and name an article of clothing it comes off. You will have any kind of sex I tell you to have with any person I choose. Lastly you will not cum unless you ask my permission either in person or
by text. I may add some more but I think that probably has your head spinning.” Tears started rolling down Sarah’s cheeks. “My god Tina please I can’t do those things they are so humiliating.
Besides I’m married you can’t expect me to sleep with anyone but my husband.” “Maybe your little brain didn’t understand me, but I expect you to smile and accept anything I ask you to do. You will
obviously need to learn so now you get your first punishment.” Tina smiled as an evil thought came to her “ok sweetie, you are going to hate this but remember the more you show how much you enjoy
this the less time you get punished. The first man you see by himself you will go up to and just straight away ask if you can give him a blowjob. Remember princess spitters are quitters so every
drop will need to go down your throat. Now lets go and pick out your new wardrobe and see who that lucky guy is.” Sarah shuddered but did not want to be punished more so she put a big smile on as
they started walking to the mall. They passed several people she knew and was grateful that none of the men were by themselves. As they went through the door they saw james johnson, an 80 year old
widow that lived in Sarah’s neighborhood. “Ding, ding we have a winner” tina laughed “looks like Christmas will be early for Mr Johnson this year. Remember to smile when you ask him. You love birds
can use the family restroom down the hall. I will come along to capture the moment for your album.” Sarah couldn’t believe she was walking up to mr johnson knowing what she was going to ask him. As
she approached she forced a smile, she was sure he would think she was joking or at the very least decline the offer, after all he was a a nice man that she would see at church every Sunday. She
relaxed a little knowing in her mind she wouldn’t have to go through with it. “Good afternoon mr johnson I was wondering if I could take you to the family bathroom and give you a blowjob.” She was
stunned as the words came out. A confused Mr Johnson smiled at her and said “I’m sure you are just trying to make fun of me, but I haven’t had that in a long time so after you” As the door closed
behind them Tina turned the video on and said “let’s show him how serious you are sweetie why don’t we get you out of that dress” she said pointing at her. Soon the dress was on the floor around
her ankles “at least we know you are a natural redhead now, we will have to do something about that mess down there later though. Now show mr johnson how much you appreciate him”. Clad in front
only her bra and shoes sarah knelt down and unbuckled his belt. Soon she was tugging down his boxers and was staring right at his cock. It was so big she couldn’t believe it. She never would have
guessed that he was hiding that. She bobbed her head up and down and in less than a minute he had cum and she was swallowing it all down. She never did that for her husband, but she liked the taste
and even licked her lips when she stood up. “Mr johnson, please don’t tell anyone about this. I will stop by from time to time and we can do this again but only if nobody else finds out. “ Mr
johnson nodded and Tina told her to get dressed. “We have some shopping to do so let’s go.” As they entered the department store they headed for the little girls area. “First we will pick up your
new underwear. I think people will love to see you show them off. Then the short dresses and skirts. My Won’t the boys in your class appreciate the new look.”
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