Do you miss me? i wonder.........

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Well a question we all might or have said, funny old life really :)

 Do you miss me? I think you do, the times we had of love and happines

On the settee my feet were ready, up in the air and all cuddled in

Talking through films of life together, so happy and content

Getting all horny looking at you, switching it all off and to bed we would go

Laying naked not saying a word, touching and kissing then making love

Taking a break a cup of tea and a cig, getting cold and wet with the rain

Going back up and ready for more, full of romance and love we had that right for sure

But then thre arguments trust and all, i only ever wanted the truth and no more

Finding out what i knew all along, the pain and hurt for me was just to much

But now i'm getting to my happy place again, i no you head and why you feel the way you do

To late to sort and not even friends, i could of helped you but your gone and with him

My life is now good and free of pain, my body just aches to be loved again, it will

With a girl that will give me her all, not sitting on her phone and playing games, maybe our life was just the same

Your happy and in love which pleases me, now your away from us, i can see

So good luck and be happy never look back, or even think, Do you miss me?









Submitted: January 30, 2015

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Of course I miss you! :)

Wed, April 22nd, 2015 9:40pm

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