The Camping Trip

The Camping Trip

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Our little pet his instructions to go to the woods and meet her Master. Only she forgets to undress and kneel so is punished for her stupidity. Would love feed back. Thanks


Our little pet his instructions to go to the woods and meet her Master. Only she forgets to undress and kneel so is punished for her stupidity.

Would love feed back. Thanks


Submitted: June 16, 2013

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Submitted: June 16, 2013



You sent me a map with instructions to a place very far from home; you ordered me to come and I obeyed.

I drive until night fall into the mountains, down into a valley on tight winding roads. I came to a deserted camp site with seeming four empty cabins.

Your instructions told me to go to the cabin door and knock three times.

I climbed the five steps and knocked, as instructed, taking a step back from the door I waited for a response.

When none came I dare not knock again but it was dark and all around me I could hear sounds of the forest waking up, making me tensed.

Then I heard it; the door creaking open.

There you stood looking at me with those beautiful eyes scanning me up and down.

“Why are you dressed?” you asked annoyed.

I looked down at my body and realized I was. How stupid of me. I unrobed quickly dropping my clothes at my feet without any disregard of how they landed. I stood bare to the world waiting for you to allow me in.

Only you continue to stare in exasperation. I try to read your mind but I couldn’t grasp what you wanted from me. Realizing my stupidity you rolled your eyes than placed your hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. Right away I bow my head in shame on not remembering my place.

“You’ll pay for that whore.”

“yes Master, forgiveness Master.”

“You don’t deserve any, now get inside I’m cold,” you snapped. I crawled quickly inside stopping in the middle of the room which had a queen size bed sitting off my right, a fireplace to my left and a circular rug that I kneeled on. The material was surprisingly soft and comforting to my bare skin.

You walked pass me and went to the fire place. A fire was burning but slowly dying out. You took the poker and moved the log around until it was full blaze again. Instead of returning the poker to its stand you walked over to me with it. You waved it in my face; I could feel the heat rising from it. I wanted to back away but I knew I’d be punished for my disobedience.

“What happens every time you do something stupid cunt?”

“You burn me Master.”

“I burn you! That’s your answer you whore?”

“Sorry Master…”

“Tell me what happens to you when you fuck up!”

“You tap my hip with a hot poker to mark my stupidity Master.”

“Which hip cunt?”

“The right one Master.”

“Present it cunt.”

I rolled on m left side displaying my right hip that had four tear drop shapes on it running from the hip bone down my ass cheek. You stepped away and returned was a glass of water in one hand and held the poker in the other under one arm you had a thick towel that you let dropped to the floor. I knew what to do right away with the towel as I placed it under my left hip.

“You better not mess this up or I start piercing you pussy lips.”

“I’ll be still Master.”

I felt the heat before it touched my skin. When the tip connected with my skin it felt cold at first than the heat burst through my skin. I shivered in pain as what was just a second, felt like minutes. You removed the poker and poured cold water onto my skin that ran off onto the towel. You lefted my sight but I did hear you moving around. “Spread your legs cunt.”

“yes Master.” I felt your boot from behind as you kicked my knees further apart causing me to flinch in pain.

“Who do you belong to cunt?”

“You Master.”

“Correct,” you said pushing your thick cock into my used velvet tunnel, without warning causing me to cry out. You grab a fist full of my hair and pull my head back. “Shut the fuck up cunt I want you to take this in silence!” I swallowed my cries slipping into numbness, you rode me with out mercy pumping my ass hard and fast; I listened to your moans and it made me happy to know that you were receiving pleasure. I almost passed out when your cock exploded into my tight ass.

You pushed me to the floor like a used doll and walked away from me. I could barely move as I tried to regain my breathing. But you were at my side again staring down at me.

“Turn over cunt,” you said calmly. But when I was moving too slow you placed your foot at my side and kicked me over onto my back. My head was spinning from my punishment and the invasion to my ass, but this did not concern you. You stepped between my legs and spread them even further apart.

“You move I’ll brand you again,” you threatened.

You walked away and returned holding a dildo that had to be 10 inches maybe more and the thickness was at least four fingers. I stared helplessly at it and felt myself move. You were between my legs again kneeled down spreading them more making it hard for me to wiggle away.

“Going some where?”

I hopelessly shook my head. ‘Smack!’ the sting on my left cheek was nothing compared to the pain being sent to my breast on the same side, as he squeezed it.

“Don’t ever; use your head to answer me, when I ask you a question; you answer, yes Master, no Master, no matter what. Even if you’re gagged; do you understand me cunt!”

In a shaky voice. “Yes Master.”

You inserted the dildo into my wet pussy like you did your cock to my ass. I tried to hold it in but you pushed it all the way in causing me to cry out.

“Shut up Cunt!”

The silence was killing me next to the pain and pleasure I was numbing again riding the thrust after thrust you made to my cunt. You pinched and bit my nipples making my head rock madly from side to side I must have ejected five times already, squirting, coating the rubber toy again and again. You would pull it out all the way to look over how much I coated it with my juice than thrust it back in.

Than as quick as you started you stopped and brought it to my mouth pushing it between my quivering lips into my wet mouth. I couldn’t take it all so you turned it side ways to make sure I licked off all my cream.

When you were pleased with my work you tossed it aside and took hold of my wrist. Dragging me off the rug to the end of the bed you tide my wrist above my head to the frame than gagged me with a gag ball you left my legs free.

“Keep those legs spread or so help you I’ll stick that poker straight up your ass.

You climbed into bed and fell to sleep leaving me to heal from a most wonderful lesson…

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