Swimming Lessons Part II

Swimming Lessons Part II

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Here is part two of poor unfortunate cunt.


Here is part two of poor unfortunate cunt.


Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012




“Let’s see you retrieved 6 bones but lost 4 the four bones added to the score you have given you what dog?”

“20, Master.”

“Correct. Now you have 6 bones you could use them to deduct 6 points from you score or buy 6 kisses. What do you want to do?”

“Deduct 5 points from my score and buy a kiss Master.”

“Sounds wise; done, when would you like your kiss now or later?”

“Now, Master.”

“You can have it any ways you want just tell me.”

“Laying down on the bed, with you on top of me, a full kiss, and I want to hold you…Master.”

“Very well one full kiss lying down and you may hold me.”

He pulled my leach for me to stand and walked me over to the bed. I lay down and he crawled on top of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into our kiss our tongues whipping back and forward in each other’s mouth my hands combing through his raven pepped hair forcing his mouth closer; I could feel his hands foundling my tits and pulling my hair, and mostly his cock growing big and strong against my body. Than as quickly as the kiss started, it stopped. My Master pulled from me and climbed off the bed.

“Time for you to pay back your point’s dog; roll over onto your stomach and spread your arms and legs out,” I obeyed and I was tied to the bed a blind fold was placed over my eyes. “When I return our next game will begin,”

I had fallen asleep dreaming about water I awoken with a start trying to catch my breath. My Master sat beside me smiling down at me. He had removed my blind fold.

“You can hold your breath better when you sleep dog.” He returned the blind fold and climbed off the bed. “Ready to cash in your points?” he didn’t wait for my reply. “At your feet are 5 toys of punishment laid out as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. How many points do you have?”

“15, Master.”

“Alright pick one of the numbers.”


“Now how many points do you want me to deliver on you?”


“Fine,” He retrieved the toy and starts to rub it along my skin. It’s hard, flat surface slipped across my legs between my thighs, to my buttocks, across my back and shoulders ending on my cheek. “Do you know what it is cunt?”

“A paddle Master,”

“Correct.” The first blow which I wasn’t expecting came down on my ass cheek I cringed when the second came even harder my cries were drown out by each additional blow. What were 5 blows felt like 10. “Next number,” My Master didn’t like waiting. “Hurry up or I’ll add more points!”


“Good choice, how many points?”


“Very well,” He picked up the toy and dropped them on my back. There were many of them. “What toy is it cunt?”

“Clothes pins.”

“Correct again. Now I’m going to attach several of these to your flesh than since you choose 3 points I’ll only keep them on for three minutes. Let’s begin.”

He began to work on the skin under my arms; my tits were not forgotten as he attached several along the outside of each. My ass cheeks were showed no mercy and as he shoved a pillow under my stomach so he could have better access to between my legs. Two were fastened to each of my lips and two gripped my click. I moaned in discomfort but he didn’t stop decorating me, next was my inner thighs. He stepped away observing his work and felt pleased.

“I’m setting a timer for three minutes you can hear it tick down starting now.”

But he wasn’t going to leave it at that no he had to make it fun for him. Carefully he ran his hands over the clothes pins sending me into a frenzy of pain.

“Please noooo.”

“No, it hasn’t been a minute yet and already you want me to stop. I’ll tell you what I’ll stop but you have to take 5 more point is it a deal?” he played with the pins between my legs.

“Yes, yes Master.” I cried in misery.

He seemed annoyed but complied as he remover the pins and the blood returned to the parts it was blocked off from. I cried out as he patted my sore flesh.

“Alright let’s see where you’re at, you had 15 you won 5 back which gave you 10, you betted 3 but backed out so you not only get that back but also 5 more which leaves you with what dog?”

“15, Master.”

“Back at the beginning, pick a number.”


“How many points, and let me remind you whatever points you have left by the last toy will be used in full.”


“5 it is.” He retrieved the whip and cracked it in the air. “What toy is it dog?”

“A whip,”


The first blow was on my back, the second on my ass the pain was unbearable but I couldn’t speck, another across my back and the last two were on my ass and thighs. I laid weeping as the pain grew to a burning numb. My Master rubbed my ass back and thighs feeling the heat that rose from them.

“You’re at 10 again you have two toys left and I’m going to tell you what they are but not their numbers. One’s a dildo and the other is a riding crop. Pick a number 2 or 3?”


“How many points?”

I wanted to run away but I was his prisoner either one could mean pain but the riding crop I dread. “5.”

I’ll make a deal with you I’ll allow you to change your chose only if you take all ten points.”

“No thank you Master I’ll stay like this.”

“Fine, open your mouth.”

I obeyed.

He shoved the dildo into my mouth.

 “Lick it, get it wet I want it to slide into your ass.”

I worked faithfully getting it wet with my spit. All the while he was working my asshole open with his fingers. When he was happy with my work he shoved it inside me at full length. He set the timer for 5 minutes and started to fuck me with the fake dick slow at first but then quicken the pace his hands groped my tits and pulled my hair he rammed his fingers into my hot cunt and fucked me hard. I came again and again oh I never wanted it to end but than that dame buzzer sounder and he ripped the cock from my ass causing my body to shake.

“We come to the end.” He picked up the riding crop and patted it on my ass gently. I struggled for the first time not wanting to feel the vicious sting from it. “You’re not going anywhere cunt. He ripped the blind fold off me and leaned his cock to my mouth. I sucked it with eagerness hoping he would change him mind about using the weapon on me.


The first blow was on my ass my screams were muffled by his cock being pushed down my throat.


Again nowhere to run or cry out, I struggled to move my sore ass out of his target.


He grabs my hair and fucks my face hard and fast as he ready to send down another blow


“One more dog ready or not.”


He through the crop down and untied my wrist and ankles he turned me onto my back and started to fuck me hard kissing my mouth and sucking my tits, my head was spinning. He flipped me over and drove his hot wet tongue into my ass and cunt licking savagely sucking, biting even his fingers showed no mercy to my welling holes as they dated in and out of the dipping cavities. His cock was hungry as he entered my ass and fucking us both over the edge our cries blending into each other’s. He exploded his seed inside of me and I release my last orgasm as well. Collapsing on top of me he remained inside my ass until his cock shrunk back to normal and slipped out, he fell to his side and pulled me close as we both fell asleep.



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