Swimming Lesson

Swimming Lesson

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A pet tried to recieves swimming lessons from her Master but fails and has to pay back her points.


A pet tried to recieves swimming lessons from her Master but fails and has to pay back her points.


Submitted: March 29, 2012

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Submitted: March 29, 2012



I am summoned by my Master to meet. I arrive on the scene feeling a bet anxious; I entered and disrobed as always and fastened the so familiar collar on my long neck and placed my leach between my teeth and on hands and knees I crawled into the next room to greet my Master.

But to my surprise I found him not on the couch; in his place instead was a folded piece of paper with the word pet on it.

It was addressed to me so I took it from it resting place and opened it.

It was a hand written note telling me to remain bare and to go out to the pool.

This new place did have a patio and with closer inspection through the window I did see a pool but I was too petrified to venture outside.

Suddenly my cell phone rang. I didn’t want to keep my Master waiting but I’d hoped it was an emergency for me to return home.

I answered and the voice was very clear.

“You fucking whore!”

“Yes Master?’

“Crawl that ass out here now!”


“Excuse me!”

“Nothing Master, I’m coming.”

“You have five seconds!”

I turned off my phone and hurried on hands and knees out to the pool. There he was my Master stretched out on a lounge chair on his stomach with not a stitch of clothing on. His perfect ass tanning already in the hot sun he’ll have a beautiful all over tan by tomorrow. I crawled over to him, he didn’t look at me his eyes were turned away. I sat on my hind legs with my leach returned to my mouth.

He turned to me and stood up his cock and balls just a few inches from my face.

“So you know how to swim cunt?” he asked looking down at me.

“No Sir.” I replied meekly.

“It’s time you did.” Turning me around he’d tide my wrist with my leach than spins me back. He grabs hold of my collar and pulled my face towards his cock, grabbing the back of my head he pushed my face into the firm muscle holding it there.

My air was locked off.

“Now cunt, you’re going to do breathing exercises; I want you to hold your breath for 1 minute if you can do this I’ll give you a kiss, if you can hold it for 2 minutes I’ll fuck you and for 3 minutes I’ll let you skip this whole lesson.” He pulled my face away allowing me to catch my breath. “Ready, set, go,” He returned my face to his crouch and counts to himself.

I try to hold out but I’m not very good at it. I start to struggle, rocking my head from side to side trying to find air until he became fed up with me and pushed me to the hard ground.

“Pathetic! You couldn’t even do a minute! What is it cunt you don’t like my kisses?”

“Yes Master I love them.”

“Then you should have tried harder!”

“Yes Master, I’m sorry Master, I’ll do better.”

“This is going to cost you cunt.”

“Yes Master.”



“4 points; now let’s move on this will cost you 6 points if you fail cunt, but if you past I’ll deduct 3 of the points you’ve already have.”

My Master turned and walks towards a table that had a medium size box on it he dug through it and seems please to find what he was looking for. I, his pet was busy staring at his body as it was exposed to the hot sun and bare to the world. My mouth watered as he took no care to cover his cock as it bounced along with his balls; how I wanted to suck those balls and lick that cock back to life, draining the seed from it until it slipped from my mouth.

I didn’t see him approach me as I was in a dream world of my own until I felt a hard slap across my face bring me back to reality.

“Stop day dreaming whore and listen because I am only going to explain this once.”

I looked up at him still shaken from the strike.

“I want you to blow this ball up in 30 seconds, can you do that?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good.” He untied my wrist and told me to stand up. I obeyed and he handed the flat plastic ball to me. He stood behind me and told me to spread my legs. I obeyed. “Now when I say go you start, not before understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. I will be counting softly in your ear and at the same time fingering your ass and cunt and maybe your tits. Understood?”

“Y-yes Master.”

He placed his hands on my hips and moved close to my ear.

“On the count of 3.”

I could feel his fingers on his right hand moving between my lips and resting against my click. “1,” and the fingers on his left hand snaking between my buttocks, resting just at the door of my ass hole. “2,” I rose the dead ball to my lips trying not to think about the pleasure he was about to erupt. “3 go cunt.”

I blew into the tight hole as hard as I could and so did he. I almost fell over from the touch alone. He kept me standing as he pinched and pulled at my click and pushed his digits into my moist hole. I was dizzy from the invasion but wanted to win his challenge.

“10, 11, 12, 13…”

His counting in my ear was luscious and I wasn’t even half way.

“20, 21, 22…”

I blew harder and felt I was going to win when he changed tactics. First it was one finger than two wedging into my ass hole forcing their way in, it was heaven as my mouth slipped from the nozzle.

“27, 28, 29, 30.” He pushed me to the ground and took the ball from me. He tested the firmness and found it wasn’t as full as it should have been. “That’s 6 points cunt added to what?”

I thought for a minute and luckily remembered.

“4, Master.”

“And what is the total whore?”

“10, Master?”

“Don’t you know you stupid cunt?”

“10 Master it’s 10.”

“Now for being stupid it’s 12, 1 point for daydreaming and 1 for asking me a question.” He kicked me and grabbed my leach dragging me towards the pool. “Time to get wet, get in dog,”

I looked at the huge pool and not wanting to anger my Master any more I slowly climbed into the pool but I was moving too slow for my Master so he gave me a push. If he wasn’t holding my leach I would have went completely under; I gripped the side of the pool and found my bearings when I realized I could stand. My whole body trembled and I wanted to get out.

My Master climbed in next to me and without a word he tugs on my leach and walks me away from the safety of the wall; where the water only touched his upper chest it touched my neck. I wanted to cry but remembered he promised to never let anything bad happen to me.

He turned and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“Stay, don’t you dare follow me out or return to the wall.”

“Yes Master,” I said meekly. He took off towards the deeper end of the pool diving under and not emerging until he reached the ladder. He climbed out and went back to the box. He was only there for a second to obtain a mesh bag that held something bright yellow he returned to the water diving under and this time emerging beside me. His sudden appearance caused the water to buckle I had to stand on my toes so not to taste the water. He stood watching me his face and hair dripping of water how I wanted to drink each drop. He grabbed hold of my collar and pulled me towards him. He started to lean down towards my lips as all my hopes swelled he pulled away and turned me so my back was to him. I almost fell if it wasn’t for him holding my collar. He leaned in close to my ear.

“You still need to earn my kisses dog,” he held up the bag. “See this we’re going to play fetch, each one you return to me earns you a kiss or a point off your…how many points do you have dog?”

“12, Master.”

“Correct.” He pushed me towards the wall and sat on the edge. He opened the bag and showed me he had 10 yellow plastic dog bones. “Now dog tell me the rules.”

“Each one I bring back to you I can either get a kiss or a point taken off my 12 points.”

“Correct now if you can’t retrieve one you get 2 more points add to you score. You may not climb out of the pool until the game is over no rewards are given until the game is over understood?”

“Yes Master.”

He picked up one bone and held it up.

 “Ready set go.” He tossed it and I hurry to fetch it but realized that as I make waves the bone floated towards the deeper end of the pool I try to reach it but it was too late it got away from me. I turn to my Master in shame.

“2, points,” He just said than picked up another and tossed it. This time I was in front of it and was able to fetch it and return it to my Master. He let me place it into his hand. “Now next time put it between your teeth when you bring it back dog.”

“Yes Master,” he raised the next one and tossed it; I took care to move slower towards it but it still tried to float away but I caught it and placed it between my teeth and carried it back dropping it into my Master’s hand.

The fourth one was sent flying and I went at my own pace to retrieve it but it was further than the last and I lost it. I waited for the next one and he tossed it and once again I was in front of it so it was easier to catch. He sent the next one and I was making better effort of retrieve it I placed it between my teeth and instead of dropping it into my Master’s hand I placed it. He took no noticed to it and tossed another one I went to get it but must have been overly confident because I forgotten to watch my footing and I slipped into the deeper end of the pool. All I could see was water and couldn’t hear anything and that’s when I realized I was completely submerge I started to panic than felt someone grab me and I was pulled to the surface. I was at the wall gasping for air and holding it for dear life than I heard your voice. Telling me to try and relax as you rubbed my back and held me close. Slowly I did and found comfort in your arms. You turned me towards you and hugged me asking if I was ok. I nodded yes into your chest feeling stupid as tears escaped my eyes.

“Why are you crying?”

“It scared me.”

“But you’re safe now with me didn’t you believe me when I told you I’d protect you?’

“Yes Master.”

“Good now you have 3 more to go. Tell me when you’re ready.” Swallowing my fear I moved away from the wall and waited for my Master to throw another. He tossed it and slowly I went for it, it wasn’t anywhere near the deeper end but my fear took the best of me as I turned back to the wall not able to look at my Master. “If you stop playing the remaining pieces will be points against you and I promise I will not hold back.”

The fear of his raft was more terrifying than the water. I turned and moved slowly towards the bone and caught it and placed it between my teeth and carried it back to my Master. He accepted it and caressed my cheek.

“Good dog.”  

 The eighth one was thrown and again I was able to grab it. The last one was tossed but it got away from me and ended the game.

My Master allowed me to climb out of the pool He took me inside and he showered with me. Once dried he had me kneel on the floor in front of him as he sat on the bed.


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