Sherlock Holems and John Watson fan fic

Sherlock Holems and John Watson fan fic

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


An electric kettle get broken. Sherlock gets mad. John gets fucked. And John throws his laptop out the window.


An electric kettle get broken.
Sherlock gets mad.
John gets fucked.
And John throws his laptop out the window.


Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



On a soggy day Doctor John Watson walks home from the grocery store carrying a single cloth bag filled with tea, milk, bread and six eggs. The necessities normal people might have in their home that needs replacing once a week.

Only his home had nothing to do with normalcy most of the ingredients in his satchel had to be replaced because his roommate Sherlock Holmes used them in his experiments. The only thing John found in their kitchen this morning was a stale piece of bread warm day old milk.

As John turned the corner heading towards 221b Baker Street the rain seem to subside. Not many people were out and about… much to the relief to John when out of the top floor window flew their electric kettle… it exploded on impact right before John’s eyes. Considering he hasn’t had his dose of caffeine yet John stared remorsefully at their only electric kettle remains as the rain came down harder drenching him.


Upstairs Sherlock awoken from his slumber…

“John,” his was dehydrated from his last night drink-think, that he needed to relax; John wouldn’t help him last night with an ongoing case dealing with amnesia and messing money because he was upset that there was nothing for breakfast for the following day. Sherlock was annoyed but didn’t understand why he was so worried about breakfast when there was nothing for dinner.

Rolling out of bed and missing his opportunity to swing his legs out Sherlock landed on his back on the floor beside his bed. Closing his eyes he could feel the alcohol still controlling his judgment and inhibitions

“John,” his tone a bit louder, as he untangled his body from the sheets and uses the bed to raise himself up, he was naked and by his hard nipples he was cold so he grabbed his robe and clumsily put it on not bothering to tie it.

He staggered into the living area and glanced around moving awkwardly towards John’s bedroom. He burst through the door and found the room to be very neat and in order, his bed made and nothing seemed out of place. John wasn’t home. Sherlock returned to the living room and plopped down on the couch.

His dressing gown slipped open exposing his bare skin, Sherlock glanced down at his morning erection and Johns face popped into his head feeling goose bumps from the damp nippy day or his inner hunger.

He collected the silk cloth around his chilled body that embraced the sudden warmth. He eyed John’s laptop across the room, open and on. Taking a deep breath he rose and approached it. The screen was asleep but a simple graze from his finger tip it came to life. His blog was open and he had started to type a comment…


John raced upstairs furious and ready to chew Sherlock out. He would have to give Mrs. Hudson his apologizes later. Entering the room he saw the shattered window and Sherlock holding his laptop ready to toss it out.

“Sherlock, why are you holding my computer?” John asked still holding the bag with his purchase and dripping wet.

“I was just reading your blog.”


“Shell I read it out loud?”

“I just wanted to…”

“I can’t fandom why I should stay with him he’s a selfish, social-path who’s self-absorbed…” he looked at John with eyes not filled with anger but with sorrow. John wished he deleted the words before going out but he was so mad at him. He never meant to publish it he was just venting but Sherlock wouldn’t believe him if he confessed to that.

“Sherlock…” but before he could finish Sherlock raised the computer above his head. “Sherlock, please don’t do this!”  John dropped his bag and race toward his friend and hugged his chest.

Sherlock looked down at his roommate who stared up at him with pleading eyes.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“You could, smash it to a million pieces but…you could instead take all you wrath out on me.”

Sherlock looked at John and felt his anger slowly subsiding as he lowered the lap top back to a nearby table. John tried to take a step back but Sherlock wrapped a hand around his waist and pulled him close.

“Remember,” Sherlock’s robe fell open again and his slim naked frame pressed up against John’s wet clothed body. “…you said I could take my fury out on you.”

Before words could escaped John’s lips Sherlock kissed him intensely sparking intense desires both men had stored up. John savored the wet tongue in his mouth as he raised his hands and weaved his fingers through the dark curly locks.

Sherlock unbutton and unzipped John’s article of damped clothing until his flesh was exposed. John pushed the silk robe off Sherlock’s shoulders allowing it to slip to the floor.

Sherlock broke their kiss and turned John around pushing him to lean over the same table that held his computer. John’s face was close to the screen seeing his harsh words as Sherlock took position behind him.

“I promise you I will enjoy this.”

John wasn’t sure how to respond to his roommate until he felt Sherlock tip pressed against his velvet tunnel.

“Sherlock the lube is in my nightstand d…”

The panic in John’s voice was replaced with a hot sharp pain that traveled through his ass to his stomach. Sherlock had entered the good doctor in one push and held his place as he climb to a breath taking high. His head fell back and his eyes shut as he savored the hot place his cock was buried in. his finger dug into his roommate’s hips and laughed at the thought of leaving a black and blue mark.

John tried to fight through the knuckle biting pain as his roommate drove even deeper into him if that was possible. He held onto the edge of the table as Sherlock’s fingers burrowed into his flesh, how he wanted this, needed it even if he argue and protest.

“I wish I could stay like this John but it’s time to explore more elevating vibrations.”

“Just do it you manic!”

Sherlock’s smiled, it was the same smile that made Johns’ blood burn with lust when he first saw it.

The tight enclosure the held his cock prisoner now gave freedom, as he eased it out only to the tip than swallowed entered again with more ease. Sherlock’s hips rocked to and fro in John’s inner walls and the intense friction sent both men over the brink as their moans echoed the room.

Sherlock reach up and grasped John’s shoulder forcing his thrust deeper. He pounded into his friend without any mercy or remorse, he needed this to last he could feel all he stress melting away, the case they were working on swam through his brain as clear as water.

“Oh god--fuck me!” cried John, his pain long gone and the pleasure over taking his body and mind, Sherlock could feel his balls contracting as he released him seed into the tight space. His high melted away as he collapsed on of John.

“John,” he said catching his breath.

“Yes Sherlock?” John enjoyed the closeness of his friend as he felt his breath on his ear.

“Sorry about trying to destroy your computer.”

“And I’m sorry about writing those words.”

“Can we go back to bed and start again?”


“Why not?”

“Because I have to go to the store and buy us a new electric kettle to replace the one you broke.”

“Oh that.”

“Yes that, why would you throw the electric kettle out the window and not my computer first, not that I wanted you to do that either?”

“The boom.”

“The what?”

“I received a phone call telling me there was a boom in the apartment.”

“A boom did you call someone?”

“No I handled it.”

“The electric kettle wasn’t a boom!”

“I know that now.”



“Is there a boom?”

“Oh yes, it’s in your lap top.”

“My what?”

“That’s why I was going to through it out the window. See look at the screen there’s a count down.”

John looked at his screen and saw in the upper right hand corner there was in deed a count down and it was rounding down from 20. John grabbed the lap top and throw it out the window grabbing Sherlock and dropping to the floor. All that was heard was a loud bang of his lap top impacting with the ground.

An hour later the boom squad and DI Lestrade were outside assessing the problem. He approached John and Sherlock who both were wearing their dressing gowns with a blanket from the Medics. Their land lady Mrs. Hudson was standing under an umbrella holding her electric tea kettle.

Lestrade informed them there was no boom of any kind and the call was most likely a prank. Everyone left leaving John and Sherlock standing at their door.

“Well that’s that,” stated Sherlock who turned and entered the apartment calling to John. “How about tea?”







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