Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Puppet has taken her Master Troy for granted and Troy wants Puppet to understand that he is her Master and she needs to obey him without question. There will be a flashback to when Jaffery became Troys assistant. and Puppet's pet-sitter Jessie is back.



Puppet has taken her Master Troy for granted and Troy wants Puppet to understand that he is her Master and she needs to obey him without question. There will be a flashback to when Jaffery became Troys assistant. and Puppet's pet-sitter Jessie is back.


Submitted: April 15, 2016

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Submitted: April 15, 2016



In the private office of Troy Utter. Puppet sat on the floor in her kneeling position while her Master Troy paced the floor in front of her yelling onto his cell phone.

Her hair hung in a pressed straight pony tail. The tips dyed a rose pink while the rest of her hair sported a rusty red tone. Bright red lipstick and dynamic highlighted eyes finished her youthful glow.

From what she could make out, one of Troy’s clubs closed early. She couldn’t overhear what the person tried to tell her master but Troy tore into the person with threats and demands.

Puppet enjoyed seeing her master get worked up; it meant he’d take his frustration out on her. She followed her master’s movements from one end of the room to the other.

Troy took notice of her when he switched his cell to his opposite ear. He scanned and caught her gaze. He stepped over and caressed Puppet’s cheek then tugged her leash she held between her teeth.

Puppet didn’t release her leash when Troy tugged instead she wanted to annoy him enough to get him to punish her. Maybe with a slap across the face, a yank on her hair. Or draping her across his lap to give her a sound spanking with either a paddle or, her favorite, his strong hand. His fingers kneading her tender red skin and pinching her sore spots.

Troy, listened to the voice on his cell groveling but his attention moved now onto his pet who was being defiant. He snatched the leash from her mouth and tugged on it hard, forcing Puppet’s neck to jerk forward onto her hands and knees. She moved closer to his leg, but he shoved her away with the said leg. She bowed her head and waited while her master continued his conversation on his cell.

“There’s no excuse. Now I have to come there and fix your mess. Expect me tomorrow to look over your books.” A long pause before Troy spoke again. “I don’t care what your explanation is. You should have contacted me first before turning people away and losing me money! You have one strike with me. I don’t do two.” He disconnected and clinched the cell in his fist before returning it to the inside of his suit jacket.

Troy tugged on Puppet’s leash beckoning her to follow him. She crawled behind into the hallway. He walked over to a bench by the doorway and raised the seat staring inside it for a moment then reached in and grabbed one item. Her Master pulled out a riding crop and held it out for her to see. Puppet looked at the device which happens to be her least favorite of punishments. Troy spun to her and lowered the thin arm’s length, wood, with the folded leather connected at the top, to show her.

“I believe you don’t enjoy the crop, correct Puppet?”

“Correct, Master.”

“Turn your ass,” he snapped his order causing Puppet to jumped from the change in his tone. She bowed when ordered and presented her ass to her Master with her forehead touching the wood floor. She pointed her arms back, her palms were flat to the floor and her legs together. He touched her bushy mound and pulled at the soft hair covering his property.

He gave her the impression he wanted to play with her wet clit as he ran his finger along the slit, just touching the aroused muscle. Instead, he removed his hand and stood. The riding crop smacked one of Puppet’s cheeks making her clinch from the sudden pain. He repeated the act alternating cheeks.

“Your defiance is becoming a nuisance cunt,” said Troy, cracking the crop along the top of Puppets butt cheeks. He stopped, his rapid breathing pushed his strong chest in and out. He studied his handy work. Puppet’s ass cheeks blushed red with branded marks from the crop. She wept, her tears rolled over her forehead and dripped onto the floor.

Troy grabbed her leash and tugged her to face to him without saying a word. Puppet whirled to her master. He noticed her wet cheeks and looked at his floor with drops of tears scattered on his expensive wood floor. He moved to a table and reached into the draw and removed a pair of scissors. With a grasp of her hair he cut the tie holding her ponytail in place releasing her thick mane around her face.

“There,” he said. “Use it to mop my floor.” Puppet blinked and glanced back to where her tears touched the floor and bowed her head. Her hair touching the spot and with a few jerks of her neck, she mopped up the liquid. Troy pulled on her leash again and she went back sitting beside to her master. He checked to make sure she cleaned his floor.

When satisfied he led her to the kitchen. The patio where Puppet enjoyed playing and rolling in the grass. Her master pointed at her play yard; making sure she watched, he grabbed her collar and tugged her head to look.

“See your yard?” he asked.

“Yes master,” she responded.

“Good, because you’re forbidden to go out there while I’m away. Understood?” he snapped.

“Yes master,” she responded.

“You will not defy me any longer Puppet or your punishments well be harsh.” He tugged her leash again and walked her to the back stairs leading up to the second floor. “Until I return, you’re only permitted to use these stairs not the main one. You’re forbidden to use my bedroom when there’s a storm. You’re to stay in your room. Understood?”

“Yes, master.”

Troy pulled her away from the stairs and over to a counter.

“Stand up and grabbed the sides of the counter and point your ass out.” Puppet raised and complied to Troy’s commands. “Spread your legs apart,” he barked, still holding the crop he jerked her legs until they were at the distance he wanted them to be. Puppet, stood waiting, while Troy, still holding her leash, scrutinized his property. With one hand he groped her full breasts, pinching the nipples until they were hard between his fingers tips. She shook from the rawness, his hand traveled towards her stomach to her wet cunt.

He loved running his fingers through her shrub feeling the moisture between the folds of her tender flesh. His wet fingers slid along her ass crack then shoved two fingers into her asshole.

The discomfort he caused her thrilled him when he continued to drive his digits deeper inside her. She moaned out gripping the smooth counter.

“I will not give your weeping hole any attention Puppet, you didn’t earn it. But I will fuck this ass until I cum, filling it to the core. Tell me you want it,” he ordered, tapping her dangling breast with the crop sending a new burn throughout her body.

“Yes—master, I want to make you happy,” she whined, hearing the smacks echo in her ears as her breast and nipples cried from the torture. Troy stopped using the crop and sat it on the counter taking Puppet’s leash he thrust it into her mouth for a moment while he undressed. He draped his clothes on the counter behind him and moved back to Puppet. He grabbed the crop and took the leash from her teeth with no fight.

“Don’t want to fight Puppet?”

“No, master. Sorry master,” she said knowing it to be useless to say. Troy ran the crop across her back and along her long legs up to her spread thighs. He tapped the inside of her thighs moving back and forward until they shone red. He bent to inspect his work licking the sensitive areas. Puppet jumped from the coolness of his tongue against her aroused flesh tingling from contact. He remained in his position and squeezed her sore ass cheeks. His hands drifted her legs to her ankles and touched to top of her spread feet.

He rose and fist his hard cock ready for the tight ass before him. But he wanted to enjoy it and not the pinch of dryness from too much friction. He walked to Puppet’s side presenting his cock for her to see.

“You love giving me head don’t you Puppet?”

“Oh, yes, master,” she answered staring at the erect muscle as her mouth moistened.

Troy observed her lips parting eyeing his cock; she pulled in her lips to quench them. When he knuckled his dick bring seamen to the tip. She licked her lips again and showed her pink wet tongue between her teeth. Troy wanted to thrust his tool straight into her throat but fought the temptation. He rested the leash and crop on her back and walked towards a cabinet. He opened a door and retrieved a mason jar filled with a creamy butter substance.

The lid twisted off, he reached in and scrapped out three fingers worth of the buttery mixture. He walked back over to Puppet and wiped it on her anus and on his cock. His fingers returned to her hole and smeared the butter around the entrance pushing them inside her turning his fingers until he became satisfied she’s been well coated.

Still holding the crop, leash, and her hips, he guided his cock at her hole and pushed the head past the ring and the rest followed. He impelled her holding his position for a moment as he basks in the warmth and snugness. His eyes shut and his hips rocked from side to side.

Puppet dropped her head as her breath quickened. Troy opened his eyes and pulled out of the tight space but stopping at the head before thrusting back inside. He developed a tempo slamming into her, leaning on her back. He brought the crop against her swaying breasts to tap at the dangling nipples. While he kissed along her spine. With her leash in his fist he tugged on her collar until her head jerked back. His hips were still pounding away when he used his teeth to nip at her skin.

Puppet drifted into nirvana as her master brought her desires to the surface. She held onto the counter and the weight of the only man she’ll ever love while he punished his mischievous pet.

Troy unbend and yanked his cock free of her and swung the whip at her punished cheeks again then grabbed her and plowed back inside her.

“Oh, fuck!” he shouted dropping the crop and grabbed hold of Puppets shoulder and snatching her off the counter. His pounding thrust were relentless as Puppet tried to reach for the counter top but found it out of reach. Troy’s grip on her tightened and bounced her body on his shaft until he froze in place spilling his seed inside her. Her master’s seed filled her with such a rush she spilled her own seed in her vacant hole. She remained his prisoner while his high came to an end.

Their bodies wet with perspiration Troy positioned Puppet to the counter to lean until she regained her balance. He stood behind her and stared at his handy work on her ass. Then he grabbed her and rotated her around to admire her breasts by caressing them. They were now red, tender and warm to the touch. He dropped his head and sucked the meaty flesh around the nipple. His tongue lapped at the raisin then his lips curved around it and sucked it hard with a purpose. He grabbed the other breast and ravished it the same. Puppet reached up and ran her finger through his hair, across his neck, and over his shoulders whimpering her enjoyment. Troy stopped himself; holding her leash he pushed her to the floor.

“Get on your knees,” he barked, still trying to catch his breath. Puppet staggered but obey. Troy reached and unfastened the leash from her collar. “Gather my things to my room and then get your ass to yours. Understand?”

“Yes, master.” Puppet got to her feet and grabbed her master’s things he removed from his person and took them up the back stairs to his room. Troy walked over to the refrigerator and opened it staring at the items it had.

Puppet hung his pants and jacket and layout his shirt before leaving his room and crawling to hers. She left her room doors opened and moved to a window perch overlooking her play yard.

Troy got what he needed from the kitchen and headed upstairs to his bedroom. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Puppet’s French doors opened. He entered his bedroom and closed the door. Puppet did hang and lay out his clothes as trained to do, his other items, his wallet, cell phone and money held by a clip sitting on his dressing table. He grabbed his cell and pressed the speed dialed number to call Jesse, Puppet’s pet sitter. She answered on the second ring.

“Hello Mr. Utter,” she said, with glee in her voice. Troy smiled at her enthusiasm.

“Jesse I need you to pet sit for me for three or more days. Well, this be a problem?”

“No, Mr. Utter, I can do it.”

“I know you have classes, so my driver will take you to and from school. You can care for Puppet when you get home. She’s on punishment. She will not be needing any large attention from you so you can work on your studies. I will leave a list of things she is forbidden while I’m away.”

“Yes, Mr. Utter.”

“I will leave early in the morning. My driver will be around to pick you up now. You can help me prepare dinner.”

“Yes, Mr. Utter.”

“Goodbye,” he said, disconnecting. Jesse remained on the line and said goodbye to dead air. She lowered her cell and went off to pack for her stay with Puppet.

Troy texted his driver to pick up Jesse. When he received a confirmed text, he sat and typed out Puppet’s punishment on his computer.


Puppet sat on her perch and stared at her play yard. Her body hummed a sting of heat from her ass after her treasured whipping. Her master controlled his fury. He would never inflicted grave harm to his pet. Puppet envisions the event only a moment ago and wanted to experience his talented hands once more.

Troy entered her room wearing a robe and holding a sheet of paper. He walked over to the dresser and a colorful pebble caught his eye. He remembered, while on a business trip to China, finding it in a stream bed and brought it back for his Puppet. Troy placed the vibrant stone on the paper to hold it in place for Jesse to find when she arrived.

Puppet climbed off the bench. On hand and knee bowing her head to the floor to greet her master. Troy reached into his pocket and pulled out her leash and reattached it to her collar. Without a word, he tugged on it and Puppet sat up and followed Troy out of the room.

They went to her large and spacious bathroom with an in-ground bath with ledge and a hand held the shower head. Troy placed the leash strap between Puppet’s teeth. He sat on the ledge and turned on the water. When the temperature reached to his satisfaction he summoned Puppet.

“Come here Puppet,” he ordered. She crawled to her master’s side. Troy removed her collar and placed it on a shelf nearby. “Get into the tub,” he said. Again she followed his command to the letter. She climbed into the large tub. “Continue standing,” he ordered.

Troy disrobe and joined Puppet in the tub. He grabbed the hand held shower spout and drenched Puppet’s hair and body. He turned her to make sure the powerful jets of water touched every inch of her body. Troy enjoyed watching her flinch from the fast moving beads stroking against her battered ass and breasts.

He tapped the crop against one of her thighs. She raised it as if she’d straddled an invisible horse. The water head, aimed at her spread sex saturating the tender flesh. Puppet tired not to wiggle from the stimulation. Her master ignored her as he continued to fire the jets at her.

When satisfied, Troy tapped her leg again and she lower it. He grabbed the shampoo and poured it into his palm and on her hair. The thick shampoo spread it out along her locks as it developed into latter. His strong fingers massaged her scalp with the fragrant mixture. Troy's touch relaxed her as he washed every inch of her locks before rinsing them out. He grabbed the conditioner and did the same routine than rinsed her hair clean.

The excessive water was ring from her hair and secured above her shoulders. He grabbed a sponge and poured a generous volume of liquid soap lathering it up under the water. When he preceded to bathe her skin with care and precision. Her neck was the starting point, along her shoulders, to her arms, then her legs and feet. Which she raised for him to run the soft sponge over her battered feet.

Foamy leather saturated her unused hairy mound. Troy took extra devotion in getting between the lips and diving the sponge and his fingers across her clit and outer walls making sure the soap reach everywhere. Puppet again tried to stay still. Her master’s fingers awoken her longing to have him fill her damp lair with his sex. His finger teased her entrance when it brushed against the tender flesh that wanted him to slid the digit inside, but he moved it away.

He moved the sponge to her ass and scrubbed, ramming his soap covered fingers into her used ass hole. He plunged inside her causing her to moan her delight. His own cock grew excited by Puppet’s sighs. He drew from her and rinsed her and his body clean. He replaced the shower nozzle and with care climbed out of the tub stepping on the plush mat.

“Come out Puppet,” he said, not sharp, but this time with concern for her. She stepped out and Troy wrapped her in a warm towel and dried off her body.

“You are wet my master, I should— “

“Never mind Puppet. I want to do this.” He continued to pat her skin dry moving over her body just as he did after he bathed her. Making sure her between her legs patting her trimmed bush dry. Puppet receiving such attention from her master was rare unless it was her birthday or her master was expecting guest.

“Back to your knees Puppet,” he said. once Puppet dropped, Troy fastened a different collar around her neck much thinner and the color yellow. He hooked her leash on and walked her back to her room. He directed her to her vanity table and padded the bench for her to climb on so her master could work on her hair. She followed his instructions and sat facing the mirror.

Troy loved caring for her long hair pouring a creamy hair produce in the palm of his hand and worked it through her mane. The cream loosened the tangles and allowed him to comb her hair in parts. With a click the hair dryer motor hummed as he used a round head brush to lift and separate her hair while the heat coursed through her strains drying them. He styled her hair then added an air dried sheen leaving her hair touchable and soft.

With a tugged of her leash she climbed off the bench and he moved her to her bed.

“On your bed Puppet.” She mounted the bed and moved to the middle where her master unhooked her leash. He caressed her back and pushed her to lie on top of the soft bedding. “Take your nap, and when you smell food you may come downstairs to the kitchen.”

Puppet didn’t at first want to sleep but when her head hit the pillow her eyes grew heavy as she drifted off to sleep.

Troy reentered to his room and made a call to his trusted male assistant, an Albino male with blue eyes, named Jaffrey. Troy hired Jaffrey two years ago. Recommended by a colleague who've trained to be a Master on the private exotic island Troy was part owner, about Jaffrey being recruited into their fold.

Through invitation only were outsiders ever invited. The island was a training sight for Dominants men and women. Pets are provided for training only. But, if the Dominant was having trouble with their own pet. They may bring, said pet, to the island. Harsher training and punishment are given under the watchful eye to Shawn. Troy's friend and partner of the island.


Troy scheduled a business trip to New Orleans. His newest club was opening not far from the Hotel Develar where Jaffrey worked. Troy owned a house in town but he received a call from his grounds keeper. A water pipe broke flooding the basement and first floor of the three-level townhouse with a private garden. He had to settle staying at the hotel where he booked a room at the last minute.

Jaffrey, was in his early twenties and worked as the hotel's front desk manager. He recieved an email telling him he wouldl have a face-to-face interview with Troy Utter for a butler position for a private entrepreneur. When Troy arrived Jaffrey wasn't able to give him the suite he wanted but made sure the one he accepted would be prepared to his liking.

Troy requested that Jaffrey made sure he had privacy, and received his calls and messages from him only, without question. Jaffrey did as Troy asked. Troy requested unusual meals that could only be provided by various chefs around town. Though it wasn't hotel policy Jaffrey ordered and delivered Troy's meals himself. Dry cleaning and errands where handled by Jaffrey without complaints.

Happy with his dutifulness Troy gave Jaffrey a guest past to come to his club on their busiest night.

Jaffrey expected the invitation and arrived at the upscale club impressed by what Troy offered his guest. Scandalous dressed males and females catered to elite men and women through serving drinks, dancing partners, and performing burlesque show.

“Welcome Jaffrey,” said Troy, approaching him.

Jaffrey noticed a female, no older than himself, following Troy. She wore two thin, loose fitting pieces of clothing. The lucid tank top displayed her firm C cup breast and hard nipples bound with rope. Below, the rope formed a chastise belt cradling her shaved privates.

He noticed the rope crisscrossed her stomach pressing into her flesh. She wore a collar that had a leash attached that Troy held. Her long black hair had a glow of purple that shimmered as it rest on her shoulders and around her bowed face with her eyes pointed at the floor. Troy noticed Jaffrey staring at the pet and allowed him time to absorb her.

“I hope this doesn't offend you?” asked Troy. Jaffrey glanced back at Troy forgetting he was there and cleared his throat before answering.

“No,” he began. “I'm familiar of da lifestyle.

“You've explored?”

“Not in person,” he stammers. “Internet and movies.”

“I see,” said Troy, seeing Jaffrey's eyes glided off to eye the pet behind him. He smiled and looked to his right an gestured someone to approach. A female dressed in fringed black leather chaps with her bare ass cheeks exposed and a matching leather, halter bikini top walked up and smiled at Troy before kissing him on the mouth. Jaffrey's attention shot to them and witnessed Troy grouping her exposed ass. He glanced around the room. No one shared in shock at the display. Jaffrey relaxed and enjoyed their greeting. All the while the pet on the leash was tugged along with her eyes pointed to the floor waiting.

Troy broke the kiss first and handed the leash, controlling the pet, over to the female who took it with a smirk and led the pet away. Troy's hand lift the thin fabric that covered her ass and caressed the pet's cheek as she past him. Jaffrey noticed red welts scattered across the female's bottom causing his trapped cock to jump in his pants. The sight alone made his mouth dry causing him to lick his lips.

A male with chestnut flowing hair approached this time. Dressed as the female pet, his cock was hard and bouncing as he walked. A sliver collared was fastened around his neck his chain leash attached at a hoop just at his adams-apple with the other end of his lead was a leather loop sat snugged between his teeth. He held a tray with filled champagne glasses. Troy took two glasses from the tray and handed one to Jaffrey.

“There's more to explore, I assure you Jaffrey,” said Troy. Jaffrey drained the flute glass in three swallows. He placed the empty vessel back on the tray taking another full one. His mouth, no longer dry, Jaffrey smiled at Troy.

“I would love to see more.”

Troy gave Jaffrey a grand tour and stayed with him most of the night. They talked with influential people over drinks and Troy discovered Jaffrey fascination with Dom and Sub. Troy introduced Jaffrey to others in their preference and Jaffrey made friends and contacts.

The club had a grand staircase that led to Misty's restaurant. It's waiting list dated three months advance. Jaffrey is seated at Troys table in his private room and they enjoy expensive dishes New Orleans styles from steak lovers, Po boy, vegans and sweet desserts. Male and female pets served the meals to the guest. After their main meal Troy tasted his Honeycrisp apple dessert dish and savored the texture against his tongue and between his teeth. He wiped his mouth with his cloth napkin and focused on Jaffrey. Who, was enjoying his bourbon bread pudding, he had to say was closest to his grandmother's recipe.

“I have a live-in female pet. Her named is Puppet. I want you to meet her,” said Troy. Jaffrey stopped eating and curved his lips in to clean the delectable cream off with his tongue then finished with his napkin.

Ya want me to meet ya pet?” ask Jaffrey, in his birth Creole accent. At the hotel he had to curve his speech so that the variety of guest didn't get confused by his wording. There were a few that wanted to hear the Creole and Jaffrey never disappointed. Troy was no different he told Jaffrey to be himself around him so Troy could experience the real him.

“I'm calling her here to stay the rest of the week with me.”

“I will send a car to met her.”

“No. I never meet Puppet at the airport, train of boat port. I want her to find her own way to me.”

“She can get lost in all dat traffic.”

“This won't be her first time doing this. She'll be fine.”

They finished their desserts and took their leave of the club called Troy's.

Because of problems at the club Troy could not to meet Puppet at the hotel. He asked Jaffrey if he'd look after her when she arrived and gave him written instructions on how to handle his pet.

Jaffrey read and re-read Troy’s written words to him to be sure he they were correct.

“Sir are to sure about das?”

“Do you have a problem with my directions?” asked Troy.

No Sir. They well be followed,” Jaffrey assured him.

“I’m sure they will. She is well trained,” said Troy leaving for the day.

Puppet arrived in New Orleans by plane wearing a cool, flowing dress whose hem came just above her knees. No stockings and no undergarments, her stylish shoes were black, strap, gladiator, single sole heels. Her hair hung loose and bone straight touching her lower back and parted in the middle dyed jet black. She wore little makeup; her master prefers her more natural. She gathered her luggage and grabbed a cab to her master's location. She walked into the hotel

A single suitcase rolled behind her when she walked into the hotel looking around at the old world style. Jaffrey caught sight of her and walked from behind the desk straightening his tie and jacket to greeted her. Puppet, walked in the hotel in awe at the grand spender of old world French charm around her. She didn’t detect Jaffrey in front of her. If he hadn’t caught her shoulders she would have collided into him.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Puppet, alarmed that she hadn’t been paying attention. She stared at the albino male with blue eyes, pale but creamy skin, and neat long, twisted locks that reached past his shoulders glancing at her.

“Dat’s all right Cheri,” he responded, releasing her “Welcome, to the LA Hotel Develar, my name is Jaffrey and I'm the hotel manager. How may I serve you?”

“I’m here to meet my—I mean, to stay with Mister, Troy Utter.” Puppet could never get use to calling her Master by his business name. She did however loved Jaffrey's accent and the deepness of his sensual voice. She wanted to see him naked and feel the thrust of his cock ramming through her.

“Awe, Mr. Utter, yes, he told me ya were coming, and he’d asked me to take care of ya until he returns.” He waved a young bellhop over to take Puppet’s bag. “Take Cheri's grip to Mr. Utter’s suite.”

“Yes sir,” said the bellhop, picking up the bag by its handle and carrying it away.

“Now, if ya allow me,” said Jaffrey, holding out his arm to Puppet. She took his offered arm, and he walked her to the fire exit stairs. Puppet walked along fearless of where he led her. He opened the door, and she noticed the spiraled staircase with a landing door on each floor.

Jaffrey spun her to face him. “Your master, instructed me to make sure ya always took these stairs.”

“I understand,” she responded. Jaffrey noticed not a hint of worry on her face.

“He said ya r well trained,” he said, stroking her hair. “Strip.” He waited as she stepped back, thinking she’d dash up the stairs screaming. Instead, she obeyed him and removed her shoes first handing them to him than with one pull of the zipper she removed her dress. She presented Jaffrey her naked body with her privates trimmed. She handed him her dress and stood with her hands at her sides.

Jaffrey became captivated by her boldness but not vanity. She came off obedient. Jaffrey draped the dress on his arm and held the heels by the straps in one hand. He took out his cell phone and pressed a number for speed dial, Troy answered.


“She’s here,” Jaffrey said.

“Good, is she presented?”

“She is.”

“Show me.” Jaffrey put Troy on conference call and switched on his camera and pointed it at Puppet who stood as still as she could. Troy regarded his pet and smiled. “Excellent, now get on with it.” Jaffrey handed her his cell. Puppet had done this act before and made sure her Master had full view of her through the camera’s lens. Jaffrey circled behind her and placed her shoes on the step and draped her dress on the barrier.

He took a breath then reached around and cupped her breasts, kneading the baby soft flesh. Puppet moved the cell out so her master saw what he was doing. He pinched her nipples between his finger and tightened the grip until Puppet reacted to the pinch. She blinked and tilted her head trying to hold the cell still. Jaffrey lowed his one hand to her stomach crossing over her hairy privates which he gathered between his fingers and dug into where ever his fingers entered.

The wetness between her legs coated his finger while he played with her clit rubbing his finger over the tender, moist space causing friction bring Puppet to arousal. He bumped her legs apart holding her one breast tight as he pushed his middle finger into her piss hole feeling the warmth his fingers created brushing against her insides.

“More fingers,” Troy’s voice, ignited Puppet’s moans when Jaffrey rammed in three more fingers into Puppet. She thrusted downward to add more penetration when she peaked onto Jaffrey’s fingers quivering from her released Jaffrey removed his fingers and Puppet’s sex covered his fingers. “Feed it to her,” ordered Troy. Jaffrey wanted to savour her in his mouth but did as told shoving his fingers into Puppet’s opened mouth who sucked them clean. Her tongue slid around and between his digits. He slid them from her lips and released her once he she’s able to stand on her own. “Very nice,” said Troy. “Puppet, get dress,” he ordered. “And give the phone back to Jaffrey.” She obeyed and got dressed.

“Yes, sir?”

“I’m offering you a job to be my personal assistant, I’ll text you the salary and benefits.”

“I’ll take it,” said Jaffrey, not needing to see the text.

“Fine, we’ll talk later. For now, take Puppet to my room and she knows to have herself presented and ready for me. She’s allow to service you though oral.”

“I understand Mr. Utter.”

“See you both tonight Jaffrey and welcome.”


Troy listened to three rings when a smooth, seductive Creole accent spoke in Troy’s ear.

“How may I help ya, Mr. Utter?”

“I have a task for you. I’ll email the instructions to you. As soon as you received them, come straight here.”

“As ya wish,” his upbeat Creole tone reassured Troy as they disconnected. Troy send the emailed to Jaffrey and went to take his shower. He toweled himself off and dressed in a simple tee shirt and jeans and on bare feet went downstairs to the kitchen.

He heard the front door unlocked, but he didn’t bother to go check. He knew it was Jesse. She walked in followed by the driver, a young fresh face Chinese male wearing black and grey attire including tinted glasses. She placed her carpenters bag on the floor in the hall as she sat on the side bench. Each articular of her clothing were removed, furry boots, leggings, and a long sweater wearing no undergarments. Her long hair was loose curled and highlighted with purple tips. The driver watched her, which she didn’t mind since she had done it many times in front of him.

He held out his hand taking Jesse’s slender wrist in his, he twisted her hand to palm up and kissed the inside of her wrist. Flattered by the gesture, he released her and bowed once before leaving.

She walked into the kitchen and observed Troy by the fridge removing what looked to be four tender beef cuts. He placed them on the counter and looked at Jesse and smiled.

“Wonderful, you’re here, Jesse,” said Troy, walking around and gathering spices.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Utter?” she asked, hoping it involved tending to his raging hard on in his jeans.

“I need you to cook sides for this steak while I go get packed for my trip.”

“Are you sure that is what you want to be done now, sir?” she asked, walking towards him. Troy examined her body he had taken liberty with since the first day she came to work for him. Troy placed his hand on her hip stopping her then slid his palm along her firm round ass.

“I need this meal cooked so you may suck me off while I prep the steaks.”

Jesse dropped to her knees hungry for his body in her mouth and opened the button fly of his jeans. It took negation to free his cock which rested at the side of his inner thigh erected. She licked the tip as if it was melting ice cream on a cone then glided the muscle into her mouth to enjoy the strength and flesh of his cock. Jesse worked the muscle inch by inch until it hit the back of her throat. She bobbed her head back and forward, her hands went to his ball sack and massaged them then she released his cock to suck his balls while she fisted him.

Troy focused on the seasoning of his steaks growing near to shooting his seed down her throat. Jesse continued to care for his cock with her mouth and the deep throat came easier this time. By the hardness of his balls in her fingers his climax was close. She reached around and lowered his jeans and washed his hard ass with the palms of her hands.

Troy hips jerked forward as he wanted to erupt. Jesse held his ass cheeks and helped in forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. Troy, sensing the warm sensation as his cock pulsated releasing waves of his sex into her mouth. He held the counter as he waited for Jesse to empty his cock and allowed it to slip from her mouth. She slipped his relaxed cock into his jeans and refastened them. Troy’s assistant Jaffrey entered his home and with a wave and a smile to his employer, Jaffrey headed upstairs.

Jesse didn’t see him as she stood licking her lips. Troy witnessed her display of a cleanliness and directed her towards her duties.

“Start cooking the steaks. I’ll return to inspect your work. And don’t touch yourself,” he tossed back walking away.

“Yes, Mr. Utter,” she said. She so wanted to touch her clit but knew the punishment for disobeying Mr. Utter.


Troy went upstairs and noticed Puppet’s room door opened he turned and walked into his room and saw Jaffrey packing a suitcase for him.

“Jaffrey I didn’t call you here to pack for me.”

“But ya’re going on a business trip, for four days,” said Jaffrey.

He carried dress shirts setting them beside the suitcase on the bench at the foot of Troy’s bed. He moved and went into Troy’s walk-in closet and searched for suitable outfits to complement Troy’s mood. Able to select two suits and two casual attires. He hung the suits in their garment bag and laid out the outfits to match them with their accessories. Troy knew he couldn’t change his mind as he sat at his desk and went into his email.

“Will I be joining ya, sir?”

“It’s unnecessary, I’m just going to check the books.”

“Four days’ sir.”

Troy smiled at Jaffrey’s statement.

“As you know I can handle disrupted employees.”

“True, but ya r terrible at handling yaself, sir.”

“I’ll be fine. Beside I need you to keep an eye on things here.”

Cheri Jesse is responsible and follows ya rules.”

“Yes, but she coddles Puppet and, this time, I want Puppet to suffer her punishment.”

Ya want me to interfere?”

“Only if Jesse is cutting Puppet slack.”

I understand.”

“The island made me understand what I have been doing wrong with Puppet and I mean to correct my mistake.” Jaffrey closed Troy’s bag and sat it on the floor near his garment bag.

Ya suitcase is packed, sir.”

“Excellent Jaffrey.”

I will continue with my—other duties if there’s nothing else?”

“No. Nothing else.”

“As ya wish, sir.”

Jaffrey waited until Troy left the room first and he followed shutting the door behind him.


Puppet slept in ease as her aches and pain subsided to a numbing glow. The sweet scent ascending from her skin and hair freshened the room.

Jaffrey walked around her room looking at whatever caught his eye. A book, a bottle of perfume, nipple clamps bejeweled with studded small weights on them. He held them in the cup of his hand and felt the extra weight. Side stepping over to her dresser and saw the note to the ‘Pet Sitter’ Jesse. It stated what Puppet could not do and will do in accordance to her punishment.

Jaffrey received the same list from Troy by email ordering him to remind Puppet she’s to abiding by the rules while her master was away.

As he walked back to Puppet, who slept on her side. He lowered on the bed. The movement didn’t wake her. So he grabbed her arm and with a gentle hand he placed her onto her back.

“You must be worn out, little Puppet,” he said, above a whisper. The nipple clamps dangled from his fingers above her face, “it’s time to wake up.” He squeezed the first clamp opened and lowered it to her right nipple. He held the jagged, steel teeth around her tender raisin making sure he captured the nipple. Then he released the spring and the device clap hold of the nipple. At first, Puppet didn’t respond but then her brain received the message as she roused from the sudden vice-grip on her flesh. Jaffrey reached over and grabbed her succulent breast and fastened the second clamp into place.

When Puppet opened her eyes she saw the Albino male over her, his hand squeezing her breast with the clamp clawing into her nipple. Puppet stared at the pale man. She knew him, but for a second she forgotten his name. His smiling face, made her remember.

“Mr. Jaffrey,” she said.

Cheri Puppet.” Before she could answer Jaffrey grabbed both her breast and squeezed them causing Puppet to cry out. “Ya ha been a willful girl Puppet, and Mr. Utter is not pleased.”

He released her and dragged her off the bed and tossed her to the floor. The weight on the nipple clips pulled on her tender flesh as Jaffrey grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the window.

Above her bench where she sat to look at her garden hung a hook with dangling cuffs. He bounded her wrists making sure she faced the window, making her sat on her legs with her feet dangling off the edge of the bench. He tugged on the weights of the clips sending more pain through Puppet before walking away. Puppet hung dazed and sore as she stared out her window when Troy, her master, came into view. He looked up at her with a serious expression with his arm behind hid back.

The first strike shot an icy/hot sting beneath her skin. The second and third followed each other, Jaffrey swung at her with a handheld cat of nine tails several times. She twisted with no hope for escape as he struck her back, ass and the bottom of her feet. Jaffrey screamed at her the list of things her master forbids her while he was away.

“… and to understand, if ya broke—one—rule even if Cheri Jesse permitted ya to it will not be tolerated! Understand?!”

Puppet cried out her compliance each time he asked. The pain grew to more stimulating where Puppet moaned more than cry. Jaffrey had to remind her she’s being punished, by tugging on the weights on the clips were turning her nipples red.

Das is not for ya pleasure Puppet,” he said striking her again across her burning ass cheeks, red from welts. Her skin didn’t break, but the marks scattered across her skin resembling a road map.

There’s been a time when he thought Troy’s decrees were cruel and one sided. He stood, uncertain one time to raise the tool of punishment when he remembered Puppet turning to him with curiosity in her eyes.

What’s wrong?” she'd asked.

I don’t want to hurt you,” he responded.

My Master, doesn’t give unnecessary orders. When he commands a punishment it is a necessity to better teach me—and you,” she said. “If you’re not the man for the job—step aside so a better one can take your place and show their employer—my master, the respect he merits.” She twirled back around and waited. From then on, Jaffrey never questioned Troy’s orders.

Jaffrey finished whipping Puppet then faced Puppet’s chastised butt and back to the window, so Troy—who looked through binoculars—could view for himself, Puppet received her reprimand. Troy studied Puppet’s back, butt and feet and lowered the binoculars. Jaffrey pulled Puppet away and stared at Troy who gave him an approving nod then stepped out of view.

Ya master is pleased Puppet,” he said, releasing her wrists from the shackles. He held her up by her waist as her arms flopped to her side from exhaustion and carried her to the floor. He laid her on her side then walked over to the double doors. “On your hands and knees Puppet, it’s time us to go to dinner.” He waited until Puppet shifted her body and got to her hands and knees. He fastened her collar around her neck and hooked on her leash. On shaky limbs she crawled from her room out to the hall and towards the backstairs followed by Jaffrey.


In the kitchen, Jesse moved around creating the evening meal. Troy walked in from the garden and watched her arranging the table and filling bowls and platters with delectable foods. She carried the dishes to the kitchen table where Troy wanted to have dinner.

The table, set for three people, Troy wanted his pet at his feet during the meal. Jesse went to the refrigerated wine unit and picked out a wine she knew Troy enjoyed. She walked over to him and in two hands she moved to the table and placed it in the ice bucket sitting by the table on a stand. She stepped back and smiled. “Dinner is served.”

Puppet descend the stairs backwards with Jaffrey behind her. Troy walked over to study his fresh whipped pet’s punished body and caressed her face before taking her leash.

Jesse showed him the wine she picked. He read the label and nodded his approval of Jesse’s choice.

“Come Puppet, you’ll sit by me and I’ll feed you,” he said. Jesse hurried and got Puppet’s cushioned and placed it by Troy’s chair. Tory led Puppet to her mat and allowed her to rest on it with her head by his feet.

Jaffrey held Jesse’s chair out for her and sat across from her. The three feasted on the tender steak and succulent sides while Puppet listened to their conversation. Every so often Troy lowered food to his pet and waited as she ate from his hand and licked his fingers clean. She even caught glimpse of Jaffrey allowing Jesse to rest her bare feet on his shoes. Her painted toes ran up his pants leg feeling the hairs on his strong pale shin against her soft feet.

They shared the wine, Troy only allowed Puppet her bowl of water but gave her a sip of his wine, she savored, from his mouth. The meal ended and Jaffrey offered to clean up the dishes while Jesse took Puppet downstairs for her bath. Troy retired to his room but not before kissing Jesse and Puppet good-night.


Puppet waited while Jesse warmed up the water for the tub and tossed in Epsom salt for his sore body. She took off Puppet’s collar leaving the leash attached, she helped Puppet into the tub and used a folded towel for her to rest her back.

“There, how does that feel?” asked Jesse, using a sponge to smooth across her chest and shoulders.

Puppet saw the concern on Jesse’s face.

“I’m all right Jesse, just a little tired.”

“Well, after your bath you can relax.”

“Well, you be able to sleep with me tonight?”

“Yes, but I'm not allowed to use toys on you.”

“My master said I can’t go into my garden while he’s away.”

“Well, we’ll do other things. Come on, let me clean you up and take you upstairs.”

Puppet, with Jesse’s help rose to her sensitive feet. Jesse lathered up a sponge and washed Puppet’s sore skin. The soapy sponge glided over her neck, chest and back as the suds slide towards her sore nipples, and ass cheeks. Jesse tried not to press the sponge to Puppet’s marked skin. Puppet leaned in to the loofa bringing the lingering burn from her punishment back to the surface she received from Jaffrey. Jesse didn’t understand the awakening Puppet gets from the haunting sting. Her sitter rinsed her skin and patted her dry refastening her collar back on and held the leash walking Puppet up the backstairs to her room.

Puppet lie on a massage table while Jesse removed her collar and applied warm oils to her skin. Puppet enjoyed Jesse’s fingers caressing her tired skin. Her hands knead at the smooth flesh along Puppets inner thighs and just below her butt cheeks. She covered every inch of her sweet pet with the fragrant scent. When finished, she refastened her collar and helped her off the table onto the floor. Jesse folded the table and stored it in the closet. She went to the bed and drew the bedding than patted the spot she wanted Puppet to go.

“On your bed Puppet,” said Jesse. Puppet climb up raising one knee exposing her sex to her sitter. Jesse walked over to the dresser seeing the note Troy left listing the things for Puppet while he was away. She read each one out loud facing Puppet:


  1. No Garden.

  2. No toys.

  3. No Computer, TV, or Video Games.

  4. No Penetration of any kind.

  5. No Treats except for vegetables.

  6. She is to receive five lashes three times a day.

  7. She is to only eat her meals in the kitchen.

  8. She is to scrub and clean her tub each day.

  9. She is to go to bed an hour early.

  10. She is to write a story for her Master.

Jesse walked over to Puppet who sat watching her and disrobed to her bare skin. She climbed on the bed and gathered Puppet next to her, spooning next to the tender ass cheeks pulling up the sheets over their bodies.

“You should sleep Puppet.”

Puppet tilted her head towards Jesse and kissed her on the mouth. Jesse tasted Puppet’s sweet wet tongue and ran her hand down her naked body. Jesse slid her finger between Puppet’s spread legs. Her fingers inched through Puppet’s bush and found the wet tiny tongue she grasped and pinched between two fingers. Puppet moaned into their kiss, Jesse forced herself not to enter Puppet’s forbidden hole.

Jesse broke their kiss and crawled between Puppet legs and locked her mouth on the wet inviting mound. She lapped at the one thing Jesse’s been dreaming to do to Puppet ever since she saw her crawl into the kitchen after being whipped. She wanted to push her tongue inside the piss hole. So instead, she avoided it bring Puppet to the edge of her climax. Her moans were deep, and she slurped up every drop of Puppet’s essences before rising.

“How was it?” Jesse asked, Puppet’s deep sound breathing alerted Jesse to looked on and find Puppet fast asleep. She climbed off the bed and covered the sleeping pet turning off the lights. Jesse walked to the bathroom in the hall so not to disturb Puppet and showered off her day. Just as she finished washing her hair she heard the bathroom door opened then closed. “Who’s there?

“It's Jaffrey, Cheri,” he said. Jesse pulled the shower curtain aside displaying her wet, naked body to the man. To her delight, he stood naked to her.

“What brings you here, Mr. Jaffrey?” she asked man with lust in his blue eyes. He stepped towards her the water sprays tapped on his milky face and chest.

“I was hoping to have some alone time with ya, Cheri. Mr. Utter speaks highly of ya.”

“And he’s fond of you,” she said, reaching out with her soapy sponge and running it along Jaffrey’s short blonde hair chest. Towards to his rigid pale cock nodding when she touched it. “Would you be so kind as to wash my back?” she asked, offering him the sponge. without a word he took it and stepped into the shower. The sponge glided over Jesse’s back in circles.

Jaffrey watched the soap run to her ass crack using his finger he traced along the line slipping through the part and touching for her velvet hole.

“One should not forget tight areas when bathing. Allow me,” he said. Jesse stepped her legs apart allowing Jaffrey to plunged two fingers inside Jesse.

Her head fell back as he fingered her ass. He leaned forward and bit and sucked her long inviting neck leaving red marks.

“Oh, yes, right there—I need this,” said Jesse, who pressed her ass back into his fingers.

“Well, let’s not play games then. Touch the wall and raise ya bent leg.” His voice was commanding and Jesse’s body burned from yearning. She obeyed him and raised it displaying both her private areas for his enjoyment.

He rubbed his cock between the two areas deciding to use her cunt first. He lowered to his one knee and held her leg up high as his mouth worked back and forward soaking both her pussy and asshole. Jesse held the wall rising to her toes whenever his tongue hit a sweet spot.

“Oh, your tongue is amazing,” she cried, he continued to enjoy both areas biting tender skin along the way. He got to his feet holding his cock and enter of her pussy with a sliver of resistance and savored the warm controlled space. he rocked in her shoving two fingers back into her asshole. His pace quickened while her cries echoed the room. He replaced the fingers in her ass with his cock and shoved three fingers into her wet pussy.

“Oh, yes, das is a nice tight place,” he said, dropping his head back allowing the warmth and tightness took hold of him. Jesse moaned against the wall as him pound into her. He leaned on the tile as his climax loomed.

“Jesse, I'm cumin soon,” he said, in between breaths.

“Please—cum in my ass—please,” she begged.

Jaffrey thrust faster splashing water while their skin collided anxious for release. Jaffrey flooded her canal as Jesse erupted right after him.

He lowered her leg and remained inside her until his cock slipped free. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her long and true.

When they caught their breath they washed the others body clean and toweled off. They were about to part to their rooms when they saw Puppet’s doors shut.

They listened to the moaning coming from Puppet's room. With a turn of their heads they Inspected Troy’s room and saw his door opened. They smiled at one another and Jaffrey picked Jesse up in his arms and carried her to the guest bedroom closing the door behind them.


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