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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is going to be book 4 in a series I have published on called the "Pet Sitting Series".
I'm only putting the first 5 chapter on here to see what everyone thinks about how the story is going.
Puppet is transported by her Master Troy to his and a friend's private island.
She meets Master Shawn and all his merry handler and pets.
So please enjoy and PLEASE leave a comment be it negative or positive. Thanks


Her head floated from side to side as she willed her eyes open. Her eyelashes parted to allow light in, but there was only darkness. The drug injected into her held her still even though her legs and arms were free.
She began to remember how she came to be where she was. The ride in the car trunk was by far bouncy but warm. When the trunk was open, her Master was there but didn’t assist her out of it only his driver and another male she didn’t recognize hauled her out. Before she could assess where she was the driver placed a patch on her neck, and her world went black again.
Puppet was never one to dwell on any negative situation. She trusted her Master Troy, no matter how mad he was with her breaking his rules he loved her unconditionally.
Going to the island was a set punishment but Puppet saw it as a learning experience. One she plans on succeeding in to make her Master proud.
She took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled it. That seem to help because she was able to move her fingers and toes sending a tingling sensation through her arms and legs. Puppet felt a growing chuckle inside her as if she was being tickled under her skin.
A smile spread on her cheeks as she tried to remain still to avoid another attack.
“You’re awake,” said the voice of a male that sat on the floor right beside her.
“Yes,” she moaned. “You can see me?”
“Well yeah.”
“So—it’s not dark in here?”
“No it’s very well lit you’re just wearing a blindfold and the drug given to you is slowly wearing off.”
“Oh, so where is the light coming from?”
“Window with a view of the garden showing a lovely sunny day.”
“Why aren’t you wearing a blindfold?”
“Because I’m here to watch you.”
“Oh, so I’m on the island?”
“That is correct.”
“Where’s my Master Troy?”
“I’m not at liberty to say Puppet.”
“And you know me. Am I allow to be asking you questions?”
“With permission.”
“By you?”
“No, by my Master—Shawn,” he said glancing up at the green eye male who handpicked him out of a dozen. Making him one of his personal pets; stood clean shaven, shirtless wearing, black jeans, and biker boots. His hair cut neat, hand sweep into a slanted shark fin. Two men stood behind him both wearing leather pants black boots and chest harnesses with buzz cut hairstyles.
“Is Master Shawn training me because I disappointed my Master?”
“He is.”
“Is he listening to us?”
“Is he here in the room with us?”
He was signaled to silence by Shawn hovering his fingers in front of his pet’s mouth. Shawn sat beside Puppet and leaned into her ear.
“I’m right here Puppet.” His accent vibrated through her ears as she took in the heavenly scent that radiated from his skin.
Puppet enjoyed the tender time she was allowed to spend with him even though she hasn’t laid eyes on him yet.
“That will be all Peter you may return to your duties.”
“Thank you Master.” On hand and knee Peter crawled out of the room followed by one of the males. Turning his attention back to Puppet, Shawn took his fingers and traveled over her naked skin. Igniting the sensation that tortured her a moment ago.
Puppet tried to keep a straight face but regaining some movement in his limbs she began to squirm and giggle. Shawn only watched as she didn’t try to push him away but seem to enjoy the torment. He watched her nipples harden as he flicked them with two fingers. Then running them between her legs he felt the wetness building in the soft folds of her crouch. He brought his drenched fingers to her mouth and pressed them pass her lips where she sucked and licked them clean. He removed them and rose to his feet.
“Get her to her knees on the floor and face her to the bed,” he ordered a male who moved quickly to perform his task. Jerking Puppet up, he forced her into position as Shawn instructed.
Shawn walked over to a duffle bag opened in the corner and removed a handheld whip. The handle was as long as his arm with nine tails all knotted. When he returned his attention to Puppet, still blindfolded on her knees, he didn’t hesitate. When the first strike landed she let out a deep cry that ricocheted around them. He landed another that resulted in the same. He picked up tempo and continued to strike her back and arse until the welts glowed a profound red.
“How many blows did I give you Puppet?” He asked watching her claw at the mattress. “Answer me,” he snapped striking her again.
“Splendid, most pets never count. Troy has been training you.”
“Yes Master—my Master is good to his pet.”
“A little too good, or you wouldn’t be here Puppet.”
“Yes Master.”
He switched the whip in his opposite hand and walked over to Puppet, snatching the blindfold from her eyes.
“Turn around Puppet and place your arms on the bed for support but remain on your knees.”
“Yes Master.” She turned clumsily but managed; getting her first glimpse of the notorious Shawn. The man whom her Master said strikes fear in any pet who crosses his path. Why was she not afraid? Was he just playing with her? She caught his, emerald eyes which shot ice daggers at her. His chiseled looks could rival her Master Troy’s.
“Troy mentioned you were hard-headed. Who said you could look my eyes?”
Puppet caught on, but it was too late as he began to whip her chest, stomach and thighs. The pain was more intense, but she kept her arm on the bed and didn’t try to run away. Her Master Troy whipped her in this same manner on different occasions, so she grew to accept her punishments no matter how unforgiving they were.
When he stopped, she collapsed onto the floor at his feet breathing intensely but not unconscious.
“Take her to the groomers and tell them I’ll call when I’m ready for her.”
The male lifted Puppet up as if she didn’t weigh a thing and draped her on his shoulder carrying her out of the room.
Peter had lied to Puppet, who hanging upside down. She glanced around the room and saw no window only a ceiling light, mirrors and two doors.
Once Puppet was gone the second door opened, and Troy walked in wearing his full business attire. Shawn turned and smiled at his old friend from school whose dreams mimicked his.
“So what’s your conclusion?” asked Troy.
“She knows what she wants. I never saw a first timer take what she took from me. Or—maybe I’ve become soft.”
“No, it’s not you, Puppet is without doubt atypical. I can do anything to her, anything I wish.”
“Then why bring her to me? Apparently you have a handle on her.”
“No, she’s become hesitant and explorative, not asking permission.”
“She’s evolving?”
“It has been five years. And as I said she’d taken my treatments without complaint.”
“Do you want me to train her to be a dominatrix?”
Troy fell silent as he glanced to the floor. He closed his eyes and remembered his devoted pet and how she found him. Shawn’s strong hand rested on his friend’s shoulder waking him from his thoughts.
“It’s been a long trip for you both, come and relax with me and let the groomer spoil her. A good meal, drink and sucking will clear your mind to make a decision.”
That brought a grin to Troy’s face as he let Shawn lead him out of the room.

CHAPTER 2 – Saying Hello

The train arrived on time as friends and family greeted with handshakes, bows, hugs and kisses to the disembarking passengers.
One passenger walked through the station alone unnoticed by most as Skye stomped about in black leather boots wearing a dull black worn out overalls with a short crop top that covered with a tattered, tie dye poncho. Her hair that could reach the small of her back was in twists and held in a ponytail off to the side of her head with a pink scarf.
Just as she boarded the train she left the station without care of who or what was around her. Skye had a purpose to be where she was. She climbed into the first cab she saw.
“Take me to Troy’s it’s a bar in the city.”
“I know it, and I know you’re underdress for it,” said the driver, warned her glaring back at her in his rearview mirror, with his five o’clock shadow and red eyes. He had a great night picking up and dropping off customers at Troy’s who tipped well.
“Let me worry about that,” she said watching her surroundings from her side window.
When they arrived, she told him to let her off across the street in front of a small diner and tossed the money at him. Before climbing out.
Skye stared at the posh tavern that oozed wealth before entering the diner and ordering a hot chocolate with whip cream and a slice of apple pie.
Sitting by the window, she studied the comings and goings of the people. Most were dressed to impress other’s casual. Then she saw him, the one she dropped everything for to see. The man whose name was on the building. Troy Utter, lean, muscular Adonis. From old money Troy was a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur who’s opened a Troy’s in almost every major city in the world.
But his business wasn’t the reason she wanted to see him it was his private activity she was more interested in experiencing. They met online by chance of connecting conversation. S&M- sadomasochism site allow her to explore her fantasies without fear of judgment. But her body wanted more. She craved to surrender her will power in a way that no one around her could understand. She was tired of telling her lovers what she needed. She wanted them to take her in their most-primitive way and handle her as they see fit to achieve their sexual desires. That would make her body hum with delight knowing she help them reach their ultimate climax.
Troy liked what he read and asked her to come see him.
“But you don’t know what I look like?” she responded.
“That doesn’t matter to me,” he said. “Looks is only a facade of what the real person is on the inside. I’ve been with beautiful, average, full figure, skinny, and in-between it doesn’t matter if their male or female. It only has to do with trust and allowing yourself to let go and feel.”
Skye was hook as she agreed to meet and promised she’d come no matter how far she had to travel. She booked her trip and left. Nothing was holding her back. She was an orphan and worked two odd jobs that kept a roof over her head and food in her stomach. She was also a saver of money. Her apartment was a small studio that was above the bar she worked at after her shift at the coffee house. She prepared her meals and took her coffee and lunch to work. So her bank account was happy and so was she when she told both her bosses she was going away for the weekend.
She paid for her meal and hurried across the street. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs waiting patiently until he finished his conversation with a short cut blond male dressed like he shopped at the banana republic.
Troy didn’t notice her until the other male pointed her out. She held his stare, but she wasn’t sure if he sizing her up or disappointed. He broke his eyes away and continued his conversation with the fair-haired. She didn’t mind she was patient he promised no judging on appearance. 
A luxury town car pulled up Skye watched as the driver climbed out. Tipping his head towards her and flashing a playful smile, he opened the back passenger door and stood waiting. She turned back to the two other males as their talk ended. The fair-haired man descended the stairs giving her a sideways glance as he climbed into the town car.
Troy followed but stopped beside Skye. They made eye contact again and without words Troy held his hand out and she took it right away. He allowed her into his car where she sat beside the other male Troy came in next, and did introductions.
“Gavin, I know I told you I did my interviews one on one. But I’m due out of the country in a few days and would like to make a decision before I go. Skye was short notice, but I just had to meet her face to face. If you prefer to wait until I return…”
“But I used all my money for a ticket here and the return home,” she spoke up frantic.
Troy smiled sincerely.
“I understand your situation and promise I will fund your return trip if, Gavin wants to wait until I return. He was first, and I’m giving him final say.”
Gavin looked to the female who pleaded with her eyes.
“I see no reason not to share, we’re both after the same thing,” Gavin stated.
“Take us to the testing site,” Troy said to the driver who acknowledged with a nod closing the door and hurrying to his driver side where he pulled into traffic.
The car had two backseats that faced one another.
“I want you both to sit across from me,” said Troy, they complied but both tried to sit in opposite corners. “No, I want you both in my eye view, so I don’t have to turn my head.” They obeyed.
“Now without saying a word, I want you both to undress the other.” The Gavin hesitated, but Skye went right to work loosening his tie and slipping the expensive fabric from his neck then started on his jacket and shirt. “She’s winning,” stated Troy.
Gavin found his nerve and pulled the poncho up over Skye’s head and saw that she wore overalls, a simple short top and nothing much else as Troy watched the disrobing like a judge in a competition. Where he was busy yanking and pulling at her clothes, she was taking care to expose his flesh for Troy like opening a gift.
In the end Troy was treated to Gavin’s muscular hard flesh with a hint of hair under the arms, chest, stomach and legs. Skye’s body was hairless except for her head. Her plump breast cradled between her arms pushing the two orbs together and displaying the hard creamy nipples.
Troy noticed Gavin’s cock wasn’t hard, and he was covering it with his hands. This behavior disappointed him as he reached over and removed his hands placing them at his side.
“Never show shame in front of me, your only goal is to pleasure me and me alone. Even if others are around us.” He looked at Skye, who sat with her legs slightly spread smiling at him. Troy couldn’t help but reach his hand between the smooth thighs and dip into the moist shaved mound feeling the wet flesh and triggering her lust in hushes. As her head fell back and her hips rock to his tickling fingers.
With his free hand Troy grasped the male’s cock that was still soft and fist the muscle to life. He removed his fingers from her wet clit and held them to the male’s lips. He didn’t hesitate as he covered the fingers with his mouth and sucked them clean. Troy turned to her who was watching and licking her moist lips.
“I want you both to 69 each other for my enjoyment but I don’t want either of you to cum not until I say, understood just nod yes or no.” They both nod yes.
Skye took charge right away and pushed Gavin onto his back as she mounted him grinding her wet pussy on his open mouth. Then lowered her open mouth onto his semi erected cock sucking hard as she snaked her tongue over the flesh and sensitive head.
Troy felt his cock responding as Skye’s head bobbed up and down on a fully erect cock fingering his balls, and now and then basting the hairy balls with her wet tongue. Gavin feasted on her clit while holding her ass cheeks apart and fingered her arse.
“Keep it up, and I want to hear more slurping, so I know your tongues are working hard.”
Troy watched their mouth play as their ride continued.

Troy sip on cognac while enjoying the warm sun that flickered through the leaves from the vast forest of trees. Shawn arranged for Troy to stay in a two bedroom apartment both with pleasing views that overlooked a waterfall. Customarily Troy stayed in his private home but it was having work done to it, and Troy wasn’t planning to stay long.
He and Troy were the founders of the Island. A deserted dumping ground for the ocean’s garbage but nothing else. They found it while on vacation by accident. When they inquired about the ownership, a female banker stated claim to it. But said it was so remote that it was a pain to travel to and fro, so she sold it to them at a fair price.
They turned it into a paradise for the ones who was able to afford it and wanted to explore the depth of their sexual appetites in S&M, willingly, never forced. No individual was ever trick, threatened, or enforced to perform acts of extreme sexual desires. They must come willing—no exceptions.
It agreed that Shawn would run the Island while Troy did the investment and managed his clubs. Troy and Shawn were properly trained in their craft of Dominance while they handled the construction of their pleasure Island.
Shawn took trips around the world to craft his skill in all forms of Dominance and came back taking full charge of the Island, which was fine with Troy. Shawn produced strong Dominant Masters and Submissive pets increasing their reputation around the world.
Discarding his clothes Troy wore only a thin silk robe that hung open as he stood on the balcony that seem to hover over the waterfall.
A knock came to the front door; Shawn’s house pet Mya, a creamy delight Shawn met at a sex convention answered it, wearing only a loincloth bikini and a smile.
“Master Troy, the groomers wanted to know if you would like Puppet brought to you?”
Troy thought over the request but before he was able to answer Shawn intervened.
“Puppet is to remain with the groomers until I summon her.”
“Yes, Master.” She left quickly to deliver the message as Shawn joined Troy.
“Until she completes her lessons its best you have little contact with her.”
“Will I be able to observe her training?”
“Will you promise not to intervene?”
Troy sighed and turned back to the view off the balcony.
“Masters,” interrupted Mya. “May I service you?”
Troy said nothing as Shawn reached out to Mya, who hurried to her Master’s side and steered her to Troy. She kneeled before him and ran her hands up his strong legs glancing up at him with hungry eyes. She used her tongue to lick the length of his cock as her almond eyes stared back up at him.
“Mya was a performer in the circus. She danced on a high wire. She returns to it now than when I have a heavy work load,” Shawn said walking toward the door. Troy noticed his casual exit and turned his head to look at him.
“Aren’t you going to join us?”
“I have other pressing business to deal with—Mya will entertain you until I return.”
But before Troy could protest he felt his cock brush the back of Mya’s throat. He placed his palm on top of her head stopping her. She gazed up at him confused.
“Am I not pleasing to you, Master Troy?”
“Oh, you are but I prefer to…”
“Remove your coverings Mya,” said Shawn, who was suddenly behind Troy speaking over his shoulder. “Perhaps you need more motivation.”
“I don’t need motivation.”
“You need to take your mind off of, what if. Puppet may not want to become a Dom she might want to remain yours.”
“I should be the one talking to her about this.”
“You’ll only confuse her and besides she thinks she’s here for training reinforcement.”
Shawn glared at Mya, who kneel quietly in front of them with her head down.
“Have breakfast first, Mya will attend you. I’ve already eaten, so all I need to do is dress.” Shawn turned Troy to face him. If you feel, I can’t handle this the way you want then you need to take Puppet and leave. I summoned neither of you.”
“No, I trust you Shawn, it’s not you.”
“Then let me do what I do best and get you answers.”
“Fine, from this moment on I’ll stay out of it, she’s all yours.”
“Thank you, my friend I won’t fail you.”
Puppet laid on her stomach as hands massaged her sore skin caused by the whipping she received from Master Shawn the day before.
The thought of her first encounter with Master Shawn swinging that whip connecting with her skin front and back sent shockwaves through her body. Every time the hands on her skin brushed over the abrasions it rose warm inviting heat to her privates. She wanted more of his—talented hands on her.
“Massage over,” said a familiar voice. Puppet turned and found Shawn looking at her. She climbed off the table and lowered to her knees with a slight beam on her face. “Tell me if I’m wrong but you enjoyed the latching I gave you yesterday?”
“Yes Master.”
“Troy asked me to search for answers for your shifting behavior.”
“Yes Master.”
“So I believe your questioning should begin outside. My handlers will take you to a designated site.”
“Thank you Master.”
“Don’t thank me yet Puppet.” He turned towards two of his handlers. “Collar her and walk her out and have her ready when I arrive.”
They both responded with a yes sir as Shawn stepped aside and watched as they collared Puppet and made her crawl to the site of her interrogation.

Gavin and Skye’s breathing was heavy as their pounding hearts rebounded in their chest. Perspiration glistened their bodies as they laid on their backs. Wrists tied above their heads and legs secured, raised and spread apart. Their bottoms elevated with pillows and almost touching. Inserted in both parties arse was a remote controlled dildo with an extra wide head that not only vibrate but also expand and rotate.
With endless stimulating, the two were sent countless times without rest.
Troy watched the show up close as he adjust the speed that he could control in three different ways.
“Don’t just sit there and let it do all the work,” he said to them. “Work you arse for me.”
Skye responded without hesitation as her hips circled and danced with the device. Gavin seemed tired and frustrated. Troy took note as he watched the woman’s eyes lock with his and swam with lust.
He kneeled beside her as her breathing became normal, but her eyes seem to crave more. He brushed a strain of hair from her damp cheek and caressed her plump lips.
Troy glanced at the male who has fallen asleep then back at her.
“This test is over.”
“Am I yours?”
“Not yet, I need to have a verbal interview with you first.” She glanced away as Troy loosened hers and the male’s bindings on their ankles and wrists. He lowered their legs gently and helped the female to her feet. She rubbed her sore wrists and enjoyed the contraction her arse was performing after being used.
“After my verdict I’ll name my pet,” he said moving towards the male and lightly nudging him awake opened his eyes and stared up at Troy.
“Oh,” she said soberly.
The male who Troy met in a coffee house typing erotic S&M stories on his laptop. Asked Troy, who was only there to buy coffee if he’d mind reading a paragraph started a conversation that lead to curiosity and an invitation.
“Is the test over?” he asked stretching his aching muscles.
“Almost I still have to do a verbal interview but it looks like you need some sleep so why don’t we call it a day and I’ll have my man Steven show you to your rooms.”
Troy summoned Steven by pressing a number on his cell. He helped Gavin to his feet just as his butler walked in with robes. Both participants were escorted to separate rooms. Troy retired to the balcony with an ocean view and watched the stars float in the night sky. Steven entered and cleared his throat to gain Troy’s attention.
“Will you need me any further tonight Mr. Utter?”
“No Steven I’ll be fine, you go and enjoy your evening.”
“Thank you Sir and you also.”
Not tired Troy decided to go for a swim in his infinity pool. He dove in naked and enjoyed the serenity as he stayed under and floated closing his eyes. He didn’t see the person staring at him from above.
Back in school whenever he got mad or stressed out he would just float like this until he calmed down.
Only he wasn’t mad nor stressed he just wanted to be alone. He opened his eyes as his lungs called for air and thrust his legs to propel himself upward. He broke the surface and eyed her standing in the doorway wearing nothing watching him.
Her hair blew in the light breeze coming off the ocean, and the soft light from inside was refluxing a glow around her creamy skin. Not only a voluptuous body but appetite for passion. Troy saw the lust swimming in her eyes as he climbed out and stood before her his cock already growing with anticipation.
“Couldn’t sleep?”
“No, I’m a night owl.”
“Would you like to take a swim with me?”
“I can’t swim.”
“What if I wish it of you?” She stepped back thinking over his words as Troy came nearer.
“I still can’t swim,” she said almost in a whisper hugging her breast so that her nipples touched.
“Skye, you do understand my rules. Becoming my pet requires obedience.”
“I know,” she answered unable to look at him until his grabbed her chin and rose her gaze to his.
“So, if I tell you to get into this pool what will you do?”
The tears seem to appear out of nowhere as she broke down crying. Troy hugged her close cradling her head.
“Skye why are you crying?”
“I can’t—I can’t swim…I don’t want to go under,” she sobbed. Troy lifted her head and wiped away the tears on her cheeks with his thumbs.
“Skye, I would never put your life in danger, that’s not why I want this relationship.”
“I want to be your pet,” she said touching his forearms watching him with urgency.
“I would like that also but, I need to know you will do as I say unconditionally.”
“I want to…but…”
“No buts Skye, it’s either yes or no.”
Skye blinked away her tears and collected herself as Troy took her hand and back stepped towing her towards the pool. With baby steps, she followed.
“Look at me Skye.” She obeyed. “You have such lovely eyes; a man could get bewitched by them.” Skye’s cheeks blushed as they reached the edge of the pool. “You’re here to prove to me that you are willing to be my loyal pet, but you must know that I have to prove to you that I can be a virtuous Master.  I want nothing more than for you to trust me with not only your wellbeing but with your life. If you feel that you can’t trust me with either of those things then, we should not go any further. I don’t want you to live in fear of me. I want you to love me.”
Skye caught her breath as she felt his lips on hers. Their kiss was hard and long as their tongues tasted the other’s mouth. Troy reluctantly broke the kiss released Skye’s hand and leaped off the edge into the deep end of the pool. He went completely under than emerged looking up at Skye. He reached for her hand.
“Do you trust me Skye?”
His eyes were like magnets holding her gaze. She placed her hand into his and stooped down sitting on the edge placing her feet in the water then slowly slipped into the pool grabbing hold of Troy’s broad shoulders to keep from sinking.
Troy, smiled as he allowed her to use him as a floatation device, firmly held her hips as he floated them towards the shallow end of the pool. Skye noticed they left the safety of the side of the pool.
“We’re going too far.”
“Skye, you never answered me. Do you trust me?”
“Yes damn it yes,” she said moving closer only to be stopped short by Troy holding her hips back.
“Then why are you have a panic attack?”
“I can’t help it.”
“Yes you can.” His tone changed, which caught her attention. “If you want to belong to me you will calm down.” This Troy was different from the sweet gentlemen one she’d met. This one was boiling her blood, making her pay attention. Troy was now the man from the emails and chat box. Domineering, shrewd and fetching. He was the man she traveled long miles to see, to follow, and to yield her mind body and soul to.
Troy felt her relax in his hands as he reached the shallow end feeling the tile under his feet. But he kept her floating just above.
“Now Skye I’ll ask one last time do you trust me?”
Skye looked into the eyes of a man who could decide her happiness or condemn her to death. She didn’t want to be anywhere else.
“Yes Master.”
“Remove your hands from me.”
She obeyed as he released his hold on her, and she touched down her toes gripping the tile beneath her. He was taller than Skye, who had to stand on the tips of her toes to keep her mouth above the water line. But she didn’t panic she kept her eyes fixed on his.
“Well done Skye.” He reached out and pulled her in to kiss as he walked her to the steps leading out. Still holding her waist Troy helped her out and gathered a towel drying her off. “I plan to fuck you tonight Skye. As many times as I want. How do you feel about that?”
“Happy Master.”
“Why happy?”
“Because—I get to please you Master.”
“Nicely said. I want to name you. You are to be trained as my pet so your real name means nothing to me. So I will call you—Puppet.”
“Thank you Master.” She grabbed another towel and began to dry his skin. Kneeling to reach down his long legs, and hairy crouch that upon touching awaken the stored up heat.
“While you’re down there tend to my tool.”
“Yes Master.” Puppet leaned in and ran her wet hungry tongue along the length of her Master’s cock. Then encircled the head with the same muscle sliding her hot mouth over the flesh. Saturating it with her spit, she pulled her head back slightly then engulfed more of the growing monster down her throat until her nose plunged through his black forest.
Troy closed his eyes and rode the wave after wave of enjoyment his pet was giving him. He made a real choice in selecting her. In fact, he already knew meeting her for the first-time face to face she was the one. Gavin was an excellent lover but lacked ambition to follow his written desires. He was more of a spectator than a doer. Troy might allow him to sit in on Puppet’s training so he could gather material for his stories.
His balls stiffened screaming for release as he pulsated waves of cream down her throat that she consumed eagerly then pulled out to add some to her pout lips, chin and cheeks. Tapping his cock on her chin he studied his work before using his palm to smear it all over her face.
“You’re now marked with my scent so for now on you will always remain on your knees around me. Understood?”
“Yes Master.”
“Let’s go you have a long night ahead of you,” he said walking ahead of her as she followed close behind.
In the weeks to come, Puppet was first trained in the simple acts of obedience.
Troy began Puppet’s training in basic fetching with rubber toys that Puppet enjoyed retrieving. Through the house, she would crawl enthusiastically after the tossed toys that Troy threw in different directions.
She didn’t have a choice of which toy she was to retrieve first it had to be in the order he tossed them. If she failed, she was either spanked with Troy’s palm or a paddle.
She endured her punishments and accomplishments. Troy bought a home they made their own.  Puppet enjoyed her room and her play yard. She was a dream pet who responded in every way possible.
She never questioned or complained when he left her alone but ravished him when he returned home—with his permission. She cooked for him and cleaned, he told her he could hire someone for those things but she said she enjoyed them, and it gave her something to do.
His business was demanding more of his attention and required him to travel preventing him to take Puppet along. He would be involved more in the upkeep of running his bars than enjoying her. He was working on hiring someone who might take half of the responsibility off his hands. But for the time being Puppet needed a distraction—a sitter.

Puppet didn’t mind crawling, in fact; she liked being close to the ground wiggling her arse and feeling a harsh sting of a smack on her exposed cheek. The path she was made to travel was happily covered in lush grass the same kind she rolls in at home in her play yard.
She wanted to lay flat and rub her breast along the tickling blades of grass. But the handlers had different ideas like the one holding her leashed tugged her collared neck to hurry her along and the one behind punished her by striking her arse cheek with a riding crop.
Again Puppet didn’t mind she like the control they had over her. She liked not being in charge. Both males wore black loin’s clothes that appear to shield their privates from Puppet’s curious eyes.
The one in the front had red hair that was short on the neck, but hand griping long and prickly on top. He was pale but not sickly more like vanilla cream that begged the onlooker to lick as much as they wanted.
The one behind had raven waves that was wild like a stallion and tamed as if it’s been pampered with a loving hair brush a hundred times. His skin was a light coffee that dawned body art on both forearms and one shoulder both had facial hair that were the color of their hair goatees and trimmed moustache that Puppet wanted to feel swimming in her cunt.
They reached a clearing near the waterfall. The shaded area had draping trees that looked more like vines displaying a meek lagoon and dock. Puppet was walked onto the wooden planks stopping at the edge.
The red head unhooked her leash and crouched down to her baring his smooth thighs and constricted cock and balls concealed behind black leather briefs. She’d hope the cloth was the only thing that shielded their junk and that she was in for a glorious treat.
He noticed her eyes cast downward to his manhood and grinned inward at her seeming disappointment. He spoke in a thick Irish voice that caught Puppet attention and brought her digits back to his.
“The Master wants us to display you Pup, so I need you to stretch out and spread your arms and legs like wings.”
“Yes Sir,” was all she said as she performed the duty requested of her. Her wrists and ankles were bound to the dock with restraints that were attached to the planks. They slipped her limbs into retracted lasso that captured her wrist and held her fast to the planks. The two males made sure she couldn’t wiggle out of them.
Puppet watched with anticipation. Was she to be whipped again? Or fucked? Whatever it was the wetness between her legs was crying out for attention.
When the Irishman was through with his inspection, he stepped over her to clear way for his partner. Puppet wonder if he’d grant her a view of his concealed cock and balls.
Only instead he doused her with a bucket of ice water. She was unable to turn her face away as it shot up her nose and mouth. She shook her head violently from side to side to get the water out so she could breathe. Her body shivered from the icy bath as another was delivered in the same fashion. She released a cry as ice cubes that were in the bucket was now dancing beside her body.
Another wave of water aimed at her privates that were open and exposed to the harsh rush of cold. She tugged at her bindings with all her strength trying to bring them up just a little so that she was able to close her legs. But it was hopeless as more and more ice water was thrown at her.
“Please…” she begged, knowing it was pointless to plea.
“What Pup, you want more?” Barked the Irishman.
Puppet knew that asking to stop was a harsher punishment that she didn’t want to experience. She’d been with Troy far too long to forget that. So she swallowed her fear and answered her captor.
“Please Sir—may I have another?”
Again the icy shower stormed down on her.
“How many buckets could they have?” she wondered feeling that they would never stop bombarding her body with the icy shower.
“Enough,” said a voice from behind, stopping the buckets in the men’s hands in mid throw. They pulled back, and the escaping water hit the ground just at Puppet’s feet.
She gasped as her body trembled looking to see who her savior was. Shawn stepped into view holding what looked like a small egg to Puppet.
Shawn stood in leather biker boots and wore a grand robe that dragged when he walked. It wasn’t closed in the front exposing his firm naked body as he’s erected cock nod when he walked.
“Did you enjoy your bath Puppet?”
“Yes—Master,” she said through shivering teeth.”
With assistants from the red and raven hair males his robe was removed displaying his well-toned physique that any man or woman found desirable. He moved as if being nude was as normal as a woman breast feeding. He stepped between Puppets legs and stared down at her. She admired the length and thickness of his cock along with his rip abs. His chiseled features could rival her Master Troy’s.
“Time for a whipping,” he said turning and walking out of view. The other two males stepped up holding hand held whips. Before Puppet was able to adapt the repeated collide with leather to skin commenced. Her voice echoed as the vigor of the leather joining with her flesh sprouting red marks. Puppet cries weren’t calls for help but awakening. Her blood boiled as each blow came igniting hunger in her.
“Stop,” Shawn ordered as the men stepped back breathing heavy. He looked over their handy work and was pleased to see Puppet smiling as the heat that lingered seem to cause her shivers. Red slashes covered her breast, belly and thighs.
Shawn’s needed to be inside her as he dropped down and placed the odd egg beside her head as he thrust into her wet chasm surrounding his cock with heat and moistness. He probe inside her as his hips drilled her hard and callous. Taking from her the lust that seem to possess her very being.
“How can I break you Puppet?”
“I—don’t know Master,” she responded between gasps as a wave of orgasms washed over her creaming his cock.
“You’re like a succubus luring cocks to your den of sins.”
She heard him but closed her eyes and mouth to him as she enjoyed his experience cock working her body to more releases. He sucked and nibbled on her sore nipples hearing her heart pound in her chest. He put his full weight on her as he squeezed the large tits between his fingers as his tongue lapped at them. She felt her juice rundown between her ass cheeks most likely coating the boards beneath her.
“You need this, inside you don’t you?”
“Yes—Master,” she sighed as his pounding increased and his balls filled for his one to her six orgasms. The rush of the salty delight wrapped around his cock sending pulses through his nerves. The sloshing sound of the dampness was rising between them as he slammed over and over until he exploded inside her.
“Fuck—so good—so tight.” He collapsed on top of her and didn’t move until his empty cock slipped from her followed by a white flow of cum running out of her. He rose, and the men held his robe open for him as he slipped it on. “Untie her and make her crawl back to the groomers to get cleaned up. I will send word where to take her next.”
“Yes Sir,” both men said watching Shawn disappear down the path.
They released Puppet and made her kneel, and the Irishman refastened her leash.
“I want to hold her leash this time,” said the raven hair in a deep voice.”
“Fine, but we’re taking her a different way,” said the Irishman, who exchange the leash for the crop.
“But Shawn said…”
“Tell me is your cock as hard as mine?”
“Yeah but…”
“Just wait,” he said directing his eyes on Puppet. “Pup you don’t want us to suffer do you, after seeing the Master take you.”
Puppet looked up at him with hungry eyes.
“I’m forbidden to let you fuck my ass or cunt so my mouth will have to do.”
“That’s all we need Pup, so are you game?”
“Yes but only if you tie me up and work my mouth like a tool.”
“My god, she is insatiable,” said the raven hair running his finger through her hair. Puppet pushed into his hand and enjoyed fingers caressing her scalp. The Irishman crouched down and grabbed her chin making her look at him.
“You’re to suck us off and make us cum hard down your throat Pup understand?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Good,” he whispered. Satisfied, he pulled Puppet to her feet. He removed her leash and turned her around binding her wrist behind her back.
“Let me carry her,” said the raven hair not waiting for a response as he carefully flipped Puppet over his shoulder. The Irishman led the way, and they took a different path through the forest.

Submitted: August 09, 2014

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Mysterious Flamess

OMG OMG OMG OMFG!!! C-O-N-T-I-N-U-E'-!!!! Jesus, it's soooooooo good!! I need more.... please!

Sat, August 9th, 2014 2:04am


I can't begin to tell you how happy you made me.
I was so in self doubt that I almost rewrote this.
I thank you for your wonderful comment and I'd loved your Bully note.
It hit home and brought back memories that I can never forget.
Thank you for giving me one of the reasons why I write.
You are awesome.

Fri, August 8th, 2014 7:20pm


Love the story so far and can't wait for the next chapter!

Sat, August 9th, 2014 4:56am


Thanks you for the kind words. They lift my spirit. And these are test pages for a new book so I can't give away the whole thing but others will follow coming.

Sat, August 9th, 2014 6:29am

Mysterious Flamess

Aww, you're welcome, and I think you're pretty awesome too... writing like this, you gotta be more than awesome. I hope that you make more soon... I reeeeeeeeally wanna- no wait, NEED to read more. Plz update soon!

Sat, August 9th, 2014 3:56pm


Well as I said these were test pages and I am going to send this to my editor but I would like to show off more of my soon to be released work if you like.
It's also erotica also but I am focusing on my male gay characters right now. Give me until tomorrow and I'll send something new.

Sat, August 9th, 2014 10:52am

Mysterious Flamess

Yay! Okay, I'll be waiting!

Sat, August 9th, 2014 6:43pm