Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A pet is bought and taken to her new Master.


A pet is bought and taken to her new Master.


Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Submitted: April 05, 2012




Four people leaving the bus station; three males and one female. One male leads, the other two hold onto opposite arms of the female, the two men are taller than she and are wearing suits with long over coats. She wore jeans and a tee shirt with an old army coat for the cold November night. Constance’s was 18, 5’4, 124 pounds. Her hair hangs loss around her heart shape face covering the tears that ran down her chilled cheeks. The leading male talks into a cell phone as they approached a black sedan that is conveniently hidden in an alleyway; out of sight.

“We found her; she was trying to buy a bus ticket with a fake ID.” There was a short pause. “Don’t worry he won’t help her or anyone else.” He closed the phone and turned to the three behind him. He looks her up and down and gives the order. “Strip her bare and tie her tight; one of you sit in the back with her.”

“He’s selling her?” asked the one on her right.

“We don’t have much time the auction starts soon so get to work.”

Her clothes were torn from her body as passer byres pretend nothing was happening. Her cries went on death ears as her coat was thrown against the wall, her blouse ripped like paper from her torso exposing her 2 plump breasts; no bra cupped the perfectly round melons as they bounced freely and the fat nipples grew hard from the winter chill.  Next her shoes pulled off without being untied, her jeans tugged down her round hips with such force the dragging denim scrap the sides of her hips. Her wrists, and ankles were tight and her mouth gagged. She’s shoved into the backseat by one of her captors, but not without her tits being fondle or her ass being groped; the cold leather seats sent shivers through her nude body.

Her Master had enough of her defiance; the beatings with a whip to her back and ass cheeks did nothing to curb her sassiness. She refused to obey him ever since she was sold to him; she felt nothing for him; she didn’t care if he killed her. So now she’s to be sold at the auction—again.

She was freezing and it started to snow; her captors wouldn’t run any heat in the car; her exposed skin began shaking and glancing down she noticed her nipples were hard, so did one of her riding companions.

A gloved hand reached over and began to grope her large 38D breast making sure he attacked her nipples between his fingers. She shifts uncomfortably as he took liberties on her stripped body.

“Hey we’re not supposed to touch her,” the driver said nonchalant.

“Keep driving,” answered the one on the passenger side. “I want to see this.”

“I’m just warming her up,” said her soon to be rapist. He forced her to lie back swing her legs across his lap; bending her knees slightly so he could reach under to feel her snatch his fingers went to work on it feeling the wetness already there. “Dam, this cunt is already wet.”

“She’s a whore what did you expect. Suck those melons and make sure you bite those raisins.”

He didn’t protest his mouth went to work on her fat tits showing no mercy on her nipples as his fingers scratched at her cunt; finding her wet tunnel he rammed two fingers in making her release a deep moan through her gag.

“That’s right bitch moan for me.”

“Stop talking to the bitch and bring her ass up to me so I can taste that snatch.” She’s turned around and made to raise her ass to point between the two front seats. She felt his tongue snake in and out of her wet cunt and she was in heaven but she didn’t want them to know that. She tried to pull away but the one next to her held her in place.

“She’s trying to pretend she doesn’t like it.”

“Stick your picker in her mouth so she can have a drink.”

“My pleasure,”

Her gag was removed and she watched helplessly as he undid his pants and pulled out his nine inch cock. Slapping her face with it she tried to dispute but was cut short with his thick meat shoving past her lips and down her throat. She throttles and tried to push it out with her tongue but the taste and feel of the meat was too over whelming. She felt the other man’s tongue on her wet cunt and click and the dick sliding in and out of her wet mouth sent her into orgasms again and again.

“Man she tastes good. I wish I could afford her.”

“Oh man I’m going to cum already.”

“Yea shot it down her cum-eating throat.”

“Oh yea that’s it bitch, drink it……….all of it.” His orgasm was in three spasms and she swallowed every drop. “Oh man she amazing.”

“Move over I’m coming back there, she going to drink me dry too.”

“Hey what about me?” said the driver.

“Just pull over and you can take his place and she can suck us both.”

The car stopped and the two switched places and with her hands and feet still tide she was pulled back and forth sucking off the two men. Every so often one would stop and deep tongue her mouth and then push her tired mouth back onto his hot cock. The driver was the first to cum in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop of his swank the other was holding back as he made her sucked his balls for a while than face fucked her until he ejected into her mouth making sure she drank every drop and cleaned him up. Putting her back onto the seat he returned her gag to her tired mouth.


They arrived on time and they handed her over to the observers of the auction she was bath and massaged with fragment oils and taken to the auction block outside. But before she was placed before the crowd her privates were fondled and she was clamped with nipples clips tightly. A gag ball was fastened callously on her. She was dragged to the block to which she was to be displayed and her wrist chained above her head. Her legs were separated and chained as well. She was lifted alone and then a bright light illumined her. She couldn’t see anything she only heard screams of numbers and as quick as it began it was over the light went out and she was removed from her chains and taken away.


Her wrist and ankles were bound with leather restrains still gag with the ball she was blindfold. A cloth was placed over her nose and mouth that smelled sweet rendering her unconscious. She was wrapped in a white sheet and placed in a trunk.


Her slumber was peaceful; she slowly opened her eyes to find herself staring at a mirror, staring back at her naked self was a bit confusing at first but than the other sounds around her came into play.

She sat up and found herself on a bed, an old decrypted bed with a stained quilt. The room was dark and it’s only light source came from the sky light far above her head. The room was warm but unwelcoming, no dresser or rug, a lounge sat in the corner and on the walls were pictures that she couldn’t make out. And beside each picture were hooks. She wanted to see what the pictures were of; moving off the bed she tips toed towards the picture closest to the door but before she could get a good look the door opened. She stood face to face with a man. She found him so handsome that she could feel the warm, wetness between her legs building. This frightened her as she quickly backed away to the bed returning to her original spot. He seemed amused with her sudden shyness; he stepped into the room but left the door opened.

She glanced at his seeming mistake and took it as an opportunity to escape.

“You want to go for it?” he asked. She didn’t answer. He didn’t like her silences reaching for her wrist she pulled it from his reach; she wasn’t quick enough to jump from the bed as he took hold of her hair and dragged her towards the door. She tried to fend him off but him in turned smacked her hard across the face twice. The blows were so burly that she quickly dropped her hands to her side.  He had her on her knees pointed at his door a strong grip on her hair as he kneeled down close to her ear. “Now answer my question.” She caught her breath and knew she had better give him the answer he wanted.

“No,” she replies.

She could feel the anger in him rising as he grabs hold of one of her breast and squeezes it unmercifully. She cried out from the pain but didn’t dare try to pull him off.

“No what bitch!”

He doesn’t loosen his hold on her as she struggles to answer. “No Master.”

“Good answer cunt.” He shoves her forward onto the floor. “Now shut it.”

She crawled towards the open door and saw that her escape was futile; two men were standing guard and watching the whole thing. Shutting the door she bowed her head and turned to her new Master still kneeling. He in turn was on the bed now completely nude. He stared at the sky light that framed the full moon.

He was different, not like her last Master, she could feel a deep connection with this one. The room was silent as he continued to ignore her he even closed his eyes. She was cold and her legs hurt from sitting on them she had long stopped crying but fear made her stay put she didn’t want to anger this Master, at least not on purpose. 

A knock at the door startled her but her Master must have been expecting a visitor.

“Enter,” he said in a calm voice not opening his eyes. The door opened and entered a man holding the collar of a full grown German Shepard wearing a leather collar. The man stopped the dog a foot away from the bed facing her new Master then exit the room closing the door. The German Shepard went straight to the bed, her new Master pets the beast on the heard and scratched it behind his ears; its wagging tale told him he was enjoying the attention. Her Master rolled over onto his side resting his head on his hand his eyes were on her. She didn’t realize she was looking at him until his beautiful eyes looks at hers; she is so wet and hungry for his hands to take her. He smiles at her or is it the dog?  “Go sit against the wall and spread your legs wide so I can look at your cunt,” he ordered.

Her legs are asleep but she manages to crawl over to wall and do as he wishes. But the room is dark how can he see her cunt? She wonders. But it isn’t for him it’s for that beast. It rushes at her and she froze in fear. She thought it was going to ripe her throat out but instead it ravishes her wet cunt with its tongue. It laps at her click and rams its tongue into her hole; she tries to push it off; she never had anything that wasn’t human on her like this, she was scared and excited, she screams from fear and orgasms. The more she pushes at the beast the stronger it came, slamming her against the hard wall. She could have sworn it was going to bite her click right off. She couldn’t form words as she lapses into ecstasy wanting more as she pushed her wet cunt towards the large mouth; it was backing up and she pushes herself forward finding herself on her back holding her legs back so he can lick her even more. But then he stops and mounts her, his dick is entering her hungry cunt, feeling like a thick knot forcing it way past her pre-treated hole, as his drool mixed with her juice drips down on her tits and stomach. The beast fucks her and laps at her fat tits his tongue was different from men, rougher, wetter. She didn’t want this to stop. She moans deeply and locks her eyes onto her Master’s. Then she felt it, the beast’s cock swelling inside her as it’s jeez shoots inside her, coating her moist tunnel. It dismounted her and lapped up his cum and hers. Her body quivers from the dog’s tongue cleaning her filthy cunt. She felt so dizzy.

Suddenly her hair was grabbed and is pulled to a sitting position her eyes shot open and she is looking into her new Master’s eyes.

“He was kind enough to clean you now it’s your turn.”

He pointed her head towards the dog’s dick that is still covered with her cum. Never having sucked a dog’s dick she saw little choose in the matter. Her Master forces her head down onto the dick and she sucks the odd tasting meat clean. What seem like an eternity lasts only ten minutes. Her Master pulls her head up and pushes her away.

She watches as he stretched and petted the Shepard telling it what a good job it did and promising it a special treat. The dog seems to understand and wags its tail. Her Master opens the door and lets the dog out. Closing it he turns to her.

“I was going to fuck you but remembering the things I’ve heard from your last Master, whom by the way is a good friend of mine, I decide to let the dog do it. You are lower than the dog. And so you will only be fucked by dogs and anything else I wish until I feel you’ve learned your place. Understand Bitch!”

Laying helpless on the floor and the feeling of dread looming over her she knew she want to win this Master’s approval. Rising to her knees and looking up at him she replied.

“Yes my Master.”

He left her in that room for weeks; every night she is aroused from her slumber by a single male, shackled to the wall and her bare skin whipped repeatedly, than as cruelly, is thrown in bed and told to go back to sleep. Every night after she cringed but waited for her beatings. They never leave marks just redden her skin. In the mornings she was served breakfast but first she had to suck the male dog’s cock, before she was able to eat; each day there was a different male dog. 

She is never allowed to bath alone there must be one male to wash her and another male dog she sucked off while she was being scrubbed.

All this time she never once seen her Master; she is told he is watching her but she never actually seen him.

In the evening before her dinner but during her Master’s meal, she is brought to an arena so he could watch her services dogs, or be gang raped. The room is dark expect for the bright light on her so if he truly is there she couldn’t see him.

Five men entered and said not a word to her. She is pulled in all different directions as they fondled her breast and cunt and forced her to kneel and suck each of them off. The first time she had to perform this act she fought back screaming to her Master to stop them but her cries fell on death ears so she starts to except her faith and enjoy it.

She wants to make her Master happy and she wants him to summon her so when a cock is waved in her face she stuck out her tongue and lapped it like a bitch; sucking the meats made her hungry for more she cries when they took one away and ravished the one that took its place. She dances on the fingers that probe her holes and orgasm over and over onto the faces, fingers and cocks.

“Fuck me,” she screams to a man with red hair. “I need to please him,” she moaned to another with a beard. “Harder,” she begs to a brown skin chiseled male. “He has to cum hard from this.”

She is counting how many times she came during the fuck fest but lost count from the multiple orgasms. The show goes on until their either cum inside her, on her face, hair or in her mouth. The closing act is all the men involved in the rape pisses all over her leaving her socking in their piss and cum.

No applause not a word from her Master. The lights on her would go out and the whole room would light up and she never see her Master if he was even there. She is taken away and cleaned up and put to bed where she drifts off to sleep.

She is waken like always for her beating and put back to bed but this time the male who beat her didn’t just tell her to go back to sleep and leave her room. He locks the door and climbs into bed with her.

She is taken back by this and tried to move away, he in return grabs her arm and pulls her close to his now bare flesh. He covers them both with the quilt; her back is to him and he pushes his erect cock into her round ass. She lays still waiting for whatever he wanted to do to her. His hand caressed her skin and took care to touch her freshly redden flesh pinching every now and then a different spot just to see her jump.

She knew she’d had no choose but to obey him but she wish he was her Master instead. He messages her breast and needs his finger into her wet cunt.

He lifts her leg over his so he could have easy access to her holes and click. Showing tension at first she began to loosen up and enjoy the kind touch. All the others were cold and brutal with her; she knew none of them cared about her.He kisses her neck and smells her hair breathing into her ear sent electric sparks through her whol

“That’s not what I asked you bitch now answer me!” He could feel his balls filling up with his seed; he was close.

“In my ass Master,” she quickly replies.

“So be it.” He detonates inside his property and collapse on top of her. They lay together breathing deeply with his cock still inside her; once their heart rates became normal he removes himself from her body and climbs off her. He dresses as she turns over to wait for his instructions. He looks at her, his pet and spoke. “I’m finished with you for now.” He turns unlocks the door and leaves closing the door behind him.



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