Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A slave gets a golden shower.


A slave gets a golden shower.


Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012




Author: Key

Title: Bed time

Part: Following a Slave and her Master through fantasy and conversations

Summary: Our little slave must entertain her Master but she a bit to slow for his liking she’s punished but quickly forgiven.

Keywords: oral, bondage, golden shower, whipping.







My name is Becky, I’m 22 years old, I’m 5’4 and weight a healthy 125. My hair is long, wavy, and dark brown just like he likes it. I do most everything in the nude dance, watch TV, clean, and sleep. All of this of course is in doors. I work at a small gay book store that has average business. But I show up every day so they like me. Also I’m a Submissive; sold and bough at a privet auction. It was scary at first but the people were really nice not cruel like most. I was one of the lucky ones. My Master is kind when I earn his kindness. Sometimes I’m just plain hard headed. As you will read this is something I wrote for my dairy. It wasn’t meant for prying eyes.



It’s cold at first, my naked skin touching the tub when I’m told by you to sit in it.

My hands are tied behind my back and my ankles are tied as well.

You must see the worried look on my face as you stare at me, but you show no remorse or pity for me. You tie my hair up so my neck is exposed baring my collar and my bruised neck. I should have moved faster when you told me to but I am clumsy.

You caressed my tits and squeeze my already tender nipples causing my moans to echo in the room.

Standing up you opened your robe and present your huge cock to me and without warning you cover me with a golden shower. I remain still while I’m covered with your pee and try not to beg for you to stop.

Once you’re finished you step back and watch me for a moment.

You ask if I enjoyed it. And of course I reply yes Master.

You then turn on the shower and aimed the shower head at me, rising me off. Once again I try not to move to much as you wash me.

Turning the water off you then untie my ankles and help me to kneel still in the tub. You push your cock into my mouth and I don’t hesitate I begin to suck and stroke your hard meat with my mouth and tongue and try to take the whole thing in.

Oh how wonderful it taste and feel in my wet mouth I never want to stop but then you push me away. I connect with the side of the tub and let out a cry from the pain.

You wrap yourself in your robe leave the room ordering me to follow.

This at first proves difficult but I managed to get back to my knees and rise slowly to my feet. Trying not to slip; I made it out of the room to find you sitting on the couch waiting for me with my leach in your lap.

I approached you and kneel down in front of you with my head bowed waiting for your command.

You reach over and undo my hair then grabbing a fist full of it you pull me towards you bringing me between your legs.

I thought you wanted me to service you again but no, this time you had my leach wound in your hand.

I took too long to get to you. You whipped my ass and lower back, over and over again causing me to cry out in pain. I tried not to wiggle but it was so sharp and painful. I received more latching and you pulled harder on my hair.

You stopped and pushed me to the floor watching me gasp for a breath as the wilts formed over my ass and back.

You move towards me and attached my leach to my collar and viciously tugged on it to make me sit up. I did as quickly as I could. Then I was pulled between your legs again and with great relief I was allowed to suck your cock again. Forcing my head down hard on your hot meat made me moan as my mouth watered and my tongue lapped at you meat. You exploder in a deep cry down my throat, your hot salty juice ran down my throat and out the corner of my mouth, down my chin.

Pulling my head up you studied my face then you licked the left over liquid from my chin then kissed me deeply.

“Good Whore.” You said.

“Thank you My Master.” I reply.





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