Open Road

Open Road

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Emmy is a free spirit. Her small town isn't enough for her open mind. On her 17th birthday she decides that enough is enough and she runs away from her drug addict mother. Where she meets a handsome stranger on the open road. What will this open road Emmy is on lead to? In this mystery story of love, lust, pain and confusion one young girl finds not all dreams are meant to come true.


Emmy is a free spirit. Her small town isn't enough for her open mind. On her 17th birthday she decides that enough is enough and she runs away from her drug addict mother. Where she meets a handsome stranger on the open road. What will this open road Emmy is on lead to? In this mystery story of love, lust, pain and confusion one young girl finds not all dreams are meant to come true.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Birthday Dirt

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Emmy finds herself wondering about the words of her mother. The more she thinks about her mothers statement the more she realizes that she has to escape her broken life. Emmy makes a big decision and heads out to explore the world. But as she thought her journey would be alone she finds herself in a stranger's truck heading to Georgia.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 15, 2016



Mama danced around the room with her dead beat boyfriend Chuck. They spined around, laughing and carrying on. Watching her made me dizzy and also made me wonder if that was going to be me in a few years.

Don't get me wrong I loved my mama probably more than she ever loved me. Wasn't easy having to grow up so fast to take care of someone who is suppose to take care of you. Partying, drugs, random sex and making money selling herself or the drugs was what mama had always been about. 

It scared me thinking that one day that could easily be me. Mama wasn't always like that. She was the most prettiest girl in Shelby at one point but after years of abusing her own self she turned out just like everyone else in this backwaters town.

"Come sweetie dance with me," mama said grabbing me up from my seat.

"No mama please I am not in the mood to dance," I said trying to over power her pull.

"Damn Emmy," Mama huffed and puffed. "This is your birthday party I would think you would be happy."

"I am happy..." I replied. "Just really tired from my long day at school."

Mama smiled and twirled me around. She leaned in giving me one big hug. I hugged her back it wasn't often she showed any compassion that counted towards me. Sometimes she treated me more as a friend than a daughter.

"Alright Emmy sit in the corner and pout..." Mama teased. "But one day you going to have to live your life."

Chuck ran over picking mama up bringing her back to the dance floor. I could not help but think for the first time in a long time my mother was right I needed to live my life. But I wasn't going to live it the way she was but I was going to live it better.

The party started to die down and the people either took off in their trucks or passed out somewhere in our house. I walked up to my room falling back on my bed. I grabbed my book from the night stand and began flipping through the pages.

I tried to finish reading but all I could think about was mama's statement. What was I doing with my life? I was 17 years old and I knew if I stayed in Shelby that I would never leave. I walked over to my dresser and began pulling out all of my clothes throwing them on the bed.

Looking up I starred at myself in the mirror. I was so young and was about to make a decision that could effect the rest of my life. I picked up my brush and began brushing my dark long hair. I opened up my box where all my make up was and painted my face until I was satisfied with my look. Turning around I searched through my clothes until I pulled out my pretty yellow sundress.

I slipped the dress over my head, threw on my jean jacket and put on my brown cowgirl boots. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror one last time. Taking in a deep breathe I said to myself, "No turning back." I grabbed my black duffel bag and packed what I could.

I headed out my bedroom door. I looked down the hallway to where my mama's room was. I began to tip toe down towards her room. I put my ear to the door to hear if mama was still awake. But I heard nothing but Chuck's loud angry snores.

Opening the door softly I crept inside mama's room. I watched her sleep. A tear rolled down my eye and I leaned down kissing her soft forehead. I grabbed a picture of mama and me that sat framed beside her night stand. I hurried out her bedroom door not looking back.

Once I made it outside I looked around one last time at the old house I grew up in. I then took one last long breathe and ran out into the field. Once I made it on the dirt road I slowed down and began to walk. The moon light led my way.

It seemed I was walking forever, the sun was starting to rise over the mountain. I knew I had gotten further than I had thought I would have made it.  I had at least made it to the next town. I eventually cut through the field and began walking on the side of the long highway my legs were growing weary from the long walk.

Throwing my bag down to the ground I sat on top of my lumpy black duffel bag. I rubbed my hands down my sore legs and the sun was starting to beam down on my fairly tan skin. There wasn't a single car that had passed me. I was starting to lose hope that I was going to be able to hitch a ride.

Moments later I looked down the highway. In the distance I could see a large blue truck approaching my way. Quickly I stood up and dusted the back of my dress. I tossed my throbbing leg on top of my bag and reached out my arm holding up my thumb.

The blue truck flew pass me. The wind from he trucks speed had almost swept me off my feet. When I was about to lose my balance I hear the sound of a vehicle parking behind me. I slowly turned around. It was another truck but this one wasn't as beat down. It was a dark black shiny truck and it's windows were tinted so it was hard to tell who was driving.

For a second I just stood there unsure if I should walk over. But I sucked up my fear and picked up the bag from the ground. Slowly I walked over with my head held high. If it was some kind of perv I wanted to show him I was confident in myself that nothing would happen.

When I got to the large truck the passenger window started to come down. To my surprise it was a young man. He had to have been older than me, maybe by a few years. He had blonde hair that was perfectly groomed. His eyes beamed blue at me and he had a smile that could go on for days.

"What is someone so young doing on the side of the road?" the deep voice of the strange man asked. "Are you lost?

I took a big gulp and smiled hoping my southern charm was going to lay heavy on his heart. "No just trying to get somewhere."

"Oh and where is that somewhere?" The beautiful man asked.

"Anywhere but Texas," I replied.

The blonde haired, blue eyed man flashed his pearly white teeth. "Well I am heading home," he said.

"Where is home?" I asked flashing a smile back at him.

"My home is Georgia," he replied raising his brow. "So you going get in or just stand there waiting on someone else to pick you up?"

I slung my bag over my shoulder and pulled the handle to open the door. I threw in my bag first and stepped up to take my sit in the truck. This was a big risk, getting in the truck with this strange man but he seemed so friendly. Maybe his looks played a big part on how he looked so innocent. He was boyishly handsome and gave off a good vibe.

The truck door slammed behind me and the man took off the dust flew off his tires flowing inside the open window. The man moved his hand to the side of him and the window automatically rolled back up.

"What's your name mister?" I asked breaking the ice.

"My name?" He replied smiling. "I am Liam and what's your name miss?"

Laughing I replied, "My name is Emmy..."

"So is that a real name or a fake name Emmy?" He turned his head looking at me with such curiously.

"No that is not a fake name," I glared back at him. "Liam is that a fake name?"

"No it is also not a fake name," he chuckled. "So tell me Emmy why is someone so young out here putting her life into danger on this road?"

"Is my life in danger Liam?" I asked. 

Liam glanced back at me with a smirk of reassurance he was not going to harm me. I rolled my eyes and replied. "I am not too young, I am seventeen and trust me I can take care of myself."

"I am sure you can..." Liam mumbled.

"Hey, I can take care of myself," I barked. "Besides how come you picked me up?"

"Because you looked like you could use a friend," Liam smiled.

Shacking my head I turned to look out the window. I laid my head against the thick dark glass and watched the passing road. The small vibration of the truck tickled my head causing me to grow tired. I tried to fight the urge to sleep but my exhaustion was more than I could handle. My eyes grew weak and before I knew it I was off dreaming...

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