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Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Abby is a normal girl who is looking to be a little different. Her step brother is coming home for summer break from college bringing home a friend. Abby's parents leave for a couple of weeks and her brother throws a party. Abby walks in seeing things she never would have thought her brother would do. In a sudden turn of events an argument breaks lose causing Abby to take off heading to a party. Continue to read to find out what will happen next.


Abby is a normal girl who is looking to be a little different. Her step brother is coming home for summer break from college bringing home a friend. Abby's parents leave for a couple of weeks and her brother throws a party. Abby walks in seeing things she never would have thought her brother would do. In a sudden turn of events an argument breaks lose causing Abby to take off heading to a party. Continue to read to find out what will happen next.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Welcome home

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Abby is a normal girl who is looking to be a little different. Her step brother is coming home for summer break from college bringing home a friend. Abby's parents leave for a couple of weeks and her brother throws a party. Abby walks in seeing things she never would have thought her brother would do. In a sudden turn of events an argument breaks lose causing Abby to take off heading to a party. Continue to read to find out what will happen next.

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After three hours of scrubbing down the house mother was still in a panic, running around yelling at my step father Tim and me. “Can you guys do anything right?,” mother kept on repeating throughout the day. Tim and I usually bumped heads but we always could agree on one thing and that was mothers need to have every spot of the house perfect and today was worse. My step brother Sean was coming home from college for summer break and this year he was bringing home a friend to stay with us. Which made mother go overboard. Mother has a problem, image was very important and all she wanted is for us to have the image of a perfect home but in reality we would never be.


I was excited that Sean was coming home. Sean had always been nice to me growing up. Mother married Tim when I was eleven and Sean at the time was sixteen. Automatically I thought Sean would have been awful to me but surprisingly he wasn’t ever mean to me. We grew close over the years despite our age difference and our different personalities.


Sean was the golden child, even my own mother praised him. Which came to know surprise considering Sean was the perfection of her perfect world. He has always been the star athlete, honor student, he is the president of his fraternity and president of his college. He was even blessed in looks. Sean is tall and muscular. He has dark black hair and dark blue eyes. Girls got giddy around him, drooling over every move he made and every guy wanted to be him.


As for me,  I am just average Abby. I am a seventeen year old who has never had a boyfriend. Sadly I haven't even had my first kiss.. The only exciting thing about me is I am going to be a senior in high school in the fall. Yet I only have one good friend, Sarah and she will not be attending high school next year since she is a year ahead of me.


Even the way I looked was average. I knew I was not ugly, I did come out of my mother who was is a former pageant queen. As much as I hate to admit this she was beautiful but I lacked a lot of the things she had. I was not tall like my mother. I am about 5’1, slender body, I have my mother’s long naturally wavy dark hair, my eyes are a light green and I am a little pale. But I do have her face which makes it even harder for her to look at me. She reminds me constantly of who I could be instead of embracing who I am.


A lot of the reason why I did not date or even go out or meet new people was because I wanted to piss my mother off which only made me an outcast. I was far from ever being popular the only real social thing I was into was the after school music club and there were only a few of us and even there I was shun out.


With all that being said it leads me up to now. A summer in which I knew would be long and boring. Sarah my only friend, was off traveling, my parents often ignored me or left for “business” trips and this year my brother had a friend with him so I knew most of my time would be me all alone and for the first time in a long time I regretted that I made myself invisible. I wanted so badly for change.


Time had started slipping away. Mom and Tim had to leave in a hurry to pick up Sean and his friend from the airport. In the mean time I jumped in the shower. I stood in there letting the steaming hot water beat at my skin as I was drained from all the cleaning I had done. I knew mom and Tim would be a while. They most likely took Sean and his friend out to eat, knowing that they be a while I took my time letting the shower massage my aching bones.


Once I got out of the shower I second guessed wearing my shorts and tank top I had picked out. A sudden thought came to mind, I figured that I would dress up. It was something I never did but a big part of me wanted to look nice for my brothers arrival. It has been close to a year and a half since he has seen me. Hesitant about changing it up, I went for it. Truthfully, another part of me wanted to look nice for Sean but in many ways my sudden urge for change ate at me. I wanted to stand out for once.


Mother was always buying me clothes, hoping one day I will wear them. Surprisingly as I dug threw the bags of clothes in my closet, I found a few things I liked. There was a white sun dress with pink roses that caught my eye.


It was two hours since my parents had left, I rushed to get ready putting on a little make-up and left my long wavy brown hair down. I had to admit one thing I loved about me was my hair. The waves were not messy nor were they frizzy they were perfect actually, like the beach waves you get when you get out of the ocean water and it was easy to style when I was in a hurry.


I stood in the mirror looking at myself uncomfortably. I felt a little odd in this dress but I was surprised at how it showed off my small curves. As I was gawking at myself in the mirror I hear my parents horn beeping. I ran to my window and seen Tim and mom pulling up with Sean.


As I ran down the steps the door slams open, Sean dropped his bags reaching out his arms to me. I jumped off the last step in mid air wrapping my arms around his muscular neck. He spun me around before placing my feet to the ground.


“Oh look at you!” Sean said excitingly as he looked me up and down. “You have... changed a bit. You are all grown up.”


“That's funny, what was with the pause? Do I look bad in this dress?” I said, nervously looking down at myself.


“No you idiot, just you look so different from the last time I saw you,” Sean said.


In the corner of my eye I seen someone standing in the doorway.. He was tall but a little shorter than my brother. He had dark dirty blonde short hair that was styled so perfectly. His eyes were a piercing blue. He had the perfect glowing tan and his body was muscular but not too much. He was quite perfect, I thought to myself. I could not help but stare at the handsome stranger.


“Oh I forgot, bro this is my little sister Abby. Abby this is my friend Ian,” Sean said, introducing his friend and me to one another.


I reached out my hand to greet him. “Nice to meet you,” I said. My voice was trembling. Ian was absolutely cute and had me in a trance for the first time ever. Ian flashed a smile at me as his hand hit mine. “The pleasure is mine,” he replied.


Mom and Tim budged through the door loudly. Both of them trying to speak over one another to talk to Sean. Sean and Ian stared at one another giggling as the crazy parents continued to rant. I got tired of trying to catch up with what everyone was saying so I just walked away and headed toward the back yard.


I flopped down on a lounge chair in front of the pool. Leaning back to relax, I could not get out of my mind how hot my brothers friend was and could not stop thinking about how my long summer had just begun. As my mind raced with endless thoughts, my eyes started to grow heavy. I tried fighting it but before I knew it I had fallen fast asleep under the blazing sun.


“WAKE UP!” I hear as I felt someone tugging at me. Startled, I quickly sat up unaware, looking around forgetting I had fallen asleep outside. There was Sean and his friend Ian laughing at me. My eyes traveled around trying to remember how I ended up outside. Once I came to I could not help but chime in laughing with my brother and his friend.


“How long was I asleep?” I asked embarrassingly. They continued to laugh at me. I could feel my face getting hot. I was unsure if I was sunburned or just red from being humiliated. 


“You had of been out for at least a hour maybe an hour and a half,” Sean continued to giggle.


“Oh my god it is not that funny!” I huffed as I sat up from the lounge chair.


“It is a little, we kind of thought you left. Mom was freaking out up until we found you..” Sean said.


Ian and Sean sat down in the two chairs beside mine. They were still continuing to laugh at me. Like a small child, I rolled my eyes at them.


“Sorry… I can not help I was tired. Where is mom and Tim at anyhow?” I asked trying to change the subject.


Without a word Sean stood to his feet, taking his shirt off catching me off guard. He jumped in the pool splashing water everywhere. I looked over at Ian as he stood trying to avoid being splashed.  Once Sean floated back up and wiped the water off his face he had finally answered me. “They had to head out. Dad had to take a meeting in New York and mom went with him. They said they be back in two weeks, maybe three.”


“”Well that sucks because you just got here, they can not leave…” I complained. “Three weeks is a long time for a meeting, what kind of meeting was it this time?.”


“Can you be more of a drama queen?” Ian teased.  “I think we can manage without them. Besides we get the house for three weeks. Only problem for you is I am in charge,” Sean mocked as he splashed water at me.


I stood up quickly to avoid the water. After his third attempt to get me wet he finally  stopped. I threw my hands on my hips and sarcastically said, “No one is the boss of me- I am 17 years old I can babysit myself thank you very much.”


Sean's eyes widen and his lip formed into a smirk, he swam over to the edge of the pool with one last attempt he splashed water at me only this time hitting Ian again.


Ian stood up quickly. “Bro seriously I am not dressed for pool water,” Ian whined. Sean started to laugh at Ian. I could not help but join in with Sean. Ian shook his head and sat back down in the chair.


For about five minutes silence filled the muggy summer air. Ian was lounging back in the chair watching as Sean swam around. I stood there fiddling with my hands uncomfortably.


“So why is the meeting three weeks long?” I asked Sean. The silence had gotten to me. Nothing bothered me more than an awkward quietness.


“Oh God- Abby- I don’t know and really do not care. Why do you even Care?” Sean snapped. He had seemed agitated with my question. It kind of made me feel sad as his voice growled at me.


“I don’t care! I just wanted to know and why the sudden mood swings huh?” I hissed back. I could tell from the look in Sean's eye he was mad. Everything was fine a moment ago I could not wrap my head around why he had got so angry in the last five minutes.


“Abby I just had a long day do not need a million questions, okay? I Just want to swim and relax- But really I am in charge so figure I tell ya we throwing a party tonight and it is best for you to stay out of the way,” Sean said with an attempt to apologize with a twist of his attitude.


Honestly at that point my brothers mood swings were giving me whiplash. I  really cared less in fighting with him. For the first time ever, I was upset by my own brother. It was so confusing. I could not wrap my head around why he was so angry by just a simple question. Maybe Sean has turned into my parents and maybe I am really a nuisance for everyone. Either way I did not want him to see my pain I could not let him know he had upset me.


“Okay-well I be in my room tonight. I might go out not sure yet. Sorry for bothering you-” I pouted. My brother rolled his eyes and pulled himself out of the pool. He grabbed a towel from the back of the lounge chair. Unsure of what to do I walked over to the chair I had fell asleep in, slipping back on my white flip-flops.


Ian sat there quietly. Worse of all I could feel not only my brothers eyes on me but the ones of Ian. Neither one of them said a word. I started to feel very uncomfortable. Once my shoes were on and the silence grew to thick for me I started heading for the back door.


“Abby,” Sean said. I turned around slowly my eyes had started watering up. I held in my tears as I felt a little out of place for the first time with Sean. I did not say anything but just glared at him.


“I am sorry, I am just cranky from the flight. We good?” Sean apologized. I could not really say anything because I feared I might burst out into tears. I nodded my head forcing a slight grin.  Once he flashed his smile at me I turned around to walk back in the house.


I bolted up the stairs to my room. I was a little unsure about what just happened. A few tears dripped down my face but I sucked it up. I flopped on my bed grabbing my book on my night stand beside my bed. I tossed around the bed, not able to get my mind off of what just happened. I threw the book down on the floor and just laid back staring up at the ceiling.  


After an hour of laying in my own pity party and debating to myself on what to do, I decided to get up and get ready. I was not sure what I was going to do but I suddenly had a bolt of energy hit me. Everything all at once hit me. I did not want to sit here any longer and listen while everyone else has fun.


I pulled out my phone and browsed my home page. Praying to see something about a party tonight. Usually Windy Thompson was throwing a party over at her parent's lake house. I had not seen anything but I seen that my so called friend Kevin was online. Kevin is a football player also a senior and he was completely on the popular radar. I tutored him last year and he talks to me every once in a while just to be nice. So debating for ten minutes I finally asked Kevin if he had heard anything about any parties tonight.


A few minutes had passed and no reply from Kevin. I started to feel my sudden urge of confidence slowly disappear. As I started to give completely up I hear my phone going off, Kevin messaged me, “Party at Windy’s lake house. It starts in an Hour.”


Too excited, I forgot to message Kevin back. I quickly ran to my closet trying to find a cute outfit. I grabbed the bag of clothes mother had bought me from the floor browsing through trying to find something else I would like.


I dug through the bags of clothes and there were several bags of them. After a while I had finally found something that I actually liked. It was a high waisted short skirt. It was dark blue with a white, dark teal and purplish tribal pattern. I found a off white tank top shirt to match with a light blue jean jacket to match. To top it off I found a pair of blackish brown stockings that passed my knees with a pair of cute black wedges.


Once I put on the outfit I was surprised at how grown up I looked. I knew mom would have been in shock seeing how she has always wanted me to dress more in style so I would fit in. My hair needed a little touch up. I put in a little spray to scrunch up my hair so the natural waves flowed down my back. I also touched up on my make-up even putting on a red lip stick.


The time had gotten away from me, I heard my brothers party really kicking off down stairs. I gave myself one last look before heading out the door. Only to quickly turn back around to go hide a few valuables of mine. I was worried honestly that someone might end up in my room and I did not want any of my things gone.


Taking one deep breath in and out I headed out my room. I slowly walked down my stairs looking around at all the people I did not even know. I seen a few of my brothers ex girlfriends and a few of his old football buddies but mostly it was people who I had never seen. A few people turned to look at me as I was heading down. In a way it made me feel good to have some looks coming my way for the first time.


As I looked around I did not see Sean or his friend Ian in the living room so I pushed my way into the kitchen. Still they were nowhere to be found. I headed out the back to see if they were at the pool. There were only a few people out there. I saw three girls giggling, running with their shirts off and a few guys in their boxers running after them. Still there was no sign of Sean or Ian and I knew I could not leave without telling my brother where I was going.


About to give up I figured I would go check the guest house. I started walking over toward the white mini house in the yard. I could hear laughing and other unknown noises. I knocked on the door, slowly opening it. I looked around and saw lines of white powder chopped up on the coffee table, beer and liquor everywhere.


In my gut I knew I should have turned around but instead I headed in, toward the back where the bedrooms were. I open the door slowly to see my brother and some girl. He was laying in on her. Her blond hair wrapped around her face so I could not tell who she was. Then there was Ian sitting on the sofa with some red haired girl with her face in his lap.


In total shock, I slammed the door. I heard my brother and Ian mumbling and things hitting the floor. I headed back toward the living room area, loudly I may mention. My wedges pounded on the wooden floor and I was tripping on everything in my path Quickly I made my way to the door, I did not want my brother to know what I had saw.


“ABBY?” I hear, it was the voice of my brother. My heart pounded out of my chest as I slowly turned around actually to ashamed to look into my brothers face I kept my head down.


“I am so so so sorry Sean-I was getting ready to leave and I just wanted to let you know,” I quickly stated.


Ian stumbled out into the room giggling with his arm around both of the mystery girls. The blonde had a sheet wrapped around her body while the other one was in her underwear and bra.


“Holy shit…” Ian said shockingly. He then began to grin as his eyes traveled my body. I felt kind of sick and disappointed that he turned out to be someone totally different from who I thought he was.


“You two back in the room,” Sean said pointing behind him. The girls started to giggle.


The blonde girl started to walk toward my brother. “Oh baby I don’t want to go back there. Who is this anyway?” The blonde slut remarked.


“Get the fuck back there NOW!” Sean screamed with his finger still pointing back to the room. The two slutty women looked surprised and scared. They quickly jetted out of the room back to where I first saw them.


I stood there shaking. I was not scared, just nervous. I did not want my brother to be mad at me again. My head slowly raised a little more and I began to fidget with my hands uncontrollably. Sean looked disappointed as Ian kept his hand on his chin looking over at my brother than to me.


“Abby I am the one who is sorry you should not seen any of this,” Sean finally spoke. My head quickly raised up happy to hear he was not mad at me.


“It is okay, I should have knocked. We can act like this never happened,” I said with joy. I was not going to rat on him or anything. I mean I was disturbed by the things I saw but other than that I was just happy he was not yelling at me.


“That is probably a really good idea. Also don’t ever be like them bitches in there, Okay?” Sean stated.


“I want ever be like them-bitches,” I hesitated, unsure if I should have said that.


“That is why I am going to tell you-get upstairs and change! You are not going out like that or even going out!” Sean snapped.


In shock I did not say anything for a moment. I could not believe what he had said to me. I did not know what his problem was at all. All these mood swings my brother was having was causing me to become angry.


After a minute of gathering my thoughts I finally spoke, “Umm you must be kidding me right now? After what I saw, no I am going out!”


Sean and Ian’s face was in disbelief. Mostly Sean was in shock and in a rage. His face turned red with anger but at that point I really did not care. He began to walk toward me and I started to back away tripping onto the chair.


Sean leaned down grabbing me under my arm pulling me to my feet. “You’re not going anywhere! For one you're dressed like a slut and for two you’re not allowed to go out period!”


I jerked away from Sean’s grip. I was boiling at that point. He was not my boss, I thought to myself. I don’t know what went over me but I pushed him. It was not too hard, Sean was a big guy. I was 5’2 at 110 lbs he was 6’0 and made of muscle but my push only made him even more angry at me.


“Your being a stupid bitch,” Sean yelled.


“Your a dick on drugs fucking whores and you want to tell me what I can and can’t do- Why are you acting like an asshole Sean?” With a single slap to my face I fell to the floor. Sean had slapped me! The burning from the smack tingled all through my face but what hurt the most was that he had struck me.


Ian was in shock, he walked over to Sean pulling him away from me. I picked myself up from the floor holding my face. “I HATE YOU!” I screamed as I ran out the door.


I could hear Sean yelling for me as I pushed through the crowd of drunken people. I ran to the garage pulling the spare key from the visor of my car and pulled out in a hurry. I drove around for a moment not really thinking of anything but just crying.


After thirty minutes of driving around town debating on what to do I decided to go to the party at Windy’s lake house. I felt I deserved a drink or two after what just happened. Hell I needed to drink so I could at least forget this unpredictable night.


I pulled in quickly parking my car on top of a hill where below me was people gathered around a big fire. Everyone below me brought their attention to me as I turned of my engine. I stared back at them wondering to myself if I should get out. I then pulled my visor looking into the small mirror seeing that the red print of my brothers hand had went away some. I took a deep breath as I pulled the visor up and opened the door.


Once the door slammed all eyes were on me once again. Everyone stared at me, the girls gathered in circles whispering in one another's ear while I saw Kevin in his football friends pointing, smiling at me. At that point I did not care what anyone thought.


I started walking over toward the cage of beer and the cooler where they had the liquor. At this point beer was not going to help me so I grabbed a cup pouring just vodka in my cup. Filling it up halfway.


I started chugging it down. I was not a big drinker but I had drunk several times with my friend Sarah. Standing there I noticed Kevin and a few of his friends walking toward me. Kevin had a big grin on his face and the other two boys behind him just laughed.


“Wow- I am surprised to see you here, “ Kevin giggled.


I took another swig of the vodka from my cup not saying anything. I was not in the mood for his stupid rude comments.


“Oh too good to talk to me?” Kevin continued on taunting at me.


“No, just don’t feel like talking right now…” I snapped as I continued sipping on my cup of liquor. Kevin's friends started to gather to the side of me. I watched them unsure what they were doing but honestly I was not even in the right mind to care.


“Okay so you just come here to drink the booze? Alone?” Kevin’s friend Mike asked. Kevin and his other jock buddy Aaron laughed.


“Yes that is exactly what I am doing so if you don’t mind I am going to keep doing it alone…” I sarcastically replied.


The three of the air heads oh’d at me, laughing. I just walked away to angry and into much pain to want to argue back. I headed up to a little hill where there was no one. It was pitch black and the only light guiding me was from the full moon. But I heard the three guys following behind me.


“What do you guys want?” I turned around asking them. They all looked at one another. Mike walked up to me grabbing the cup of liquor from my hand. Kevin walked over behind me as Aaron stood beside Mike.


“Why did you ask about a party? You never party?” Kevin whispered in my ear. The hairs on my neck stood up as his hot breath whispered into my ear. I started to feel a little worried  at that point but I was frozen.


“I just wanted to get out, do something new….” I mumbled. “So can you guys just please leave me alone I have had a really bad night.”


Suddenly I felt Kevin's hand gently glide up the back of my thigh up under my skirt, his hand squeezing my ass. “Hey STOP!” I yelled jerking forward only to land into Mike’s muscular chest.


“I think you want to have a real party-” Mike hissed as he wrapped his arms around me. My small hands pounded at his chest. Mike flipped me around making me face Kevin. Kevin started to walk up to me once he got really close and in my reaction I kicked him square in his junk.


Mike threw me down to the sandy-grassy ground beneath me. Aaron let out a laugh as Kevin fell to his knees grabbing onto his junk. Quickly I backed myself away, stumbling around as I tried to make my way to my feet.


“Get her,” Kevin grumbled as he tried to fight the pain. Aaron was still busy laughing but Mike walked over to me pushing me back down on the ground.

“You should have not done that you stupid bitch,” Mike hissed as he waved his finger at me.

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