The Frustration Fuck

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Some may say, “Lukah and Jessie have a fairytale marriage.”. But just as any couple, they occasionally had battles to overcome. Even in a fairytale, there are dragons or such to conquer. But Lukah and Jessie had always found a way to be respectful, even during the heated times they were at odds. Both had witnessed and experienced things in their parents marriages and their own past relationships, that they had vowed to be better than.

Unfortunately one of these times of differences was upon them. It really was not as much of a difference, but more of a breakdown in communication. Something was just not sitting right with either of them. And the more they discussed or questioned it. The more distance seemed to overcome them. Both were putting in a lot of long hard hours at work, barely getting time together. And when they were each one took the other the wrong way.

It was no different that night. After two weeks, it was the first evening they were able to spend together. Lukah was tired, he could use rest, but could only think about how he had neglected Jessie, while he had been do busy. For days, he had planned on taking her out. And in unison, Jessie was feeling she had neglected him. When he came home, she had already settled in for the night. Dinner on the table, a massage for him. Then a nice night of lounging around with an intimate ending.

Lukah walks in hollering out “honey I’m home”, as he sees dinner on the table. Before Jessie makes it to the dinning room, Lukah hollering out again “Why did cook? I’m taking you out!” His voice still stressed from work mode. Jessie immediately takes it the wrong way. Bolting to the dinning room. In her defensive mode, states that she had planned for them to stay in. I though you would want to spend time together, not go out. “You don’t want to take me out. You just want me to go so you can drink with your friends” Jessie huffed! Both tried to defend their stance, but it just got worse.

Being hungry, they both sit down to eat. By this time defense had taken over and they both had withdrawn to not speaking. Lukah finished his meal, then proceed to the shower. Jessie, went to the den to watch tv.

After showering, Lukah joined her in the den. The tv was on, but neither hearing or paying attention to anything but the confusion and frustration in their own minds. Lukah knowing that Jessie could out stubborn a mule. Tried to break the ice. But every effort just had them both more frustrated. Finally Jessie got up in the middle of one of Lukah’s attempts to communicate and left the room. Lukah had just finished a beer that he had grabbed after his shower. As he pulled it from the cozy. He flung the cozy across the room. Lukah and Jessie had a pack that they would be better than their past. But this was so frustrating….for both of the. Lukah then jumped up to follow Jessie.

Jessie was at the bathroom sink, when Lukah caught up with her. They never called each other derogatory names or disrespected each other. Even when they were arguing. Although Jessie was not calling him names, she was crying, screaming and cussing! The more Lukah tried to fix it, the louder she got.

Total frustration took over. Two weeks of frustration and now their only night together fucked up! Just so happened Lukah noticed that his frustration had turned into anger and his fist was clinched. His thoughts: Oh fuck! This is not us! This is not what we do! How did we get here? How do we stop this???”

His fist then unclutched, but half drawn back. He reached and grabbed Jessie’s hand, spinning her around. She came around with her free hand to swing at him. He quickly grabbed that hand lifted both hand above her and stepped in close. Do close she was bent partial backwards over the vanity. He fell in deeper to kiss her. She turned her head. Letting one hand go, he grabbed the back of her head by the hair, pulling them together. She tried to resist, but knew this was the only proper way to release their frustrations. She engages in one deep kiss, then broke free from his hold. She now grabbed his head. Pushed his head away long enough to say “fuck you” one more time. Then pulled him back to share a deep kiss with him.

Tears still in her eyes, in a much softer, but still stern voice she says: FUCK, Fuck, fuck. …just fuck me Lukah….that’s all I’ve wanted is you damn it”. Lukah’s adrenaline still rushing through his veins. Reached down with one hand, scooped her up, just under her butt. Lifts her and uses his body to push her back on the vanity.

It could have been the two weeks of sexually frustration and neglect, the adrenaline, the heat of the moment or all four, but his cock was harder than he ever remember. His member already protruding thought the slot of his boxers. He pulls Jessie’s panties to the side and rams his swollen cock deep inside her. She screams “FUCK!” He seems to have no mercy. Both still spitting words of anger. His strokes are paused with each one of withdrawal. Saying “Fucks”, then another deep hard stroke. And again “Damn it” and another deliberate stroke. Pulling out again “Damn it Jessie, you know I fucking love you!” Then one more seemly angered stroke, setting off an almost violent fuck fest. Then tones of the words and noises seemed to still be angered. But the passion behind the word and noises were of love. Lukah pulled her by the back of her knees to draw her closer. That position leaned her back to the mirror, but she grabbed him by the hair of his head, pulling herself up. Now with each of his brutal strokes she was biting him. His ear, neck, chest anywhere she could reach. They were both screaming, some screams of pain, but mostly blazing passion.

The two week wait and the intensity had got the best of Lukah. He knew he had to cum. Still in his controlling mode, he pulled Jessie from the vanity. Her feet now on the floor. He grabs her by the hair, pushing her downward, urging her to take his cock and load in her mouth, which she does. As the hot cum jetted through his cock into her mouth, he lead back trying to push deeper. Some how she had managed to hold most of his load in her mouth. As Lukah was panting gasping for air. Jessie released his cock from her mouth. Not being one to take the short end of the stick, she spit his cum out covering his cock and balls with his own hot jizz. She then stand up, looks him in the eye and says: “Now I want mine!”

Turned around dropped her panties on the floor. Bent over the vanity as her plump little ass stuck out and said “now fuck me right!” She knew it was her last chance to dominate the situation. The taste of Lukah’s cum always put her over the edge, not to mention the brutal fucking, he had just given her.

Jessie reached back spreading the cheeks of her ass. Lukah cock not as hard but still full, he enters her wetness. Reached around her thighs and began slow gentle strokes. She let go of her ass, the holding the knob of the sink facets and stated she was cumming.

Telling Lukah “Don’t move!” He was I’m the perfect position that his cock rubbed over her G-Spot every time she would grind up and down. Screaming his name body convulsing. Her juices exploded out, covering Lukah’s boxers, dripping down his legs. What is now their combined fluid, forming a puddle the floor. As she turns around seeing the mess, grins and asked “Did I do that?” Then chuckled. Grabbing the hand towel to cover the puddle, she reached to turn on the shower. Reached for Lukah’s hand guiding him in with her.

That night or the two weeks before, we’re never discussed again. Like a Roman Candle in the night sky, fire, smoke, noise…transforming into something beautiful.

Submitted: March 19, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Fahfaa. All rights reserved.

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Have you been through this situation? Looks like it! i have been! and i fucked the daylights outta my girl that day and too k a day off next and fucked for a record 5 times till my balls ached! she still remembers the pounding she got after all these years! one situation in my life i forgot about writing! but u captured it very nicely! Kudos to you!

Sun, March 19th, 2017 4:20pm


That you so much. I very glad to have jogged a fone memory. All of my stories are fictional, with a base of experience. Some more closely so than others, but that one is very close to an actual experience.

Sun, March 19th, 2017 5:36pm

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