I Surrender To You

I Surrender To You

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance

Chapter1 (v.1) - the training

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 26, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 26, 2016



Violet Spence

Life as I knew it was gone....and by life I mean going to work, come home, eat dinner alone, binge watch Netflix and going to sleep by 10:30pm all just to wake up and repeat. I became comfortable with that life, until I met Reed. Until I met Reed, I never felt very much alone, I changed, and I mean I was fine on my own until I met him. He came to the Library I worked at and from there we just clicked. He was beautiful, I mean his body was so big and muscular, His smiles made me melt every time and he had these amazing green eyes I could look into forever. There was something very mysterious about him but I didn’t know what it was. I could tell he had a dark side, but that made him even more beautiful to me.

We talked for a while and even went on dates. I found out he was 45 years old. He definitely didn’t look it, he thought I’d have a problem with it because I was 22 but I didn’t care. I really liked him and age didn’t matter to me at that point.

One night, He asked me about ever wanting to be a sex slave. I was shocked! How is that for dinner talk?  I was speechless at that moment. I mean yeah we been going out for about 3 months, and I had a lot of fun with him and it was way better than going home and getting on the couch to watch Gossip Girl on Netflix, but a Sex slave? I didn’t even know people did that still. To be honest.....Yes I have thought about it but I didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t think I would find a Master and I didn’t really know how to search for one. When he asked me that, my body froze. After a minute of just staring at each other silently, I finally spoke up. "I have thought about it but I had no idea how to find a Master and I wasn’t really in need of it.... it was just a small thought that ran across me. Why do you ask?" I said in the calmest voice I had. I had an idea of why he asked but I wanted to hear him say it first. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Violet, I have been watching you the last few months, I think you are beautiful and I think your body is perfect. I would love it if you would be my slave. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I can tell you what I will expect from you when you serve me and about me as a Master. If you think you will like it, we can start training that same day."

I took a brief pause and thought about it. Could I really be his slave? Could I Violet really have a Master? I liked Reed and I saw myself being his slave, his own little Property....... "Reed, I accept your offer, but I ask for one thing..... Please explain everything to me in depth.... I am good at following orders but I have a very bad memory." I said smiling. Reed smiled and said "Oh don’t worry about that Baby girl. I will teach you everything and you will succeed...... if you follow my guidance."

Over the next few days we talked more and more about me serving him. The more we talked about it, the more excited I got about it. He said that he will be at my apartment on Friday at 5pm. I felt super anxious, I mean Friday was two days away and I was nervous more than anything. What if I wasn’t what he thought, what if my body wasn’t as great as her thought? I sat down for a minute and laughed at myself thinking like that. Of course her will like what he sees. I will definitely find out Friday seeing as how he wants me full blown naked when he gets here. I have never done something like this before….. But I felt good in a way…..finally I knew what it meant to be well….Happy.

Friday couldn’t come any faster! I was so excited, every time I heard my phone, my stomach dropped, hoping it was him. I had never felt like this before…. It felt good and bad at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect. The man coming to me wouldn’t be Reed, it would be someone else….. Someone I didn’t know and in the same sense, I wouldn’t be Violet, I would be his slave, his property, his little fucktoy.

5pm arrived and there was a knock on the door. There I was on my knees, naked, with my arms reached in front of me and my head down a little away from the door. Reed walked in and said, “Impressive. Very good. He told me to sit up and look at him. I did as I was told and she smiled a little.

"As my slave, you will not be called Violet. You will be called Karja. You will be my slave. I will guide you all the way and if you disobey or disrespect me in any way you will be punished. Do you understand? "

I nodded and he said to me, “Karja, I have been watching you for a while. I think you are beautiful and your body figure is perfect to me. I had to have you as my slave. There is no escaping this Karja. You are my property now. You will please me how I like when I like. You will speak in third person when you speak to me. You will follow my Rules and if they are broken you will be punished. Please realize I am not punishing you to torture you but to teach you a lesson. When I punish you I am punishing myself as well for not teaching you better. As Karja you will wear what I pick out no matter how short or revealing. And you will not call me Reed, I am Master to you. If you call me Reed you will be punished unless I say otherwise. You will know when it is appropriate. Are we clear? "


"Yes what?"

"Yes Master." I had no choice but to listen to him. The look in his eyes scared me a little. I knew this I wasn’t going to see the man I had fun with but I had no idea he would change this drastically. He looked almost evil and dark and even then…..I had no idea why but this man made me wetter than I ever been. He walked around looking and admiring my body. He softly caressed my ass and started to rub my pussy. "Mmmmmm looks like someone is wet."  I started blushing and he asked me to show him my room. I walked over to the room and he brought a black looking suitcase in with him.

"Get on the bed. When you get on the bed I want you in Doggy Position. Do you understand? "

“Yes Master." I said and I did as he demanded. He took my arms and tied them to the bed post. At that moment it wasn't fun and I tried to get out of the rope.  I saw him pull out this Long leather whip and I started trying to get out faster. He whipped my ass and my legs about at least 10-20 times. I felt my ass and legs sting and burn a little. I could tell my body was red and I was definitely going to have welts. I started trying to get out again when I saw him walk out. He walked back and yelled, "Stop it Karja! There is no point in trying to escape.... did you think I was Kidding back there? Huh? Sit the fuck still or I won’t be very nice. Are you going to cooperate or do I have to make you cooperate with me?"

I started screaming but that didn't stop him. He put a ball gag in my mouth and started caressing my ass again. After trying my hardest to get away I ended up getting tired of trying and I cried. He came over to me and whispered to me, "Karja, I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to protect you to teach you. Please stop restraining, your cutting marks in your skin. Look at me Karja."

I looked up into his Green eyes and I saw he meant what he said. I don't know why but I stopped restraining and crying. He said to me, "Good Girl. Now be my good little Cumslut and spread your legs for me”. I did as he directed and I felt a pressure in my Ass. He shoved his cock in my Ass and pulled my hair back. He started fucking my ass slowly to get it in there all the way. The farther he got the harder he fucked. “Mmmmmm yeah take it Bitch. You like this cock in your little fuckhole don't you Slut? “I moaned as loud as I could. It felt good and he felt good. "Want it harder Bitch? Want me to fuck this sluthole harder? "

I didn’t reply. I couldn't reply but moan.

"You better tell me you Fucking Cumslut. Do you want it harder? "

I tried nodding my head and he pushed his cock in me and started fucking my ass harder, deeper and faster. He grabbed my ass while pounding it with his cock. He asked" Where did you want me to cum Fuck whore? Tell me now." I didn't answer him all I did was moan. He hurried up took the ball gag off and came on my back. I felt him wipe it off with two fingers. "Open your mouth. Now" I opened my mouth and he fed me his cum. "Swallow it Karja." and I did with no hesitation. "Good Girl."  He said and told me to get in the shower. While I was taking a shower I thought to myself that I still want him right now. Something took over my body I was becoming Karja. I looked for Violet when I looked in the mirror after my shower and the sweet girl I once knew was gone. Karja took over my body and for some reason I knew this was only the beginning. Reed said to me there was no escaping this. And I believed him. He called my Name, "Karja? Are you done in there?"

"Yes Master" I replied. He said good and ordered me to the living room.

"Come here baby girl." I walked over to him and he laid my head on his chest and kissed my forehead. "You did good baby girl. There is a lot more to teach you of course and I don't like it when you try to escape. Tomorrow is a different day and I see potential in you. I think you will be a great slave to me."  He looked at me and brushed the hair out of my eyes and kissed my lips softly. After about 30 minutes of cuddling he got up and started heading out, "Good night Violet. I will be back at 12 pm tomorrow." As he opened the door I said, "Reed wait!” He stopped and looked back at me. "Yes?” He asked holding the door knob. "Please stay?" I asked him. "I......I want you to stay with me tonight Reed. Please stay."  He closed the door and I took my robe off. I wanted him bad and I know he wanted me too. He walked up to me and kissed me hard. He picked me up and I wrapped my tan legs around him and he lied me down on the bed and took his black collar shirt off. I got up and unbuttoned his pants and belt and pulled them down along with his boxer briefs. He was hard and I wrapped my lips around his thick cock. He grabbed my brown curls and pushed my head all the way down till I started gagging and then I pulled back up. Reed moaned as I continued sucking him off. He pushed me on the bed and opened my legs as wide as they could go. He saw how wet I was and that turned him on more. He slowly pushed his thick cock in my wetness and leaned over me. He kissed me and went in deeper. I dug my nails in his back and moaned loud. "Faster Reed Faster" I moaned and he did as I requested. He started pounding my wet pussy harder and faster. I wanted to taste him so bad again. "Ah Fuck!" Reed Moaned. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he picked me up and pushed me against the wall. I threw my head back and screamed “Oh Reed Fuck me harder!"

He started pounding my little pink pussy harder and he asked where I wanted him to cum and I told him, “I want to taste you, all of you.” He then quickly put me down and I wrapped my lips around his thickness and sucked his cum out of him till there was none left.

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