Teaching the Teacher

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

when an inexperienced teacher is dating a very experienced lover

I sat there staring at the photo of him on my desk. He wasn’t perfect, but he was mine. Just shy of 6 foot, a little chub but still had some muscle to him. He was 5 years my senior, putting him at just 26, in a high paying job in the transport industry while I sat at my medium paying high school teacher’s job. I had worked hard to get here going through schooling and hours of unpaid placement. As I sat daydreaming I often felt I was extremely lucky to have him. He was a very popular guy. I knew the guys he hung around with were from a more shady background. That didn’t stop him from treating me like a princess, never afraid to tell me he loved me, and being honest, the outlaw undertone he gave was a bit of a turn on.

Being who he is, he had been with a few woman, we often discussed past hook-ups and he was always honest. Me on the other hand had only been with 2 guys before me and Rob shacked up (rob had been with about a dozen, which I’m told is still a low number for someone like him). Even though he was far more experienced in the bed room, he never pushed anything. I knew what he had done and liked, but he was always happy to take it slow with me, being gentle and passionate despite I’m sure sometimes wanting to go crazy. It was always me or him on top, because that’s all I knew. Suddenly one of my students asks a question, snapping me out of my dream and back to reality in a haze.

Sitting at lunch with the other teachers talking about the most boring things in the world I start thinking again. It’s been 6 months since Rob and myself got together, he has been perfect to me, it’s about time I come to the table. I sent him a message, asking what time he would be home tonight. “Usual time babe, about 5pm”. Which was perfect clearly no other club obligations, giving me time to get home and prepare. I sent him another text that just said “Teach me”. I got the reply I expected “Teach you what?” and I knew the perfect response. I discreetly place the phone under the table and took a quick snap up my dress showing my pink panties. Sending the photo and just saying “I think you know”. I got an instant text back. “What exactly do you want?” I wasn’t sure myself, so I figured best to let him take the lead. “Whatever you do” was my last reply before heading back to class..

The rest of the day was extremely slow, difficult and distracted. I teach a class of year 10’s so the boys testosterone is through the roof and the girls hormones are basically visible beings attached to them walking around. I wasn’t silly, I know I have a half decent body, nice perky D cups with a slim torso and thick hips. My ass has to be the best asset though, I knew the boys starred at it, even if they were younger it was still a thrill, and today I knew whenever any guy looked at it, teachers or students.

The whole day all I can wonder is what Rob has in store for me. I was excited, and nervous. I’m willing to let him have my body. As I stepped in the door to our 3 bed room house I was going to get changed, but I looked in the mirror I thought that the pencil dress actually looked pretty good. I adjusted my bra and lacy panties that usually get swallowed by my ass after a while. I started to think about the last guys I had been with, the usual, give a little head, get fingered a little and then sex. If I was lucky I would get them to get their face down there but it was usually on my birthday or Christmas, like they were doing a huge favour for me. Rob was defiantly different in that aspect, he loved going there and was the best by far. If on the odd occasion I was in the mood and he wasn’t, then he would make sure I was satisfied, sometimes spending an hour just using his tongue between my legs.

I hear his car pull up in the driveway and jump up to greet him at the door. As he steps in I give him a soft kiss on the lips. While he isn’t tall, I’m short, so he still has to lean down to me. “What exactly are you wanting from tonight?” he asks as his arms embrace my body. “I want you to show me things, teach me and let me experience how good you can be, I’m all yours” I replied as I wrapped my arms around him in return. “Are you sure?” I didn’t say anything, just pulled him closer and kissed him. He walks me backwards to the bedroom and press’s me against the open door. His hands run up the outside of my thighs and then around to the small of my back. He pulls me in, causing me to arch my back, all while never breaking our kiss. He press’s against me and I let out a small muffled moan into his mouth. He begins to kiss my cheek, working his way around to me ear, and then my neck. I could feel his suction, he teeth nibble at my skin while his hands play with my tits through my dress. I could feel my urges and needs getting stronger and stronger. He spins me around, my face pressed against the door.

His hands move my long blond hair aside and continues to kiss my neck, his hips thrust into mine. I could feel his hard-on poking me, which turned me on even more. His hands run up the back of my legs and firmly grab my ass. That’s the most physical attention my rear end has even had, and I loved it. He lifts my dress revealing his favourite underwear. His hands make their way around from holding my ass to caressing my now wet love slit. He press’s lightly, finding my clit instantly. I start to breathe heavily, his mouth sucking my neck, leaving bites all over me. His fingers slide my panties aside and feel my wetness. His breath on my neck, his fingers slowly entering me and his erection pressed against me is the biggest turn on. I feel him unzip my dress and slide it off over my shoulders and down my legs. His kisses down my back, sending shivers through me. He’s on his knees as he starts to play with my ass, kissing my cheeks. One hand runs under me and rubs my pussy.

Before I knew it he was standing again, and throwing me onto my bad on the bed. He unclasps my bra and throws it across the room. He toys with my pink nipples. Getting them hard, sucking and playing with them while his hips dry hump me. Motionless I lay there, loving the feeling of him ravishing me. His kisses get lower, kissing my stomach while my hands run through his hair. He places my legs around his head while cupping my ass. Kissing my thighs, slowly working towards a gently lick across my smoo just to tease me. Finally his tongue meets my pleasure button and his mouth covers my love spot while sucking and flicking his tongue. My hands pushing him into me, my grip becoming firmer the closer I get. He knows what he’s doing as he slides a finger inside me and pushes deep, sending me over the edge as I shake to orgasm.

He rolls me onto my side, at this point, there is nothing I can do to stop. The result of the biggest orgasm I have ever had has left me with an inability to move for a few moments. He kisses my ass cheeks again, I feel his hand part them slightly as he gets into a better position. I wonder what he is doing until I feel a sensation I have never felt. A warm tickle around my backdoor. It takes me by surprise at first, but I relax into it. His hand still lightly rubbing my pussy lips as his tongue runs circles around my back hole. No one has ever done that, I hadn’t even thought it was a thing, but he was good at it. He stands up and goes to move. I instantly sit up and grab him and keep him in front of me. I unzip his pants and release the bludge that sits on the other side.

I stare at it for a moment, admiring it. The tool that has given me mass amounts of pleasure and it appears it has more in store. I lift it up and just rest it over my face while I play with his hairless balls in my mouth. Giving head has never been something that excites me. I don’t hate it, but I usually do it because the guy has begged or I know that he will like it. However this time was different, I’m not sure if it’s because I know what’s coming, or if something in my brain has switched, but I was getting excited at the thought of bobbing up and down on his shaft. I ran my tongue up the underneath of his rod until I met the tip, pulling the foreskin back I slowly wrapped my top lip over it until I had his helmet in my wet mouth, circling my tongue around it. I moan as I start slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft, causing gentle vibrations on his head. I had never had any complaints about my oral skills, but I thought being I’m trying new things I would try what I have seen so many girls in pornos do and try to get his whole shaft in my mouth. I start slowly, just working up and with each time I ran my mouth down his rod I would go a little deeper. It must have felt good, because the second his tip hit my tonsils he let out a moan and his hands rested on my head.

I push my head further down until his end presses on the back of my throat and starts to slide down. He jerked a little at the pressure on his tip, causing me to choke a little. “Sorry babe” he said with a worried voice. I released him from my mouth and worked his shaft with my hand “don’t be, I want to try new things remember, besides, I haven’t had one big enough to choke on in the past even if I wanted to” I replied with a giggle before engulfing as much as I could once again. Having him slide in and out of my mouth so smoothly, feeling him twitch every time I went as far down as I could was turning me on more than I thought possible, and it must have been doing the same for him because in a swift move I was on the bed again. He started to walk off to get a condom when I stopped him. “Everything’s new, I want to feel just you in me, nothing else” I whisper to him. We had been together 6 months, and while I was on the pill I was paranoid about catching some STI. But not today that inhibition went out the window, and he didn’t need me to say it twice.

Rob grabs my right leg and rolls it so it rests on the other and I’m sure I look like a pretzel with my lower half on its side while my top half is on my back. I watch him as I feel the end of his love stick brush against the lips between my hips. I needed him, I was begging for him with my eyes and he knew it, he toyed a bit before parting my wet love hole with his tip. Slowly he slides in, I feel everything, the warmth of his body, every vein, every little bit of texture on his cock as he hits every spot until I feel his body on mine. The feeling of having him in my is always amazing, but with nothing between us is an indescribable pleasure. He places his hands on the ass cheek that is up as he looks me in the eyes while he slowly moves. He doesn’t just thrust, he moves his hips in a way no one ever has with me. Not just hitting the spots that others have when its mindless pounding, he is opening me up to places inside me I had never known were there.

He starts to move in and out, I manage to time it and start bucking back and forth. Every time he would withdraw his shaft I would put pressure on the front of my smoo and every time he would go back In, I put the pressure on the back end making sure as he plunged as deep as he could that it was getting both of us off. His hands played with my nipples and as he pinched I clenched around his shaft with anticipation of the oncoming orgasm. With one big push deep inside me I let out one of the loudest moans Ii have ever made as I coat his cock in my sticky juice. He rolls me over onto my side completely, then lays himself down behind me. I can feel his prick in my back as he kisses my neck. He lifts my leg up and positions himself at my love gate once more. there was no teasing this time as he pushes inside me once more, causing a sharp gasp to escape my lips. As the hand he lays on grabs my hair near my scalp the other works my nipple between his index finger and thumb. My hand reaches up and grabs the back of his head as I push back into him, wanting him to go deeper and deeper.

He turns my head and our lips meet, tongues tangle together and I can still taste myself on him which only turns me on more. I feel his arm slide under me and suddenly his pulls me over so I’m lying on stomach, both facing the roof. I was impressed, he didn’t even have to pull out to move me that time. One hand wraps around me and rests on my chest, the other works its way down my torso and starts to run a fingers around my clit. He starts working his member in and out once again while his fingers put the slights pressure one my sweet spot and did small circles. I turn my head and stick my tongue in his mouth. He uses his other hand to hold me still, it slowly slides up so it’s lightly around my throat and that was the biggest turn on. The slightest pressure on my neck as out tongues fought for dominance in each other’s mouth was getting too much for me. My pussy started to tighten around as the inevitable orgasm came on. Moans, no, scream escaped me, I hope no one was outside as they would have had a wonderful sound show. My hips bounced up and down and I needed him deeper. As my orgasm came to an end I sat up, bouncing myself on his rod and getting it in as far as I could. I get his has garb my ass just as I hear his deep moans and grunts. Suddenly the feeling of warm flowed threw me. I had never felt it before but I knew this was his love juice being injected into me and I loved every second his cock pulsed.

We stayed there for a few seconds before I managed to roll off and collapse on the bed. I place my head on his chest, my hand just plays with his now limp cock and soaked balls while he rests his hands on my ass. “You like my ass don’t you?” I ask him. “I love it, its perfect” he replies with a kiss on my forehead. Just as we both are about to pass out he whispers “ill show you more next time, when you don’t expect it” more? I think. How much more is there? I don’t bother asking though, I just look forward to it as I drift off to sleep.

Submitted: June 07, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Excitedlynervious. All rights reserved.

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Quite a delicious little tale ...can't wait for their next adventure .

Wed, June 7th, 2017 9:39am

Amy F. Turner

Ahhh, the exploration of something new in a fine relationship is a beautiful thing. You related it all with scrumptious detail, E. Very sexy anticipation of the event to come of the hot teacher being taught by her bad boy bo. Hmmm, the idea of more lessons when not expected sound yummy! Breathtaking and truly excellent story!

Wed, June 7th, 2017 11:15am


What a sweet invitation, the text photo of up her skirt, such a naughty girl. And he responds by teaching her a new pleasure and they both enjoy the inevitable. Deliciously rendered, sweet, innocent and alluring. We will be waiting for more of her explorations, or more explorations of her.

Wed, June 7th, 2017 3:07pm


Hehe thank you. There is more on the way as we speak

Wed, June 7th, 2017 3:05pm


That was quit a treat. I enjoyed it!

Fri, June 9th, 2017 12:20am


Glad to hear. :)

Fri, June 9th, 2017 4:29pm

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