Old Relations, New Adventures

Old Relations, New Adventures Old Relations, New Adventures

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: January 21, 2016

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Submitted: January 21, 2016



I tend to put a little too much truth into my stories so I apologise if names repeat



Lucy was a smart, 25 year old lady. She was just entering her second year as a primary school teacher and loving it. Half Latin half Caucasian, she had curves, but was defiantly not over weight. A nice set of natural D cup breasts sit perk on her chest, flowing into a nice small waist and into an ass that would make Sir Mix a lot jealous.

She had the attention of many guys, unfortunately not her Boyfriend, whom had broken up with her just 2 months ago. She had done the usual, get upset, a little down, but she decided that it’s not the way to be. Not being ready for a relationship just yet, she signed up to an online dating site.

As it is with those sites, when a good looking female is on one of these sites she is inundated with messages. Not many that really caught her eye, the usual “hey sexy, wanna fuck” wasn’t taking her interest, she didn’t want a boyfriend, but her dildo can get her off just fine as well, she still wanted a bit of a connection.

Someone did catch her eye though, not a face, a tattoo she knew. It took a minute, but she had seen that arm on T.V, playing basketball. She had also seen it on her Facebook. Sure enough, when she looked at the profile she figured out it was someone she went to high school with. Before she left the profile, she had another message, from this person.

The message read, “hey, not sure if it is actually you, but if it is, it’s interesting to see you on one of these sites?

Cam was far from a cool kid at school, not a nerd or loner, but a focused individual, he only had a small group of friends, if he wasn’t at school or doing homework he was at the basketball courts working on his moves. They grew up around the corner from each other, but never really talked unless it has something to do with a project.

What should she do? She didn’t want people knowing that she was on here, not that she put any personal details up, but still. Did she reply? Does she ignore it, knowing they won’t ever actually see each other in person?  She decided what harm could be done in replying.

“Hey, Defiantly is me, well, I could say the same for yourself. Surely you don’t have issues picking up girls?”

“Finding girls to fuck me? Or date me for money and fame, nah not a problem at all, finding someone to talk to though, that’s more of a struggle. What sort of issue does a girl as beautiful as you have finding a man?? ” He replied.

“Same as you really, the 3 I have had, just wanted my body. I’m more here to explore, I haven’t really had luck finding someone with decent size, or someone who knows what they are doing at all. I want to bring my kink out”. As she hit send, she realised she had explain way more than she ever wanted to.

“Why don’t we get a coffee? Have a catch up.” Was all he replied with.

So they set up a meet. The next morning Lucy showed up at the coffee shop, and saw him sitting there, she took a breath. “What am I doing? Is this right?” She walked over to the table, like a gentlemen he stood to greet her. Standing 6’7” tall, muscle barely contained by his shirt. She gave him a hug, sat down and ordered.

They got talking, and she soon realised how down to earth he was. After about an hour, he began to pack up, he paid for the bill. “I have to head to training now, I would be keen to do this again sometime maybe?” he said
“sure, well, I mean maybe I could come to your training? Hand around and then we could get dinner or something?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” he asked

she blushed “No…I was offering to continue the date you asked me on” she said as she winked
he laughed “Ok then, well, how bout I be a real gentleman and pick you up around 6:30?”

“Sounds perfect” Lucy replied.

As she sat there at home, wondering not only what she was going to wear but when the hell was going through her head. Was she actually going on a date, not only with someone from high school, but one of the highest paid basketball players in the country? She decided to take advantage of the situation, put a nice tight dress on.

6:30 rolls around and right on time, a knock at the door. She opened it to see Cam standing there, flowers in hand, shirt and jeans, very respectable.

“Wow” is all that comes out of his mouth. “Same to you cutie” she replied “these are for you” he hands her the flowers. “Well thank you” she puts them in a vase and of they go. He doesn’t own the typical Mercedes or BMW. It’s an old muscle car he has restored himself. “I love old cars” she says, not knowing the first thing about cars. But she couldn’t help it, it’s like she had to just say stuff to impress him.

“You have no idea about cars do you?” he replied with a laugh. She just shook her head.
At dinner she relaxed a little more, they got talking all about him, and he kept steering the conversation towards her which she avoided very well, that is until he asked her “so, what exactly where you looking for on a sex site?” she bushed hard and he laughed.
“well, like I said, I have only been with 3 guys, all of which were a little disappointing in size, and stamina, I guess I won’t know what I’m wanting until I have found it. What about you though?”

“Well, like I said, I’m looking for this, a relaxed dinner and talk, get over the fact my wife left and focus on something other than basketball. That being said, if anything further happens then I wouldn’t deny”

Dinner went well, and before they knew it they were being asked to leave so the restaurant could close. As they walked out, she felt she didn’t want this to end just yet. “So, would we be able to go somewhere? Maybe, to mine or yours to watch a movie and keep talking?” she asked timidly.
“I was thinking the same thing, I’m happy to talk you to mine, if you’re happy with that?”
“Of course” she replied.

When they pulled up to his house, it was massive, to be expected really. She walked in, he took her jacket and hung it up. Make yourself at home. He put the movie “Dear John” on, with the ever sexy Channing Tatum. But not much of it was watched, the talked for hours, the movie just played on repeat as background noise. [1]

It got to about 1am, when Cam asked if she would like him to take her home. Which she didn't, but when excuse could she use? She had nothing, then suddenly an idea popped into her head. Could she? Should she? Stuff it she thought and lent in a pressed her lips on his.

He was surprised to say the least, but not opposed. "That was nice" he said. "sorry" she replied. "Don't be" is all he said as he leaned in opened his mouth and gave her a proper kiss. After about 10 minutes of kissing and touching, she reached for his fly.

"Wait..." He said. "I don't want you doing anything you don't want to do, don't feel pressured" he continued. "if I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't, I'm not pressured" Lu replied.

"Ok, but one other thing, don't be disappointed if I not as big as you expect, everyone expects some 12" cock" he said nervously.

"don't stress" she assured him "you will be perfect I reckon, besides, don't expect an awesome blowjob, iv only done it once and he came in my mouth 30 seconds in, causing me to choke a spit it back on to him haha"

She unzipped his fly, and with his help removed his belt pants and underwear all at once. She liked what she saw, not massive, but bigger then she has had. She placed her hand at the base while giving small kisses down the shaft and to his balls, which she massaged with the other hand.

As she opened her mouth to take the tip in she looked up into his eyes which shut with pleasure. This was no where near as bad as last time, it actually turned her on.

As she bobbed up and down she felt his hand place gently on her ass, rubbing her ass cheek he slowly lifted her dress to reveal a red lacy G-string, you know the sort, basically a shoelace. He slid it aside as started to gently massage her damp lips. Her moans vibrated Down his shaft, making it so much better.

"You say you want to experience more, yes?" He asks "Yes, I do" she replies. "Do you trust me?" He asks "I wouldn't be here if I didn't".

He stands up off the couch, gets on his knees and throws her legs over his shoulders. She's never had anyone down there before, but she knew he was special. The way he teased her, just lightly blowing on her pussy, kissing her thigh's, working his tongue across her lips and to her sweet clit. She knows how to masterbate, but its like he knows her body better than she does.

He puts his hands under her ass, and in one swift move picks her up so she is sitting on his shoulders, while he is still face first in her sweetness. He carefully laid down on his back with her sitting on his face. She couldn't help it and soon found herself grinding against it, feeling the orgasm building inside her, and then she felt the firm slap on her ass, tipping her over the edge and letting her juices flow down his face.

"Cameron, get up and fuck me" Lucy exclaims in her out if breath voice. Cam stands up and picks her up, she wraps her legs around him and while he slowly kisses her he lowers her onto the tip of his rock hard cock. He can feel just how wet she is and slams into her causing her to arch her back and moan a little. They work into a rhythm, all while she can taste herself on his lips. Its a sweet taste, she actually likes it.

He puts her down on the couch and begins to fuck her harder and harder, she wants to say something, anything to let him know how good it is, but she can hardly breath. On comes the second wave of orgasms for her, bucking her hips upward to him as his cock gets soaked. "My turn" she exclaims and pushes him onto the couch. He sits up as she lowers herself onto his cock once more.

As she worked her hips, grinding on him he took one breasts in his mouth, flicking the tit with his tongue, alternating between them as his hands held her backside. After about 10 minutes he stood up again, put her down and spun her around. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her, he ran his hands all over her body while kissing her neck

He pushed her onto all fours on the couch, rubbing her sweet slit with the head of his cock he teased her. Then, in one movement he was back inside her, thrusting away, the spun on skin slapping, the feeling of his balls slapping her clit was all too much. He grabbed a handful of hair and gently pulled it back causing her flood gates to open and unleash the biggest orgasm yet.

No long after she felt his grip on her hair get tighter, the spanks on her ass get hard, breathing louder and then the sweet feel of his man juice shoot inside deep her. They both collapsed on the couch. She lay in his arms, wishinng she could go back to high school and feel this back then. She didn't want this to end, nor did he. The rest of the weekend was a blur, but a good blur. She hasn't been home for 2 weeks apart from collecting the essentials

This seems be everything they both needed and wanted.


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