Carly and Cam - The beginning

Carly and Cam - The beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


the first of many sexual encounters


the first of many sexual encounters


Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



Here I was, at my casual job getting ready to open for the last session. I knew I had to train one of the other staff to become a manager so until he got here, there really wasn’t much to do. I scrolled through Facebook and Instagram, checking out the hot guys. I was 36 and married, my husband worked nightshift as well (much later than I do) and it had felt like we had drifted apart physically. When you throw work, 2 kids and all other commitments into the mix, we didn’t get much us time. In walks Cam, tall and built, a real giant, a gentle one though. He had worked here for years and finally got to become a manger, so here I was to show him the ropes. The entire place is empty so every noise echoes in the place. I jump up ready to get this night underway and over with.

“How you doing Carly?” he asks as we head into the office.

“I’m good, how about you?” I respond.

“Good, good” he says.

I start taking him through everything and can help but notice how good he is looking lately. I shake the thought from my head and continue.

The night progresses very uneventfully, until there was an altercation. Now, like I said, Cam is a giant, but a softie, so naturally I thought I would be stepping in to deal with this. But before I even got there Cam was between them, kicking them both out and off the premises. Watching Cam take charge, take control, was actually a turn on. The night finished, our staff cleaned up and Cam actually took command of everything perfectly. As I showed him lock up, walking around the building making sure all doors were closed, I couldn’t help but think back to watching him get all macho, and, as I started to think about it, the more I got turned on. “What am I doing?” I think to myself. He is 10 years younger than me, has a girlfriend and I’m married. But I know for sure I’m not getting any when I get home, or any time soon for that matter. I start to flirt a little, squeezing past him in tight spots, getting to feel that young firm body. We finish up in the office and the though crosses my head. “Here, I could fuck him here, right on the desk” but I restrain, its wrong. I can be having an affair or even one night stand, especially not with someone I worked with.

We finished up and as we went to our cars we said good bye. However, when I went to start my car, I had nothing. My car had been playing up and of all nights, tonight it had to break. I sheepishly asking if he could give me a lift to the servo so I could get a cab. “Don’t be silly, ill take you home” he said. “It’s like a 45 minute drive the other direction though” I said. “Its midnight, I’m not leaving you alone to get mugged or something, now get in.” he ordered. I heard him on the phone as I sat in his car, telling his girlfriend he was giving me a lift so would be late. I could help but think, is this the universe telling me to do it?

We locked the gate and started to drive. We made small talk.

“So, how’s things with your girlfriend?” I ask, digging to see if it’s all good or there are troubles I can take advantage of.

“Yea things are ok. How about you and your hubby?” he asks

“Things are ok, a little lacking in the sex department, you know, work, kids and all”

“Ah yea” he replies, obviously a little caught off guard.

“I mean, I like the sex, but he always wants to make love, sometimes I just want to be fucked, you know? Feel a little slutty or what not” I continue

“Yea I know what you mean” there it is, my in.

“Not getting it the way you want it at home?” I ask inquisitively

“Oh, it’s not so much that” he says with a chuckle. “It’s more not enough, but yea I guess, like sometimes I want to be slow and loving, but there are times where I like drunk sex” he continues
“you know drunk sex? Sloppy kissing, a little rough, loud and just messy” he explains

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Just, use me every once in a while”

We continue to talk through the drive, mostly sexual. Our fantasies and fetishes. He is apparently a massive panty fan and loves a nice ass. So my collection of G strings and panties that outline my ass should be his favourite. I explain I would love to get into it in public, like, in a car or something. I also tell him I’m one for experimenting, and, unlike most married woman, actually like giving a blow job, I pride myself in my oral skills. We pull up to my house and I go to get out. I pause and turn back to Cam.

“Do you want to come in for a drink?” I ask, he goes to decline

“Come on, it’s the least I can do, besides, a coke will keep you awake for the drive home”

I manage to convince him and he follows me up my drive and into my empty house. “Nice place” he says. It’s a large house, tall ceilings and spacious rooms.

“Put the TV on, ill grab a drink”

He sits himself down and I run off. This is it, this is the universe telling me to take what I want, or let him take me. I quickly bolt to my bedroom and change my underwear. Just into something sexier than then skin tone ones I was wearing. I don’t want him to think it was planned, so I put my work stuff back on. I re-enter with a drink for the two of us and sit next to him. It’s that really bad late night TV, but we chat a little more.

After about 15 minutes he stands up “I should head off now” I notice him looking at me, he would flick between my eyes and my tits.

“Are you getting a little something for the spank bank there? Do you want a picture” I ask with a giggle

He laughs, clearly busted. “I think our talk in the car is plenty to keep the spank back full for a while” he replies.

“Our chat wasn’t something for you to think about while you jack off, that was ideas while we have our fun” I say

“Yes, but your married and I have a girlfriend…”

“And we have both agreed we don’t get entirely what we want from our partners” I interrupt

He pauses for a minute, then walks off to the toilet. His phone buzzes with a message, I take a peek at it and see it’s from his Girlfriend. “Hey babe, heading to Jennifer’s house, she’s having a crisis, I’ll see you tomorrow” I couldn’t help myself, I pick his phone up and have myself a snoop through. No password, which made it even easier. I hunt through the pictures and videos, expecting to find the usual porn and naked chicks. I do find porn, and something a little more interesting. He has files of the girls he knows, he has saved pictures off Facebook that he obviously uses for wank material. I scroll through and sure enough, I see my name. I open the folder and see about 7 photos of me in there. I should be disgusted, but I’m actually extremely turned on. Knowing he will be coming back any minute I decide to leave him a surprise in there, I pull my top up and take a quick snap of my perky tits. Closing the phone and putting it back on the table as he walks out.

“Look, I appreciate the offer but I really don’t think it’s a good idea” he says

I stand up and get real close. “What’s not a good idea? I whisper, our lips just inches away as I stand on my toes.

He stutters a little and clears his throat. “You know what” he half-heartedly replies. I take his hands, reach them around behind me and place them on my ass.

“You, you mean this? I ask, eyes wide and innocent. I feel him squeeze a little. He’s on the line, hooked and nibbling the bait, I just have to get him on the boat. I run my hand up his leg.

“How long have you been wanting to touch that? How long have you been wanting me to touch this? I ask as I rub his cock through his pants.

“That’s not the point” he says trying to convince himself to leave.

“No, it’s not, this is” I reply as I grab a firm hold. I basically saw his will to protest walk out the door and shut it as he leans in and plants a firm kiss onto my lips. We share a passionate, wet and sloppy kiss. His mouth covers mine, then mine covers his. Back and forth that went as our tongues flicked in and out of each other’s mouth. I gave his tongue a light bite every now and then, causing a small moan to escape his lungs. As I rub his cock through his pants still, he has one hand clenching my ass while the other rests on my neck, slowly moving to my chest. I lightly play with the tip of his cock, making him twitch and grip tighter on my ass as he pulls me close.

I break the kiss, both starting to pant at the excitement and pure naughtiness of when we know will happen. I whip his belt off and unbutton his pants, actually managing to break the button off. Not caring where it went after it flew across the room I drop both his pants and underwear at the same time. I gave him one last kiss, biting his lip as I lowered myself to my knees and assumed the position all guys love. I admire his cock, it’s completely smooth with not a trace of hair, and even his balls are perfect, young and smooth. His cock is thick, it’s long and clearly built for one thing. Fucking. I open my mouth and wrap my warm lips around it, using the built up saliva to lube it up nicely. I hear him moan the second my lips close around it, his hand resting on my head.

My tongue runs under his shaft as I bob back on forth and I can taste his pre cum. even his taste is nice, if this is what all young guys are like I was clearly born 10 years too soon. I stand up and drag him by his cock to the couch and sit him down. I kneel next to him and continue to work my magic with my mouth. His hand reaches back and starts feeling my ass. I stop for a minute and look up at him.

“I don’t think I have a rubber big enough” I say.

I’m on the pill, and I’m clean as I’m sure he is, but I feel the first time we should probably use protection. He looks at me and smiles, without saying anything he just guides me back down and I continue to suck. He bushes the hair away from my face so he can watch how good it looks as his cock enters my mouth. His hand has managed to skilfully undo my pants and he stops me there.

“Stand-up” he almost ordered.

I do as I’m told and stand in front of him. He turns me around and slowly pulls my pants down and off. He runs his hands up my legs and over my ass. His touch sending chills up my spine. It feels so wrong, so naughty yet SOO sexy. I feel his lips press to one of my cheeks while his hand rubs my pussy through my panties. My eyes close and I stand there almost in another world. I have never had foreplay go for this long, it’s a tease, its making me want him more and more. I feel my underwear slowly slip off my ass and hit the floor. His hands cup my cheeks as he kisses them. I feel him stand up, and before I know it I’m on the couch, forcefully thrown to a sitting position. My legs thrown over his shoulder as he kisses the inside of my thighs.

“You want me to lick you?” he asks

“Yes” I say, keen to feel his warm tongue on my love spot.

“Beg for it, beg for me to lick this perfect, bare pussy” he demands

“Please, I need you” I say, desperate now.

He kisses around my lips. I feel the flick of his tongue as he gets a taste for my juice. One little flick over my clit and I jolt with moan. I see him smirk right before giving it another flick. Tingles run though me. I grip his short dusty blond hair as he suddenly engulfs my pussy. His tongue enters me and works upwards to my button. Small sucks and flicks of the tongue have me filling the house with moans while my legs squeeze his head so hard I think it nearly came off.

“Fuck me, I need you to fuck me” I say, I beg, breathlessly.

He stands, somehow with a condom already on, he must have slipped on from his jeans without me noticing and put it on while face first in my nest. He grabs my ankles and drags me closer to him. My legs wrap around him as he slowly enters me. The slow parting of my lips while he looks me in the eyes has me thrusting up. Suddenly he is deep inside me and we begin our messy make-out again. Every thrust pushes me up the couch until me head hits the arm rest. He kisses my neck before wrapping his hand around it. Lightly choking me while he literally fucks the cum from inside me.

He picks me up, unfortunately falling out. He sits himself down and I lower myself back onto his cock. Suddenly, I feel a flick, and one of the best feeling in the world. I know then that the condom has broken. I feel his bare cock inside me. I’m not stopping, I don’t care anymore. I start to bounce, my tits in his face. But he stops me, grabbing my ass and holding me there. I feel him thrust once, twice, then like a hammer pounding a nail he goes for it. My lips lock onto his neck as my cum flows once again down his cock. I push his face into my tits, holding his head as I ride him. His tongue twirling my nipple in his mouth.

Before I knew it I’m suddenly bent over the back of the couch. He grabs my hips and sticks my ass up in the air. I feel his mouth once again on my pussy, having a slight suck and lick before slipping back inside me. *Slap* his hand slaps my ass. I yelp with a mix of pleasure and pain. I feel him reach around and 2 fingers start to rub my clit. How does someone do this? This is amazing. His free hand spanks me once more before taking a hand full of my hair and yanking it back. His grip ever tightening. I know what’s about to happen, his breathing getting louder and I feel him pull out, really to splash my ass with cum. but before he could do so, I spin around and open my mouth, his first squirt of cum getting caught by my cheek, the rest landing perfectly in my mouth.

I suck him more, making sure he is completely empty. We get dressed and he drives home. 2 days later I get a text “that’s an interesting photo”. I giggle and reply “well, maybe you need to take the next one ;)”

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