Draco Malfoy and The Order of the Basilisk

Draco Malfoy and The Order of the Basilisk

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


What if Draco Malfoy became a strong, powerful wizard in his own right, a wizard with a taste for hot young witches?


What if Draco Malfoy became a strong, powerful wizard in his own right, a wizard with a taste for hot young witches?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Mudblood Girl

Author Chapter Note

The fifth year at Hogwarts begins in a dramatic fashion for a certain mudblood girl.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 18, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 18, 2017



Chapter One


The Mudblood girl


It was at the start of their fifth year at Hogwarts that Draco made his move. Hermione was surprised to find him blocking her way at the turn of a corner in a recluse part of the castle. She opened her mouth to demand that he move, but before the words could cross her lips, the tall, lean boy pointed his wand at her and commanded, “Imperio!” The horror of what was happening to her never quite settled in, as it was almost instantaneously replaced by a comfortable numbness of her mind. Harry, Ron, Lord Voldemort, none of it mattered. Everything would be fine so long as she followed Draco's commands.

“Follow me, at a distance, we don't want to arouse suspicions,” he demanded, and he turned around to walk away. Without a second though, Hermione followed him, a dozen of feet behind. He led her through the halls, where they passed many students, which Hermione prayed would notice her predicament, but aside from a few polite nods from the Gryffindor students she knew, no one paid them any attention. Her questions as to their destination were answered when, after making sure no one was there to see them enter, he ordered her in into a girl's bathroom on the first floor which Hermione recognized as Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Myrtle! Maybe she would sound the alarm? Her hope were crushed when Draco, who was walking in behind her, whispered to her ear, “don't get your hopes up, I know a secret that will keep Moaning Myrtle silent, we are as good as alone in there.”

“Stop,” he told her when she reached the level of the second sink. “Turn to face the mirror. I want you to see your reactions to what I'll do to you.” A dim voice within her mind screamed at her to run away, but a much stronger one told her to stay where she was, that Draco would know what to do next.

The blond boy took a moment to savour his victory. Gryffindor's annoying little know-it-all was at his mercy. She stood perfectly still and followed him with the eyes as he slowly circled around her. Her budding breast heaved under her robes with every breath she took, and she noticed the hungry lust in his eyes as they lingered on her chest.

He spoke to her again. “You will retain your personality and memories, but will be unable to disobey my commands or break any of my rules.” He paused for a reaction that did not come, as the dominant voice in Hermione's mind exclaimed, “I will obey, there is no other choice.”

“Rule number one, when in private, you will refer to me as master.”

“Yes, master,” she replied obediently. “Noooo!” the dim voice screamed internally.

A wide, cruel smile curled the boy's lips, and leaned in closer, caressing her cheek with the back of his hands. “I'm gonna have so much fun with you, I have been planning this for a long time, you filthy little mudblood.”

“Rule number two, you will not reveal anything I do to you, or command you to do, and deny my involvement to the death should anyone put forth any accusation of the sort.”

“Yes, master.”

“Rule number three, from this day on, you will no longer wear panties unless I specifically demand you to.”

“Yes, master,” she agreed while pulling up her robes and the skirt she wore underneath to swiftly pull down her panties, letting them fall around her ankles. The quick flash of her pussy afforded by her actions and her immediate compliance pleasantly surprised Draco. His training was paying off, the imperio curse was working wonderfully. The distant voice in Hermione's mind was horrified by this latest rule, by her own seemingly wilful obedience but even more, by the wave of heat that ran from her crotch to her cheeks as she executed the command. It was the first time a boy had seen her naked pussy.

“Rule number four, from this day on, you will keep yourself neatly shaved down there.”

“Yes, master.” Hermione pulled out her wand. Draco jumped back and raised his own, fearing treachery but he stopped himself when she pointed hers to her own crotch and exclaimed, “Cunnus Rado!” Malfoy stared at her suspiciously. “Did you?” he asked tentatively.

“As you asked, master.”

“Show me.”

Hermione pulled her robes and skirt up again, lifting and holding them up to her chest, giving the boy a clear view of her freshly shaved pussy.

“Where did you learn to do that?” asked the boy, surprised that the virtuous goody two shoes Hermione Granger would know such a spell.

“I read a lot of books,” she answered with a slight blush, “even some forbidden one. Those that don't seem too evil, at least.” Her face grew redder in fear that he would ask for more details. There were aspects of her private fantasies she definitely did not wish for him to find out. Especially in her current situation. What would he do to her if he knew she had read 101 useful kinky spells or even worse, The pains and pleasures of magical sex.

“Interesting, you'll have to share more of that knowledge with me in the future.”

Hermoine's heart sank as she answered, “I will do as you command, master.”

Draco moved a step closer to the girl who still held her robes and skirts in her hand. She gasped when she felt his hand cup over her sex. No one had ever touched her there, it was as if electric shocks sparked from her crotch to course over her entire body. She gasped. The little voice in her head was now in complete panic mode, but the commanding voice reassured her, “master knows what he's doing, trust in him.” Draco continued, “that brings us to the fifth rule, your orgasm belong to me, you will not be able to reach climax without my explicit approval.”

“Understood, master.” Hermione let out a louder, more audible gasp as the boy began to probe between the lips of her pussy with his middle finger. He was surprised to feel a little moistness, as he had not commanded her to feel any sexual pleasure yet. Could this turn out even better than he had imagined?

“Are you enjoying this?” he asked.

“N-” she began, wanting to deny this ridiculous presumption, but she found herself unable to. She could lie to herself, but not to him. “I-I don't know, master,” she whispered of sincere confusion.

“How does this feel?” He asked, moving his slimy finger up to the hood that protected her clit to rub it insistently.

“Goooood....” she moaned helplessly.

“And this?”

She yelped and her legs buckled under her as he viciously pinched her little button, yet she obediently help the position. “It hurts master! But I love it.”

“Could it be that the proud Hermione Granger has a masochistic side?”

“I-I find the idea of a man hurting me arousing, but it's never been you,” she helplessly heard herself confess. A small part of her clouded conscience was outraged and vainly tried to get her to protest, but it was silenced by the overwhelming sensations of Draco molesting her pussy with agile fingers, and the louder voice commanding her to surrender herself to Malfoy. His fingers were slightly larger and stronger than her own, and much less merciful. The boy had practiced with some of the Slytherin girls, and his experience showed, but defiling Hermione Granger was much more fun.

“She's loving it.”

Hermione turned her head to see that Moaning Myrtle had floated next to them. Could it really be ency that she read on the transparent girl's face, as she stared back at her, mouth agape?

“She loves it when you hurt her,” moaned the floating girl, as if to confirm Hermione's suspicions.

“You see Granger,” Draco explained as he kept rubbing her clit, “Myrtle wasn't innocently using the bathroom when she died. Were you, Myrtle?” He turned his eyes to the ghost, who averted his stare and looked down to her floating feet.

“No,” she meekly replied.

“She knew Tom Riddle would sometimes come to this girl's bathroom at night. She knew, because she had a crush on him, and often trailed him around. And I know, because I have found her diary. She dreamed of being caught in there by him, with detailed description of the sexual torture he's inflict upon her.”

With her eyes still low, Myrtle picked up the story. “I started to hide in one of the stall at night, in the hope of catching a glimpse. I don't know what I expected, I knew I wouldn't have the guts to reveal myself, but just the thought of being alone in here with him...” Her voice trailed off, and Hermione filled the silence with an unrelated but fitting moan. “On the night when he finally appeared, I couldn't help it, and slipped a hand between my legs to rub myself as I spied on him through the door's crack. He was so dreamy, so mysterious.” Myrtle let out a soft moan of her own, her voice got raspier. “When he began to speak in parsletongue, I lost it, it was the best feeling ever. But I made too much noise. He heard me... The door of my stall flew open, and he saw me, with my hand down my panties, my fingers inside me. I could not help it, I came again as he laughed at me in relief. And just like in my dreams, he had me strip and masturbate for him on the bathroom floor. I was ashamed, humiliated, I was in heaven. My pussy and clits were on fire... I was gonna cum even harder...” Both girls moaned before Myrtle went on, arousal in her voice giving way to helpless frustration. “But that's not what he wanted, I had seen too much, I had spied on him, I had to be punished. Just as I was about to, at the last second, he told me to look at the snake.” Myrtle flew a bit closer, her voice panting. “I wanted to. So badly. To cum for him, his eyes felt so good on me. But he left me forever wanting, aching for something I can never feel again.”

Hermione found the macabre tale so arousing that she thought she would come on Draco's hand, but strangely, she did not. She helplessly panted on Draco's hand, her hips swaying and pushing into it.

“I'm gonna make you my bitch,” he whispered, “my own little personal plaything. How does that sound?”

“Horrifying, but also strangely exciting, master,” she answered, helplessly moaning on his hand, as Draco kept playing with her cunt, and more so, with her now swollen clit. The rougher he was with her, the louder the moans and gasps that would escape her lips, the more pronounced the wetness between her legs. This fact did not escape the boy and encouraged him to continue his assaults. As he stood to her side, Hermione could see herself in the mirror, holding her dress up for this boy that she hated, and the conscious part of her felt like throwing up, but there was no denying that what he did to her felt extremely good. Her shaky legs struggled to keep her standing, her breath was ragged and cut by gasping moans when he would inflict a mix of pain, humiliation and pleasure she had never felt before.

“You're like me,” moaned Myrtle, so close now that Hermoine felt a slight chill from her presence. “You want to cum for him too, don't you?”

Hermione shook her head in despair. If he kept this up, she surely would... she was almost there... almost... She didn't want too, but surely, she was going to cum, the pressure was just too intense. Her body contorted, her legs buckled. Why didn't she cum? She suddenly remembered his last rule.

“Master,” she moaned, “please!”

“Look at you, the proud teacher's pet, reduced to a moaning little slut,” he teased her, giving her clit a particularly harsh pinch and twist.

“Aaahhhh!” she gasped, finding herself compelled to look at her reflection once more. He was right, she was completely at his mercy, and yet, instead of the horror she should have felt, her hips pushed into his hand, beggeg for more. She was ashamed to see their lurid dance through the mirror's reflection, yet unable to stop, so close to her climax it physically hurt. “Master, please!” she repeated, this time with a much more urgent, pleading tone.

“You are my obedient, worthless little mudblood fucktoy, I wanna hear you say it.”

“I am your obedient, worthless little mudblood fucktoy,” she repeated. Before she could beg another time, his next command derailed her thoughts.


Her body and mind complied at once and exploded with the strongest orgasm of her short life, so much stronger than any she had given herself. Her fists clenched so hard around her robes and skirt that her knuckles turned white. Her toes curled and she might have toppled over had she not found temporary support by leaning on him. She erupted into a long, muffled moan that left her panting for breath in his neck.

It was too much for Malfoy, his cock was uncomfortably hard under his robes, in desperate need of release. He pushed her forward until they reached the sink, bent her over it, and exposed her pink, round ass cheeks by throwing her skirts over it.

“You really are a whore, Granger. I thought I would need to use the imperio curse to impose sexual pleasure on you, but you're such a slut that I didn't need to.” Hermione said nothing. He was right. She did not understand why, but her body had reacted on its own to his ministration without any magical intervention. He has not ordered her to find pleasure in her defilement. And yet she definitely did. This realization crushed the voice of protest in her mind.

“Are you a virgin?” The question pulled her out of her post-climax comatose state.

“Of course, master,” she replied with sincere outrage at the suggestion that she might not be.

“Not anymore!” he claimed triumphantly as he breached through her defence with one unyielding thrust. Hermione muffled a pained yelp as he tore through her innocence and clamped his hands around her hips to violently hammer himself into her bloody, virgin pussy. His cock was a solid 7 inch, but to her virgin hole, it felt as if he had shoved a quidditch bat up to her stomach.

“Master! Not so hard, it hurts!” she pleaded in vain.

“Shut up, you filthy mudblood pig. You should feel honoured to have a pureblood cock in you.”

She wanted to protest some more but found herself unable to disobey his command to shut up. She grunted and whimpered through her pain as his manhood stretched her pussy deeper and wider than she ever thought possible. He was brutal, unrelenting in his assaults, and yet, through the pain, waves of pleasure began to crash on her again, and her grunts more and more ended in moans.

Draco revelled in his success. This was so much better than fucking Slytherin girls. “What a slut you truly are Granger. You're so wet I can feel it on my thighs. What would Potter and his ginger sidekick say if they saw you moaning like a whore on my cock?” He asked while letting go of her hips with his right hand, to grab a fistful of hair and pull her head back, forcing her to look at their reflection in the mirror.

Hermione panted her response, her pussy clamping around the invading tool. “T-they would hate it, they'd want to kill you-” Strangely, the humiliating thought of Harry and Ron seeing Draco defile her like this amplified the heat in her cunt. Her hips began pushing back into the incoming thrust. Pain was still throbbing through her pussy, but now shared equal footing with sensations beyond her wildest imagination. Her pussy felt like it was on fire as Draco violently raped her, and she was loving it. Next to her, Myrtle panted and moaned almost as hard as she did.

“You are not to let either of them touch you, you belong to me now.”

“Master, please!”

“Please what?”

“Please, may I cum?” she asked breathlessly, unsure if it was the pain or pleasure, or perhaps a mix of both, which was threatening to push her over the edge again.

“Not yet, you little slut, not until you feel me cumming inside you, and I want you to look at me through the mirror as you do.”

“Please-” Hermione repeated with a meek voice. She was so close to cumming, the dam was overflowing, but refused to break. She threw herself back into each thrust with desperate need, but her body refused to jump until it would feel its master climax. “Merlin's beard...” she swore under her breath, realizing there was only one thing that would set her free. “Please cum in me, master. I want to feel you cum in me!”

Draco roared and desperately pounded himself into her clenched love tunnel. “You little slut, filthy little mudblood slut.” It did not take much longer for him to reach his climax. His fingers sunk into her flesh and tightened around her hair as his manhood throbbed and began to pump his pureblood seed into her. Hermione's body thrashed under another climax, but she followed his order and stared at him through the mirror as she came hard on his cock. Draco collapsed forward, pinning her against the sink with his still weakly throbbing cock deflating inside her.

“Not bad, for a mudblood” he whispered with a panting voice. Her pussy contracted and she moaned softly upon hearing the derogatory term.

“Thank you, master,” she replied, resting her head against the mirror.

“Two more things,” he said after taking a few minutes to recover his senses.

“Yes, master?”

“Do no move,” he told her as he pulled out his slimy, bloody cock out of her. From a pocket of his robe, he pulled out a small, golden round object. “This is the first snitch I caught, it listens to me now, as you will soon find out.” He brought it to the entrance of her pussy, which was oozing a mix of her juices, blood and semen, and slowly pushed it into her. She groaned but accepted the intrusion without protest. “You will keep it inside of you at all time, as a reminder of who you belong to.”

“Yes master, what else?”

Draco took a step back and held his robes up in a manner similar to what she had done earlier. “You will clean me up,” he said, looking down at his cock, smeared with the blood and juice of their tryst. When he saw her looking for some towel, he added, “your mouth will suffice for the task.”

She pulled herself up as she turned, but immediately dropped to her knees. Finding support on his thighs, she put herself to the task, the only way she knew how, with diligence and meticulousness. She was a bit repulsed by the blood, but found the taste of her juice and his semen more pleasant than expected. She even cleaned his balls and inner thighs of any possible leftover before looking up at him, asking for his approval.

“That will do, you can head off to your next class.”

“Thank you master.”

Hermione stood up and headed for the door. She felt oddly satisfied and paid no attention to the little voice in her head that was screaming her outrage and anger. Behind her, Draco watched her leave with a smile. This was shaping up to be his best year at Hogwarts.

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