The Dressing Room Floor

The Dressing Room Floor The Dressing Room Floor

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


"Diving in he spread her folds open with his tongue and pushed it around until finding her clit. The feeling sent a shock of static electricity shooting through her pussy that raced up and down her whole body. Opening her eyes she stared into the mirror and watched Steve sucking and feasting on her pussy, like predator eating its prey. The pressure in her pussy started to build as his tongue lightly danced on her clit, flickering it, pushing it, controlling it." -Excerpt.


"Diving in he spread her folds open with his tongue and pushed it around until finding her clit. The feeling sent a shock of static electricity shooting through her pussy that raced up and down her whole body. Opening her eyes she stared into the mirror and watched Steve sucking and feasting on her pussy, like predator eating its prey. The pressure in her pussy started to build as his tongue lightly danced on her clit, flickering it, pushing it, controlling it." -Excerpt.


Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



The Dressing Room Floor
By E'ves Di Cristo

Story one of "Sex Scenes”

Meghan is a “cute” girl in every sense of the word. At 5’5 she’s not to tall, but not too short either. The 125 pound frame she has pushes out in all the right spots without overdoing it. She has clear clean skin and a beautiful smile to match.  At 25 years old she knows she is a beautiful girl in the prime of her life and she loves it.  

On hot summer days, she likes to let her blonde hair down around her shoulders and wear summer dresses that compliment her cute petite figure.  She loves showing the world what a feminine girl she is and doesn’t let the fact that she has a smaller breast size inhibit her confident way. As a matter of fact, Meghan actually prefers her smaller breast size to the much larger variety and is glad that one day she won’t have to worry about what she calls “big saggy grandma boobies.”

Today, it’s Saturday and finally her day off. Her plans are to run to CVS pharmacy, test the new fragrances of the Neutrogena body soaps she’s all excited about, and then meet with Stacy, her best friend at the Olive tree restaurant for lunch. There, her and Stacy will catch up on gossip and complain about people at work, which will inevitably lead to a conversation about how men are only after one thing.

“It’s so true that men and women are totally different when it comes to sex,” she tells Stacy. “I mean, every guy I meet wants to have sex after we shake hands.”

“Well I honestly think it’s the only thing they live for,” Stacy responded.

They sat in a moment of silence for the first time, each pondering their exchange when Meghan’s iPhone alerted her of an incoming message.

“Oh boy speak of the devil here’s Steve.”

“I thought he was gone, is he still here?” Stacy inquired.

“He’s leaving on Monday, flying out to Officer Candidate School in Florida I think.”

“Wow he must be excited, so are you guys gonna hook up?” Stacy asked with a particular stare in her eye.

“I’m not sure.... I don’t want him thinking I’m giving it up to him just because he’s leaving.”

“Yeah he’s probably just trying to fuck you on his way out the door,” Stacy said.

The comment somewhat shocked Meghan and for the first time she thought that perhaps Stacy was sitting over there seething with Jealousy. After all, Steve was not an ugly guy.  A 6’2 college grad with straight teeth and a large vocabulary, Steve was definitely going places. His first stop would be Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Navy and after his commission he would enroll in the flight training program.  He was chasing his dream of becoming a fighter pilot flying F-18’s. She thought his determination was attractive.

Meghan let her mind wonder and imagined what he would look like in his dress white uniform and how proud his parents would be. She wondered what it would be like to be next to him as they walked together and saw subordinates render him a salute.  She even had a sexy thought of seducing a man in uniform.

“Don’t want to be another notch in the headboard,” Stacy said. Besides you barely know him. The comment brought Meghan’s mind back to reality and made her even more sure Stacy was trying her best to make sure nothing would happen, employing the old “don’t be a ho,” reverse-girl psychology. Meghan looked down to read Steve’s text.

“Hi Meghan, you know I’m flying out Monday. What do you say we meet for dinner tonight and I get you that steak dinner I promised you? Let me know ASAP and I’ll pick you up tonight! - Steve

This was definitely not Steve’s first attempt at taking Meghan out. Steve first eyed Meghan at a DVD drop off box in front of a convenient store on his way home from a weekend camping trip. The drop off boxes were the new thing that worked like a vending machine for DVD’s. The process allowed someone to choose a DVD with the push of a button, rent it for a few days and drop it off later at the same machine. It was, quick fast and easy way to for a bored soul to find cheap entertainment. Meghan remembered his pick up attempt and thought it was very original.

Walking up to her with the with the confidence of a guy who thought he was the coolest man in the world, he said her, “You know I see a beautiful girl dropping off a bundle of girlie movie DVD’s on a Sunday night all by herself and I have to think, someone’s single.”

“hmmmm,” was the only reply she could mutter. She actually was very impressed that he read into the situation so accurately and she tried her best not to let him in on the fact that she was so attracted to his appearance. His tall stature and broad shoulders appealed to her. He had green olive eyes of a natural seducer that delivered a penetrating gaze and a hair style that was “perfectly messy.” His good looks made her feel as if she was standing there naked and totally exposed. For the first time since she was a little girl a guy made her nervous and left her not knowing what to say.

“That being the case, Steve continued, I feel it’s my obligation to offer myself as a rightful partner to take you out on a date.” Steve spoke with the swagger of a cowboy that communicated not only an heir of confidence but cockiness too.  

Meghan thought it was funny, and could see that he was trying to be cute. “So are you asking me out?” she said dropping the copies of “The Notebook and Ghost DVD’s into the drop off box.  
A smile came over her face she couldn’t control and she began to blush. The whole thing caught her totally off guard and her mind raced to make sense of the situation and look cool at the same time.

“I Certainly am.”

It dawned on Meghan that she never had been approached so smoothly before. The thought aroused her suspicions as she started to think that this good looking stranger is probably doing this to girls all the time.

“I don’t know, it sounds like you have a lot of practice in this. Why should I go out on a date with you?”

Steve carried a perplexed look on his face for a moment and then cracked a smile and blurted out “because, little missy, carrying on with the cowboy act, “I’m one hunk of a man.”

“One hunk of a man? That’s your reason?” she said as she started laughing.

Steve, laughing with her, raised his hands up to his sides, saying “sorry, I was trying to be witty.....and that’s all I got!”

Dropping the cowboy act Steve reached out his hand “Hi, I’m Steve.”

After talking in front of the DVD drop of box in front of the convenient store with Meghan’s car still running in the background, she finally gave in and gave Steve her number.

The following six months that lead to this moment were full of a million situations that just wouldn’t allow for Meghan to meet with Steve. Appointments, other dates, work, an ongoing breakup with a jealous ex-boyfriend just did not allow for it to happen. Steve was honest with her from the start about his intention to become a pilot, another reason that she was putting him off. Somewhere in the back of her head she knew she had a carnal attraction to Steve and she didn’t like the idea of having a sexual relationship with someone who was walking out the door. Despite this, she knew he was dangerous and on a few occasions she wished that he had kept that information from her. At least in that case she could give her an excuse to get involved.

During that six month period she would often wake in the middle of the night completely aroused and drenched in a sweat. Even if she couldn’t remember her dreams she knew it was him. He night time episodes always resulted with her half waken state, under an erotic spell touching herself, imagining that she was being ravished by his passion. Pinching her nipples she imagined his mouth biting down and her and rubbing her swollen clitoris in tiny circles until she would bring herself to orgasm, then fall back asleep. Sometimes in the morning she felt almost as if she had been overtaken by a spirit in the night, one that would visit her in her dreams, fuck her until she would cum and leave her in the night.

Meghan pondered all these feelings and memories before texting her response.

“Pick me up at 6.”

It was 6 o’clock sharp when she heard her doorbell ring. Her outfit was a black dress and black leather boots. The fabric stretched across her body perfectly and was cut in a post modern style. It was the kind of dress that was very popular in the 60’s and it was a timeless classic.

When she opened the door she saw Steve standing in front of her. He was wearing a black dress shirt, black jeans and black boots. His outfit mixed with his dark hair made him look like a stylish vampire of the night.

“All black tonight for both of us I see,”she said.
“Looks that way,” he said.” “You look amazing!”

With a gust of energy the two jumped into Steve’s 1973 Ford Bronco. It was a classic vehicle in great condition and perfectly complimented his personality. Walking into the Italian restaurant Giovani’s, it was all eyes on them. She noticed the impact they made on the world as a couple on the way to their table.

The table was lit by nothing more than a candle and provided a great glow.  Looking into Steve’s eyes Meghan asked, “So leaving this Monday?” you must be excited.”

Steve responded with a smile,  “Well I can’t but feel like I’m going to be missing something back home.”
“You always have some silly comment don’t you?” she said.

“Silly? well what I’m about to lay on you is not silly and absolutely one-hundred percent serious.”

“Oh really,? what’s that?”

“Part of this date is me taking you to Victoria Secret’s and buying you lingerie.”

“Hahaha,” Meghan replied. “I don’t think so.” You obviously don’t know me so well.”

“Look here’s the deal, you know I am leaving Monday, and quite honestly I have been thinking of you non stop since we met. I know we haven’t been able to get together, but god dam I am so attracted to you. I want to bring that little body with me, have you there with me so I can look at you from time to time. So, I’m gonna take you over there, have you try on whatever you want and I’ll buy it for you. All I ask is that you take a few photos for me, so i can take them with me.”

“So let me get this straight.” You want me to go with you to Victoria Secret’s and try on lingerie for you and take photos of myself so you can jack off to them later?”


Meghan sat there in silence trying to process the information coming her way.  Finally she muttered, “I’ll think about it.” and put her nose in the menu. As she sat there thinking about the audacity of his question she noticed she was having a visceral response at the same time. Thoughts of how it would go down started running through her head. She imagined feeling the weight of his stare, feeling so vulnerable. She also thought about him masturbating to her image. Maybe she would never even see him again, but knowing that he was out there somewhere in the world jerking off to her image excited her, as if it gave her a sense of power over him forever.  No matter who he would end up with, Steve and her would always share a dirty little secret. By the end of the dinner she began to think maybe this could be fun.

“Check please,” said Steve with a smirk on his face.

“What now?”

“Oh you know exactly what now,” Steve said as they got up and made their way out the door.

Meghan remained quite. When they entered the mall she had a growing feeling in her stomach that reminded her of the time she lost her virginity. It was a pressure in her abdomen mixed with fear and excitement. Her heart began beating just a little faster and she found herself having stronger than normal reactions that would come from nowhere, she was getting nervous. Steve was becoming equally aroused feeling his cock beginning to become engorged with blood. He was trying his best to keep the image of Meghan in lingerie out of his mind but his efforts were futile. He was surprised that ‘maybe’ just ‘maybe’ this would go down, and he was trying to keep his dick down as well.

The scent of the Victoria Secret’s perfume were the first thing to hit them. They began to walk the store as if they were a couple that had been together a while and Steve thought this was a good sign.

“Hi,” welcome to Victoria’s Secret said a sales woman at the top of her voice.

The both returned a guilty glance and responded “hi,” almost in sync.

Steve went straight for the usual turn on’s for men, black thigh high stockings and garter belt with matching lace panties and bra.

“How did I know you were going to choose this?

“I gotta make sure I get you how I want you.”

“Oh my god I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said as she grabbed the clothing and made her way to the dressing room.

“Oh and here,” he said as he passed her his phone.

“Thanks!” she responded sarcastically.

Steve’s mind was going crazy as he waited outside. The thought of how she must look taking off her clothes and slipping her legs into those stocking drove him mad. His cock was now so erect it was almost painful. He hoped that none of the ladies who worked in the store could see it through his pants.  Looking around casually he noticed that all the sales clerks were very engaged and there was no one working the dressing room area. He also noticed that the dressing room door ran from ceiling to the ground offering a good degree of privacy. The next thought that ran through his mind would set in motion an experience he and Meghan would never forget.

“I should go in there.”

Meghan had just inched herself out of her black dress when Steve entered the room. She jumped at the sound of the door opening and the sight of him sneaking through the door made her heart pound faster than ever.


Shhhh, Steve said as he raised a finger to her mouth and gestured for her to remain quite.  Whispering he told her “I want to watch you try these on for me.”

Meghan didn’t know what to do, her mind stopped working in it’s normal way, she was in shock.  Steve turned her around to face the full length mirror and un hooked the back of her bra.

“Here, I’ll help you.” Then he pulled the straps over her shoulders and watched her bra fall to the floor.  Meghan moved to cover her breasts and he grabbed her hands forcing them behind her back. She felt how small she was in his presence and sensed his overwhelming power.

“Excitement ran through her body and in a whisper she responded, “okay.”

 Steve cracked a smile and stood back to watch her. She pulled her panties down and swapped them out with the black lace pair he had chosen for her. She followed with the bra, and then stockings. She could feel Steve’s stare all over her body, and the idea that she was making him so horny caused her to tingle with sexual energy. It ran just beneath her skin up and down her legs, through her abdomen and arms.

She looked at herself in the mirror and saw Steve gave her an animalistic look and begin to walk up behind her. She felt a breath on the back of her neck that sent goosebumps all throughout her body. He continued, running his hands up and down her arms and over her abdomen and down the back of her thighs. Her pussy started to throbbing and her heart beat faster. She looked in the mirror again and saw Steve’s head nestled in the back of her neck as he ran his large hands all over her body making her feel so small.

Steve cupped her breasts in his hands and she noticed the increased sensitivity in her nipples. For a split second she remembered where she was and just as she tried to say something he turned her around forcefully and kissed her and took her pussy in his hand. She realized how small her pussy felt in his hand and thoughts started to enter her mind about the size of what was in his pants. He continued, kissing her lips and rubbing her pussy. The satin material make for an easy glide as he ran his middle finger up and down the crevice of her fold.

Pushing her shoulders down toward the ground he made her assume a squat position in front of him. She found herself self staring at a large bulge in his pants.


“I’ve been waiting for this,” he said as he unzipped his pants.

She looked up at him and saw the same intensity they shared in his eyes. Her eyes slid back down over his body and landed once again on his cock. She reached up to feel it through his underwear and gauge his size. She used her whole hand and felt it’s thickness and length. She pulled his underwear down and his cock sprang out at her.

She grabbed it and stared at it intensely. She had never seen a cock this large before and definitely never had one this big in her mouth before.  She squeezed girth in her hand and was unsure if it would even fit. Stretching her mouth wide open she barley stuffed it in.  
The weight rest on her tongue from the front of her mouth to the back of her throat.

Her pussy began to soak through her panties and Steve bucked like a stallion horse trying not to cum in her mouth. She could taste the pre cum on her tongue and saw a strand of it mixed with her saliva as it glistened in the light, stretching from the head of his cock and meeting with her lips.

Stopping before he came, he pushed her over and onto her ass, spread her legs and pulled her panties down staring intensely at her beautiful pussy.  She could feel his stare and it sent a vulnerable feeling deep inside her.

Diving in he spread her folds with his tongue and worked it around until finding her clit. The feeling sent a shock of static electricity shooting through her pussy and sexual energy raced up and down her whole body. Her eyes opened, staring into the mirror watching Steve sucking and kissing her pussy like an animal eating its prey. The pressure in her pussy started to build as his tongue lightly danced on her clit, flickering, pushing it controlling it.

Her eyes closed hard as the feeling became too too much.. the build up was at the edge..... squirming she tried to stay quite but couldn’t help it... her orgasm was starting to happen, her stomach muscles tightened until they couldn’t tighten anymore, the energy raced along the top of her thighs....surfacing just below her skin and her toes curled in as her legs started to buck uncontrollably. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled in as she released herself in his mouth. Again and again taking in the whole experience, feeling his tongue sloshing around inside her and his mouth sucking her pussy lips. She drew a large gasp of air and let it out as her orgasm neared its end. Finally she could breath again.

Steve still had her in his mouth when she opened her eyes and stared again into the mirror. She saw in her reflection that she was lost behind glazed eyes, floating somewhere between here and there in a world of pleasure. Then suddenly, AGAIN... Steve started, sucking her pussy, making the build up of tension start all over, harder, faster, even more intense. She rans her hands up and down the carpet looking for something to grab and her legs began moving up and down out of control, her mind lost again in the tension and excitement. Her breathing stopped as she held back her last gasp of air in the back of her throat, the build up again was begining to overwhelm her, it was too much, she couldn’t hold back, then it came over her in waves again, her second orgasm. It rushed through her body taking over her mind body and spirit. His tongue giving her clit a pounding, up and down, side to side. It felt so good and she realized she’s never had multiple orgasms like this her life until that very moment. Her body convulsed like a girl possesed, and finally when her orgasm ended she lowered her hips onto the floor felt completely exhausted.  

She felt Steve lift his mouth from her pussy which was tingling with electricity. Then watched  as he grabbed his cock and started rubbing the head against her pussy lips. Sliding the head up and down her wet crevice she felt the girth slide against her hole and shuttered with nervous reaction. A thought of uncertainty ran across her mind as she realized that she had never been penetrated by a penis this big before.

Steve whispered in her ear, “It’s time I give you something to carry inside you.” Instantly she felt him push his hard cock inside her, penetrating her with a piercing pain that felt unbearable. She reacted squeezing her eyes shut as hard as she could and experienced a full range of pain and emotion. Finally, the pain began subside and she could feel Steve’s big cock pump in and out of her. She felt herself stretch to accommodate his large size as he buried himself deep inside her.

He pushed harder and harder deeper and deeper. She could feel he was getting ready to climax, then out of nowhere the tension in her pussy lit like a fire cracker and came back AGAIN!  Another orgasm built in her as she could feel the friction from his cock penetrating her, stretching her vaginal walls creating a heat and energy she can not contain.  This vaginal orgasm was something she never felt before, her abdominal muscles tensed up harder than before, and her pussy filled with a tension that took over her mind. She could feel him so deep inside her and saw he was going crazy on the verge of cumming... She couldn’t believe he was going to cum inside her...she tried to say something, but stopped surrendering to a primal force of nature that allowed it to happen... and then she felt him spilling in her, cumming inside her, pumping her... taking her....making her pussy his.... owning it.....the pressure inside her is was greater than ever and she felt a large groan that vibrated from the base of her spine all the way up her back and into her neck. The feeling in her pussy could only be described as a radiant, glowing sting that shot out from within.  She bucked her legs uncontrollably, feeling the intense sexual energy overtake her whole body in spasms. She opened her eyes with a glazed-over look, noticing she saw nothing, just lost in the moment, coming to terms with a new reality. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of orgasmic pleasures she closed her eyes and layed there exhausted.

Carefully putting his clothes back on Steve peeked his head through the dressing room door and down the narrow hallway the lead to the store’s lobby. He turned his head back to Megan, gave her a wink and said “all clear.” Meghan responded with a gasp with relief.

That Monday Steve took his marching orders and flew out to officer Candidate School just as he planned. He went on to enroll in the Navy Flight Program and accomplished his dream becoming a Navy Pilot.

Through the years the two stayed in contact through email and Facebook. Every couple of months sending each other quick hellos and flirty messages. In his last message he indicated to Meghan that he will be coming home for two weeks, adding that this time he wanted to take some pictures.


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