Forbidden Desire

Forbidden Desire

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


‘I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair. Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets. I want to eat your skin like a whole almond, I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, I want to eat the fleeting blades of your lashes, and I pace around hungry; sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart. - Pablo Neruda’


‘I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair. Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets. I want to eat your skin like a whole almond, I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, I want to eat the fleeting blades of your lashes, and I pace around hungry; sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart. - Pablo Neruda’


Submitted: March 18, 2016

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Submitted: March 18, 2016



Oh. Oh fuck.


There was a moment of silence that filled the women’s bathroom, before the sudden guttural moan echoed off of the cerulean walls; enclosing around the lovers with groans and whimpers that soon faded into heavy breaths, and loud thumping hearts. Hadley’s grip around Toryn’s neck loosened; arms falling just slightly as her half-naked body fell back into the mirror behind her. The cold surface of the black-and-white marble sink sent a shiver down her spine, and goosebumps up her arms. It felt great against her hot skin, which was covered in a thin sheen of sweat; those cobalt-coloured locks of strands of hers sticking to her forehead, and the sides of her flushed face.


Fuck. Did they just do that?


It seemed to hit her that they did. Her hazel eyes opened; lips parted with the heavy breaths that continued to fall from her lips, as her gaze settled upon the man that was still deep inside of her; still clutching her hips with a vice grip, as if not wanting to let her go. Toryn kept her close; those long, toned legs of hers still encircled around his waist like a damn snake clinging to it’s prey.




“Did we j-”




It was a realization that hit them both, and yet, here they were; entangled around each other like newfound lovers. Ick. Just the thought made Hadley grimace ever so slightly. Did she seriously just fuck her father’s enemy in hotel’s bathroom?


Yes. Yes she did, and dammit, was she in a shitload of trouble if he ever found out.


No. Scratch that;


If anyone found out.


“I- fuck, I need to clean up before my father comes looking for me.” Posture straightening, Hadley pressed a hand against Toryn’s chest; making a mental note that that would be the last time she would ever feel those rock-hard abs beneath her touch. No time to pout now, though. Disappointment didn’t look good on her. Not in front of the enemy. “Move.” It was a simple demand, soon followed with a sudden gasp as his member slipped from her sore slit; causing yet another shudder to ripple through her petite frame. Dammit.


“You could warn a girl, y’know,” Hadley spoke; that English accent of hers lacing every word that passed her lips as she pushed herself off of the sink; legs giving out for only a second, before Toryn’s arm wrapped around her thin waist to keep her from falling face first onto the floor. What a sight that would be.


“Didn’t think I had to,” he spoke; deep voice ringing in her ears as his breath caressed the side of her cheek. For a moment, Hadley deadpanned; ready to go another round with this man. Yet, the sound of knocking on the locked door brought her back from her daydream; widened eyes darting towards the bathroom door with a look of pure horror crossing her features.


“Hello? Is anyone in there?” That unfamiliar voice made Hadley exhale with relief, just as more knocks were pounded against the wood. “If you don’t answer, I will be unlocking this door in five seconds.”


“No, wait. I am almost finished,” Hadley called out; hoping the woman on the other side heard her as she rushed to pull her dress back on. It was elegant, yet simple as well. Black fabric clung to her frame in all the right places, with the hem ending within the middle of her thighs; accentuating her hips, and those luscious curves of hers. With a glance towards Toryn, she frowned; soon turning around with her back facing him, indicating she needed his help.


This was amusing to him. A sly grin crossed those soft lips of his as he stepped forward; the front of his still naked body pressed up against her, as his lips brushed against her ear. “I could easily take you again. Right here, right now,” Toryn murmured seductively; his hands moving over her broad hips, and across her flat stomach. One hand stayed there, while another…


Oh fuck. Not again.


Hadley felt her legs quiver as his hand dipped down between her legs; calloused fingers brushing over her sensitive clit in a teasing manner. “Toryn,” she whispered, almost breathlessly. How, in less than two hours, could this man get under her skin and make her feel things she has never felt before. “Please, I n-” Another gasp, before her teeth bit down on her lower lip to hide the moan that wanted to escape with the feeling of his middle finger suddenly slipping inside of her. A hand suddenly gripped his wrist; fingers pressing into his skin as he slowly… ever so fucking slowly… began to pump his finger.


“What was that?” He teased; nipping gently at her earlobe.


“Ma’am, is everything okay in there?” That woman’s voice spoke; interrupting this very hot moment that Hadley was on the edge of falling for again.


“Everything is fine. Just a-” A pause, and a breath was taken in as Toryn slipped another finger inside of her soaking wet slit. “I’m sorry, I’m just… I’m feeling sick. Bad lobster, I guess.” Right, because that was believable. Her grip on Toryn’s wrist only tightened as he pushed her forward and into the edge of the sink; keeping her pinned there as he continued to pump his fingers knuckle-deep inside of her.


“Alright. I will let you be, miss.”


Thank god.


“Nice excuse,” Toryn spoke after a moment of silence; grinning in amusement at Hadley’s words. “Buys us enough time for another round.”


A groan escaped her lips as his fingers continued their leisurely pace; keeping her on the brink of pleasure. “I hate you.”


“I know you do.” He couldn’t help the slightly breathless chuckle that emitted from his throat, and vibrated against the side of Hadley’s neck. “And yet here we are, escaping a party your father had thrown just to fuck ruthlessly inside of this bathroom.” His voice grew deeper; words sounding like a damned melody to her ears. “My fingers… deep inside of you,” Toryn continued, pausing only to place a feather-like kiss against her skin; right beneath her ear. “Slowly pumping inside of you… and curling to hit all the right spots.”


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Hadley couldn’t help but give in; those dirty words of his only arousing her more and more. Her walls clenched around his digits as her body leaned over just slightly; hands now resting flat atop the sink’s counter. “Fuck me.”


Fuck you, or finger fuck you?” Toryn questioned; his fingers never faltering inside of her hot channel. He was growing hard again; his member like a damned steel pole against her back, which she could feel due to the fact he didn’t fucking zip her dress up. Damn bastard was going to get revenge, sooner, or later. Probably later. When he least expects it.


“Dammit, Toryn. Fucking fuck me already.” It wasn’t just the words that had gotten to him, but the fact Hadley had suddenly pushed back against him; her ass now against his member. And oh no, she didn’t stop there. The little minx began to grind back against him; causing a growl to emit from his lips.


There wasn’t a moment that passed before Toryn suddenly bent her over the counter; her hands splayed out before her to keep her from going into the mirror face-first. Her hazel eyes opened to watch his face contort from amusement, to full-blown lust and pleasure as he suddenly entered her slit from behind; causing her lips to part with yet another moan, with her hot breath fogging the mirror as her eyes drew closed once more. “Oh god.”


“This is what you wanted, right? Me inside of you?” He spoke; suddenly grabbing hold of her hips with that vice grip of his as he began to thrust inside of her. It wasn’t slow and passionate. Oh hell no. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh began to fill the air as he gradually began to speed up his pace; his hard length pumping so deeply inside of her, and forcing more moans from her lips.


“Yes, d-don’t… stop.” If he did, there would sure be hell to pay.


“I won’t, baby.”


They both knew they wouldn’t last long. Not this time. With every thrust, every moan, every growl, and every goddamned pull against him, Hadley knew she was close; right on the edge of pure, euphoric bliss once more. And Toryn wasn’t too far behind. His fingers were pressing into her hips; surely leaving bruises for her, to remind her of this night. This forbidden occurrence. And god, did it feel so good.


If her father ever found out, he would have her head on a stick for sure.


Forcing herself back against him, another growl had fallen from the man’s lips as he thrusted one last time inside of her; sending his member deep into her slit as the both of them hit their peak. Hadley’s body shook with the impact her orgasm had on her, and if it weren’t for Toryn keeping a firm grip on her, she would have surely fallen to the cold, tiled floor. Her body slumped forward; face now buried within the crook of her arm, as Toryn fell forward as well; the front of his muscled body flat against her back.


Hadley would be lying if she said this round wasn’t better than the first. Holy fuck.


Once again, heavy breaths filled the air; their bodies now completely exhausted from the extracurricular activity that had drained them of any energy they had left. Instead of heading back to the party, Hadley wanted to head home to shower, and sleep the night away; no doubt waking in the morning with sore muscles, and lacking the ability to walk straight. What had happened tonight was surely going to take it’s toll on her. Yet, she couldn’t. Tonight was important, and now the guilt was hitting her like a damned freight train.


“I… think we should go.” Hadley attempted again, hoping this time Toryn would get the hint. Seems like he did, because he stood willingly; once against slipping out of her slit without a warning, before moving to grab his black trousers off of the bathroom floor.


“We should do this again,” he stated; glancing towards Hadley to witness the reaction that would cross her beautiful features.


She just sent him a quizzical look; wondering if he was too tired to think before speaking, or if he was just insane. Probably both.


“You do realize what we just did, right?” Once again, Hadley lifted her dress; pulling the spaghetti straps up over her shoulders, and tugging the hem down over her thighs to hide the evidence of their sex-escapade. “Also, can you zip my dress this time without attempting for a third round?”


“One, that second round was a blast. No pun intended. And two, what do you mean do I realize what we just did? I just had my dick inside of you, Hads. It’s what people call sex nowadays. Y’know, intercourse. Pene-”


“I’m gonna stop you right there before I smack you,” Hadley stated; holding a hand up to stop him, before turning to allow him to zip up her dress. Fortunately for the both of them, he did; the sound piercing the air around them, before she spoke. “I’m just saying that this was probably a once in a lifetime kind of thing.”


“So a one-night stand?” Toryn asked; now raising an eyebrow at her as Hadley turned to face him, soon leaning back against the sink for support as she slipped her heels back on.


All Hadley could do was shrug. “I guess so, yes.”


Toryn nodded; understanding completely, and yet, he couldn’t hide the slight amount of disappointment that flickered across his stubbled features. He tried hiding it by pulling his white, button-up shirt back on, and hopefully, he did. The last thing he wanted Hadley to see was the man underneath the man she despised. Loathed, even. All due to her father’s misjudgements upon his family, and him, too.


“Then I’m glad to have been able to be your toy for the night,” he stated; trying hard to hide the distaste within his voice, but it was hard. Her words had hit him; had dug under his skin like a penetrating needle.


His comment had gotten a reaction though; her hazel eyes studying him with parted lips. “I- Toryn, that’s not what I m-.”


“No, I get it,” he interrupted, while shrugging on the suit jacket that went along with his trousers. “I was a simple fuck to you.”


Now that made Hadley frown. “All I said was that this would be the last time we-”


“Would fuck. Yes, I know.”


“Can you stop interrupting me, and let me explain?” She snapped suddenly, before exhaling slowly to calm her nerves a bit. Dammit, Hads. Anger management should be on your priority list, just like papa said. “Look, you know how my father can be. If he ever found out, we would both be dead.”


“Because you’re fucking the enemy, right?” Toryn question; azure eyes now locking onto hazel ones. “I’m the enemy because I’m the son of your father’s greatest nightmare, right?”


“Your father is competition, Toryn, and my father has forbid me to ever get involved with such things.”


“Bull-fucking-shit, Hadley,” he spoke through gritted teeth. “You’re here, at one of his stupid convention parties.”


“Because it’s important for me to be here.” Her voice was raising now; arms now crossing over her chest, which accentuated those breasts of hers. Toryn would be damned if he stole a glance at them.


“Why? So daddy’s girl can get around, and fuck men in the bathroom?”


Oh. Oh no he fucking didn’t. The next sound wasn’t a voice, but it was a sudden slap as Hadley’s palm came in contact with his cheek. It had taken the towering male by surprise; a hand lifting to brush his fingers against the now reddening skin, as he looked towards the petite woman in pure rage, and shock.


They stared at each other; furious, and breathing heavy once more with the adrenaline that coursed through their veins. For a moment, Toryn saw the vulnerability within her eyes; watched as the hurt flickered across her features, before she walked past him in a flit of anger. That was, until he grabbed her upper arm; pulling her back. He didn’t think before acting, but what he saw next, was something he had never seen before.




Hadley spun on her heel like a damned tornado; yanking her arm from Toryn’s grasp as her eyes met his. “Don’t ever fucking touch me, or come near me again.” Her words were laced with that heavy accent; adding to the harshness, and pain that consumed her entire being as she stormed over to the door and unlocked it, only to walk out with it slamming behind her.


With a heavy sigh, Toryn leaned back against the counter; gripping the edge white-knuckle hard as his jaw tensed. Well. He surely fucked up.



It had been three weeks since that night, and ever since, her thoughts had been consumed with Toryn. His crooked smile, his deep-ocean eyes. It was as if she could feel his touch; could feel his lips against her skin, and his fingertips brushing over every crevice, dip, and curve of her anatomy; as if he were studying her inside, and out. Thing was, it would end with her waking up, feeling hot and aroused. More than she’s ever felt before.


It was like an addiction. Hadley couldn’t get the damned idiot off of her mind, all because of that one night of forbidden lust. And damn, did she fucking loathe him for that. For taking her in such a way. For making her feel such emotions. For saying those awful words to her. It was her doing, really. Her fault. She used him as a leeway to get away from her deceased mother’s convention. To get away from the annual memorial that took place every Spring. He was oblivious to that, and yet, what he had said had haunted her ever since. Not because it was true. Oh, no. Definitely not. The last man Hadley has ever been intimate with was her abusive ex-boyfriend Linkan, until that was ended with a lawsuit, and a restraining order written out, conceived, and mandated specifically to keep that man away from her. That was two years ago. Two years of non-sexual fun, until…


Toryn. The enemy. The forbidden fruit. Fuck, she sinned. She sinned so goddamn bad, it wasn’t even funny. And now? Now it was tearing her apart; eating her from the inside, out. All she wanted was to see his face again. To feel his hands upon her skin, and to hear his voice.


God, his voice. It was like a fucking angelic melody.


“Hadley,” a woman’s voice spoke; pulling the English woman out of her reverie. “Earth to Hads.” A snap of the fingers, and there she was; hazel hues now averting away from the files in her hands as she glanced up at her best friend Rayne. “Where the hell were you? You seemed to have spaced out.”


Hadley cleared her throat; embarrassment encasing her as she turned in her swivel chair to straighten the files in her hands, before laying them flat upon her mahogany desk. “I’m fine. Just a lot on my mind. Is something up?”


A frown crossed Rayne’s lips. Yeah, she didn’t buy it, but she wasn’t going to press the woman, either. Personal conversations were better left for late-night hangouts, with take-out and wine. “A package was sent here. They wanted to deliver it to you personally, but Markus wouldn’t have it. So here.”


An average sized box was thrusted into her hands. “Do you know from who?”


Rayne shrugged her shoulders. “I didn’t get to see ‘im. All I know was it was a male.”


Hadley felt her stomach flip. No. It couldn’t be. Three weeks with no contact. Doubtful! And yet, there she was; grabbing a pair of scissors off her desk, and tearing away at the box like a little kid on Christmas morning. Get a grip, Hads. Rayne watched; curious to see what was inside from the English woman’s secret-admirer; quietly sipping at her mug of hot coffee. With it going on five in the afternoon, anymore coffee, and Rayne would surely be up until midnight.


Finally, the box was opened, and Hadley reached inside; pulling out yet another box, yet it was much prettier than the brown cardboard. In fact, it was a red velvet; soft to the touch, and elegant enough to capture the attention of both women.


“Who’s it from?” Rayne questioned; now grabbing the discarded cardboard box that had been carelessly placed onto the desk. “There’s a card, Hads.”


No response. Her entire focus was on the piece of jewelry within the velvet box. A diamond necklace nestled within; glistening underneath the ceiling lights above. Hadley held in a breath; not knowing what to think at this very moment.


“Oh. Oh wow.”


Those words snapped the woman out of her daze; hazel eyes looking up to see what Rayne had been reading. Oh shit. Instantly, Hadley was up out of her seat; ripping the note out of her colleague’s hand with a fervour.



‘I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair. Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets. I want to eat your skin like a whole almond, I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, I want to eat the fleeting blades of your lashes, and I pace around hungry; sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart. - Pablo Neruda’


I want to see you. Tonight. Once the sun goes down, meet me at the hotel. Don’t be there no later than eight, or I will send someone to come get you. You know what hotel I am talking about.



“Sounds like someone has a stalker who wants to eat their heart out of their chest,” Rayne stated; words followed by the sip of coffee as her doe-eyes watched Hadley curiously. “Who is it?”


“Someone.” Was all Hadley said as she moved; throwing everything back into that cardboard box, before grabbing her purse off of the table.


“Oh, c’mon, Hads. You need to give me more than that,” the woman prompted; hoping to get a little bit of information out of Hadley. “At least his name. Give me his name, and I’ll stop.”


A heavy sigh filled the air as Hadley turned; now looking at Rayne with a frown. “Promise me you won’t judge, nor will you tell anyone else.”


“Cross my heart, and hope to die.”


Hadley chewed on the inside of her bottom lip; contemplating it, before finally, she spoke. “It’s Toryn.”


Well. If the pure shock wasn’t enough, the sudden very loud gasp was. “You mean Toryn Grynolds?”


A nod was given.


“Jesus Christ, Hads. Are you trying to get yourself murdered here?”


“Well jeez, thanks,” Hadley mumbled; now running a hand through her hair as she took a step back. Way to make a woman feel guilty, right?


“Look, all I’m saying is to be careful, alright? If your father ever found out, you would be in a shit ton of trouble. Not only with him, but with the company as well. Imagine if Markus found out. You could potentially be fired with fucking around with the enemy.”


“Don’t you think I know that?” Hadley spoke; annoyed, really. “It was one night of meaningless sex, alright?”


Rayne couldn’t help but scoff a little. “With that little note, I doubt it was meaningless, darling. He is obviously thinking about you, and that necklace? That’s not just a meaningless gesture, Hadley. And with the way you’re all flushed and out of whack right now? I can tell you want to see him, too.”


Fuck, she was right. Hadley knew that well enough. She felt defeated, confused, and not sure what to do right now. It was tearing her apart.


“Go see him, alright? It’ll help you figure these feelings out. In the meantime, I’ll cover for you. Whatever you need, and I got your back.” An empathetic smile was flashed Hadley’s way.


“Thanks, Rayne. I owe you big time on this,” Hadley stated. “I’ll call later with details,” the woman spoke over her shoulder as she passed Rayne.


A snort could be heard coming from the blonde. “Don’t worry about it. Tomorrow night, pizza and wine is on me.”



The last time Hadley felt this nervous, was when she was being interviewed for an Editorial position. It was before her father had taken over the company - despite Hadley’s dismay - where getting the job was her last hope at having a future in Journalism. Her hands were clammy and shaking nervously, and her self-esteem was sky rocketing through the roof; to the point that she constantly had to check her hair, make-up, and change five times before settling on a professional-looking suit.


Tonight wasn’t any different. Hadley sat in her car; leg bouncing up and down as her fingers played nervously with the hem of her dress. Her eyes never left the hotel that was before her; awaiting for her arrival. Those eyes of hers, though, soon glanced towards the clock, which read that it was 7:57pm. Three more minutes before the wolves would be sent out to find her.


Inhaling deeply, Hadley grabbed her purse; soon opening the door of her pretty little black mustang, before slamming it shut behind her.


It was now, or never.


Her heels clicked against the cement, growing more audible as she approached the swinging glass doors of the hotel. It was an expensive one; five star, with a restaurant, a bar, and four stories high with a humongous inground pool on the top floor. Room service, bell-boys, concerts, and even a casino connected to it on the far side, as well. It was rather extravagant, to say the least.


Making her way over to the front desk, Hadley stood there; awaiting her turn, before suddenly being grabbed by the arm, and whisked away. It took her a moment to grasp her bearings, before hazel eyes glanced up to recognize that familiar clean-shaven face that had been haunting her dreams since that night three weeks ago.




Her words were suddenly cut off as she was pushed into the nearest wall that hid them from plain view; an oomph sound coming from her from the sudden impact, before his lips were crashing against hers. Instantly, Hadley felt her breath being stolen away from her. Her purse was dropped onto the floor as her hands gripped the front of his suit jacket; pulling Toryn against her as the heated kiss continued.


Sadly, it ended too soon, though. His lips parted from hers; their breath mingling as one as they stood there, basking in the moment of undeniable passion. Holy fuck.


“I missed that,” he murmured; still catching his breath from the rather passionate kiss they had just shared.


A ghost of a smile crossed Hadley’s lips with his words as her head tilted back just slightly; eyes opening to look up into his. “From what I read, you have been ‘craving my lips’.” A reference to the note he had given her with that diamond necklace.


Yet, a look of disgust and embarrassment flitted across his features. “My partner made me put that. Said it would ‘create more romance and heated passion’ between the two of us,” Toryn stated.


“Sounds like your partner is a bit of a hopeless-romantic.”


Now that made Toryn grin in amusement. “Nothing wrong with a bit of romance.” Hadley wasn’t given the chance to respond before his lips were against hers again, and his hands were gripping her waist; pulling her body flush against his. Fuck, he missed her. How could one night mean so much?


This time, the kiss lasted a tad bit longer; their lips moving in sync as their tongues danced. Hadley slid her hands upwards over the sides of his neck, and into the soft tendrils of his dark hair. They curled around the strands, as the kiss parted, and his lips began a trail of feather-like kisses along the side of her jaw; causing Hadley to lean her head back against the wall with a minuscule moan passing her lips.


“Join me,” Toryn murmured against her neck; that hot, minty breath of his causing goosebumps to form along her skin. “For dinner, and a drink, before I ravish you in a room I had gotten for the two of us tonight.”


Hadley knew it. She knew she was falling hard. Falling for the enemy. But she couldn’t resist; couldn’t contain herself. All she could do was nod her head; agreeing to drinks and dinner, and a night of euphoria and pleasure. Fuck, this was what she needed. Away from her controlling father, nosy best friend, and her ignorant boss. Away from the rest of the world.


He was her getaway.



Two hours was all it took for the two of them to flirt, speak about their lives, and get to know one another before they headed up the elevator and into the hallway that lead towards the room he had gotten for the night. With the three cocktails that she had downed, Hadley felt a tad bit tipsy; but overall, not too drunk to not be able to control her actions. In fact, there would be no control tonight. For either of them.


That sexual tension between the two of them was suffocating. Enough to cause the two of them to stay as far away from each other in the elevator, before they exited and headed down the empty hallway.


“Could you be any slower?” Hadley commented; watching as he fumbled with the key, with a smirk of amusement on her lips.


“Someone is impatient to have me inside of them,” the man shot back; flashing her a grin as her smirk faded from her lips with his teasing words. Soon enough, the door was pushed open, and they entered.


Thing was, Hadley didn’t even get the chance to look around the room before the door was closed, her purse was ripped from her hand and tossed onto the floor, and her body was pushed up against it with her hands pinned above her head. “Jesus, T-” Her words faded into a sudden gasp as he leaned in; crashing those soft lips of his against her own. His body was now flush against his, giving her no doubt that he was just as aroused as she was due to the erection she felt against her lower stomach.


Oh fuck.


Her arms struggled against his hold, but to no avail. Toryn kept them pinned above her head; his body against hers, and teeth nipping at her bottom lip every so often before continuing the rough kiss. Revenge was what she needed. Hadley took it upon herself to push against him; lifting herself up on her tip-toes, and slowly grinding the front of her body against his trousers. The growl that emitted from his throat was proof that she was getting to him; getting under his skin, just like he had done to her that night in the bathroom.


“I want you,” Hadley breathed out; practically begging at the moment. His lips crashed against hers once more as a hand snaked down between them; one hand still keeping both of hers pinned above her head, as his free one began to work on his belt. Effortlessly, as if he had done it many times before, he had gotten it undone; pulling it out of the loops, and tossing it to the side, before working on his button and zipper. No time was spared before he pushed his trousers and boxers down, just enough to expose his hard member.


Now,” Hadley begged; once against pushing herself against him. Toryn didn’t waste another moment as he pulled the hem of her dress up around her waist, pushed her underwear to the side, and entered her.


A strangled moan escaped her lips as his entire eight inches slid into her slit; causing her walls to tighten and constrict around it the further he pushed himself inside of her. He kept her arms pinned, keeping her immobile against that door as he slowly eased his member out of her; just enough where the head teased her entrance.


“How do you want?” Toryn breathed hotly against her lips, before opening his eyes to look at her.


As if she could feel him staring at her, Hadley opened her own; her gaze staring into his as he teased her entrance in a way that made her crave him even more. “Don’t tease me, Toryn.”


A grin crossed his lips now. “But I love teasing you. The way it affects you… fuck, it’s so hot,” he murmured; biting down on her bottom lip, and pulling on it gently before releasing it.


“Please,” Hadley whispered; her tongue flicking out over her bottom lip. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard, and rough like that night in the bathroom. Dammit, Toryn. Fuck me like you hate me.”


That must have done it, before the moment she was finished with her words, a very loud moan escaped her lips; head falling back against the wall as he forced his member so deep inside of her, it caused a flicker of pain to cross her features. That was, until he began to thrust inside of her. Just like that night, it wasn’t slow. Nor was it passionate this time. He literally fucked her like he hated her; his hips slamming against her own, causing not only moans to escape, but screams as well.


This. This was how she liked it.


As he fucked her up against that door, his head dipped down; teeth biting into her neck. Not enough to break skin, but enough to mark her; to mark her as his. How was she going to hide that? Who knows. That was the last thing on her mind right now.


“Fuck! Don’t… stop…” Hadley practically screamed. Suddenly, her arms were set free; body falling forward with her arms wrapping tightly around his neck to keep her body propped up against his. Toryn, on the other hand, grabbed the underside of her thighs; lifting her, and wrapping her legs around his waist as he pinned her against the door. His thrusts never faltered. His member continuously slammed inside of her; pushing her closer, and closer to the edge.


And fuck, she was close. So goddamn close.


“So....close…” Hadley breathed out, soon biting down on her bottom lip to mask her moans that so badly wanted to break free.


Toryn’s groans, heavy breaths, and tight grip on her thighs as he fucked her was enough to get her closer to the edge. Until he spoke, of course. A growl, and the words “cum, Hadley”, was her undoing.


Her thighs clenched around his waist as that orgasm tore through her; her face now being buried within his chest to hide her screams of pleasure.


“That’s it, baby girl,” Toryn murmured; his thrusts slowing as she hit her climax. “Just like that.”


His voice made her quiver; her arms tight around his neck, especially as he managed to kick his trousers and boxers off fully, and pulled her away from the door, only to head over towards the bed. Toryn sat down on the edge of it; Hadley straddling his thighs with his member still buried inside of her. He took the opportunity to undo his suit jacket; shrugging it off, and tossing it to the side.


Hadley, of course, took charge then. Still catching her breath as her fingers worked on the buttons of his white dress shirt; opening each one with a quick fervour. Yet, she also took this moment of control to tease him; the slow back and forth motion of her hips gaining a sudden groan from Toryn. An innocent smile was flashed towards him, but Hadley knew for a fact he knew what she was doing. Revenge was a bitch, wasn’t it?


“You’re evil, you know that right?” Toryn questioned; a hand lifting to tuck a rogue strand of her hair behind her ear, while the other hand gripped her waist. “Keep doing that, and I won’t hesitate flipping you onto your back.”


A playful grin exposed itself upon her lips as she cocked her head to the side a bit. “Problem with me having control?” Even as she spoke, her hips never faltered their tantalizingly slow pace.


“This night is about you, Hads. About me pleasuring you,” he stated. His jaw tensed now as that slow pace continued on. Fuck, she felt so good. So hot. So tight. It took all his control to not flip her over and fuck her like he had just minutes ago.


Maybe I want to pleasure you, though,” Hadley murmured; that English accent rolling off her tongue so seductively as her hips rolled in a circular motion.


Dammit. A growl erupted from his throat as Toryn wrapped an arm around her waist; suddenly flipping her over onto her back, with his body now hovering over hers. “How about you just lay back, and relax,” he stated; planting a chaste kiss against her lips, before tugging her dress down so it was bunched around her waist. This gave him the opportunity to lean down and place a hot kiss above her breasts, as his hands pulled that strapless bra down beneath them. Hungry for her taste, he took a nipple into his mouth; tongue flicking the nub.


Her reaction was all he needed. A moan filled the air as he teased her breasts, before slowly… he began his trail down the middle of her stomach; lips pressed against the flatness of her abdomen. Lower, and lower Toryn went; soon spreading her thighs, and placing a kiss above her sensitive clit.


“This… I can do,” she whispered; eyes closing with a sudden gasp as he flicked his tongue over her clit; causing a shudder of pleasure to course through her.

Toryn didn’t stop. In fact, he continued to pleasure her; continued to ravish her throughout the night. Of course, she returned the favour; their desire for one another a never ending, irresistible wanting for each other’s touch, lips, and body. Who knows. This could possibly continue. Of course, without her father knowing, or her boss. This would be there own little secret; a getaway from the real world with forbidden desire.

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