Status: In Progress

Genre: Thrillers


Status: In Progress

Genre: Thrillers


An erotic vampire thriller based around some classic themes.


An erotic vampire thriller based around some classic themes.

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Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 12, 2017



Novel by Ethan
Cover Art by Ethan


The NSA ignored them.

The Department of Homeland Security labeled them a virus and a prank.

The members of Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media outlets delighted in them as a joke, passing them around from person to person, reblogging, posting, emailing. Many concluded that it was some sort of publicity stunt by one of the major networks to advertise an upcoming TV series.

And since the warnings had been so specific, they resulted in a sellout crowd at Camden Yards for a baseball game in which the Baltimore Orioles hosted the New York Yankees, a game already scheduled for National TV in the hotly contested American League East at the end of September.

47,971 fans were present that night. Many were carrying signs that said, “Bite Me!” Many were dressed early for Halloween, dressed as vampires. And many of the home town fans were wearing brand new bright orange t-shirts that read, “I’m O Positive!”

The real Vampires came at the end of the eighth inning. Baltimore had just scored and was up by two runs, hoping to clinch the division. The fans were ecstatic and hungry for the win, standing on their feet shouting, “Os, Os, Os, Os!”

Hardly anyone noticed the screams down the left field line; and for most of them, by the time they did notice, it was too late.

Fifty vampires, only fifty, slaughtered 34,273 people in less than thirty minutes, while the other thirteen, nearly fourteen thousand people, ran screaming and begging for their lives.  They trampled another 73 people to death in their frantic efforts to escape.
The next day was total confusion. The news media called it the greatest act of domestic terrorist attack in United States History. Surely it was that.  But despite the evidence of their own cameras and the surviving witnesses, they could not agree that it had been actual vampires. Many claimed that there was some sort of hallucinogenic gas involved. Others said the deaths were caused by guns and knives, not claws and fangs. Still others said that it was part of some elaborate hoax, and we’d all have a good laugh when it was revealed the next day.

The President declared a state of national emergency. He and his cabinet retreated to a bunker along with the joint chiefs of staff. Top military advisors were called. Congress convened an emergency session. Martial law was declared in the greater Baltimore area and FEMA descended on the city with Urban Search and Rescue Teams, National Disaster Medical Assistance Teams and all their best experts, both military and civilian, to analyze and respond to the situation.

It was a mistake, a very predictable mistake. By the next morning the president and all who were with him were dead. Congress, which had been in session after sunset, was mercilessly slaughtered with only a couple of strays surviving. The Pentagon was also hit; and all of the military and civilian responders to the Baltimore attack were systematically destroyed.

Two hours after sunrise not even the most skeptical were in denial. And that’s when reports started filtering in from around the globe: Montreal, Mexico City, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Berlin, Rome, Paris, London, Brasilia, Caracas and more. All had been hit and untold thousands upon thousands were dead.

When the third Sunset came, people were staying at home, hunkered down, watching the news. The Vice President, now the President, was sealed in the nuclear bunker in Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station close to Colorado Springs. He was pouring over data with his remaining advisors, trying to identify the enemy and formulate an effective military response.

One Vampire showed up at the entrance to Cheyenne Mountain, an ancient one. Later video footage, showed that he hardly did anything personally. He simply looked at the security forces, enthralled them somehow and turned them against the rest. Other’s he used to open secure sections of the station. And by the next morning, the Vice President and all personal in the Station were dead.

Cheyenne Mountain wasn’t the only place. Key military installations across the country were likewise infiltrated and decimated. The headline on the New York Times the following day read, “WORLD WAR III - THE VAMPIRE WAR.”

Initially, there was panic around the globe.  The United Nations was called upon to coordinate an international response to the aggression against humanity, but in the weeks that followed, their efforts proved futile. The vampires moved so quickly they were but a blur. They were so strong they could lift small vehicles with ease and shred steels doors. They could enthrall and charm military and police forces with hardly any effort at all, turning them against their friends.

Conventional weapons other than fire seemed to have no effect, though wooden weapons and wooden bullets did kill them, proving that at least that portion of the legends was true. Unfortunately, they moved so quickly and were so crafty, the only way for people to hit them seemed to be by blind luck.

Numbers for the Vampires, though, seemed to be their weakness. Command and control was systematically removed to be sure, but most of the cities and areas of the nations remained effectively untouched by the war. Pundits began saying that the Vampires had made a gross error in revealing themselves after millennia of quiet existence and that eventually, even if only by blind luck, humanity would overcome their small numbers . And soon, they declared, someone would discover where and how they went to ground every night and that would be the end of them.

Indeed, “hunting gangs” were soon formed all over the nation, scouring the cities and country sides trying to find where they disappeared to during the daylight so they could be killed. Others invested themselves in trying to discover and disrupt the vampire’s obvious communication network, to take out their command and control. All of these efforts proved fruitless, but people had great hope in them and knew there would be a breakthrough soon. That is, they had hope until the vampires launched phase two of their plan.

Towards the end of December, people began to go missing. A woman would disappear from her backyard, where she’d stepped out to call the dog only a moment before. A police officer would fail to report in for his routine check. An ambulance driver answering a 911 emergency would vanish, while the other responders would be found dead. A rash of missing persons began sweeping the country, and then ... they would returned ... deadly, merciless, blood crazed beyond all reason. The woman, who two days ago loved and adored her husband and children would enter the home and kill them without hesitation or remorse. The police officer would literally rip his former friends and coworkers to shreds. The ambulance driver would return to the hospital at night and leave none alive by morning. Vampire ranks began swelling.

People started hiding in homes at night and building Vampire bunkers all across the United States and other nations. They used precious daylight hours to hide and make themselves as secure as possible. Hope began to dwindle as more and more missing persons were reported. And as of yet, the vampires had not even made any demands. They had, in fact, said nothing since the warnings given the previous September.

Then in early March there was a night without violence, the first night in six months, no violence and no vampire activity of any kind. There was a brief stirring of hope. Then the next night there was an announcement. Emiliano Vargas of Spain appeared on broadcasts across the world, claiming to be the spokesman for the “International Vampire Council.” His announcement was brief, insulting and to the point:

“Blood cattle of the earth, your institutions mean nothing to us. Your governments mean nothing to us. Your homes, your so-called rights and freedoms, your personal property, mean nothing to us. You are food.

“In the weeks and months to follow your regional authorities will give you instructions on where to report each night for labor and breeding assignments. Those who obey will be allowed to live. Those who disobey will be summarily killed.”

Within twenty minutes the new President of the United States, the former governor of Maryland, recently elected in a landslide vote, was on all televisions and radio stations. He had, in fact, spent every night from sunset to sunrise for the last few months in the air, leading the country from Air Force One. He said, “We are not livestock and we will not capitulate to these fiends. We will wage this war and we will overcome!”

This sentiment was immediately echoed by other world leaders and the majority of humanity. But in the nightly terror that followed over the next few months, terror that struck everywhere from the largest cities to the smallest little farming towns, public opinion became divided. There were, after all, no real breakthroughs in fighting the vampires other than the occasional lucky kill. And their numbers kept growing, while the morning casualty lists in every nation and among all levels of society grew more and more sobering.

It was then, in that hour of fear and hopelessness, that Ahiga Chee, an elderly Navajo from the Four Corners, came forward and offered his services to the people of the earth. At first, nobody paid any attention to him when he showed up at the local news station, but they quickly changed their tune when he transformed himself into a large and terrifying wolf.

Because of the public transformation, Chee achieved international fame and recognition in the space of about two hours. A kindly old man, he said that he was the leader of a group known as “The Clave,” the governing body of all lycanthropic species hidden among humanity. He also said that the Clave had been closely monitoring the Vampire War and were ready to intervene on behalf of humanity.  He said that they could effectively hunt and kill the vampires, especially the newly turned. “All we ask for in return,” Ahigo Chee said, “Is your acceptance.”

The reporters present asked a lot of questions:

“How many lycanthropes are there?”

“Not many Chee said. But perhaps more than you think. There are approximately fifty thousand adult lycanthropes of various species, on a planet of nearly billion souls. Vampire and Lycan numbers have always been small, both societies very secret. But the recent aggression and turning of a large number of people into vampires is forcing the Clave’s hand. We have chosen to reveal ourselves and offer our help. If the vampires are allowed to continue, they will overrun us and subjugate all mankind.”

“How will you kill them?”

“We are as fast as they are,” Chee smiled. “Nearly as strong, and our venom is deadly to them. What can transform a normal person, destroys their undying flesh. It only takes ... a little nip. Moreover, we are immune to their powers. Vampires are the natural predators of humanity. But we are the natural predators of vampires.”

“Aren’t werewolves ...,”

“Lycanthropes,” Chee interrupted. “We are more than wolves.”

“Aren’t ... lycanthropes, ravening monsters, slaves to the moon and deadly to humans, or is that just myth?”

“Sadly, it is not a myth,” Chee said. “Those, who are bitten and survive an attack and initial transformation, are slaves to the moon and do not possess their human mind during their change. For them lycanthropy is truly a curse, though they are still fast, strong, able to hunt and immune to vampires even in their human form.”

“Those who are born lycans, however, like myself, they have full control over their transformations and retain their minds during the change.” And to prove this fact Chee transformed himself partially into a vicious looking man-wolf and then ... back again.

The reporters swallowed, several shaking in fear as he gave them a winsome smile.

“Even if ... if it is a curse. If those who are bitten are immune to Vampires?” another reporter asked. “Can we fight the Vampire war by ... by being bitten and becoming what you are?”

“You want to be what I am?” Chee asked, looking thoughtfully at the reporter.

“We know those turned to vampires retain no humanity, no love,” he answered. “Mothers who have been turned come back and murder even their own babes. They’re soulless fiends, but you are obviously ... different.”

“Whether vampires are truly soulless or not has been debated by our kind for hundreds if not thousands of years,” Chee responded, “But in answer to your question, less than one in twenty of those bitten survive their first transformation and almost never does one survive who isn’t in perfect health prior to the change. For those that do live, the monthly pain is almost unbearable. No, I do not think many will be eager to volunteer once they know these risks. And this is another reason why humanity must embrace the Clave now, while there is still time.”

For almost an hour, other questions were asked. Ahiga Chee answered them all with patient grace. Then finally a reporter said, “Why should we trust you? Why should we turn to one set of monsters in order to fight another?

Chee smiled at him and said, “Because I can live happily on cheeseburgers and fries. But Vampires need your blood.”

The interview went Viral. Within forty-eight hours, it had been translated into dozens of languages and transmitted to every corner of the planet. “Cheeseburgers or blood?” was the clarion cry of social media for several weeks; and Chee was soon meeting with the United Nations, the President, and the new Congress.

The debate in various nations was short. Lycanthropes, both natural born and survivors of attacks, appeared and became deputized Vampire Executioners. In the United States, Congress quickly passed a series of laws giving qualified born lycanthropes special police powers. States were encouraged to bolster national guard and police forces with bitten lycanthropes. Entire new branches of medical research were funded overnight to study lyconthrope fertility, venom reproduction and transformation mortality rates.

Within another six months the tide of the war had turned. Within a year the vampiric power structure seemed to be crumbling.  A high point was reached, when Emiliano Vargas’ head was unceremoniously deposited on the steps of a Madrid courthouse by a werejackel, who instantly became a Spanish national hero. Within two years, life in most places had returned almost completely to normal. And with the exception of the occasional terrorist strike by scattered vampires, most thought the war was truly over and won ...


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