Chapter 5 Chapter 5

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Tara and Peter team up enter a contest for prize money and travel to all 50 state capitols and take nude female photographs. Along the way they have competition and develop into good friends and teammates. Join them as they take on the generation gap between them and follow romance.


Tara and Peter team up enter a contest for prize money and travel to all 50 state capitols and take nude female photographs. Along the way they have competition and develop into good friends and teammates. Join them as they take on the generation gap between them and follow romance.

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Tara and Peter team up enter a contest for prize money and travel to all 50 state capitols and take nude female photographs. Along the way they have competition and develop into good friends and teammates. Join them as they take on the generation gap between them and follow romance.

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Chapter 5

Columbus Lnch/ Joseph Roun


It is 6:00 am and Tara is doing  birthday suit cartwheels and back flips on the Kentucky state house lawn.  No one is around on the front side of the grounds.  Peter states “It is like a ghost town here.” 


Tara keeps flipping in the green grass on the North side of the building.  The only sound is the sprinklers in the background, Tara starts a tumbling run like the floor exercise in women’s Gymnastics.  Tara stops and snaps in order to get Peters full attention “Watch this!”


She does a back flip.  Peter’s camera catches it with the sport fast camera setting.  One view is straight on mid air Tara is full spread and knees bent mid flip mid air.  Not the most flattering pose for a lady.  (That is the one Peter eventually sends in, and posts on the contest site of course.  It is to this day Tara’s only spread shot that can be found on the internet. (Lisa Watser, on the other hand, spreads many times. Basically she spread her legs for the camera any chance she could.)  Tara and Peter shoot for a couple of minutes then the automatic sprinklers turned on right next to them and they race back to the Aztec.


Tara did not get much sleep the night before they stayed in a small dirty and cheep Hotel.  Thus she tried to sleep in the Aztec in the back seat while they drove to Ohio.  The entire trip was spent dosing in and out of a restless sleep.


The cheep hotel had no free Wi-Fi internet, so Peter never had a chance to check the web site.  If he had checked, even with his phone which he did not, he would have seen that there were now two new entries.  He usually checked the site religiously (secretly hoping that Tara and he were the only ones trying this crazy stunt).  Tara and Peter had an ambitious day planed.  That is why they were shooting their first Capitol of the day at six in the morning.


“What is round on both ends and hi in the middle?” Peter asked as they cross the muddy Ohio river back into Peter’s home state. Tara rolled her eyes and pretends to be asleep.


It is Peter’s plan to shoot four capitols in one day.  After shooting in Kentucky, Peter figures he can drive to Columbus and shoot around luck time, then Wheeling, and onto Harrisburg before it gets dark.  At the start of the day and before Kentucky they had four capitols, so they can double their total, to eight, by the end of the day with a little luck.


They get into Columbus around lunch.  The grounds around the state house are packed, a far cry from Frankfort.  First of all it is luck time and second there are protesters everywhere.


So basically Tara and Peter at this point do not have a plan; so they decide to go out for lunch.  They drive about 1 mile north to an indoor make.  They can not decide on which stand to eat at so they split up, and agree to meet back at the Aztec in 30 minutes.  Tara walks over to a rotisserie Chicken stand. Tara,  grumpy-hot-sticky feeling, but not the kind of sweaty hot, but more like sleepy eyes/ needing something to get her mind off of being hot.  Tara is not sure why, but she is in a flirty mood.  She orders Grilled Chicken sandwich while she winks at the cashier smiles and does her best sexy hair flip.  The cashier (The author of this story) is working for his sister and brother-I-law and likes his friend to call him by his grandmothers four initials,  The cashier blushes and smiles back.


After luch they drive back to Ohio’s state capitol.  There is still a good amount of pedestrian and auto traffic.  Right in front of where they plan to park there are about 100 protesters walking around the side walk with sandwich signs chanting together.  “WHAT'S FAIR WE DON’T KNOW THAT’S FAIR YES WE ARE!!” 


Also there are other protesters eating lunch and standing around and talking.  Peter is in a hurry, he wants to have his model strip get a few shoots and get out of town.  It is only his second time in his home state’s Capitol (The first time he got real drunk and was sick for a week) and this time he wants to get out quick.


“I have a plan,” Tara says.


She walks over to two  protesters, and confides in her.  Two that happen not to be chanting, but just standing around in the early afternoon hot sun.  “Hi my name is Tara, I am a nude model trying to snap a picture right here on the State House lawn.”  Three protesters turn around and without even listening to the rest of the explanation they are “IN”.


“Ok now you guys shield me and leave an opening for my photographer to shoot.”  Tara states as she points Peter out to her newest recruits.  As the human shield watches, Tara does her quick strip and turn and quick dress.  They have to employ this method nine additional times by the time they finish the contest.  By the end of their journey Tara will  refer to it as the “Columbus Shield”.  Turns out there is always someone protesting the convergent on one thing or another.  Peter figures these people have nothing better to do, sometime but protest.


Tara smiles overtime she browses at the human shield’s eyes bug out and their surprised looks.  Many times the shield is made of both men and women.  There is seldom anyone who is not willing to help out Tara.  In retrospect for Tara it seems ironic for people who are there to protest.  Many times the protestors are wearing sandwich signs or holding signs this makes a even better barrier for a nude model.


Once dressed, Tara gives each of the shield guys a quick peck on the cheek.  Both her and Peter make a run for the Aztec.


“Did they say what they were protesting?” Peter asked Tara as they drive away.


“Something about the way lawyers can argue cases to the Convergent, A private lawyer wants to argue with the same rules as a State Lawyer.”  “I am not sure.  Some Had Yada Yada like that”  Tara replies.


As they drive out of Columbus onto Interstate 70 on their way to West Virginia.  Peter continues “This is one of my theories.  If there is a law, or even news for that matter, where it takes two or more sentences to explain then maybe it is just a bunch of crap.”


At first Tara would listen to Peter go off and give his take on any theory or his view of life, Eventually at some point (actually right about now) she started to tune Peter’s “Theories” out.  Tara smiled and nodded. “This is the Peter theory hummmm.”  She replies.


Tara basically looks up needless trivia about the trip and where they are or are going using her phone’s web browser; While Peter makes comments regarding his take on the world.  Two peas in a pod.  They do this time and time again.  Only near the end of the trip do they even know it is going on between them.  By the end of the trip their relationship resembles that of an old married couple.


As they cross the bridge into West Virginia, Peter wonders when the next time he will be in his home state.  Peter softly says this undersides breath outload as if he wants the thought to somehow be real.


Tera hears but only replies in a Mumble “Whatever.” She is sleeping in the back and she is drifting in and out of sleep.  The mid day sun makes the back of the Aztec stuffy and uncomfortable.  Tara concentrates on the sound of the road below her as they zoom across Wet Virginia.


They pull into Wheeling around 4:00 in the afternoon.  There is some rush hour traffic and they wait at a light as a parking garage empty out.  They park along the State House and there are a few pedestrians on the street.  Tara runs down into a dip in the grass by the side walk.  Peter is almost standing above her and she is hidden by the hill on either side.  Tara does the usual posing.  Peter takes a picture and they bolt back to the car.  A few Suit types saw the entire shoot and they laugh as the model and her photographer run to the car.


Harrisburg was the fourth and final stop on that day.  Tara drives from Wheeling to Harrisburg.  “Peter??” Tara says.


Peter, starring out the window as Pennsylvania’s mountains roll out in front of him.  “Appalachia coal and now fracking.”  Peter answers thinking random thouht about where they are, and what is going on underneath them as they drive across Western Pennsylvania.


Tara continues “Peter do you think we are anti-establishment with this trip?”


“I did not really ever think much of it.  I just figured I would take nude pictures of ya. “  Was his reply.  “I have always been a Oakland Raider fan since I was a little kid.  They are always saying raider nation is anti-establishment.  So maybe.”  Peter continues.  “Come over to the anti-establishment we have cookies…” Peter muses in a funny Darth Vader type voice.


Tara says “Yea but we are kind of turning our noses at the ‘Establishment’ by having nude photos also feature the places where the gonvernment is.”  She continues, “We are making fun of those protesters.  We get them involved, but we did not even ask why they were bothering to protest in the first place. Frankly we do not care why they are protesting.”



“Yea well when you put it that way, we are in a way just anti-establishment bystanders.  We have many different kinds of cookies, here have a chocolate chip. “  Peter answers with the Varde Voice again.  “Anyway I am republican.”


Tara shocked  “What does that have to do with it??”


“You seem shocked.” Peter says defiantly.


“Nothing no reason.  I will prove that you are not a republican“ Tara says.  She continues “Who is you favorite President of all times?”


“I can’t go by that my favorite of all times is a Democrat.”  Peter replies.  “Harry Truman.”


“Tara snares “Truman proves my point , but I thought you were going to say Bill Clinton.”


Peter relies, “Oh you are right I change my answer Bill Clinton.  He balanced the budget, he kept us out of war, and big business loved having him in the White House.  Millions of people doubled their money, while he was president.  And when all that Monica Lewinskis stuff happened, the Congress impeached his ass; he said, ‘Hell no I ain’t leaving.’  That was his finest hour in my opinion.  I saw that and said to myself , now that is a leader.”


Tara replies, “ guys are weird.  You know I have not heard from Carrie in a day or Two. She should be replying to my text massages.”  Carrie would text Tara two to three times a day, and Tara was beginning to get worried.  “I heard from her when we left Illinois, and guy she moved in with……. Lets just say I am worried.”


Tara pauses and just drives with a blank look on her face.  The radio is on low but still the Aztec seems silent in a certain way.  Almost in a pout voice Tara says, “That boyfriend hit Carrie a few times in the past.  I told her not to move in with him.  He told her he had ‘Changed’, and she really believes him this time.  You know I am worried.”


Peter did not know what to say here so basically he kept quiet.  This just added to the tension and the silence as they speed toward the next shoot in the late afternoon sun.


Tara had even tried to text some mutual friends of Carrie.  Another dancer she knew tested Tara back “Carrie was @ work last night.”  This made Tara feel a bit better.  “Maybe she is just sleeping off a long night of working and drinking.  Maybe she went out and her phone is off, or lost.  Maybe Carrie is just avoiding me; She does that sometimes.”  Tara continues, as she looks straight ahead at the long rolling hills of central Pennsylvania.


The Harrisburg pictures were taken at the end of the day.  The rules clearly stated that the photography needed to be taken during broad daylight.  The photos were not in broad daylight, but with the sun setting behind Tera.  Kind of a cool effect , Peter thought.  Post production of theses shots were very vivid with the contrast of beautiful nude Tara and the colorful sky and the Autumn leaves and the Harrisburg State House all adding to a very cool effect.  The photos taken during the Harrisburg shoot was Peters favorite, and he had the one with Tara’s but made into a print, which he had hanging in his house down in the basement for years.


They were probably detected shooting in Harrisburg, The police saw whatever they saw but, could care less, harmless fun after a long day.  There was no contact between our team and the police in Harrisburg.


Peter and Tara hopped into the Aztec and drove toward Tenton, for the next morning shoot.They stayed in a camp ground outside Easton, PA.  There was no intenet, so Peter did not check for any compatition.  He did not like to use the internet on his phone.  He did not know there were already two other entries.  They went out to dinner, and hung out at a local dive bar, had a few drinks together like old friends. When they got back they set up the tent off the back of the Aztec,  Peter photoshoped all the photos so far on his laptop until the battery died.  While Tara tried to text Carrie.  She was unable to get a hold of Carrie and started to get worried all over again, just now she was a bit drunk car sick and just yucky feeling.


Joseph  Roun 48, was at his desk with two open laptop computers on it.  At the front of his desk stood a proud looking name tag clearly stamped with big block black letters.  Joseph was basically a nebish type of a guy.  He liked his friends to call him Joe, but he preferred his wife and family call him Joseph (even his two kids).  If you have not figured it out by now Joe is our antagonist in this story. 


Joe had a straight forward job.  He monitored pornographic material on the internet for the federal gonvernmeent.  He worked under Homeland Security. His office, located in Davenport Iowa, was scarcely decorated.He would watch pay and non pay porn internet sites.  Whenever someone asked Joe what he did for a living he would reply “I’m Big Brother.”  As time went buy, less and less people would get the literary reference and just look at him strange.


Robert Falfa first caught Joe’s attention during the National Park photo contest.  He was basically keeping tabs on Falfa for two reasons.  One: since he was an attorney, and Two; since he almost exclusively represent pornographers.


Joe was working on photography of underage Chinese nudes as a crackdown to the Chinese slave trade in major cities like New York and Chicago and San Francisco.  The morning that Tara and Peter started in Trenton, Joe decided to check in on his old secrete nemesis Falfa.  Through known IP addresses and other spy tricks he had at his disposal, he quickly saw what Bob was up to (  Joe did not immediately alert anyone he decided to wait to sees what would come of it over time.  He thumbed thru the pictures from the Stemps and Lisa Watser and her boyfriend Mike Watson.  Just when he was about to log his findings for later the phone rang on the slave trade thing.  Joe Slammed the laptop’s screen closed and moved on for the time being.

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