Chapter 3 Chapter 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Tara and Peter team up enter a contest for prize money and travel to all 50 state capitols and take nude female photographs. Along the way they have competition and develop into good friends and teammates. Join them as they take on the generation gap between them and follow romance.


Tara and Peter team up enter a contest for prize money and travel to all 50 state capitols and take nude female photographs. Along the way they have competition and develop into good friends and teammates. Join them as they take on the generation gap between them and follow romance.

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Tara and Peter team up enter a contest for prize money and travel to all 50 state capitols and take nude female photographs. Along the way they have competition and develop into good friends and teammates. Join them as they take on the generation gap between them and follow romance.

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Chapter 3

Lansing/ Road

Peter looked at his watch he was sitting by himself in a booth at Cupbrew, it was 2:38.Tara was over 1/2 hour late.

A waitress leaned over to towel the table “Want another coffee?”The waitress belonged in the Harry Chapin song “A Better Place to Be” a big old friendly girl, Peter mused.

Startled Peter replied “Maybe later” he smiled and continued to stare out the window.

The Aztec had been dropped off at the mechanic to get new brakes and a new set of ties and a full tune up and lube for the trip.The cost was $1500 on the vehicle.Peter still had to walk back about 1/2 mile to go pick it up.He had also bought a new Cannon Eos camera for $800 so he was already $2300 in the hole for the trip before even meeting his partner.

Peter knew what Tara looked like from exchanging e-mail photographs.Just when he was about to give up hope both Tara and Carrie walked in.

Tara recognized Peter immediately and slipped in his both and sat across from him in one smooth motion.“Hi Peter.”She extended her hand to shake.“This is my big sister Carrie.”She did not miss a step.

Carrie was the older sister by two years, but she looked much older.Carrie and Tara spent the entire trip from Grand Rapids arguing.Carrie was feeling abandon, she had to ask an old boyfriend to move in to take Tara’s place.Even though Tara was younger she was always the stronger of the two.In short both girls were a bit intense and uptight by the time they got to Lansing.

“So do you really want take me around the entire country and take photographs of me in my birthday suit?”Tara queried.

Peter just smiled and nodded, trying not to seem to embarrassed by the question.

“You are not some freak?”Carrie finally spoke.She was just trying to be protective but it did come out kind of blunt.“We tried goggling you as a background check, not much there.”This was true up to this point Peter’s on line foot print was small.

Tara shot her a mean look and stepped on her foot under the table she even tried to kick her sister but she missed.

All three were in jeans and t-shirts.Carrie’ shirt was an old tie dye pattern, Tara was wearing a designer shirt that said “Frankie Don’t Do it”.Peter wore a solid hunter green T-shirt no logo or pattern.

Peter explained his plan to the girls.“I figure the trip will take 25 days to a month. If we win come meet us in Hawaii.” He enquired to Carrie.

“Lets just take it slow Cowboy.”Was Carrie’s reply.She was trying to warm up but she was definitely coming off cold and bitchy.

Tara tried to stomp on Carries foot again but missed and joggled the table which made a distinctive full water glass cup cling type noise.This noise was unmistakable and many people in Cupbrew turned their heads.Tara smiled quickly.

Peter hitched a ride in Carries car to the mechanic’s shop.When they got there peter got out to pay and alone the two sisters started third argument just where they had left off.

Peter came back, and the three of them loaded Tara’s 2 duffel bags of clothes and shoes and her computer in the back of the Aztec.Tara and Carrie hugged and pecked each other on the cheek and Carrie turned to Peter.

“Take good care of my baby sister.”Carrie said as she turned toward Tara, “ Text and call constantly, good luck to both of you guys and win 50 K.”She hopped in her car and drove off.

“You ready to take our first capitol by storm.” said Tara with a smile.

“No better time like the present.” Peter smiled back as his stomach flipped.

They drove to the back side of the capitol block on Walnut street.Things were quiet most of the traffic had already left the area.There was a empty place under a bridge, and it provided good cover. They both sat in the front seat.Tara not about to start this thing shy pulled off her jeans and panties and put on a pair of baggy shorts.Peter tried not to stare at the view of his partner.She also took off her bra under her t-shirt like Jenifer Biels in Flashdance.Peter tried not to drool.

Peter loved that scene in that movie and tried to mumble something, but it was just lost in the moment.So he just smiled.

“OK now we get out I run up the hill under that tree there, when no one is looking I drop the shorts flip off the shirt quick pick I turn around another picture I flip both back on and we run back to the car got it.” Tara decided to take control, and could not wait to get started.Tara had become a true exhibitionist and was ready to embrace the concept.

Peter getting out his new Cannon, tried to keep up with Tara’s instructions.He was the one trembling.Peter took a deep breath.“Lets go,” he mumbled as the both jumped out of the car.

The place was basically empty, Tara quickly went up the hill and walked under a tree.Her heart was racing she was thinking of calling the entire thing off.Then she simply went into automatic mode.She flipped off her shirt in on move and grabbed the waist band of her loose shorts and dropped them clear to the ground and left them around her ankles.She stood up straight threw up her arms smiled for the camera and shouted “TaDaaaaa.”

Peter lined up the shot of the nude model and the state capitol in the background as per the contest rules.After Tara heard the click of the unsteady photographer’s camera she spun around and heard another click as she stuck her ass toward Peter.She quickly pulled up the shorts and struggled her shirt back on.Two homeless men saw the entire scene and started to clap standing in the late day summer heat.Tara heard the clapping did a quick curtsey smiled and waved.They ran back to the Aztec, hopped in, and drove away.

Peter drove for abut a mile as Tara put her shoes back on.“Wow Quick” Tara said.“Can I see the shots?”

Peter pulled over.“Sure,” and handed her the camera.

The shots were framed well you could clearly see that the model was on the State House grounds.The focus and the outdoor shadows were pretty good given the circumstance.Tara did not particularly like her pose or the way she looked.Not a day went by on the entire trip that she did not want to back and redo Michigan.Even on the final web site photographs every time she looked she did not like the Michigan shots, but it would have to do.North they drove to Wisconsin.Tara crawled into the back and went to sleep.

So much for getting to know herPeter thought.

As the car slowed down in late rush hour Chicago traffic Tara woke up.Rubbing her eyes she almost decided to bail on the trip right there and then.She reconsidered and just smiled.

“What’s up, you Okay?” Peter asked.

“Just tired.”Was her reply.I wish we could stop and look around Chicago for a while.”This was a recurring thought for the entire trip.

They had to move on, almost thru the entire trip they went dashing from capitol to capitol.Many times they wanted to stop but decided to forge ahead.Neither of them ever had a chance to see the country by car ever again.Tara thought it a loss of opportunity, Peter never thought twice about it.

When they drove into Madison, it was getting dark so they decided to get a Hotel for the night.“separate beds.” Tara said as she gave a killer gaze.

Peter quickly defused her and smiled “Of course.”

The next morning the alarm went off at 5:30, they each quickly showered, and went off to the first capitol of the day Madison.Peter’s plan was Wi, Il and then Ia all in one day.

Tara did her make up heavy and dark her features popped this time and she liked her look outside from a photography point of view better.They wanted to get there before 6:00 and they succeed.

Same drill as before, park in a deserted spot, run out.This time Peter had the camera on quick shot so there were more pictures to choose from.

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