Work Experience

Work Experience Work Experience

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


The Experiences of a teen on Work Experience


The Experiences of a teen on Work Experience

Chapter1 (v.1) - Work Experience

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The Experiences of a teen on Work Experience

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 07, 2012




Work Experience  Chapter One


Joshua was a very good student. All his grades were good and he was polite and attentive. He was quiet in class, shy really. He was not much good at sport, but he tried. Although he was short and small he was not bullied, but then he did help the others with homework so that might have been the reason. He was lucky really, because lots of red haired boys do get bullied. 160cm tall (5’ 4”), red hair and the pale skin that goes with gingers, blue eyes, but not the freckles: he escaped that much. In the choir, both in school and in church he was too shy for his own good and a late developer. Just turning 15 in Year 10, it was time for his two week Work Experience attachment. 


Josh, as he preferred to be called, suggested a few placements, all of them local to his home and where he would be shut away from almost all human contact, the school did not think this was the best plan, and that Joshua needed to be brought out of himself and placed where he had to interact with strangers. He was called to see the Work Experience Co-ordinator.


“Ah Giddings, I wanted to see you about your Work Experience placement”


“Yes Mr Jones”


“Well Joshua, we feel you need to be developed, brought out of yourself a bit. You are an excellent student academically but you are a trifle shy? You will need to do something about this before college and university, and this seems an ideal opportunity to start.”


Josh did not like the sound of this, but he was too polite and shy to argue.


“We have managed, for the very first time, to get a student into the Park Royal Hotel. In the past they have refused every request, but the new General Manager is one of the Governors and this has given us the in we have wanted. We have decided that you are the best student we could send as we know you will not let the school down in any way whatsoever, and we all feel the experience will develop you for the future”


Josh was horrified, he quickly  thought of problems to get out of this nightmare.


“Mr Jones, Sir, I cannot get there, The bus does not start early enough from my village and it is too far to ride. I won’t be able to get there or get home.”


“No problem Giddings the hotel runs its own minibus that picks up staff and drops them home at the end of the day. There are staff living close to you and so they will just divert a little to pick you up and drop you off. Everything is organized so don’t worry. You will get a letter giving you all the details now you better get off or you will be late for your next lesson”


Josh walked out of the room and down the corridor to his History lesson in total despair, horrified at the idea of having to be surrounded by and work with total strangers.


Lester was not a happy man. Mrs Costin, the General Manager had just informed him he would be having a Work Experience student attached to him for two weeks, when he was the duty day manager. He could just imagine it, some cocky lazy spotty brat or a over sexed short skirted bitch. The first would be a nightmare to keep under control, the latter would be a nightmare to keep some of the staff under control. Kids had no place in a 4 star hotel, not working or, as far as he was concerned, even as guests. He had a very good relationship with all of the regulars as he could supply their extra comforts for a consideration and it gave him an extra income and kept the customers both happy and returning. Now he had to work out some timetable to give this intruder experience in every department and at the same time ensure he was looked after Health and Safety wise. When Lester was upset the staff soon found out. Of Afro Caribbean extraction Lester was very dark and very tall, something like 198cm (6’ 6”), he was also well developed as he visited the gym every day, it was in the basement so easy, and spent time on the rowing machine. For the next two hours he found fault with almost everything. The only person he did not upset was the chef. It was not a good idea to upset the chef, his temper was legendary and if he was upset the food was late and all the residents were upset, and that came straight back to Lester! As he sweated on the rowing machine Lester worked out his plan to make this kids life hell for two weeks.


Josh was waiting,a s directed, at 0830 for the minibus. Dressed in black trousers and shoes with a white shirt, he had made sure his shoes were shining and he was dressed as instructed. The minibus arrived and several ladies of various ages shouted a greeting. Josh went as red as his hair and said nothing. He was devastated to find there was no single empty seat, he had to sit next to somebody, a lady of largish proportions and looking around middle 40’s. She engaged him in conversation but for the fifteen minute trip it was like trying to extract teeth and Josh responded with monosyllabic replies. They arrived at the back of the huge building that was the Park Royal and was directed through the passages and to the main desk where he had to ask for the Duty Manager. Josh stood there gently shaking and terrified.  Then this huge black man appeared and Josh knew his worst fears had come true!


Lester look at the object of his annoyance. A shrimp of a lad pale, red haired and obviously terrified. Lester knew this would be easier than he had thought. He doubted the boy would last more than a day with his plan in force. He ordered Josh into his office behind the main desk.


“Thought you was to be 15 boy?”

“I am sir, I am 15 just over a week ago”, Josh replied, looking at the floor.


“Well you look 13 boy, what am I going to do with you. You’re too small to be of any use to the hotel. Well I ‘spose I will have to do something. You can get upstair and spend the first hour with the housekeepers and then I will give you a couple of rooms of your own to do”


Josh was packed off with two young Polish girls who kept looking at him and then talking to each other in their own language and giggling. The showed him what they did in each room and then watched as he did it. They had to admit he was a quick learner and they were impressed. At the time of the morning break one of them slapped him on his bum and told him to go back to see the Day Manager”


Josh went off as told, embarrassed that she had touched in bum and terrified of what Lester was going to be like this time!


Lester had worked it out carefully. James McDonald was a man who loved younger men and had the money to pay for them and do as he wished with the, without any problems. He was out most of the day and he always left his room in a complete mess. Each of the rooms had a CCTV camera in them. To protect the resident’s privacy they were disabled when the residents room card was in the slot inside the door, but the master room cards did not disable the cameras to protect the housemaids and other staff when they were in the room and the resident was not there. The systems worked well and was accepted by everybody; however Mr McDonald did not always put his card in the slot and Lest had seem some strange goings on when he was on Duty Night manager!!!


Lester knew Josh had been told he had eight minutes to get the room clean. He also knew that it would probably be impossible for Josh to do this with his inexperience. The housemaids often could not do it in the time, so Josh stood no chance. He would run over time and then Lester, who would be watching on the CCTV monitor that was in his office, would go up, catch him and then get rid of him. A perfect plan.


Josh opened the room,69, with his pass that hung round his neck. Mr McDonald insisted on that room number whenever he stayed. As Josh went in he could smell something, something familiar. The room was a mess. The bed was all messed up with some bits on the floor and there were used tissues all over the place. He didn’t know where to start. He decided that the floor up might be best so he started to pick up all the tissues and place them in the waste bin. As he was doing this he realised what the smell was. 


Josh had not long found out the pleasure he could find between his legs. It had started a year or so ago when he found he was waking up and his pj’s were damp and smelly, like he had wet himself but it wasn’t the smell of pee. He also found his dick was hard in the morning and sticking up in the air against his belly. Then it started to get stiff when he showered and one day, as he was washing it he got wonderful feelings. He kept rubbing it for a bit but then remembered about what church had said about touching himself there so he stopped. Trouble was his dick didn’t stop getting hard in the shower and each time he rubbed just a little bit longer. Then the day came, as it does for all boys, when he rubbed for too long and he was terrified when white stuff shot out of his dick. Terrified but the feeling was awesome!! He thought he might have done some damage to himself but he was too shy to tell anybody what had happened. His dick seemed ok, it worked like it should and still kept getting hard. He rubbed it in the shower and every time the same thing happened, and it felt amazing. He had discovered wanking (jerking off) and he enjoyed it. The smell was that white stuff that came out of his dick. He had researched it on the web, his source of all knowledge, and found out it was called semen and it made babies. But why would these tissues smell like that. Josh had only enjoyed himself in the shower he had not yet found out how good it was doing it in bed and using tissues.


He got the floor clean and tidy and went to the bed covers. He picked them up to start with, noticing he only had about 5 minutes left, and something fell out from amongst the covers, it was the TV remote. Josh picked it up and as he did so he pressed some of the buttons and the TV came on. Josh saw that and went to turn it off and froze! There were naked men on the screen and they were doing what he did in the shower, but they were doing it to each other!!! He just stood and watched, eyes wide open, and a lump appearing in his black trousers. Then he started to rub that lump. Then he open his zip and fished out his dick and rubbed it in time with the guys on the screen. He was lost to time and place.


Lester could not believe his luck. This was the perfect opportunity, all he had to do was get there in time to catch the boy. Even if he failed he would have the recording, but caught in the act would be preferable. He set off at once to room 69.


Josh was like a rabbit is a cars headlights as the door opened and he saw Lester standing there. Lester saw the boy, his trousers and pants now round his ankle and his erect cock in his hand. Josh was so stunned he just stood there, not moving, as his cock slowly softened.


“Well well, what have we here? A little queer wanking off in a guests room, I wonder what your school will say about this. Get yourself dressed and get down to my office, NOW!”


At the mention of the school Josh’s face crumpled and tears started down his cheeks. Lester turned and left the room as Josh started to lull his briefs and boxers up. As few minutes later there was a knock on the office door and Lester called Josh in. The boy stood there even paler than usual, with tears running down his face and looking totally distraught! Lester stood to hid full height and looked down at the boy.


“Well well well. I didn’t think you would fit in here but I never thought you would do that in a guest’s room. I will have to ring your school and get them to pick you up.”


“Please Sir please don’t do that. I am sorry very sorry. Please don’t ring the school. I’ll just leave and walk home, please don’t tell the school”


Josh could remember the words ‘I know you wont let the school down’


“I couldn’t just let you leave boy, you are only just 15 and I have a responsibility to ensure you are safe. You will have to be picked up and the form says to contact the school as your parent are at work in the day time. If you were my child I thrash your backside for behaving in that disgusting way when I found out. I have to ring the school and I suppose I should call the GeneralManager, I understand she is a governor at your school. I doubt we’ll have any more kids on work experience now”


“Please Sir , please don’t tell my school please. Can just quietly leave, please , there must be some way of not having to tell my school, please Sir”


Lester was starting to enjoy the situation. He was loving the way the boy was pleading with him and the feeling of power it gave him. It was almost a sexual sensation, and Lester loved to dominate his women in bed. He knew he was good in bed and very well equipped and he liked to be sure women knew their place when he screwed them. He was a very macho man and women were there to please him, not the other way round. It was the same sort of feeling of extreme power he was getting teasing this boy. Still it was time to finally bring this matter to an end and get rid of this annoying intrusion into his peaceful working life.


“I’m sorry boy but I have to. This is too serious to let it go and I would be in very big trouble if I let you leave and make your own way home and anything happened to you, and I got want that”


Lester turned and reached for the phone. He never got to it as his leg was grabbed by the terrified boy.


“Pleas Sir I am begging you don’t tell my school. It will ruin my life please. I don’t know what came over me please. It will never happen again I promise. Please don’t tell them I will do anything please”


Slowly an evil plan formed in the man’s mind. He saw a way of getting rid of all the rage and stress this shit kid had given him and a way to humiliate the boy so that he would decide, of his own volition, to not come back again.


“This is not something I can ignore. It is disgusting behaviour and if it was my child he would get a thrashing. I am not allowed to deal with the matter myself. I cannot punish you so I have to call your school”


Josh stood up. He looked a bit like a balloon slowly going down. He had to save his reputation somehow, but this was just too much. He had never been struck by his parents in his entire life, and this guy was big and strong, but if he didn’t then his life was ruined. The world seemed to freeze and time stand still as his mind slowly reached the conclusion, the worst of two very bad evils.


“Sir if it would mean you did not tell my school ........  Then I would accept some form of punishment from you”


“I cant do that boy, it would be an assault”


“If I gave you permission,maybe signed something?”


The boy was desperate. Maybe this might work. He was so scared that even after the punishment he would not want the school to know. Lester then played his trump card.


“I think you better see this boy. Your actions were recorded as there is a camera in that room”


Lester ran the recording back a little and pressed play. The screen flickered and then there, in grainy black and white, was Josh playing with his erect dick, trousers and pants round his ankles. Josh felt his legs buckle and he slumped to the floor.


Moments later he was in a chair and Lester had a drink in his hand for him.


“No need for that boy. I control the recordings and I have the keep that gives access, so nobody but me will see them. (Actually Lester wondered how much Mr McDonald might pay for a copy but that was for later). Unless anything happened to me, like I got the sack of anything, then after a year these would be recorded over and gone for ever. What happens in this room stays in this room if you agree”


Josh gave a huge sigh of relief and resignation.


“I agree Sir”


Lester wrote on a piece of hotel  paper and handed it to Josh. Josh slowly read the words.


‘I Joshua Giddings accept a punishment from The Day Duty Manager of the Park Royal Hotel for my appalling behaviour on the morning of .........’


“If you sing that boy then we can get the punishment over with and you can return to your duties and your school and parents need not know anything about it. So long as I ma here for the next year nobody will ever see the video either, so your reputation will be safe, only you and I will know that you were wanking off your miserable little prick in a guest’s hotel bedroom”


Josh went as red as his hair with shame at the way Lester described his actions, took the pen from the tale by the side of the chair he was still sitting in, and signed and dated the piece of paper. Lester took it, folded it carefully, and put it in his wallet.


“Right then boy, lets get this over and done with, and stop wasting anymore hotel time. Drop those trousers and your pants and get over my lap”


Josh was horrified. He had expected he would be spanked, but not on his naked bum and now over the man;s lap. He sort of imagined it would have been fully clothed over a chair or the end of a sofa or something.


“Take my clothes off Sir I..... Well I mean ..... I”


“Ok then let’s forget it. It was not a good idea really too risky for me; the school is a much safer course of action. I’ll call them. Show them the video and let them deal with the entire matter”


Josh was almost shouting NO NO as he pulled his black trousers and white briefs down. He hobbled towards Lester sat on a chair. He stood by the side of then man, sighed in abject despair and fell forward over Lester’s lap.


Lester looked down at the boy’s ass. It was a lot smaller than he had imagined. It was also very very pale, especially against Lester’s black trousers. He paused for a moment, then grinned, and let his hand fall. The SMACK resounded through the room. The boy flinched but made no sound. His annoyed Lester. He raised his hand higher and brought it down with more force. Again the boy moved, jerking both his body and his legs upwards in obvious agony as the pain spread, but he again made no sound. Lester was getting more angry and the third blow struck and seemed to crush the small ass. The body jumped and the boy made a hissing noise. Lester was pleased, but not satisfied. The fourth blow was again very powerful and this time the boy yelled out in obvious pain and Lester felt that surge of masculine power flood through his body.  Lester was loosing control. He rained down three or four more blows of great power on the now sobbing screaming boy before he gained control of himself. He stared down at his workmanship.


The boy’s ass was bright red and hot where he had struck it, but the rest was pale, so very pale, the pale skin only found on a red head. It looked odd against his black hand. The ass was hardly bigger then his hand as he rested it on the hot mounds of quivering boy flesh. They boy’s sobs and the pale skin and the heat of the punishment, coupled with the euphoria of power started to get to Lester.  His monster was waking up, stirring in his pants. This was wrong, all wrong. Lester was a man, all man. A man who fucked women how and when he wanted. He was no fag. There was no way this boy could stimulate him sexually it was all wrong and quite disgusting He stood up and Josh rolled off his lap and lay on the floor at his feet curled in a fetal position. His monster was now fully awake. His trousers looked grotesque. How could this disgusting boy do this to him? What was it with this kid, he was a pervert, a demon. Lester had to punish him again for doing this. He had to prove he was the man and not a fag lover.


Lester open his trousers and removed his throbbing cock from his boxers. It was a cock to be proud of. Not much short of 30cm (12”) and as thick as the boys wrist at least. It stood out proud, shinning and dark against his trousers. Lester gave it a few rubs, and knew then e had to get off: and how to punish this demon boy for causing it to happen.


He grabbed Josh’s hair and pulled him up to his knees. It was not good enough. His cock was still too hight, over the boy’s head. Lester dropped into the chair he had used for the spanking, and pulled Josh by his hair till his face was over the black cock.


“Look what you done to me, look what you done you evil little shit”


Lester was shouting and shaking with a mixture of rage and bewilderment.


“I gonna punish you big boy, I gonna make you sorry you ever did this to me. You gonna suck this monster till he shoots boy. I’m gonna show you who is the man in this room boy”


“No no please. Im not like that I don't do that sort of stuff please mmmm”


The please were muffled as Lester forced the fat head of his powerful cock into the boy’s mouth. Lester felt like his mouth was being forced open farther than it was even meant to go. Lester was trying to get more in but the boys was not in the right position. With a huge handful of hair Lester pulled the boy up and positioned him so his cock was now able to enter the boy with ease and without being forced to bend at all. He put another 10cm in and started rocking in and out of the boy’s mouth. Josh did not have to suck, or even to know how to suck. The cock was so big it forced his mouth so far open that it formed a seal around the black man’s massive weapon. Lester moved so his cock went in and out of the boys gagging dribbling mouth. Slowly he managed to get more and more in. He could see the boy’s throat now swelling as his weapon forced its way down further and further. This just feed Lester’s feeling of power and domination and he pushed even more in. Soon he was fucking the boys’ mouth and throat without any mercy. He hadn’t felt so sexually aroused and powerful in his life. He knew he was not far from orgasm. He rammed, withdrew, rammed, withdrew, each time getting nearer and nearer to what he knew was going to be an amazing climax. Josh was near to passing out form lack of air. He managed to gasp some each time Lester pulled back, but he was only half conscious. 


Then it happened. Lester bellowed like a bull in full rut. He pushed into the boy as hard as he could, and he came. Oh boy did he cum. He felt like his insides were rushing up his throbbing raging cock and out into the tight mouth. Over and over and over he pumped. The boy was gagging, choking, swallowing He could manage it all and Lester’s spunk was running out of the boy’s nose and being forced out the sides of his mouth round the throbbing black monster. Just as Josh was about to slip into total unconsciousness Lester slowly withdrew his cock from the boy;s throat and mouth. Josh collapsed on the floor gasping, choking and sobbing. Lester lay back in the chair, also gasping for breath. The two of them took some minutes to recover, for totally different reasons. Josh spoke first. Or rather shouted.


“What did you do that for? That was disgusting. It was not what we agreed you are a rapist. I hate you I hate you!!!!’


Slowly the seriousness of the situation dawned on Lester. He had just sexually abused a 15yo boy!!! He had to clam him down.


“Calm down Josh, calm down. Lets talk about this like grown ups shall we, just clam down”


“Talk about it like grown ups! calm down! The only talking Im going to do is to the police”


Josh was trying to get dressed as he was shouting. He didn’t realise, but Lester could see the cum running down and soaking into the boy’s white shirt. He had to think quickly before the boy got to the door of the room.


“Well yes I suppose you had better got to the police. You can use the phone on my desk if you want to. Whilst you phone them I will make a copy of the video for them to take way so they see the entire picture and not just what you want to tell them about. Josh stopped moving towards the door.


“You wouldn’t. We had an agreement, you promised”


“Yes we did ,so long as I was here, but this will cost me my job and my freedom so I will have to have toe video shown in court as part of my defense. It will not only be the school that sees it then, but the press and public too.”


Josh knew he was beaten. His shoulders hunched over and his face dropped. Lester almost felt sorry for him. He looked at the totally defeated boy and felt that surge of power again. He looked the small slim figure up and down, then his eyes locked onto something he had not seen before.


“Why would you be telling the law boy. You saying you never enjoyed it? Well your trousers tell me you did. That;s not my cum on them, mine is on your shirt, but it never went that far. That is YOUR cum you little slut, You came when you were sucking me”


Josh looked down at his black trousers, horrified. Lester was right. There, by his flies, where he had pulled his trousers and briefs up after the spanking, was drying cum, His cum, he had cum as the man had raped his throat. How could this have happened? How was it he didn’t know it was happening? What did it mean? He was totally confused and frightened.


“Don’t worry boy I wont tell anybody you liked sucking my cock I promise. If your very good you never know?”


Now Lester was confused. What the hell was he saying he was straight. He fucked women. But it was the most amazing orgasm he could remember as he pounded the helpless boy’s throat and just remembering was causing a stirring again!!!!!!! It couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible - no!! But he looked at the boy and knew that something HAD happened. Something had changed. He had raped the boy, and the boy had raped his manhood, at least that;s how it felt. Well if that was the way of it then best to enjoy it while he could. Maybe Mr McDonald did know something about enjoyment. Anyway, after today he knew the boy would say nothing and do as he was told. You never know, he could turn out to be an earner as well as a source of satisfaction over the next two weeks. He had come for experience, and Lester was determined to give him as much as possible!!


“You know boy I reckon I arranged the wrong timetable for your two weeks at the Park Royal. I reckon you will get much more experience if you are always close by me, like my personal assistant, to help me out whenever I need it. What do you think?”


Josh did not reply. He was not only defeated but confused and scared. He wanted to run away and hide, but he couldn’t get the image of Lester’s huge black dick out of his head!!!


Your clothes are no good, they are covered in spunk. I think we need to get you some from the hotel’s supply. I reckon a nice tight almost see through white shirt, and some of the latest elasticated black trousers, tight to show of you special places to their best. The problem is your briefs stink of sex and we don’t have those in the store. You will just have togo without them for today. Lester grinned as he imagined how the boy would look dressed as he had suggested: and the effect it would have on those guests who had a particular affinity for teenaged boys!!!!!!


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