Sex Education Workshop

Sex Education Workshop Sex Education Workshop

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It was so important to make the sex education class both informative and interesting.


It was so important to make the sex education class both informative and interesting.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sex Education Workshop

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It was so important to make the sex education class both informative and interesting.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 12, 2012







The insistent jangle of the telephone finally cut through the early morning hour fog of sleep-land dreams into Chrissy Jones consciousness.  She managed to get out a very weak and indecisive,

“Who can it be at this ungodly hour?”

The laugh at the other end was easily recognizable as that of Randy Prodhard her supervisor at the District school office.  She struggled to arrive at full state of awareness sensing a change in her day’s assignment.

“I am ever so sorry Miss Jones.  We are in a bit of a spot with Mrs. Hyde-White’s bout with migraines and I need you to cover for her at an all-day workshop over in East Riding.”

Chrissy almost snorted into the phone.

She thought to herself,

“Bloody East Riding.  Might as well be Beirut!  Could it be any worse?”

Right then it did get considerably more dodgy as her boss informed her of the subject matter.

“I’m afraid it is the Sex Education 101 block of instruction and it is scheduled for a full six hours.  I hope you are up to it. I have Mrs. Hyde-White’s training aids and her very detailed lesson plans.  You will be doing me a big favor, Chrissy.”

Chrissy wondered if she could extract repayment in the form of repeated mountings by the handsome young supervisor to be consummated at her convenience.  Not very bloody likely.  He had bigger game on his mind with the newly hired Physical Education instructor Pamela Periwinkle.  What chance did a forty-something divorced woman with 2 grown children have stacked up against Miss big-boob Periwinkle and her luscious heart shaped 23 year-old ass?

She sighed in resignation and promised to be in early to pick up the materials before heading out to the assignment.  It was time for her to get her slightly sagging bum in gear and shower before heading out to the district office.

The still attractive mature Chrissy looked into the long mirror in the shower stall and glanced over her shoulder at her shapely ass cheeks jutting out in complete surrender to inevitable gravity.  She remembered how proud she used to be at the way they stood so very firm and perky when presented for male attentions.  Every now and then, her ex-husband Jerry would visit her and beg her to let him “take a ride for old times’ sake” each time he used that line on her, she swore she would never let him use her like that.  As usual, she swallowed her pride and bent over for his familiar impalement and wondered what his 25 year old new bride was doing at that particular moment.  It was all too humiliating but her sex life had been quite inactive since their divorce and she enjoyed the way her Jerry pleasured himself with complete abandon when he was pounding her soft bottom.

Chrissy leaned against the shower wall and waited for the release that came with the splashing of the stinging droplets of water over her sensitive clitoris.  The orgasm came quickly and she turned around to get the force of the water right onto her pulsating brown hole.  The second release was an anal orgasm even more powerful than the first.  When she dried herself with the thick white towel, her legs were still shaking from the satisfied feeling deep in her very core.

She decided to wear the control panties under her pantyhose because she knew she would probably have her rear-end pointed often at the classroom and the 20 or so horny young lads getting off on her nicely shaped bum offered for inspection.  Thank goodness all of the students would be over 16 as that was a prime requirement for the sex education workshop.  It had been almost 4 long years since her last sex education workshop shortly before her divorce. 

Mr. Prodhard had 2 boxes for her.  The first box contained 50 sets of workbooks and the instruction key to test the imparting of knowledge to the young students.  The other box was filled with dozens of condoms and a varied assortment of dildos and vibrators of every size and color.  They were primarily intended to demonstrate the most efficient methods of placing a condom on the male member but they were still fully functional for their intended purpose.  There were several tubes of different lubricants and even some flavored ones for oral enticement.  Chrissy was surprised to see a number of paddles and even some canes inside the box as well.  She was not sure but didn’t think that was supposed to be in the lesson plan.  She would have to read it again before the workshop started.

Her boss seemed a bit embarrassed as he passed the materials to her. 

“I hope you don’t mind too much, Miss Jones.  The district is down on us because of the uptick in pregnancies.  Those pregnancies are depressing our graduation rates and that spells trouble for funding as you well know.”

Mr. Prodhard rummaged in the goody box and came up with an interesting nine inch black dildo with a harness attached. 

“Whatever is this for, Miss Jones?”

Chrissy blushed a deep shade of pink. 

“It’s a strap-on, sir.  We girls put it on to either do each other or sometimes to show our male friends what it feels like to get poked in the bottom.”

Her boss put the item down quickly as if she had suggested he bend over the desk immediately.

The drive to the school was not bad and she was lost in her thoughts of how to impress on the boys and girls the importance of wearing protection when engaged in the act of copulation.  It not only helped to keep down the pregnancy numbers for teenaged girls but it was a big help in reducing the STD figures as well.

The school was an older building with terrible long dismal hallways.

She was informed the workshop would be in the science building across the walkway from the main building.  This was a small building and seemed well lit and well heated.  She was able to secure both doors from the inside as she did not want any unwelcome visitors into a very sensitive workshop. 

The very first hour was a short film of what was termed “Positions to reduce fertility”.

Chrissy squirmed in her chair at the back of the room as the young models demonstrated the favorite positions to reduce the chance of getting pregnant.  All of the students seemed quite interested in the “doggy style” and the “against the wall” positions and they both drew a number of nervous giggles from the girls and grunts of appreciation from the males. 

When she bent over to extract the lesson plan from the box after the lights were turned back up, she saw out of the corner of her eye several of the boys making gestures like they would love to stick it up her ass.  She pretended that she did not notice it at all. 

Following the lesson plan, she paired off the boys and girls and had them practice the “against the wall” position with little physical contact and no removal of clothing.  She did require the boys to make full contact with their female’s bottom and role play the technique without actually cumming.  Some of the girls were playing with their nipples and touching themselves but she did not comment on it for fear of causing some embarrassment to them.

The next position of “doggy style” was a little more difficult to pull off because the girls had to be fully mounted and ridden by the male counterpart.  She decided it would be best to push all skirts up to the waist in order to allow better contact for simulated copulation.  For some strange reason, the added sensuousness made the entire group more focused and less vocal during the exercise.  The only sounds she heard were the grunts from the boys and the muted whimpers from the girls.  She reminded them that these positions must be never attempted without the use of a condom for ease of mind.

Some of the students asked if they could “switch off” with other partners to see if they had it down right.  Chrissy was impressed with their attention to learning and gave them permission to switch as they so desired.  One or two of the boys had to go to the rest room right after that exercise and she suspected they had been unable to stop themselves from releasing inside their clothing.  After these two exercises, Chrissy’s lesson plan called for the boys to hold their dildos from the box in their lap and for the girls to practice putting on condoms.  They all seemed quite interested in this exercise and she noticed some of the girls were spending an inordinate amount of time to get the condom fitted just right. 

It really did not seem realistic to her so she decided to have the girls put the condoms on their partner’s shafts in a real-life scenario.  The appearance of various sized cocks and different degrees of arousal was very realistic and she could see the girls starting to learn the ins and outs of getting the cock firm enough to place the condom in place and then stroking the finished product to maintain the necessary firmness.

She had to caution a couple of the girls that had the urge to place their lips on the boy’s members in a playful spurt of attentiveness.  Once again, she allowed them to shift about in order to experiment with different sized cocks for a fuller learning experience. 

Chrissy found that the visual impact of the youthful bodies in sexual play made her quite horny even though they were fully clothed.  The sight of the twenty odd cocks displayed in the small room made her dampened slit unsettled and she wanted to join with the girls in their condom placement endeavors.

When they resumed after a short lunch break, Chrissy told the class they would have a competition to determine which of the boys were able to unfurl a condom with the most skill.  The half-dozen most skillful boys lined up and she timed them with a stop-watch.  The entire class clapped enthusiastically when a winner was declared. 

The prize was to be a full insertion into the female of his choice with condom in place and ready for action.  All of the girls had agreed to the contest rules with a fair amount of giggling.

Chrissy was startled when the young boy, a lad with a erotically scented leather jacket pointed his finger straight at her and said,

“I want you over the desk right now, teach!”

There had to be more than twenty years between them and still she felt her juices begin to run in anticipation of the impalement.  She did not mind that it was in front of the entire class because it was for the purposes of visual instruction.  Thank goodness she had taken care in her selection of under-things this morning.  She knew she had to go through with the exercise for the sole purpose of a complete workshop experience for the students.

She bent over the instructor’s desk and faced the curious youngsters watching her expression with complete attention.  Two of the girls pushed up her tight skirt to her waist and carefully lowered her panty-hose just below the curve of her ass cheeks.  Her shape holding panties were rolled down and she felt the cool air on her waiting ass cheeks. 

The impudent young Todd began to play with her soft cheeks much to the amusement of the other students.  Chrissy whimpered in humiliation and allowed a tear to roll down her cheek that was eagerly noticed by the giggling and excited students. 

The touch of the lubricated condom between her ass cheeks made Chrissy moan and she allowed her tongue to fall out of her loose lips to the delighted laughter of the young people watching her every reaction. 

When Todd paused at the entranceway to her brown hole, she pleaded with him to put it in her pussy and not into her tight little hole. 

“Please not there, Todd, stick it in my slit.  I am quite wet and ready for you.  Show everyone that your condom is in place and get it up deep like a good lad.”

Chrissy was pleased that Todd had won the competition because he had unarguably the biggest and the thickest cock in the class.  As he slid inch after inch of his throbbing salami into her pulsating pussy, she was unable to keep the panic out of her eyes and the tremble in her voice.  She whimpered in helpless submission on top of the desk strewn with jumble of condoms, test booklets and dangerous looking dildos taking the frenzied pounding from behind.

Finally, she felt the leather coated lad drain his copious load into the well lubricated condom and she shuddered with the jiggle of a filled condom bouncing about inside her soaking wet vagina.  She was glad she had not achieved a betraying orgasm.  Chrissy was certain her release would be met with derision by the students and she wanted to retain some degree of control over the situation. 

After young Todd pulled out, Chrissy removed his dripping condom and held it up for all the students to see. 

“This little tool will keep you girls out of trouble with unwanted pregnancies and it will help keep down the chance of STDs for all of you, both boys and girls.”

The girls giggled and some of them came up and touched the latex and felt the weight of Todd’s load inside.  It was quite impressive and Chrissy could see some of the boys were jealous.

At the end of the course, she told them all that they would all receive full credit for participation and cautioned them to keep the details of her teaching methods to themselves.  She also told them to come to her if they needed condoms or advice. 

Chrissy left a note on Mr. Prodhard’s desk that she wanted to discuss some of the training aids at his convenience. 

“Let him think about that for a bit”

She giggled to herself as she drove home in the rush hour traffic.





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