Continuation of Beauty And Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A continuation of the story beauty and lies featuring Jack and Rachel.

Tonight, I cant get Jack off my mind. Ive arranged different events and plans in my life to keep me distracted; but I know it'll probably only be a tempory distraction. The truth is, with Jack, he was the first one - the first one who noticed me the way I wanted to be noticed. He hit on me first at a vulnerable time and yes I know he shouldnt have done that while I was so insecure. One night, I had cut myself over my ex. He stayed with me and tried to make me feel better. I know, I know - he shouldnt have gone there while I was struggling and I blame him for it. He started on me while I was weak and I couldnt stand up for myself - Ok, so maybe I could have said no but part of me needed it. I rested my head on his shoulders and he held up my head while I cried. Things went from there. I wont go into it - its pretty obvious what happened. It was a slow progression of flirting, complimenting and then moving to other things. Part of me thinks - hes a user - he wanted some fun and there I was vulnerable, weak, sexually frustrated and he knew it - he knew all these things and he decided to take advantage of me. 

But - part of me loves him - or at least cares....I think. 

So Im lying in bed, thinking of him.Why didnt he message me tonight? Does he want to see me again? - Its been months. 

Jack....Jack... I need you. 

I cant stand to think of him with his wife. Okay; so I have a childish vendetta against her because shes got him and I havent. Fine; what did she ever do to me?  I hear you ask. She didnt. Its what Hes done to me thats the problem. God, now Im crying.


He saw me when noone else saw me. He gave me excitement....... He promised me so many things.

He was the first older man to show interest in me. He wasnt my first, but in a way he was.

I drifted into sleep.


Hes there again, lying next to me. We're in the house, okay flat - the flat we have together in my imagination.

In the dream I wake up, I go to the bathroom. Strip my clothes. My breasts are full, my nipples swollen. Im wet. I turn on the shower faucet, hottest temperature. I feel the the water cleanse my skin. I soap up my pussy, massaging my clit. I moan.

Suddenly the door opens. I look up. Jack is there in the door way; watching me, smiling.

'Room for another in there?' 

I smile back.

He climbs in the shower. He's hard. He pulls me round, pins me to the wall. He kisses my back, and then plunges his cock deep inside me. I gasp.

'Just take it. Be a good girl and take it.' I hear him say.

Harder and harder he fucks me. Grasping my tits. Spanking me hard.

'This is how you like it isnt it?' He states, rather than asks.


I stir in my sleep. I wake up; on the edge of an orgasm. Total frustration again.

What power does he hold over me I cant work it out? God, it's like a spell has been cast over me.

Snap out of it Rachel.

But I cannot.

I just...




Submitted: March 14, 2015

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