Beauty and Lies

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I tossed and turned all night thinking of him. Even cried a little. I new it was stupid. I could never have him; but yet I yearned for him. I was angry, upset, frustrated and confused. Parts of him irritated me beyond belief; but I couldnt deny the fact that he turned me on. More than turned me on. Whenever I thought of him, my body would grow excited, my pussy would pulse and my clit would be aching to be touched. I longed for him to touch me the way I needed to be touched. I longed for him to hold me, snuggle with me - all the cliche things that rarely happen these days. The age gap was the problem; not to mention the fact he had a partner. Kids for fucks sake. What was a twenty five year old woman doing getting involved with a man in his late fifties? 


I awoke the next morning, intent on one thing. I had to see him again. Months had gone by since Id seen him, for various different reasons, the fact he was always busy visiting other countries for his work, the fact that I didnt live alone and I couldnt have any of my flat mates finding out about him and I rarely got the flat free for him to come round. Moreover, meeting in a public place? - He would suggest it but it felt like we both knew it wouldn't happen. I guess it was the fear of anyone or even his wife seeing us together. They lived a couple of blocks away from me. I couldnt let that happen. I couldnt - I just couldnt. I couldnt lose the only guy left in my life. So what if it was an unbalanced, strained twisted relationship? It was better than nothing. I just couldnt face nothing in my life right now. My relationship with my family is strained too. Having no father from an early age, my mother had done all she could. Dont let me start about my sibiling issues. We got on most of the time but the phrase 'Golden Child' springs to mind and you can be rest assured that I wasnt that Golden specimine. Plus the fact that I had, had my own issues. Cutting. Violent temper. Insecurities. But so what, arent those things standard these days?

That night I dreamt of us together.


In the dream we had our own place. Our own flat. I was lying face down on the covers, naked. A white sheet was over me and he was naked beside me. He stirred in the night. 

'Rachel...' He whispered. My eyes flickered open. His hand came down on my ass hard. I felt a wave of pleasure run through my body. I looked up at him. His greying hair, his blue eyes. His hand came down to my face, he pulled my lip down. I sucked his finger, my tongue swirling round the tip of his thumb. 

'Youre so naughty.' He whispered. Pulling the sheet off me he pulled me on top of him. I was lying naked ontop of him, my back against his chest. His hand landed on my breast. He squeezed it tightly. His other hand found its way to my clit.  He rubbed gently and inserted three fingers inside me. I groaned. God it felt good. He pulled out and focused on my clit. Rubbing faster and faster, not forgetting to focus on my breasts. He squeezed my nipple and sucked on it slowly,

'Yes Jack,' I moaned. He was hard and it was time to ride him.

As I eased my pussy onto his cock he groaned. I started to ride him hard, bouncing on his cock. With every bounce, he rubbed my clit and I could feel myself on the edge of an orgasmic wave. I could smell our sex in the air. His sweat, my juice. He carried on until he came, pulling out and cumming all over my tits. Wiping it off with the bed sheets, he pulled me around. 

His hand came down on my ass again. Hard. Spanking me. I moaned each time he hit me, pleasure waving through my body. After about a minute or so, he rubbed my clit again. Rubbing in a circular motion, round and around.  I could feel my pussy leaking juice, it was running down my legs. I felt my orgasm start. It found its way through my body. I groaned. A tear started at the corner of my eye. 

I fell back against him. Within a minute he was asleep.

'I love you.' I mumbled. But he was too asleep to notice. 


I woke from this dream. Tears, then anger. I was determined to make him mine. I didnt know how. I didnt know when. I didnt know where, but all I knew was I had to have him as mine. I had to make him love me. I didnt care about his family; I didnt care about my family - like a selfish adolescent these thoughts whirred around my head.....



Submitted: March 13, 2015

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Scarlett Rae

Wanting something you can't have is the most frustrating feeling ever. I enjoyed the conflict of the adolescent attitude but wanting a much older man. Nicely written too :)

Fri, March 13th, 2015 9:26pm


Thanks Sexy Scarlett!


Fri, March 13th, 2015 9:38pm


oh goodness, that was a wonderful read!! Thank you for sharing it.

Sat, March 14th, 2015 2:20am


Thanks - read my newest update.

Sat, March 14th, 2015 11:24pm

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