The Shy Virgin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Quick & Dirty

It was a typical summer the air was warm hardly any breeze the sun was beaming down on me it was so warm all I wanted to do was cool down but I had to go to school I had an hour to get ready before the school bus came.


I had a little time to get ready so I jumped in the shower and like I said it was a warm day so I ran the shower on a cool temperature it felt so good I'm not sure what the feeling was as I washed myself the soap running down my body making it all slippery all I know is it felt good.


I'm only eight-teen so iv been getting weird feelings anyway mum said that's normal but she does not know what I think about I don't even understand it myself it's kind of embarrassing I don't think I should be thinking these thoughts.


I've been thinking about a boy in my school and I really like him he's called Drew, oh yes sorry I forgot to tell you my name is Kallie anyway back to these thoughts my thoughts are more fantasy I think a lot of kissing and touching what that would actually be like and every time I think of these things I get a tingly feeling and usually have to change my panties oh crap the school bus is here.


Minutes later........


Phew I made it to the bus on time I sit down and put my bag on the floor between my legs and the bus starts moving my friend is on the bus so is Drew omg he's looking at me why is he looking at me? Does he know I like him did Chloe tell him?.


Hey Kal its hot today isn't it yes Chloe I replied, What's up kal I stared at her and just shrugged my shoulders she asked me again what's wrong so I asked her a question ( Did you tell Drew I liked him Chloe?) NO kal I promised you I wouldn't why do you think I would do that. I'm sorry Chloe I don't know what's wrong with me I thought you told him he has been looking at me the whole bus ride that's all.


Chloe starts laughing she says to me kal he is looking at you because he's asked me to invite you to his pool party later after school she giggles again. I'm absolutely baffled Chloe why is he inviting me? She replied he may like you to then asked so are you going to the party? YES, I replied.

The bus is at school now I quickly ask Chloe to go and tell Drew that I'm going to the party she smiled and said coolness she ran to the back of the bus and starts talking to him smiling and laughing at this point I walked off the bus quickly and put my bag over my shoulder and walked towards the school entrance.


I make my way to my first lesson which funny enough is sexual education maybe I may learn why I'm getting these nice but inappropriate thoughts I walk into the classroom I'm the first one there.


Miss Frey is at the front of the class on the whiteboard writing and drawing diagrams she turns around and said good morning Kallie nice to see your the first one here today you're usually late she smiled.

I smiled back and said I was looking forward to the lesson and was ready to learn Miss Frey looked very surprised and replied oh well that is excellent and carried on with what she was doing.


I sat at the back of the class and put my books and my jotter on the desk and put my pencil case next to it.


By now all the students are coming into the class being really loud and joking about because of the nature of this week's lesson and some classmates saying I don't need to learn about sex I have already done it. I'm thinking to myself am I the only virgin here I know Chloe is not a virgin she told me the first time she had sex how it felt and she said it hurt and she had a spot of blood.


Now, this is what scared me she was fifteen when she told me this I'm eighteen I think that's why I have not had sex! Chloe is my best friend and she does not lie to me so I trust her she did also say that the pain goes away the more you have sex but I don't know it's just too frightening to me thinking that something that's supposed to be special can hurt how will that be a special memory if the memory is about pain and blood?...


Miss Frey shouts alright alright class find your seats and settle down!

At that point it all goes silent Chloe comes and sits next to me she points I look to where she is pointing and smile its drew on a desk near the window he is smiling at me to this is crazy I'm getting that tingly feeling again and my face is bright red I can feel my heart beating at a heavy pace I put my head down on and concentrate well try to anyway as I chuckled not an easy thing to do when Chloe is whispering in my ear about the things we are learning about obviously implying that it will be me soon I say shh and grin.

As the lesson progresses Miss Frey starts going into detail explains that when a male is aroused his penis will start to harden and get bigger and when a female is aroused she will get moist and feel some heat around her vagina. I'm sitting here thinking to myself that happens to me was I aroused I must have been well at least I know its a normal thing now and at least I don't need to be embarrassed about it this lesson has been helpful.


Miss Frey then announces that its now the end of the lesson and then says with a big box in her hand if anyone here is sexually active or thinking about having sex come and get some condoms better you safe than sorry.


No one is getting up to go get the condoms until Chloe says watch this she gets up goes to the box and pulls out the condoms. Now Chloe has done this everyone is getting up and going to the box everyone except me and to my surprise, Drew is there getting condoms and winks at me I just smile and carry on putting my books away.


At this point I just want the school day to be over go to my classes so I can go home and get ready for Drew's party this day is dragging it is so long I keep looking at the clock and actually thinking to the clock, hurry up hit three pm twiddling my fingers.


Hours pass...


It's time to go home, school is over why do I feel sick? Why am I nervous for this party maybe its excitement yes that's what it is I'm excited.

I'm waiting in line for the bus to arrive Chloe is being her usual flirty self and joking on with the boys typical of her she waves at me and gives me a thumbs up I wave back and get on the bus on the bus I can hear Drew talking to his friends I stay quiet the entire time till I get home.


I walk in the house it's nice and cool mum has the air con on she shouts hey sweety how was school? I said the school was good and I got invited to a pool party I asked can I go, please? Mum said I don't see why not it's a Friday you have no school tomorrow but make sure you are home for eleven pm on the dot okay I said sure mum I will be home then she said good girl go get ready.


So of I went to my room searching for my bikini and a spare pair of clothes and a towel I put everything into a bag and call Chloe asking what time she is coming for me she said my mum is bringing me now so get ready.

Ten minutes pass and I'm waiting in my garden for Chloe to pick me up she did say she was on her way I'm feeling more and more nervous for this party Oh Chloe is here.


Hey kal you ready I say back it is just a party, of course, I'm ready it will be fun and then get into the car and Chloe's mum pulls away and starts to drive we arrive at Drew's house it's huge and lit up with garden lights already I can hear people singing.


Chloe grabs my hand and we walk down the long path to the door we ring the doorbell and wait but no one comes Chloe says it's because the music is on they can't hear keep trying we ring the bell again and again finally someone is coming to the door the door opens it's Drew.


He looks at me and Chloe and says hey lady's so glad you could make it come in the bathroom is on the left next to the kitchen if you want to go get changed for swimming me and Chloe go get ready together she has a bright orange bikini she likes to stand out mine is just a pale pink we get our bikinis on Chloe looks at me and says whoa kal you have got a body and starts laughing I say yes I have a body Chloe replies back with well I would not know your always covered up and laughs at me as I wrap my towel around myself.


And we make our way to the pool area where Drew is waiting for us he says to us it's about time you took forever getting ready and smiled I made some lame excuse saying my bikini was tangled Drew said your wearing a bikini I thought you would have a swim suit on Chloe giggled and said sure she has a bikini on and by god she looks awesome not that you can see her though with that towel wrapped around her and she pulls it off me and runs away with it.


I'm standing here in a bikini feeling a little exposed then I turn around and look, Drew is standing behind me looking at me and says one word to me he just says WOW and keeps looking I start blushing at his comment and knowing he is still staring at me.


I ask Drew hey do you want to go swimming he says to me do you want to go in the hot tub instead? I mumbled you have a hot tub he said yes do you want to go in with me I smiled he put his arm around me and took me to the hot tub.


When we got there it was pretty quiet and I asked him is it just me and you here he said yes no one else can come back here is that ok Kallie? I said yes its fine and jump in the hot tub and sit next to Drew we start talking and laughing he is pretending to be a fish and being silly splashing so I splash him back.


Now things just got really quiet and he is looking at me and moving closer to me he says can I ask you something Kal I nod he asks can I kiss you I paused and then say you want to kiss me? He says yes I have been wanting to kiss you for a while now I put my head down and he asks me what's wrong I reply I would like to kiss you but I don't know how Drew looked at me and said you have never been kissed I said no he said that's ok I can teach you its fine.


Drew is right in front of my face he says to me I'm going to put my lips on yours and kiss you I said ok what do I do he says just copy I said ok he pulled me close and put his hand on my back and one on my face he leant in and I felt his soft lips on mine he opened his mouth so I did the same I got quite a shock when he put his tongue in my mouth though he asked are you ok I asked what did you do he said it's a french kiss you massage your tongue on mine as we kiss it makes it more enjoyable do you want to try again obviously I'm not going to say no to him so I said yes.


He pulled me in towards him holding me close kissing me as we were kissing I felt something dig in my stomach I knew straight away what it was and what it meant.


I smiled at him we were both still pressed to each other he asked Kal what are you smiling at I whispered in his ear someone's happy he asked what I meant I said we are pretty close together right now I can feel your thing poking my stomach he started to laugh and apologize then he said to me do you mind it I said no and we started to kiss again.


He backed me into the corner of the hot tub kissing me I was liking it a lot I felt his hand moving down my tummy that feeling was back I was tingly again just as that feeling came back he gently put his hand down my bikini bottoms and was rubbing me I let out a slight moan he asked if I was ok I just kissed him he carried on rubbing me and he said to me if you like you can do it to me.


I put my hands down his shorts and started to rub his dick and play with whatever moves I had I did not have a clue if I was doing it right or not but he was enjoying it he was breathing heavy so was I and I felt him pull down my bottoms they were off completely and he started pulling his shorts down.


He asked me if I wanted to do something else I asked what he said what we learned about in class today I said what sex he says if you want to I told him I was a virgin he said that's ok you don't have to do anything you don't want to and kissed me I said But-but I do want to.


He kissed me again and said ok I will be gentle I kissed him back and nodded he was still playing with my clit and it was feeling amazing I told him it was feeling very tingly and not in a bad way he says to me it will feel better for a second and started rubbing faster and faster until I let out a big moan and shouted SHIT what was that he said you just had an orgasm and kissed my neck he lifted me up around his hips and said are you sure you want to I said yes I'm sure.


He took his fingers and gently put them inside of me I flinched Ouch! are you ok he said I said yes I'm fine it stings a little he asked do you want me to stop I said no he carried on putting his fingers in and out of me the pain was going it was starting to feel nice.


I grabbed his stiff hard cock and rubbed it he was surprised he took me out the hot tub and lay me down on a soft outside garden chair I asked am I bleeding he said no not everyone bleeds he kept kissing me and playing with me then he stopped and kissed down my body playing with my breasts and nipples his head was between my legs he was kissing my thighs and then started rolling his tongue around my clit mmmm I moaned he kept doing it then putting his fingers in me at the same time my back started to arch he stopped.


He climbed up on top of me and bit my nipples gently this feeling was something I would not forget he then parted my legs and gave me a cheeky smile you ready Kal he asked I said yes I'm ready he rubbed me as he got his firm dick and placed it gently in me he started to thrust and kiss me at the same time again my back started to arch he said to me are you having fun I said yes DONT STOP he said to me I have no intention to stop not if you are enjoying it he went in deeper and faster then pulled me on top of him and asked me to move my hips back a forth and lift slightly while doing this I did what he asked.


He started to moan louder as I was doing it I was in control I moved faster and bounced on his big hard dick he said wow you are good at this I kept doing what I was doing moments later he told me he was going to climax but so was I so I kept going harder and harder he started moaning with me and I felt him pulsating in me and that made me very happy I know that I made him cum, I leant forward and kissed him and lay beside him.

He hugged me and said I was amazing I said really he said yes and went quiet! he turned on his side and said Kal I need to tell you something I asked him if he was ok he said he was fine what he told me next I was shocked I asked him what do you need to tell me he paused kissed me and said I was also a virgin.

Submitted: June 18, 2017

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What a surprise for her that he had been a virgin too. We wonder where he got his instructions.....very sweet first time.

Wed, June 21st, 2017 11:46pm


Thank you.

He is an 18 year old he got his experience from certain websites as most males do

Media Manager

Sat, August 12th, 2017 11:16am

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