The Doorman Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Quick & Dirty

Night out with friends with an very happy ending.

Hi my name is Lana and tonight as it is Saturday me and my friend Jazz are going out clubbing I have not been out for a long time I am already a little bit tipsy as iv been drinking for 5 hours in the house jazz is not to bad at the minute just lets see what mischief we can get up to tonight first things first we need to get ready.


Hey Jazz what dress should I wear I have the silk black one or the little lace dress that's black to I am standing holding 2 dresses waiting for Jazz to say which one I should wear I shout JAZZ WHICH ONE! she looks up and says to me the little black lace one because I want to wear the other and she laughs typical Jazz.


I go upstairs and pull my hair back into a ponytail so I can put my make-up on the eyeliner is on now for the lipstick which is a purple/pink colour I get the lipstick and roll it over my lips and look in the mirror I am missing something mascara I open it up and gently apply it to my lashes.


Okay I look good my ponytail is still in but it looks nice I think I will keep my hair as it is in a high ponytail with my fringe down the side of my face I put my dress on and get my dark blue heels on I stand up again and look in the mirror and look at myself I look amazing my ass in this dress is pretty damn hot that is me ready to go.


I shout on Jazz hey are you ready she yells back yes I have booked a taxi it will be here in 10 minutes, Lara do you want another drink before the taxi comes, I reply just a small one but I go downstairs she has poured the biggest glass of wine for me she says just down it.


I give her a look as to say REALLY then I downed it the taxi is here now hurry up Jazz, I am just getting my bag go to the taxi.

I stumble down the path I am no longer tipsy I am drunk great this will not help I am not going to last long tonight I think to myself as I open the taxi door and greet the driver and sit down and put my seatbelt on.


The taxi driver says to me "just you tonight then" I reply "no my friend is coming she's just looking for her bag" seconds later Jazz walks down the path and gets in the taxi okay I am ready to let's go.


The taxi driver asks "where we want to be dropped off" I tell him "town centre" he says okay no problem and drives towards our destination in the taxi the tunes are on and Jazz is dancing sitting down I join her we are sitting in the taxi dancing this driver probably thinks we are crazy by now he is looking at us trying not to laugh.


We arrive to the town centre and pay the driver and thank him then start walking towards the night club its only 9pm so it's not too busy on the way we have a quick cigarette we are still smoking when we get to the club entrance and the is a rather nice doorman on the doors he is hot.


I whisper to Jazz that doorman is really good looking she looks at him and nods to me and smiles we have finished our cigarette now and go towards the entrance I smile at the doorman and give him a cheeky wink he grinned and said have a good night ladies.


As we get into the club the music is on and loud the atmosphere is fantastic the club Is quite full I did not think it would be this busy we push through the crowd and make our way to the bar what do you want to drink I ask Jazz she says alcohol I giggle and say okay then wait to get served the bar staff come over to me and say what are you having I say 2 shots of tequila and 2 double vodka's with coke please.

He gives us our drinks and I pay for them me and Jazz smile at each other shots in our hand and say 1 2 3 DRINK.

I say to Jazz the shots were not a good idea I now have heartburn she tells me to stop being silly and we get our drinks and go find a seat close to the window OH I can see that hot doorman here its kicking of outside he has just pushed some drunk to the floor and has him pinned keeping him down now this is turning me on I can't resist a man in uniform and he looks so dominant.

LANA LANA, Jazz is shouting at me I ask her what's wrong she says I have been trying to talk to you for ten minutes oh I'm sorry Jazz I was watching the kick off outside she replied no Lara you were watching that doorman I giggled and said yes I was also watching him.


I start talking to Jazz and ask her if she is going to pull tonight she says hopefully I tell her there are some guys on the dance floor looking at her she looks and says to me quickly finish your drink we need to dance I down my drink and she grabs my hand and takes me to dance right next to the guys that were scoping her out.


She likes one of them so she uses me as a kind of tease by dancing upon me and me doing the same we are pulling the sexy moves and shaking our asses doing slut drops the lot it is working.


I say to Jazz the guy that she was looking at is dancing towards us I say to Jazz go for it I am going for a quick smoke I will be back in a minute she says okay and gives me her bank card asks me to go get some more cash out the ATM machine I grab the card and head out of the club.


I open the door leading out the club there are 2 doormen on the door now must have been due to the kick off earlier on thedoorman I like is there to I get a cigarette out and ask him for a light sure enough he gives me on I say thank you and smile I asked him what all the commotion was about earlier he replied just another drunk I refused to let back in so he had to start something I said okay and said I saw you tackle him to the floor he said that's my job I ask him where the nearest ATM machine is he pointed right beside me.


I put my head down and tried to walk to the ATM I was a little wobbly I put the card in the machine and put the pin in and waited for the money to come out then put it in my bag and started walking back towards the doorman still smoking I put my cigarette out and carry on walking toward the club doors.


The doorman stops me and said to me I noticed you walking funny and when we were chatting you were slurring your words I said to him yes I am wearing 6-inch heels and they are not easy to walk in he looked at me and said I can't let you back in I paused.


Why can't you let me back in he said to me you are clearly drunk I say well yes that's why I came out to get drunk and asked him nicely please let me back in my friend is in there he said no I can't do that I can't make exceptions even if your friend is in there and even though you look gorgeous.


You think I look gorgeous I said he said yes but I am not supposed to say that! I replied to him well you just did and asked him if there was any way I could get back into the club he said I don't know is there?


Again I paused and thought is he flirting with me? He was so I decided to kick up a fuss and yelled a little at him he looked to the other doorman and said I will be back in a minute I need to have a word with this lady he pulled me to the side of the club there was a small ally way he said to me why did you startshouting I then said to him I had to get you away from the club you did say there may be a way to get me back in the club and I know flirting when I see it.


I then asked what can I do to get back in the club and leant in to kiss him he did not move he kissed me back then he said I can think of a few things I was thinking to myself so can I.


So I smiled at him and kissed him again my tongue massaging his our lips pressed tightly together then he pulls me closer to him grabbing my ass and giving it a gentle squeeze he turned me around and pushed me against the wall and put my hands above my head still kissing me.


I thought oh hell no this is going to be my way he is not going to be in control I pushed him back still kissing him and started to undo his belt and unbuttoned his trousers and I pulled them down slightly his boxers came down with the trousers I got on my knees and rested them on my bag and started to stroke and rub his big cock.


I then slowly flicked my tongue around the top of his dick teasing him and wrapped my lips around his manhood taking every inch he had to offer he was huge and I liked that I kept sucking and playing with his balls.


He was enjoying it I knew he was by the slight groans he was letting out he pulled me up and kissed me again and asked where did you learn to do that I replied well Mr doorman sir I watch porn and you can learn a lot by watching that then I smiled he said you have my attention in a flirtatious voice.


I said I am glad I have your attention your going to find out why now he smiled and kissed me whilst he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and I was against a wall again but still kissing him more intensely now he startedbiting my neck gently and then slid his hard thick cock into me I moaned and started bouncing on him while he thrust deep inside of me.


He was having fun so was I


he stopped and put me down we both were far from finished I turned around bent over and lifted my dress up over my ass and pulled my thong to one side and told him to fuck me.


He was amazing his package was huge and I wanted more I said to him again smiling please fuck me! He spanked my ass and filled me with his long hard shaft Mmmm I can feel everything he started fucking me harder and deeper each thrust was getting me closer and closer to climaxing.


He asked me if I was enjoying myself I said YES Mr doorman don't stop I am going to cum when I said that he gave it his all my breathing was heavy I was shaking he kept pumping in me harder and harder I could not believe how good it felt I told him I was going to cum he said so was he I moaned and told him to fill me with his juices.


I turned around slowly pulling my dress over my ass and kissed him again and said to him that was the best fuck I have ever had in my life he smiled at me and whispered in my ear you can go back in the club now.


He leads me in the club to Jazz and said I will see you soon sexy I said okay and smiled at him as he walked away Jazz came running over to me where the hell have you been I have been looking all over for you I told her what happened.


She was so shocked but laughing oh my god she said you just got screwed by your hot doorman I said yes and I was laughing jazz was like well what was he like I replied bloodyphenomenal and I intend to do it again as a drank her drink.

I asked her if she had a pen she said no but I have eyeliner the club was closing soon so I went and got a napkin from the bar and took Jazz's eyeliner and wrote on the napkin thank you for a brilliant night and wrote my number and my name on it and folded it up.


Me and Jazz made our way outside where he was Jazz laughing at me as I said hi to him again I whispered in his ear thank you and put the napkin in his pocket I told him to check it when he got home he smiled and said to us get home safely lady's and we got in our taxi and made our way home.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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That was some hot sex! I might suggest that you use quotation marks for the dialogue, it will make the scene more dramatic and a better read. The sexual images were great.

Wed, June 21st, 2017 11:40pm


This story was based on true events, I welcome all feedback for my writer and will be passed onto her directly for her next part of the doorman dream

Media Manager

Sat, August 12th, 2017 11:17am

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