She's Anally Inclined

She's Anally Inclined

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Twenty-eight-year-old Rick Portier is no CEO, but he's paid well enough to afford his car and his mortgage while still being able to live comfortably. Not needing to worry from one paycheque to the next, Rick doesn't think too hard about calling in to work and taking the day off at the request of his girlfriend, twenty-six-year-old Michelle Kabashaw. Her invitation to lunch is unexpected (especially since she's fully aware that she's a terrible cook), so Rick is correct in guessing what this 'goddess of curves' is really after. With her voluptuous body practically bursting from her restrictive clothing, it's already a rare occasion for her to have him in her apartment while her pants are actually on. But this time she barely makes the attempt at all, making only the slightest of pretenses at making lunch before she strips off the rest of her garments right there in the kitchen and offers him every hole she has. Rick forgets all about the office as he devours her body, leaving the dining room dripping with her uncontained sexual juices.


Twenty-eight-year-old Rick Portier is no CEO, but he's paid well enough to afford his car and his mortgage while still being able to live comfortably. Not needing to worry from one paycheque to the next, Rick doesn't think too hard about calling in to work and taking the day off at the request of his girlfriend, twenty-six-year-old Michelle Kabashaw. Her invitation to lunch is unexpected (especially since she's fully aware that she's a terrible cook), so Rick is correct in guessing what this 'goddess of curves' is really after. With her voluptuous body practically bursting from her restrictive clothing, it's already a rare occasion for her to have him in her apartment while her pants are actually on. But this time she barely makes the attempt at all, making only the slightest of pretenses at making lunch before she strips off the rest of her garments right there in the kitchen and offers him every hole she has. Rick forgets all about the office as he devours her body, leaving the dining room dripping with her uncontained sexual juices.


Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



I was just about to reach for the door handle when the phone rang. Curious, I stopped and turned back, heading through my small home to the living room, where I kept an old land-line phone on a small table beside the couch. I picked up the receiver hesitantly and held it to my ear, waiting a second in silence before saying; “Hello?”

“Hey babe!” A young woman said excitedly from the other end of the line. “It’s just me.”

“Oh hey Michelle. Perfect timing I was just about to leave the house.” I said, smiling to myself.

“Oh… were you heading in early?” She asked, sounding a bit disappointed.

“I was thinking about it… why?”

 “Oh… well, I was wondering if you might want to come over for lunch, before you head to work?”

“Lunch?” I repeated, more than a little surprised. We both know you don’t cook… “Today? What’s the occasion?”

“Does a woman need an occasion to invite her boyfriend to lunch?” She asked, almost managing to successfully sound insulted.

“I suppose not.” I admitted, still doubtful. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Okay, see you soon! Drive safe!” She replied cheerily before I hung up.

I let her go with that, and as I set the cordless phone back on its mount, I found myself frowning in thought. It was true, she didn’t really need an occasion to crave my company, but it wasn’t like her to request it so suddenly, right before I was supposed to head to work… especially not with the promise of food… she was even less confident in her cooking than I was! So I took a moment to consider the possibilities, and there was really only one thing that came to mind; one thing that she might suddenly, unexpectedly, want from me.

Grinning, I picked up the phone, dialing the office. After a few rings, my boss’ secretary answered, sounding bored. “Hey Chrissie, this is Rick Portier calling… yes, I just wanted to let you know I’ll be late to the office today…” I paused, thinking of how cheerful and excited Michelle had sounded when I’d said I was on my way… “Actually… to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be in at all…”


 “Want something to drink, Rick?” She offered, even knowing I could easily get it myself; I had been here a thousand times, after all. I was standing in the dining room, facing her as she looked at me from over the counter of the open-concept kitchen.

She was only a bit shorter than me, with medium-long, wavy brown hair that bounced when she walked. It was pulled back over one ear, which was pierced with a large silver hoop, just like its partner. Her lipstick was a vibrant pink and her eyes were shadowed ever-so-slightly with professionally applied makeup. Those eyes were big and brown, shinning with intelligence. She had two small beauty marks, one below her left eye, level with her nose, and the other above her upper lip, on the right side. Far from putting me off, I found these marks added character to a somewhat plain (thought undeniably beautiful) heart-shaped face.

“I’m alright.” I told her as I stepped across the dining room and pulled the curtain closed, ensuring that no prying eyes would find their way inside. I couldn’t be 100% sure that this would become a sexual encounter, but I’d known Michelle for a long time, and I was beginning to understand her methods quite well.

Looking back at her, this time I inspected her body; a body that made almost any straight man drool. I can’t deny that I’ve always loved slim girls, but Michelle was a goddess of curves. She always found herself shopping in the plus-sized section of stores due to an immense bust and broad hips, but she was easily one of the sexiest women I’d even laid eyes on. Today, to compensate her boulder-like breasts, she wore a very baggy (some girls call it ‘flowy’ but whatever) shirt. It didn’t cover much of her shoulders (actually it even hung off of one of them entirely) and showed off way more cleavage than would have ever been appropriate around the office. Not that anyone would say anything; there weren’t exactly many uniforms she would fit in even if she did have an office job. Instead of sleeves, the arms of the shirt were almost like wings, giving her whole torso an almost naked, free feeling. On one wrist she wore a flashy solid-gold bracelet I’d gotten her for her birthday a few months back.

But what really drew the eye was that she wore no pants whatsoever. Of course, to someone who was used to her sense of comfort, this came as no surprise. She had broad hips with a thick ass that threatened to burst any pair of jeans she might manage to squeeze in to. I couldn’t even count the times I’d seen her tear away her jeans like a second skin, revealing smooth white legs that were covered in red marks from the restrictive denim. I had learned within our first few months of dating that any time she was home (or even at my place), she would shed her jeans within a matter of minutes, just for the feeling of freedom.

Accepting my answer (and I’d already forgotten the question), she turned away from me and walked over to the fridge, opening it to peer inside. For a moment, I almost believed she was actually going to try and make lunch. At least until she bent over, searching the bottom shelf and I caught a glimpse of her round ass, shot through the middle with the violet streak of a thong. She had always been a lover of skimpy underwear, to be sure, but I knew she meant business whenever the thongs came out. Letting me catch a peak of it beneath that flowy white shirt was her way of ‘subtly’ alerting me of her intent.

“I’m not really all that hungry today… are you?” She called as she bent over the bottom shelf of her fridge, making an honest attempt to look at what she had in there.

“Not especially.” I lied; the whole reason I had been leaving early for work was so I could buy lunch on my way to the office… but that didn’t matter anymore. She gave her great, round ass a playful wiggle as she was bent over, making sure I couldn’t possibly have missed her clue, and I just couldn’t resist licking my lips as I thought of the meal coming my way. “I was actually going to just skip lunch altogether today.”

Even she knew I was lying; but she was happy that I had played along with her little charade. Knowing we were on the same page, now, she took another moment to look around in the fridge… with two hands stuffed down her shirt. A moment later she pulled herself out of the fridge, closing the door, and I caught a very brief glimpse of her pulling her bra out of her loose sleeve. I hadn’t actually seen her remove it, but I knew from the time she’d taken inspecting her bottom shelf that that’s what she had really been doing in there. She deposited it to one side casually, just barely outside of my field of vision. She would believe that I hadn’t seen it, that she was going to surprise me, but I’d caught on to her little tricks several months ago. Still, I let her have her fun.  

“Well I called you over here… I would feel bad if I didn’t give you something before you left.” She said with a frown.

“I took the whole day off, actually.” I admitted. “I figured it would be nice to spend the day with you.”

“The whole day?” She asked, genuinely surprised. “Now I really feel bad; I didn’t plan for this at all! What should we do, then?”

She came out of the kitchen, then and into the dining room, her broad hips swaying so hypnotically that I got a crick in my neck trying to follow them. “Well, we could just watch a movie or something?” I offered.

 “Or something.” She agreed, each step toward making her intent even more obvious. She wore nothing but that loose white top, which hung down past her broad hips. Her long legs were bare and tantalizing; every bit of me just wanted to sink my teeth into those thick white thighs.

“Give me a kiss?” She asked, walking purposefully up to me and wrapping her arms around my neck.

Finally, the play is over. I thought with relief, breaking my smile to press my lips to hers. Now we could get to the real reason she had called me over. Even as our lips touched, I let my hands go to that huge, firm ass of hers and grab a tight hold, squeezing it and pulling her closer as our tongues met, my fingers digging deep into that firm flesh.

Her body fell against mine, the great pillows that were her breasts pressing heavily against my chest as our tongues reached deep into one another’s mouths. I squeezed her massive ass in each hand, marvelling in the bare, smooth skin.

Still shoving our tongues deep into one another’s mouths, I gave that ass a really good squeeze, and then began to move my hands. My left hand slid slowly upwards, to the bottom of that loose, flowy shirt, where I caressed her skin firmly, gluing her body against mine. Meanwhile, my right hand moved across her ass, to the string of that invisible purple thong. I slipped one finger under that narrow strip of fabric, poking and prodding at the tailbone, near the top of her butt crack. Then, slowly, my hand slid down deeper, until the tip of my middle finger was pressing softly on her asshole, moving in steady circles, pushing and massaging.

One of the greatest things about Michelle and her rock-your-world body was that she was fine with just about anything. She was a real giver, the perfect lover, and on most occasions played the role of the ‘submissive little slut’ like she was born into it. But, like every individual, even Michelle had her preferences. And, if given the choice, she would choose her favourite form of intercourse nine times out of ten.

After a few short moments, I pressed my middle finger there firmly, letting the tip squeeze into that tight little asshole, disappearing into the great white cheeks. She moaned a bit as it penetrated her ass, breaking our kiss to show me a broad, happy smile.

I smiled back, then rammed my finger in deeper, making her gasp a bit with surprise and close her eyes. I put my mouth back to hers, slipping my tongue down her throat as she tried to breathe in. Jerking my finger around in her ass, my palm holding her cheeks open wide, she was moaning into my mouth in seconds. We’d been seeing each other for a fairly long time, but we’d worked our way up to trying anal sex for the first time only a few short months ago. She had loved it, and although she was not usually vocal about her preferences, usually content to let me take the wheel, she had wasted no time at all in letting me know just how much she had grown to favour anal penetration. Michelle was in luck today, for it just-so-happened that I was very much in the mood to give her the anal pounding she craved.

I continued to kiss her, fingering her ass, as she released my neck from her embrace and began to fight with my dress shirt, struggling to undo the buttons. As soon as it hit the floor, exposing my bare chest, I pulled her right back in against me. The fabric of that loosely flowing shirt was thin and light, and with her pressed so tightly against me I could feel her massive bust quite clearly.

With my free hand I moved to her hips, slowly sliding it up her waist. With each inch it climbed, her shirt rose higher. First the front of her thong became exposed, though I couldn’t see it with my tongue down her throat, and then her belly, flat and firm, against mine. Higher and higher I went, until my hand closed firmly on one massive tit. I’ve often heard that anything more than a handful is a waste, and for the most part, I could agree… but oh my god what a fucking glorious waste! As a man, I love tits of all sizes, but Michelle’s made me feel like I had died and gone to heaven.

My fingers sunk into her flesh like marshmallows, the skin impossibly smooth and soft to the touch. Her nipples hard in the palm of my hand, I squeezed and massaged that tit, worshipping it like it were a goddess of sin.

She continued to make out with me passionately, the finger in her ass a tease that she would willingly take for as long as I told her to. Finally, I stopped massaging her breast, slowly dragging my fingers down the center of her chest, then her stomach, then to her hip, and eventually curled them in to the elastic at the front of that pesky purple thong. Down I went, dragging my nails gently across her inner thigh as I pulled my finger out of her ass. As soon as the thong made it past those thick thighs, it dropped to the floor in a free-fall; her knees and calves tightly tones and nowhere near wide enough to even slow their decent.

Even as my fingering hand grabbed a firm hold of one ass cheek, my other hand reached back up to her chest, where the shirt was low in the front, presenting her cleavage. I caressed her throat softly, our tongues still entangled, and then grabbed at her shirt, slowly dragging it down. Knowing what I wanted, she reached up, taking hold of her shirt with me, and yanked it down.

I thought, for a moment, that this loose flowing shirt might snap as we tried to stretch it over those massive tits, but luckily it held together, and soon her tits were out and free, her shirt only covering her stomach. I looked down with a smile I just couldn’t help; as big as they were, they were nearly flawless. Sure, there were some stretch marks from the sag of such a heavy weight, but considering that they were natural, and humongous, that couldn’t be helped. They were still smooth, pale, cool, and sported big round nipples, a soft brown in colour.

I pulled her tight against me then, shivering as those breasts pressed against my bare skin, and made out with her even more intensely, my lust becoming intensified by a sudden need. I fingered her ass again, teasing her just as those swollen breasts teased me, until she finally pulled away to breathe.

I took that breath as a sign that I should let things move forward, and so I pulled my finger from her ass, letting her back away from my body. As soon as she had her breath, she kissed my neck, making her way downwards, to my collarbone, even as her fingers grabbed at the front of my jeans. I didn’t help her, knowing she was more than capable. Sure enough, she kissed her way down my chest and was half way to my stomach when she got the front of my jeans open.

Curling her fingers in at my waist, she pulled my pants and boxers down as one, letting them go down inch by inch as her lips did the same. My hard cock sprung out like a spring board in front of her face, and before I knew it she was on her knees, taking it into her hand. She began massaging it gently even before my pants reached the floor, and within seconds he began to kiss it’s length; up and down the shaft, and then in circles all around the swollen tip. I watched her at work, marvelling in the feeling of her massive tits brushing against my thighs, and then sighing in satisfaction when my dick suddenly slipped into her soft, wet mouth for the first time.

She was slow at first, soaking my cock with her saliva and playing with my shaft in her hands, almost teasing me. But, unlike me, she didn’t have the patience to tease her partner for long, and quickly grew desperate to continue.

Michelle didn’t seem to possess a gag reflex; or was at least very skilled at suppressing it, and so, as soon as she began to grow bored with her tease, she shoved my cock balls-deep into her mouth. I groaned, running my fingers through her hair, as she backed out, only to do it again, making my entire seven and a half inches disappear behind her lips.

The fourth time she did this; I tightened my grip on her hair and held her there tightly so she couldn’t move. She looked up at me, wide-eyed, with my cock still shoved way down her throat. Looking down at her, I imagined that I could see her throat bulging, my cock deep inside it. She stared up at me, eyes wide, her lips pressed to my abdomen, and was completely unsure of what I intended to do next. Would I come in her throat, right then and there? Would I leave her there, breathless, until she choked?

None of the above, I decided. Still holding tight to her hair, pressing her face against me so that she could do nothing but hold that cock in her mouth, her lips still tickling my flat stomach, I lifted my feet out of my pants and took a very slow, deliberate step forwards. Panicking, but unable to escape, she scrambled along on her knees, using her hands to keep her balance as I dragged her along with my cock still buried in her oesophagus.

I kept walking, slowly, in a way that she could keep up easily. I stepped right over her, still holding my cock down her throat, and she followed along on her back, practically doing a crab-walk as she scrambled along to keep up. We finally reached the dining room wall, and I released her hair, grabbing her by the shoulders and dragging her along until she sat with her ass flat on the hard-wood floor, her back flush with the wall. She stared up at me, gasping for breath, teary-eyed, almost begging for a reprieve already.

I smiled apologetically (at least I hope I looked sorry) and brushed a lock of her wavy brown hair from her face. With what she believed was my permission, she finally backed her head off my cock completely, gasping for breath and collapsing against the wall as her saliva dripped from my shaft, across her naked breasts. Submissive as she was, always willing to take whatever I gave her without a word of complaint, she licked her lips, collected herself, and then looked back up at me as though waiting for a command. I chose not to say anything, but I thrust my hips forward slightly, bopping her in the face with my cock.

Taking the hint, she took it in her hand right away, putting it right back into her mouth eagerly. I stood over her in a dominant fashion, my hands on the wall for support, as she sat on the floor, her legs spread, milking my cock with her hand and mouth. While Michelle was certainly submissive, she did not take any pleasure in being dominated, so that in itself was more for me. But watching her milk my cock hungrily, sucking it as I leaned into her face, taking it without complaint while it had nowhere else to go… I was in heaven. Her face was practically impaled, with nowhere to go but the wall behind her, or the cock in front of her.

Eventually worried that I might be going a little too far, I slowly backed up, giving her a little breathing room and space to maneuver. Slowly, she pulled herself back onto her knees, though where I stood still kept her firmly against the wall. As she sucked, looking up at me from under her lashes every now and then, I reached down, playing with those big brown nipples and smiling into her big brown eyes.

I couldn’t say how long it was that I let her keep at it, but eventually those glances up at me were getting more frequent, her expressions almost pleading. She wouldn’t make a move without my say so, and she certainly wouldn’t ask, but her expression was more than enough to tell me that she wanted it to be her turn soon.

I smiled again in understanding, brushing her hair out of her face, then grabbed hold of her hair behind her ear, drawing her face right in tight to me again, my cock going deep into her throat, my balls hanging on her chin. She didn’t complain, taking every inch, and this time she moved her head back and forth, letting it slide up and down in her throat, coating it in spit as my balls hung over her chin. When I finally pulled back, my cock was so covered in saliva that it dripped across her chest again, as well as her thighs and even the floor.

Neither of us cared, though, and with one hand I gave her big brown nipple a pinch, lifting her tit. As her boob lifted so did she; eventually climbing right to her feet as though I pulled her along with a leash. And it didn’t stop there. Once she was standing again, I released her nipple and she leaned her full bodyweight against me. I took hold of her thick thighs, pressing her against the wall, and started to lift.

Up and up she went, wrapping her legs around my waist and leaning back against the cold white wall as I grabbed her ass in both hands, stretching it wide. As she threw one arm around my neck to help support her weight; the other grabbed my cock, slick with her spit, and directed it to her hungry pussy.

She slid down my cock slowly, her eyes shutting tight and her mouth going wide as it drove deep inside. It went through her easily, her spit providing all the lubrication I needed, the inside walls of her vagina clinging to my cock like the reunited lovers they were. I let her whole bodyweight fall on my hips, on my waist… I let her whole body weight force her body downward, skewering her on my cock. Only once I was balls deep inside her did I press her upper back to the wall again, the sturdy surface giving us both a sense of security.

And just like that, I started to fuck her against the wall, her ass spread with my hands, her ankles locked around my ass, her arms around my neck, my tongue down her throat.

I slid it in and out of her, fucking her, slowly at first, focusing on the way our tongues entangled. She didn’t squeeze me too tightly, or even glance down nervously; she trusted in me fully, knowing I would never allow her to fall. She kissed me passionately, revelling in the feeling of my dick deep inside her, completely fine with the fact that she was floating in the air, only my two-and-a-half-inch thick shaft keeping her from falling to the floor.

Before long I was going faster, and she tangled her arms tightly around my neck, putting her face over my shoulder as she moaned into the open air. I fucked her hard and fast, her back against the wall, her ass spread wide as a finger slipped into her neglected butthole.

Soon she was gasping for breath, her body shaking, and her own hips gyrating enthusiastically. I knew she’d be coming soon, and I didn’t want to risk her going into a powerful orgasm while we were in such a precarious position. I rammed her hard and deep, my balls slapping against her ass loudly, and grabbed her hair, pulling it back until her head leaned against the wall, her eyes boring into mine. She breathed slowly, her breasts rising and falling rhythmically, her hips slowing. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, hugging her to my body. She did the same, tightening her thighs on my hips and pulling her tits to my chest, her arms around my neck.

With only a slight grunt, I pushed us off the wall, turning about, and carried her with solid steps across the dining room. I didn’t aim for the dining room table, covered in junk as it was. Instead I went to the kitchen counter, setting her ass on the marble and leaning her back.

She didn’t protest, she sprawled right out on her back, dangling her head over the counter, her hair falling freely toward the kitchen floor on the other side. Her tits still sticking out over the top of her shirt, they fell back toward her face with my next powerful thrust into her pussy. I grabbed her by the shins, spreading her legs out wide, and fucked her hard and fast, my cock going deep into her pussy with each thrust, my balls slapping against her tight, squeaky-clean ass. Bouncing freely, her tits hit her chin almost as often as her own chest. I knew that was probably a bit painful, having those big-ass boobs bouncing so viciously, but she didn’t dare loosen her grip on the edge of the counter to support them, else I would have thrust her right over backwards, into the kitchen.

Her legs spread wide, my cock balls deep every time, it wasn’t long before Michelle was crying out indecipherably. She didn’t curse or cry for god, she didn’t even say my name. It was just mindless screaming as her cunt went tight and her muscles tensed.

I almost felt sorry for her, to be honest. But I knew she was enjoying this more than I could possibly understand, so I decided to make it even better. I thrust in again, extra hard, then pulled my cock right out, sidestepping slightly. She didn’t even get a chance to wonder what was happening, because in less than half a second I released one of her ankles and shot my middle and ring fingers deep inside her pussy, curling them like a claw right into her G-spot. Before she could even complain about the sudden absence of my cock, I was finger-fucking her twice as hard as I had been drilling her a moment ago.

In only three seconds, before she was even sure what had happened, Michelle screamed loudly, and things got messy. Even as I finger-fucked her, ramming her G-spot several times a second, my palm slapping her g-spot like it was a punching bag, her pussy exploded violently, gushing her bodily fluids all over the palm of my hand. I didn’t stop to admire it; I kept going, fucking her faster and faster, my wet palm slapping against her shivering clit noisily every time. She screamed and panted, gasped and screamed some more, but there was nothing she could do as she clung desperately to the counter top, holding on for dear life as her come splashed off my hand, soaking her own clit, her thighs, her ass, her stomach, and even the kitchen counter and the wall below it.

Finally, it looked like it would come to an end. Her body shook, her hips gyrated, and her legs tensed and loosened, even tried to close as she tried to pull away from me. But I grabbed her by the knee, holding her legs open, and gave her a firm slap on that ripe ass of hers. As if that were some kind of trigger, another small spurt shot pitifully out of her pussy. I pushed her leg out wide, and all she could do was lay there with her legs spread wide, panting, and her pussy clenching and unclenching as she tried to recover.

I didn’t give her more than ten seconds of respite before I grabbed my cock in my free hand, angled it down, and shot it inside her. This time, though, I didn’t put it into that pussy. No, it was far too slippery and wet for me to enjoy it fully now; I put my cock straight into her ass. Like a hot knife through butter, it tore straight into her, her next gasp catching in her throat as she cried out and pulled away from me, nearly rolling right off the counter.

I pulled her back, not only saving her the fall, but keeping her within my range. I rammed my cock right back in, pulverising her ass a second time. She cried out, arching her back, her breasts free-falling almost as loosely as the hair that was dangling over the kitchen floor. Still, even with a concussion almost guaranteed, she tried to pull away, her body still in the midst of its convulsions. But I drove in again and again, punishing her ass as it tightened and shivered.

I refused to let her go, as much for her own safety as for my enjoyment, and rammed her again. Her ass was lubricated by nothing but her own pussy’s fluids, which completely coated her lower body and the upper part of both her thighs, as well as one of my arms. Her pussy was spread out underneath me, soaked, and even her pubes, a nice, black, neatly trimmed triangle above her clit, were soaked as though she had just gotten out of a shower. And that pink pussy was still spread and gaping, convulsing as though it still craved my cock.

I gave her ass another hard slap, making her whimper, and then grabbed her around the waist, pulling her back across the counter so that she was not dangling precariously off the other side. Again and again I pounded her ass, balls slapping those thick cheeks. Once I was sure she was in a safe spot, and she stopped trying to reflexively pull away, I released her hips, putting one hand on a thigh, keeping it open wide, and putting the other to her clit.

She grabbed at her own tits, pressing them together and holding them tightly so they didn’t bounce too violently. Meanwhile, I continued to screw her ass hard, strumming her clit like a guitar string. After a few moments I pinched her pussy lips open with two fingers, looking straight down into that wet pink mess, and spat. Even as I fucked her ass, I watched that spit seep down her pussy lips, into her gaping, hungry hole. Just as it entered her pussy, I pulled my cock out of her ass and slammed it inside, deep into her pussy once more. She cried out loudly once again, back arcing, as I fucked her pussy viciously for a few seconds, then gasped in relief when I pulled out again, only to ram it right back, freshly lubricated, into her gaping asshole.

I did this a second time a few minutes later, to similar results. Only, this time, when I pulled out of her pussy and shot into her creamy, wet ass, she cried out and tensed in a different way. Not even five minutes after her first orgasm, she was suddenly coming again. This time I kept my cock buried in her ass, fucking it hard, but I grabbed her hand this time, putting her hand to her pussy. Immediately she began to finger her own clit, rubbing it violently as he legs shook and kicked. Unable to escape my assault, her orgasm dragging on, she stopped playing with her clit and grabbed the countertop, trying to use it to pull herself away from my cock, so that she might toll over and crawl away from its assault.

I didn’t let her roll over; I held her on her back, slamming my cock as deep into her ass as I could one last time before I grabbed her, holding her still as both of her abused holes went through a frenzy of orgasmic convulsions. She didn’t squirt this time, but I could see how every muscle in her body quivered, her thighs trying to close on my hips as she tried again and again to pull away.

Despite the sheen of sweat across her body, she was positively shivering when her orgasm ended. My cock was completely soaked again, even despite being lodged in her ass. Shaking and gasping for breath, she rolled over, trying again to pull away from me. Finally, I pulled my cock out of her ass, taking a step back, and let her go. She rolled right over onto her stomach, gasping over the side of the counter, staring at the kitchen floor as she panted; her sweaty breasts flat against the cold marble. For a moment I thought to take her again, right there like that while she was draped over the counter, but I held myself in check, not wanting to wear her out just yet.

I gave her a few moments, worried she’d have a heart attack. Once her breathing finally settled a bit, I reached out, grabbing her hips gently with both hands, and eased her toward me. She followed me weakly, allowing me to support her as she climbed down off the counter, into my arms. I set her down on shaky legs, steadying her, and then gently took her hands, walking backwards. She followed me slowly, holding my hands for support, out into the middle of the dining room, away from the table and the countertop.

Keeping my eyes on her, watching to make sure she was okay, I found my shirt with my feet, and pulled it out into the middle of the floor. I then pulled her into me, and she collapsed to my chest, breathing heavily, hugging me for support. I held her there, revelling in the feeling of her breasts against me, and simply enjoyed the closeness. Once she had recovered a bit more fully, I pulled away, looking into her eyes as we both took hold of her sweat-soaked shirt, gently guiding it over her heavy breasts, then over her head.

I took a moment to stand back and simply stare at her, my eyes roving over her every curve, her body like a rollercoaster that I alone had the tickets to ride. Finally, I took her and directed her down to the floor, having her lie on her back with my shirt underneath her, some slight insulation between her back and the cold hardwood floor.

I kissed her softly, briefly, and then leaned down, bending over her pussy. I looked up into her eyes, not asking for permission; just making sure she had recovered enough to continue. Once I was sure she wasn’t about to pass out from overexertion (always a threat with her, since she’s an asthmatic), I put my hands to her thighs again, gently prying them apart.

Her pussy was open and waiting, her body shining with a mixture of sweat and her own come. Without the slightest hesitation, I buried my face in her swollen cunt. I ate her like she was my last meal on earth, savouring each taste of her, swallowing her come and sucking softly on her clit as she played with her breasts, moaning softly, and pulled on her nipples. Once I had satisfied my hunger, I moved downward, licking the outside of her ass, squeaky clean but for the remnants of her own leaking come.

Once I was content, I went back on my knees, running my wet fingers over the tip of my cock, and slipped it slowly into her ass. She shivered and groaned as it went in, deeper and deeper, her back arcing. I then slowly backed out, letting her relax just a bit, then went back in, just as slowly, making room for myself once more. Once again she arched her back, lifting her ass right off the ground as she aimed to take me at just the right angle. I wished I was more flexible, so that I could fuck her ass and eat that delicious pussy at the same time, but I don’t think that’s humanly possible.

I contented myself instead with watching her, even teased her by slipping a finger into her pussy as I slowly fucked her ass. She became accustomed to me soon enough, at that slow pace, and eventually reached out, pulling me down toward her.

And so we fell together in the missionary position, my cock moving slowly in and out of her ass. She moved her hips in time with mine, keeping a harmonious rhythm as her arms wrapped around my neck, shoulders, and upper back. She clawed at my skin, as well as her own arms, simply squeezing me as she moaned pleasantly and allowed the pace to slowly increase.

I slipped one hand between our bodies, playing with her pussy. I fingered her now and then, slipping them deep inside to feel how wet she was, but mainly I only fiddled with her clit, or spread her lips wide for my abdomen to press into it. My cock never backed out more than half way, keeping deep inside her so she could savour every inch of it inside her ass.

Slowly we began to move a bit faster, mutually working to increase the pace. It wasn’t long at all before she suddenly lifted her hips up, slamming against me, and froze, her body shaking slightly, before falling back to the ground and gyrating wildly, gasping and writhing as she came. I kept my cock deep inside her ass, fucking it at that same rhythm, refusing to go any faster or slower. I rubbed her clit with two fingers, back and forth rapidly, while the rest of my fingers kept her pussy lips open wide, my body crushing into it with each thrust.

I felt her soaking the skin of my stomach as she began to squirt on me for the second time, she cried out passionately, her back arcing as she squeezed my hips between her thighs. My body was like a splash-board for her orgasm, perfectly placed to send her come raining back down on her body. Again and again she thrust against me, and by the fourth thrust I could hear the audible slap of our wet skin even over the sound of her sex-waters splashing to the floor. Her orgasm ended with her body shaking, her hips working in circles as she took my cock again and again, making no attempt at all to run away this time.

And this time her orgasm had all-but assured my own; I would have had to pull out then and there if I wanted to stop myself, but the way she was moving, clearly still in the final throes of her own climax, I knew that wasn’t an option. So I curled my fingers inside her pussy, still fucking her ass with my cock. Every time we moved our hips, driving my cock inside her, I curled my fingers into her as well, spreading them so her cunt was open wide to me.

She likely felt as though she were taking two cocks at once, now, and she was still arching her back, breathing heavily, but the smile on her face told me that she was simply enjoying herself, not pursing another orgasm. That was good, because I would have hated to disappoint her.

I held on to the very last moment before I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and threw myself on top of her with all my body weight. My cock delved deep into her ass and with one, final thrust I felt the head of my penis swell. She barely even got to wrap her arms around my back before the first hot shot of come burst out of me, firing deep into her asshole like a fiery bullet.

Losing all semblance of control, my hips thrust with uncontrolled desperation, my cock blasting shot after shot of hot white come deep into her body even as my thighs shook in protest. Her ass clenched around my shaft, squeezing it as it throbbed, and each time I backed away from a thrust, it grabbed at me, milking another drip of come before I slammed it back into her, firing another great dollop of it into her. When it was finally coming to an end, I thrust in one more time, biting my own lip and holding the position as my thigh and ass muscles shivered, come leaking into her.

She kissed my shoulder and neck, smiling from ear to ear as she felt the heat of my love filling her. I didn’t know what to do at that point, I had become lost in the sensations of my orgasm. I buried my own face in her neck, moaning softly into her ear as I began to thrust again, very slowly and softly. Together we lay there, marvelling in the feeling of my slowly softening cock sliding along in the hot sticky mess.

Minutes later, when I had finally found the strength to pull myself off her and return to my knees, my soft cock slipped from her ass and my come poured out of her ass and onto my shirt in a steady stream. I couldn’t be worried about that though; my shirt was already soaked right through from Michelle’s squirting fluids. She sat up, and we both watched with a mild fascination as the hot white river flowed out of her clenching and unclenching asshole, and down one cheek, only to drip onto what had, at one point, been a nice dress shirt.


Michelle Kabashaw had never been a great cook; she would tell you that herself without a moment’s hesitation. But considering the time, we had to eat. So while she collected our clothes and threw them in the wash, I laboured away in the kitchen, prepping us a simple lunch. It didn’t take long, but even as I finished frying up her egg, she draped her arms over the back of my shoulders, her heavy tits resting against my back as she kissed my neck and nibbled playfully on my ear.

We didn’t bother to get dressed before retiring to the living room. In fact, apart from using a damp cloth to wipe ourselves down, we didn’t even bother trying to clean up. Still naked and grinning ear-to-ear, we made our way onto the couch, where we devoured our meals and showered one another in childish affection for quite some time before starting a movie…


I don’t think we even made it half way through that movie, to be honest with you…

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