Playing Hooky

Playing Hooky

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Twenty-one-year-old Justine Crystale has never missed a lecture during her entire academic career. A top-of-her-class science major in her fourth consecutive year with a full-ride scholarship, this would be the worst possible time for her to break that streak. So it's only natural for her boyfriend, Ryan Gauss, to be extremely concerned when one of her friends informs him that she won't be attending her classes today. Distracted by his concern for her, Ryan skips his own lessons to sneak off to her apartment and see if there's anything he can do to help her feel better. He finds her bed-ridden, as expected, but not with any kind of fever or illness. In fact, Justine greets him with a healthy smile, a glow to her skin, and an unexpected announcement that is bound to make their lives together much more interesting.


Twenty-one-year-old Justine Crystale has never missed a lecture during her entire academic career. A top-of-her-class science major in her fourth consecutive year with a full-ride scholarship, this would be the worst possible time for her to break that streak. So it's only natural for her boyfriend, Ryan Gauss, to be extremely concerned when one of her friends informs him that she won't be attending her classes today. Distracted by his concern for her, Ryan skips his own lessons to sneak off to her apartment and see if there's anything he can do to help her feel better. He finds her bed-ridden, as expected, but not with any kind of fever or illness. In fact, Justine greets him with a healthy smile, a glow to her skin, and an unexpected announcement that is bound to make their lives together much more interesting.


Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Unlike others, Justine had never skipped class intentionally, for anything. Even sick, she never missed a lecture. The fact that she had not simply left early, but skipped the whole day altogether, had me incredibly concerned. I took the elevator to the third floor and wandered along the halls, which were mostly empty with all the young women in classes. Finally, I reached her secluded hallway and knocked loudly on the door to her apartment.

I didn’t get an answer, so I let myself in. The living room was as disastrous as ever, with clothing decorating nearly every surface, but I hardly looked around as I kicked off my shoes and went to the right, peering into the kitchen and dining room. She wasn’t there, so I made my way to the left side of the apartment. I reached the closed bedroom door, and suddenly wondered if she might be asleep… but I had to know if she was okay.

I knocked softly, and finally heard a response. “Come in.” She called softly from the other side of the wooden frame.

I opened the door, stepping into the room quietly. Justine was there, lying on the bed and smiling invitingly. I knew right away that she wasn’t sick; she had never looked better. Her long brown hair shone in the light of the afternoon sun coming through the window, looking almost golden, and her hazel eyes were shining with excitement. Her skin was only lightly tanned, and there was much more of it showing than I had expected.

Her round, firm ass was covered by a pair of clean, white-silk panties. Around the hips they were almost see-through, decorated with white thread to make beautiful flower designs. Her bra was similar, with relatively plain white cups decorated with white lace in flowering patterns. The straps around her back were partially see-through, with similar white flower patterns. It was a beautiful set of what seemed to be brand new lingerie, white and pure and innocent. “I was starting to think you wouldn’t come.” She admitted softly, setting a book on the bedside table.

I was lost for words. It was unthinkable for her to skip class for anything short of a life-threatening disease; this couldn’t possibly have been more out of character for her. Beyond that, it was also incredibly out of character for her to start it this way; our coupling before now had been spontaneous and natural, never planned. At this point, a small part of me even wanted to get angry at her for worrying me so much! That was a very small part, though.

I shoved that part aside, walking across the room in an almost dream-like state to sit on the bed beside her. “I thought you were sick.” I told her quietly. “I came to check on you.”

“You’ve always been like that.” She replied, smiling, as she climbed up on her knees, leaning against my back with her arms over my shoulders. She set her chin on her own arm, leaning her head against mine. “You’re such a worry-wart.”


“No, it’s okay. I like it. I’m sorry for scaring you, though. I just didn’t know how else to get you here without involving my roommates.” Justine admitted.

“So… they don’t know?” I concluded, a bit surprised.

“I’ve never faked being sick before; why would they suspect me now?” She asked with a smile. “I’ll have to play it off for another day or two, but they won’t know the difference.”

“Seems like a lot of work just to spend some time with little old me.” I replied doubtfully.

She pulled back on me then, guiding me from behind, until I had twisted around to lay flat on the bed, my head on the pillows. “I just wanted you to myself for a little while, is that so bad?” She asked, leaning over me and tucking her hair back behind her ears as she put her face in mine, staring right into my eyes.

“No, it’s not bad.” I replied softly. “I’ve… missed you. Really.”

“I’m sure you say that to all the girls.” She said, gently pressing her lips to mine.

“Pfft, what girls?” I asked sarcastically.

“Fair enough.” She smiled, confident that she was the only one in my life. She kissed me again.

“So what’s all this about?” I asked, trying to sound serious.

“All what?” She asked innocently.

“Well, you didn’t go through all this just to fuck me.” I replied.

“What, did you think I was doing all this just to show off my new underwear?” She asked sarcastically, leaning away from me to give me a better look.

But as much as I enjoyed the eyeful, I didn’t let her get very far away, pulling her back toward me almost instantly. “You could have just come over after class if that’s all you wanted.” I insisted. “There’s more to it.”

“After.” She insisted, putting a finger to my lips. “For now, I just want this. Is that allowed?”

She stared deep into my eyes, and I couldn’t argue with the determined look on her pretty face. I stared into those eyes for a while, my expression unwaveringly concerned… but I couldn’t hold it against her. My resolve melted, and my body relaxed, accepting that she would explain, in time. She pressed her lips to mine once again, and this time she didn’t break away after a gentle peck; there were no more words left to offer.

Very slowly our tongues met, tangling softly and reaching, pulling, easing one another into it. As we made out, she slowly slid my shirt up my body, exposing my bare chest. I ran my hands over her ass, my fingers gently playing with the designs on her new panties, until she got it up far enough. Then we broke the kiss, just long enough to pull my shirt off and dump it over the side of the bed.

Again our tongues came together and my hands caressed the bare skin of her back, shoulders, and thighs, gently feeling every naked inch. One of her hands slipped between us, fighting with my jeans, and when she finally got me unbuttoned and unzipped, she slowly, very slowly, broke our kiss. Staring straight into my eyes, she slowly slid down my body, toward the bottom of the bed. Once she was down far enough, she hooked her fingers in at my waist, pulling my jeans and boxers down as one. I lifted my waist, just enough for them to slide down easily, and she pulled them right off me, letting them fall quietly off the end of the bed.

Naked underneath her, she didn’t break eye contact with me for even a single second as she knelt over me, straddling my feet and bending over my cock, which was already hard and throbbing. She took it in one hand, feeling it up and down gently as though it were an unfamiliar object. Finally, she looked down, breaking eye contact, and gently put her lips to the tip.

It could have been called a tease, it could have been called passion… she called it ‘taking it slow’. Either way, I was okay with it. She worked her head all around my cock, kissing each inch of the shaft gently, working her way down, where she sucked very gently at the base of it, near my testicles. Then, with a long, slow stroke of her tongue, she came back up to the very tip of the shaft. Around and around she went, licking around the head, kissing, even nibbling very, very softly. Then, finally, when my cock was so hard it could have hammered a nail, she put only the very tip in her mouth.

On and on she did this, never going more than an inch down the shaft, letting her tongue flick at the skin tantalizingly. At the bottom of my shaft, her hand slowly massaged my cock, working up and down. Over time, this got ever so slightly faster, and as it did, she went a little deeper with her mouth.

Over five minutes into this very slow, soft, blowjob she finally backed off, spitting softly on the very tip and rubbing it in with her hand, looking me in the eyes once more. Again, without breaking eye contact, she went down. Now the real blowjob started. It was still tantalizingly slow, almost a painful tease. I felt like I had a steel pole where my cock should be, but I knew she was doing exactly what she wanted, and I’d let her have that as long as I could.

Hand and mouth worked my cock from top to bottom for what felt like hours. In reality, it was only maybe a total of fifteen minutes before she was deep-throating me. She had a pretty active gag-reflex, so she had never been able to take my whole cock, but she never stopped trying anyways. Whatever her soft full lips couldn’t get low enough to encompass, her gentle hand was there with a firm grip to make up for it. Again and again she took as much as she could, and more often than not she stared straight into my eyes as she did it. Finally, twenty minutes after she had taken my pants off, she pulled it out of her mouth and leaned back even further, kissing the shaft, my balls, my thigh… and then she was gone.

She stood up at the foot of the bed, still staring down at me meaningfully, making sure I didn’t miss a thing; almost daring me to blink. Very slowly, making sure I caught every subtle movement, she lowered her panties to the distant floor. Her pussy was clean shaven, without even the slightest shave bump or hint of stubble; she must have waxed that very afternoon in preparation for this… whatever this was.

Slowly, she climbed back onto the bed, back over my legs, crawling up my body until her face was level with mine once more. Then she sat up, sitting straight, with my cock right under her. Slowly, still staring straight into my eyes, she reached underneath her, grabbing a firm hold of my cock. I knew what she intended, and my cock was positively throbbing now. In her small hands, it felt way thicker than it should have been. She put the tip to her pussy, and very, very slowly began to lower herself onto it. She was wet, not from any form of stimulation, but simply because of how much she wanted me. I was wet too, from her saliva. But even then, my cock didn’t slide in easily.

With every inch she lowered herself, I could feel the pull inside her. Her pussy lips clung to me with desperation, and I could feel the flesh inside her stretching as it tried to savour each passing inch. She closed her eyes, her mouth opening involuntarily, and shook slightly as she got about half way down. She lifted herself back up, breathed in deeply, adjusted my cock slightly with her hand, and then went down again. This time she passed the half-way point, and her eyes fluttered as she tried to keep them open. A very soft groan escaped her open lips, and I decided to lend her a slight hand, reaching around to take a hold of her waist. I let my fingers dig into the flesh of her ass, keeping a firm, tight hold, and spread her cheeks a bit. This spread her pussy a bit too, but more important was the force I applied, gently pulling her down, speeding up the process.

She wasn’t in pain; far from it. But she was incredibly sensitive to my bare cock. Two years ago, when we had done it for the very first time, we had used condoms. But now we didn’t even consider the damnable things; ever since her first time feeling my bare skin inside her, she had hated the damnable things. She was a small woman; thin and lithe and as tight as a virgin, even after our years together. Sex for us was rare and far between lately, as she was often too focused on her studies to allow such activities… and even before me, she’d barely had any partners in her life, leaving her body still new and practically unused.

When she had finally taken my whole cock, I held her there firmly, refusing to let her back off it. She shook a moment, breathing deeply, then leaned forward and opened her eyes, looking into mine. “I think I’m okay now.” She whispered, my cock buried deep inside her still. “You’re just… bigger than I remember.” It had been weeks since the last time we’d found this kind of opportunity.

I feel bigger. I thought. And it was true; perhaps it was the long period of inactivity, but I felt as though my cock had swollen in size since the last time it had been inside of her. “Don’t rush yourself.” I told her softly.

And she didn’t. She started with very slow movements of her hips, forward and backward, kissing me gently. I gave her a few minutes to get used to it, then started to move my own hips to her rhythm. It wasn’t long before she grew more and more lubricated, and as she grew wetter, I was less worried about her being hurt by it. She was also less reserved, picking it up to a more natural, but still very gentle, pace.

We tangled our tongues passionately, and I let one hand play in her hair absently for a while before I slid it down her spine, to the middle of her back, where her bra was clasped. I took extra care with it, undoing it as gently as possible. Once it was undone, she pulled away from me, breaking the kiss, and wiggled out of it, sliding it off her arms and letting it fall off the side of the bed.

She didn’t come right back down. She leaned back, sitting perpendicular to me, to give me a full view of her smooth, lightly tanned body. Her breasts were perky, the nipples somewhere between pink and brown in colour, erect from the cold wind blowing from the nearby air conditioner. She flipped her hair back behind her, moving her waist forward and backward on my cock. It stayed deep inside her, pleasuring us both, but the main point of this was the show. She gyrated her hips in slow, exaggerated movements, like a stripper working the pole on a very slow song. Around in circles, then forward and backwards, then around again. She even went as far to put her arms behind her, on my knees, and lean back, bouncing up and down while I stared down at her pussy, watching my cock delve deep into her.

But I was hitting her G-spot that way, and she couldn’t keep it up for long without losing control. She went back to being perpendicular, grabbing her own ass cheeks and spreading them to open her pussy as she bounced up and down on my cock, taking it deep. I reached around, grabbing her ass for her, and she moved one hand to my shoulder, the other to her own bouncing breast. She continued to bounce up and down, and I clawed at her ass, thrusting with her movements.

It wasn’t long before her thighs tightened around my hips and she grabbed my forearms with both hands in a vice grip. She closed her eyes, looking up at the ceiling, and was suddenly bouncing much, much faster. I kept my hands on her waist, lifting her up and pulling her down in time with her own bouncing, so that my cock was taken that much harder. Her body shook, she bit her lip, she squeezed my cock with her pussy, my hips with her thighs, and her nails dug into my arms painfully. Faster and faster she bounced, until suddenly she froze, shaking, uttered a very long low moan, then a gasp, and fell forward over me, her tits hitting my chest so hard they made a slapping noise. I clawed at her ass with one hand, and scratched at her back with the other, fucking her hard from underneath as she came hard on my cock.

I felt our thighs grow wet under her orgasm, and as it ended she collapsed, panting, on my chest. I ran my hands up and down her body gently, caressing the smooth, soft skin. Finally, once her body had settled, she pulled herself off my cock, letting it slap against my stomach. She didn’t climb off right away though, but lay on top of me, kissing me gently and passionately.

Finally, just like before, she then slid very slowly down my body, eyes locked on mine all the way down. Once she was at the foot of the bed, she took my cock slowly into her mouth, sucking it softly with long, slow insertions into her mouth. This time she didn’t keep at it for long, though. I brushed her hair out of her face, and she stared into my eyes, and then slowly backed away. My cock was dripping with her spit but I didn’t even look at it as I watched her slowly turn around, straddling me backwards. I reached down, angling my cock up, into her pussy for her as she lowered herself down. It slid in much easier this time, and she started gyrating again within moments.

She kept her hair in front of her shoulders, giving me a full view of her smooth back, though my eyes were mainly focused on her ass and the bit of her pink pussy that clung to my cock each time she lifted up. I reached out, gentling caressing her back, and then gently took her by the waist, pulling her backwards.

She came willingly, letting me pull her back tight to my chest. She spread her legs wide, my cock still deep in her pussy, and began to bounce again. Underneath her, I thrust in time with her, and even reached one free hand around in front to play with her clit a bit.

We didn’t keep at that long though, she had trouble supporting her weight in that position, and I didn’t have the right leverage to support us both while continuing to fuck her. I wrapped my arms around her naked body from underneath, and slowly rolled over, our bodies all but glued together. Once she was flat on her stomach, I grabbed her by the waist, pulling her up into a doggy-style position. I slid my cock in, slowly, until I was balls deep, and then slowly pulled it all the way out. Her pussy was pink and swollen with hunger, the hole still gaping slightly, waiting. I slid it in again, as far as I could, moving at a slow, steady pace, and then pulled it back again, all the way out. On a whim, I grabbed one ass cheek, pulling it out to the side to look down into her gaping pussy. Even her ass was open, calling to me. It was squeaky clean and made a perfect target; she had clearly cleaned up nicely in anticipation for this. I didn’t dare make a move for her ass though; we’d discussed the possibility of that action before, but we weren’t ready for it… not yet. Instead I held that ass open wide, and she reached back with one hand to take the other cheek, giving me an excellent view. With my free hand I directed my cock back in, going balls deep, slowly, and then coming out about half way before going again. I repeated this three more times, watching as her pussy was pulled along, clinging to every single throbbing inch.

Moaning, she finally let her ass go, her arms falling to the bed as she bit at the sheets softly. Smiling, I pulled out completely and lowered myself, spreading her ass with both hands and shoving my face into her pussy. She gasped, and then moaned, as I worked my tongue. My nose went into her pussy in place of my cock, and my tongue worked her clit in smooth strokes. I pulled back to breathe, then went at it again, my nose more or less in her ass this time as I licked her pussy in long, exaggerated motions, like licking an ice cream cone. Lastly I pinched the lips of her pussy open with my thumbs, stretching her pussy and her ass both open wide, giving me a full, unobstructed view of her clit and her wet, pink cunt. I rolled my tongue, slipping it in and out of her hole, even smacking her clit back and forth with it.

Once I was satisfied I’d had my taste, I got back up, taking my cock, and slipped it inside her once more. This time it slid into her pussy like a hot knife through butter, and she moaned a little louder. She lifted her chest off the bed, pushing away from the mattress with her arms to try and keep her body perpendicular, with a slight arc to her lower back.

I fucked her with a quick rhythm, each thrust going deep and hard enough to make her bounce forward. I kept my hands on her waist, holding her tightly and pulling her into each thrust. Before long she was becoming uncharacteristically vocal. Suddenly, she angled down, driving her head into the mattress, and reached back with one hand, taking my hand from her waist. She pulled it up to her breast, so I grabbed that tit, squeezing it tightly for a handhold. She, in turn, dug her nails into my hand painfully. On the opposite side, her other hand clawed at my hand on her waist.

I fucked harder and faster, knowing she was about to come again. Sure enough, she released both my hands. One went to the mattress, clawing violently at the sheets as she screamed into the pillow. The other reached back for my own waist, but couldn’t quite reach, so she ended up clawing at my thigh, pushing back against me with her ass as hard as she could. I kept my hands to her waist, making sure she couldn’t push hard enough to knock me over, but also making sure she couldn’t escape my assault.

She curled practically into the fetal position with her next scream, pushing her ass so tightly against me I’m pretty sure part of my abdomen could have gone into her pussy with my cock. She shook and bit and clawed at the mattress, her pussy going through violent convulsions even as one of her legs bucked outward, shaking and shivering. With my cock as deep inside her as it could ever possibly be, I held her tightly, letting her body go through its violent spasm. I managed only an occasional, very short thrust, to keep her going. Finally, her body relaxed a bit and she collapsed, shaking, back to the mattress. “M-more…” she gasped breathlessly. “D-don’t stop. Don’t stop…” She insisted.

She was still shaking violently, the hand that had scratched at my thigh now tearing at the sheet between my legs. She was breathless and unsteady, not even capable of pushing her torso back off the mattress. But I wasn’t one to refuse a girl’s request; especially not a sexual one, so I kept a firm hold of her waist and went back to work. After a few minutes she managed to push herself up a bit and started bouncing her body in time with my thrusts, so I picked up my pace, fucking her faster. I took one hand off her waist, grabbing her round, firm ass instead. I squeezed that thick flesh, then stopped, and gave her a single, solid spank. She gasped, and I clawed at her ass again, driving into her even harder with my cock.

Her body started shaking again, one leg spasming so hard I thought she might be having a seizure. For a moment I thought she’d come again, but she got back under control quickly. So I took my other hand off her waist, reaching up, instead, for her shoulder. I kept a firm hold there, pulling her back with each of my thrusts so that my cock rammed in extra hard. She flipped her long brown hair out of her face, and I could just barely see the smile of excitement on her face; she was enjoying this so much!

I leaned over her, keeping my cock imbedded deep, and grabbed her chin with one hand, turning her face toward me even as I held her shoulder firmly. She turned back to me, stretching her neck out to kiss me passionately. I then took hold of both her shoulders, squeezing them, rubbing them, massaging them, as I fucked her slowly from behind, kissing the back of her neck. I kept doing things like that for a few minutes, giving her body the moment of respite it needed, giving her only slow, gentle thrusts.

Then I pulled back, straightening again, and gave her ass another playful smack before taking a firm hold of her waist with one hand and her shoulder with the other. With that, I began to fuck her again, hard and fast. I went faster and faster, putting all my energy into taking her like there was no tomorrow. Then, with no warning, the shaking started again, and she fell forward, her face and tits suddenly going flat against the mattress as her legs buckled, shaking and spasming. She bent back, pushing her ass tight against me again as another orgasm wracked her body violently. I bent over, kissing her spine, as she moaned loudly into the sheets. I gave her another hard slap on her ass as she pushed against me, and that caused her to gasp loudly, nearly uttering a scream.

The shaking grew more violent, her pussy clenching my cock so tightly I could have sworn she was squeezing it with her fist. I slid my hand under her, grabbing her tit tightly, my nails digging into it painfully. She grabbed at my hand with her own, trying to peel it off, but I held tight through her orgasm, driving my cock in deep, pulling back just a bit, and ramming it home again.

I bent further over her, kissing her shoulder, as her orgasm began to slowly fade. She turned her head, breathlessly kissing my lips, and I pulled her back against my chest, leaning back until I sat up straight. My cock still in her pussy from behind, she sat up on her knees, leaning against my chest as I nibbled her neck, massaged her breasts, and rubbed her clit. Her body still shook, her breathing was still heavy, but she didn’t fight me anymore, reaching her hands behind her to gently touch my hips.

Finally I stopped holding her so tightly against me, very gently lowering her back to the bed. She crawled weakly up the bed, and then rolled over, flopping onto her back. Her face and body were flushed, and there were pink scratches on her chest where I had scratched at her. Her long brown hair was a mess, and she was gasping desperately, but she had an excited smile on her face still; she spread her legs eagerly, clearly ready for just one more. That clean pink pussy of hers was soaking wet now, her hole gaping, waiting in anticipation of one more deep-delving series of thrusts. Even her lower stomach was even damp with beads of her own come.

I climbed between her legs, staring down into her eyes, just as she had done to me for most of the session so far. Without looking away, I very slowly guided my cock into her waiting hole. I stared straight into her eyes as it penetrated. She couldn’t manage the same; the second the tip of my cock passed her lips, her eyes shut and her mouth went wide in a deep breath. I slid it in slowly, deeper and deeper, and once I was balls deep again, I leaned over her, falling upon her.

She didn’t hesitate, wrapping her arms around my torso and hugging me to her chest. I slipped one hand under her head, tangling it in her hair, and let the other find her waist, caressing it softly. She made out with me passionately for a few moments as I gently thrust into her, but her breathlessness soon made that impossible. She tangled the fingers of one hand in my hair, and so I did the same. Back and forth we went, moving our hips in time with one another. I didn’t fuck her wildly, I barely even thrust. We just left my cock deep inside, moving back and forth to achieve the perfect stimulation.

This was probably the slowest we’d gone so far, but we were in no hurry, going slowly, passionately, letting our impending climax build up gradually over a long period of time. I buried my face in her neck, nibbling, sucking, and breathing heavily. She, in turn, kissed my own neck, whenever she could find the breath to do so.

I finally felt my climax approaching some time later; a very sudden, pleasant burning in my loins that told me our time was up. I tightened my grip on her hair and dug my fingers deeper into her hip. She took the subtle hint perfectly, tightening her grip on my own hair and grabbing at my ass, pulling me deeper into her. “I want to feel it. Do it deep.” She whispered.

I didn’t need to be told that; ever since our first time without a condom several months before, I had never had any intention of doing it any other way. Only a moment later I groaned loudly, and then bit her neck hard as the first shot of come fired from my cock, deep into her stomach. From there, my slow, passionate movements became suddenly more erratic, thrusting violently in time with each spurt. Perhaps it was that sudden change of pace, or maybe it was just the feeling of me coming inside her, but suddenly she, too, was thrusting her hips unpredictably. Back and forth we went, not even close to being synchronized now. I bit her neck hard even as her teeth tore into my shoulder painfully, the both of us moaning and gasping as we came.

Even when we were done, I can’t say for sure how long we lay there. I kissed her neck softly, apologising for the pain, and her lips caressed my shoulder with an equal tenderness. Her body shook underneath me occasionally, and her pussy clenched and unclenched instinctively, as though no longer aware of how to remain neutral.My cock throbbed and twitched too, leaking the occasional half-hearted spurt into her body. Once our breath returned, I lifted myself just enough to look into her eyes, and we shared a look of mutual contentment before sharing several drawn out, happy kisses.

It was a long, long time before I climbed off her, and even then, she only curled into me, listening to my breathing and my heartbeat as we enjoyed on another’s company in silence.

I didn’t say a word about the come spilling from between her legs, or the corner of the fitted sheet that had come loose during our coupling. Nor did she comment on the bear of come that dripped from my softened cock, sticking to my thigh, or the series of deeply-carved teeth marks on my shoulder. We held one another until the minutes turned into an hour, and only when she realised that I might begin to drift off to sleep did she dare to speak.

Only then, our bodies tired and sore, our hungers mutually satisfied, did she tell me about the baby.


It’s been about three months now, and ever since that day I’ve found myself in her bedroom far more often than ever before. She’s kept up with her studies, of course, but her time with me quickly gained priority over her time with her roommates or friends. We began to talk of graduation… and then of renting an apartment together… just the two of us. We’ve even played a bit with the idea of marriage.

In two more months we’ll be graduating; she will be finishing top of her class with a science degree, and I myself will have everything I need to get started in small business management… though I’ve not yet decided what I plan to do with it.

Turns out all these decisions will have to wait a little longer, though. Between our studies and all that time we spend together in bed now, we still haven’t decided on a name for our baby boy.

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