Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


On their way to his sister's wedding in Los Angeles, California, twenty-seven-year-old Michael Baines realises he hasn't brought a girl home in nearly ten years. As they grow closer to their destination, he grows more and more concerned that having twenty-four-year-old Lilian Winters meet his incredibly eccentric family for the first time might somehow strain their relationship. Sensing his unease, Lily convinces him to pull in to a roadside motel for the night, so that they might take some time to alleviate one another's growing concerns. But when their rain-soaked bodies find themselves alone in their poorly-kept motel room, their attempts to comfort one another quickly become physical, pulling them into a night of erotic entanglement. Here, a carnal desire takes a hold of Michael, causing him to pour life into Lilian again and again with little reprieve. Ejaculating into her repeatedly, even long after she is satisfied, it's Michael's unexpected youthful vigor that gives this scene it's name.


On their way to his sister's wedding in Los Angeles, California, twenty-seven-year-old Michael Baines realises he hasn't brought a girl home in nearly ten years. As they grow closer to their destination, he grows more and more concerned that having twenty-four-year-old Lilian Winters meet his incredibly eccentric family for the first time might somehow strain their relationship. Sensing his unease, Lily convinces him to pull in to a roadside motel for the night, so that they might take some time to alleviate one another's growing concerns. But when their rain-soaked bodies find themselves alone in their poorly-kept motel room, their attempts to comfort one another quickly become physical, pulling them into a night of erotic entanglement. Here, a carnal desire takes a hold of Michael, causing him to pour life into Lilian again and again with little reprieve. Ejaculating into her repeatedly, even long after she is satisfied, it's Michael's unexpected youthful vigor that gives this scene it's name.


Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



“You look exhausted.” Lilian said softly, reaching out with one soft hand to touch his, which rested on the stick shift of the old vehicle.

“I’m just nervous.” He responded softly, not taking his eyes off the road.

“Why are you the nervous one?” She smiled; laughter evident in her tone. “I’m the one about to meet your family for the first time.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.” He admitted.

“You think they won’t like me?”

“Of course they’ll like you. As long as they can see I’m happy, they won’t have a single complaint.” He sighed, then, and shrugged. “Besides, it’s a wedding. We’re not exactly going to be the couple everyone’s focused on anyways. I’m more worried about you liking them.”

“You don’t think I’ll like your family?”

“I think after about ten minutes with my family, you’ll be tapping your heels together singing ‘there’s no place like home’.”

She laughed at that; a musical sound that made the soft sounds of the radio seem as dull as the empty road ahead of them. “Honey, home is right beside you. I’ve put up with you for this long, there’s no way these people are going to scare me away.”

“I hope you’re right.” He sighed, weary eyes focused on the road still.

She sighed too, but it was one made of humor and exasperation. “You’re exhausted; you’ve been driving for hours without rest. Do you want me to take over for a bit?”

“I’m fine.” He insisted. “You hate driving at night; I’m not going to make you do it in this rain.”

“I’d rather that than have to worry about you falling asleep.”

“I won’t fall asleep.”

“Then let’s pull over somewhere and rest.” She insisted. “Anywhere is fine; just a little nap.”

“On the side of the road? In this?” He shook his head, peering more closely at the road ahead. “That’ll cause an accident.”

“I guess…” She admitted, reluctant to continue. She leaned back in her seat, gazing out the window in disappointment. She wouldn’t admit it; but she truly was nervous about meeting his family for the first time; would they really accept her as easily as he believed? Any pause in their journey would be a welcome one; a moment to get her bearings and calm her nerves.

“Hey, pull in there!” She suddenly told him, pointing ahead, through the rain, at the neon sign of a road-side motel.

He grumbled and protested half-heartedly, but only because he didn’t want to admit that he was actually that exhausted.


Michael fell back on the bed with a sigh, his eyelids heavy and his chest still rising and falling rapidly. They had run from the car to their room, but that hadn’t saved them from the pounding of the torrential rain. They’d stumbled in to their small, poorly kept suite, soaked to their bones in only seconds. In the bathroom they had each taken one of the complimentary towels to dry their hair, but had otherwise hardly looked around at the accommodations.

Even now, Michael barely noticed them as he laid only half on the bed, his legs dangling on the carpeted floor. His hair was still damp, that much couldn’t be helped, but he had changed out of his wet clothes, hanging them from the empty dresser to dry. Instead he wore a comfortable pair of old track pants, loose and well worn, perfect for sleeping in. Even as he reclined on the bed, staring up at the misshapen ceiling, he had to fight to stay awake.

He heard the bathroom door open, followed by Lilian’s soft steps as she came out. “So, how many more hours do you think we have?” She asked absently as she shook her damp hair inside a towel.

“Four.” He answered with a shrug. “Maybe five.”

“Well that’s not too bad. We’ll be there for lunch with your sister, like you said.” She offered encouragingly.

“I was thinking we could sleep in.” He responded. “Do lunch another time.”

“That could work too.” She said with a smile, glad to put off the meeting just a little longer. Too exhausted, he didn’t even realise that she was uncomfortable with the thought of meeting his family. Still, he felt the need to look over at her, to make sure she was okay.

She was dressed in a pair of pajama bottoms; his pajama bottoms, he was pretty sure. Over her chest she wore a worn old white t-shirt, slipping tantalizingly off one shoulder. Her body was still damp, the thin white fabric clinging to her skin and even becoming transparent in some places. Her hair, too, was damp; and quite a tangled mess as she set down the wet towel, giving up on her attempts to dry it by hand. Her skin was lightly tanned, and her brown eyes sparkled in the dim yellow light of the bedside lamp. “This room really isn’t that bad, considering how cheap it was.” She added as she gave the area a casual inspection.

“Mhm.” He grumbled, not even really hearing her as he continued to stare, enjoying the way her damp hair clung to her back, making her shirt wet.

“Do you remember that motel we stayed in when we went to Niagara Falls? I can’t believe we didn’t get sick.”


“We should go back though. Not to that motel, but back to the Falls.”


“Just us this time. We won’t bring Maggie or the others.”

“Mhm.” He agreed, absently, only turning his eyes back to the ceiling when she suddenly turned back toward him.

“That reminds me; we need to call Terri when we get there tomorrow.”



“Yes, hun?” He asked quietly, his eyes now closed as he reclined on the bed.

“Do you have a roll of quarters in your pocket, or are you having a really good dream over there?” she asked, her voice suddenly taking on a playful tone.

“I don’t have any pock… oh…” He opened his eyes, only now realising what she meant. “Sorry.” He grumbled, rolling over onto his stomach to conceal the erection that was all-too obvious in his loose pants. He then crawled up along the bed, across the sheets, to the pillow.

“You’re not as tired as I thought you were, apparently.” She teased.

“No, I’m exhausted.” He replied honestly, rolling onto his back and letting his head hit the pillow.

“Alright, let’s get some rest then.” She concluded, walking around to her side of the bed. As she lifted the covers and climbed in, the old box spring creaked and protested noisily; sounds made even worse when Michael began to adjust his position to slip under the covers as well.

It was a few awkward moments of squeaking and bumping before the two were comfortably covered by the heavy white sheets. Without a word, Michael reached out to turn off the bedside lamp, darkening the room. Even as he turned back toward her, he wrapped his arms affectionately around her shoulders, giving her a tight squeeze. “Are you trying to tell me something?” She asked softly.

“Mmm… you smell nice.”

“Do I?”

“Yeah…” He said, breathing in deep. “And you’re so soft.”

“Really?” She smiled to herself, leaning back and turning her head to look at him. “Cause something in this bed is really hard.”

“S-sorry… you know how I get.”

“It’s okay...” She replied, giving him a seductive little wiggle. “I just don’t think I’ll get much sleep with it half way up my back.”

“Want me to roll over?”

“Hmm… no… I think I have a better idea.”

With that she took hold of his arm and pushed it away, releasing her from his hold. She shifted further from him, the bed creaking and groaning with each movement, and then pulled herself into a seated position. “Honey, what are you-” Michael began, thinking for a moment that she might intend to get out of bed. But his voice trailed off abruptly when she grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, throwing it aside with no hesitation. Her damp hair fell around her shoulders like a curtain, but beyond that he could see nothing more than her naked silhouette in the darkness.

She twisted around seductively, the bedsprings wailing in protest with each movement, and slithered back under the covers with a mischievous smile on her lips. This time she didn’t set her back against his chest, but pulled herself into him, face-to-face, so she could look into his eyes in the dark. More importantly, though, were her breasts against his chest, her nipples still erect from the cold of the rain. Even as she wiggled closer, wincing at the creaking springs, she made sure to position herself so that her small breasts just barely caressed his bare chest. She knew that this subtle touch, her smooth skin just barely tickling his, sparked fires inside his body. “You’re not too tired, are you?” She whispered softly, her breath blowing in his ear, and on his sensitive neck.

“Never.” He breathed back, pulling her body tighter to his and pressing his lips to hers. She had meant to seduce him; to conquer him… she hadn’t even started yet and it was already going wrong. As soon as she tasted his lips, as soon as she felt his tongue brush against hers, she felt her body begin to quiver and her strength begin to fade. Her body melted into his, becoming enveloped in his loving embrace as her small breasts pressed firmly to his chest. She had meant this to be for him; a physical diversion to let him forget all his worries… but now her primal urges were taking over, and all she wanted was to feel him inside her.

And he was far from unwilling. As he pulled her closer, tighter to his eager body, she could feel his penis growing. Already it was far beyond the mild erection she’d teased him for only moments ago. She could feel it on her stomach, the swollen tip nearly ready to break from the restricting elastic of his waistband.

He started to lean against her, pushing her back against the bed in an attempt to roll her away so that he could crawl atop her, but she fought against that press, using at as an excuse to press her body more tightly to his, crushing her breasts against his sturdy chest. He began to break the kiss, perhaps to say something, or perhaps just to breathe, but she didn’t want to give him that respite. She bit at him passionately, letting her teeth sink into his bottom lip. He moaned in pain, and she answered the moan with one of ecstasy, marvelling in the feeling of her teeth digging into him.

Now she leaned against him, pushing him away, rolling him onto his back as she gently released his lip, kissing it tenderly and apologetically. “That hurt.” He gasped breathlessly, though amusement was evident in his tone.

“Sorry.” She breathed back, though she could feel an aching wetness between her thighs that told her she would be more than willing to bite him again.

“No, you’re not.” He laughed under his breath. But he didn’t press that point; she was already pressing both of hers. Her breasts squished between her chest and his, nipples now erect with excitement rather than the cold, she put her lips back to his, letting her tongue fight its way to his as she continued to push forward, slowly working her way on top of his body fully.

He wasted no time wrapping his arms around her body, letting his hands caress the bare skin of her back and waist before moving down to her hips. She was no less eager, slipping a hand between their entangled bodies to feel for his throbbing cock. He slipped his hands into her loose pajama bottoms, taking a firm hold of her backside. Even as he inched lower, squeezing her flesh, she worked his dick out of the front of his own pants, her hand caressing the smooth skin gently as she made out with him.

He found the back of her panty line and traced it down, slipping under the fabric to let the tips of his fingers prod at her pussy, already wet and hungry. She moaned softly into his mouth, oddly sensitive to even that light touch. He continued to reach for it, letting his fingers dance around the hole, only barely poking into her. As he did, they continued to make out passionately, her breath growing desperately excited as her grip tightened on his erection beneath her stomach. Her pants began to slide down her hips, exposing more and more of her skin, and making it easier for his hands to reach… for his fingers to wiggle inside her.

She finally broke the entanglement, chewing (softly this time) on his lip again as she released his cock to grab at her pajamas. Wiggling seductively on his chest as she worked, she pushed her pants down further with her hands, spreading her legs and kicking her feet in an attempt to free herself from both layers of clothes on her lower body.

Michael barely helped, continuing to let his hands roam over the curve of her ass, spreading the cheeks to let one finger delve inside her, teasing her. When her pajamas and panties finally reached her ankles, he hooked his own foot in them, helping peel them off her feet, and then kicked them off the bed.

Naked entirely now, Lily took a moment to catch her breath before kissing him again, and letting both her hands go to the front of his pants. Even as his fingers strummed her wet pussy lips, she pulled his pants down his waist, freeing the whole seven inches of hardened shaft.

She pulled herself away from him then, looking down at it, and began to move, perhaps just to get his pants the rest of the way off, or perhaps to do much more with it… but he stopped her, grabbing her ass firmly in both hands and pulling her forward. Her chest hit his with a soft smack, the bedsprings screeching. He firmly moved his hands down her thighs, pulling them apart and dragging her up his body just a bit more. 

She didn’t need to ask, and she was not about to complain. Her legs divided by his waist, she could feel his swollen cock pressing against her pussy, rubbing against her clit as she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him. He could feel how wet she was; the moisture of her womanhood already dampening his dick.

She curved her back, away from him, so that her breasts only barely grazed his chest; a subtle tease she knew he loved. But she never let him break the kiss, gluing her lips to his, wrapping her tongue around his in a knot, as she began to move her hips, forward and backward, the smooth, hard skin of his cock grinding against her pussy. He kicked his feet a bit, letting his pants fall further down his legs, but he didn’t bother trying to fight them all the way off.

She moved forward and backward with a bit more urgency, each movement getting longer and longer, so she could drag every inch of him across her clit, from tip to balls. She was starting to notice a slight wetness that was not from her own body; a bit of his excitement leaking out of the tip of his cock already. “A little excited?” She whispered breathlessly in his ear before nibbling his neck.

He didn’t answer; just held her waist and let her grind him, his eyes closed as he leaned back on the pillow, simply enjoying the feeling of her body… waiting… waiting…

A subtle shift of his hips was all it took. On the down stroke, just when she was about to drag her clit along the shaft once more, he shifted, changing the angle of his cock so subtly that she didn’t even register the movement. When she went to grind his shaft, she instead found the swollen head of his cock, throbbing with a bit of hot precome, pushing straight into her. She froze and shivered as the head of his penis pushed past her pussy lips, giving her the first taste of his cock. He readjusted his hips, letting it come back out, and looked up at her with a smile. “You okay?” He asked softly.

“Asshole.” She cursed at him.

“Oh, did I miss?” He asked mischievously, lifting his hips back up.

His cock forced its way in again, her pussy clinging to it was the swollen head made its way a little deeper. Just as she started to think he was going to give her the whole thing, he backed out again. “Was that the right spot?” He asked.

“You’re a jerk.” She complained.

He smiled, lifting his hips once more so that the tip slid in once more, only barely penetrating. As he did, he caressed her cheek with one hand, tangling his fingers in her hair. “I love you.” He whispered, staring straight into her eyes.

“You always say that when you’re horny.” She smiled back.

“Do I?”


He answered that by taking both hands and putting them to her bare ass, spreading the cheeks a bit before pushing her body down. Inch by inch, her body sank down onto him, his cock sliding deeper and deeper; her insides stretching to admit him. He didn’t stop until he could feel her clit against his abdomen, and even then he held her tight to him, brushing her hair out of her face with one hand and holding her still with the other. “Aren’t you gonna say it?” He asked, voice barely more than a whisper.

“W-what?” she whimpered thoughtlessly.

“Won’t you say it back to me?”

“I don’t… w-what are we talking about?” She panted.

“You don’t remember?”

“I’m… a little… occupied.”

“Just give me a kiss, then.” So she did; a long, deep, passionate one. And as she did, he released his hold on her hair, and on her ass, giving her freedom to move. It took her a few moments, but move she did. Her hips started it off, once more; first moving forward and backwards, and then beginning to gyrate as she sat up. He kept his hands on her thighs, letting her do most of the work as he looked up at her, his eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness of the room to see her naked body at work.

Faster and faster she moved, rotating her hips in wide circles like a dancer while lifting her body so that her tight pussy pulled along his shaft. Up, down, and around, up, down, and around… the movements were hypnotic, intoxicating, even dizzying. The bed springs squeaked and whined as her movements grew faster, her body pushing down on his, grinding the outer flesh of her pussy on his abdomen as she rode harder and harder. Soon he could feel himself approaching his climax, but he had no intention of letting it go so easily.

He tightened his grip on her thighs, slowing her movements, forcing her to come to a stop. He pulled her back down to him, kissing her as her face reached his, her breasts pouring over his chest. But she didn’t stop. Closer to him now, she began to move her hips again, forward and backward, his dick sliding up and down inside her, the tip never quite escaping her hungry pussy. He felt his body inching ever closer, and he had to fight it with every muscle. “Are you trying to make me come?” He whispered.

She laughed, sounding a bit breathless. “Isn’t that the goal here?” she asked. She was trying to be funny, but it was obvious that the exertion was taking its toll on her; she was running out of strength.

“You… need to stop… I really am gonna come…”

Rather than making her calm down, those words seemed to speed her up. She stayed tight to his body, but her hips moved faster, his cock going in and out, in and out, as her pussy squeezed him tightly, trying to force him to orgasm. He let her, for a moment, but soon he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop it.

And then, as suddenly as this had all started, he felt it coming. He felt his release building, burning up inside him like a volcano. He flexed his body against it, his cock bulging inside her as he resisted, and grabbed her backside, stopping her movements firmly. “Uggh…. Nnnh…” He groaned, holding back with all his strength. His cock quivered inside her, but he held on… barely.

“Did you just…?” She asked.

“N-no…” He answered, though they had both felt just a little bit escape from the swollen tip of his penis. He started to relax a bit, loosening his hold on her, as the mounting eruption began to fade. As soon as she felt the tension ease from his body, she started to move again; but almost as soon as she sank all the way back down and up, her insides pulling at the smooth skin of his cock, he could feel it returning. He stopped her again, holding her tight in his arms, and grumbled; “That’s enough outta you.”

His cock pulled out of her, and he rolled her body across the bed, the springs crying out in protest as they covered half the mattress, finally stopping with Lilian on her back, Michael above her. “Am I good at that?” She asked him with a sly smile, barely visible in the dark.

“I’m just too easy.” He responded with a gentle kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“That’s okay, I like it.” She whispered back.

“Do you?”

“Mhm. It’s encouraging.” She replied. “Makes me feel good.”

The tip of his cock, swollen, hot, and dripping, penetrated her then, causing her to gasp. It delved in, pulling at the innermost walls of her body as it penetrated deeper and deeper. Only when he was fully immersed in her, their bodies flush, did he stop pushing, holding her in his arms. “Th-that... Does it too…” she whispered.

“If I’m gonna come, I’m gonna do it as deep as I can.” He told her as he very slowly began to thrust.

“Oh-okay… just… not yet… don’t stop.”

He didn’t; he only moved faster. In this position he had more control over his body; more control over his depth and speed. He needed that control, because he knew that otherwise he would not be able to stop himself from losing it all inside her. It was too early for that.

He lifted himself up, keeping himself elevated above her with his forearms as he looked down at her beautiful face, her expressions contorting with happiness and pleasure. She let her hands roam down his back, caressing the muscles as they strained and softened between thrusts. Those thrusts were long and measured, but gentle. It was clear from the way she moved, and from the expressions on her face, that she was enjoying this… but it was not quite what she wanted. Still, she let it go for a long time before she wrapped her arms around his neck again, pulling him down to kiss him passionately; a long, deep kiss that left their tongues tangled for what seemed like hours as he imbedded himself in her, barely moving.

When it finally broke, he moved again, slowly, but didn’t pull away from her body. “Turn me over.” She whispered to him.

It was not a command; so much as it was a request. It was something she did not often ask for, but something he knew she enjoyed greatly. He didn’t respond for a moment, simply continuing to kiss her and fuck her with slow, gentle thrusts, getting lost in the gentle wetness of her womanhood as the sheets beneath her grew damp. Finally, though, he did slow to a stop, and back out fully. His cock freed of her; he could suddenly feel the chilly air on the wet shaft keenly. Kissing her passionately, he then caressed her neck, and then her chest, with his lips before backing up onto his knees. He then gently took hold of her hips, guiding her to roll over.

He didn’t really turn her over himself; she flipped onto her stomach all too willingly, and then lifted her ass into the air, waiting. He reached out first, curling two fingers deep inside her and finger-fucking her hard, jerking them around inside her until she arched her back down, biting the pillow. When he pulled his fingers out of her, they were soaked with her come. Smiling excitedly to himself, her ran those two fingers over the swollen head of his cock before taking hold of it, guiding it in.

In this position, it didn’t go in so easily. He had to push, his cock pulling the inside of her pussy along for the ride as he reached deeper and deeper. She accented the insertion with a long, low moan into the pillow, her eyes shut tight as she clawed the sheets. No matter how many times she did this with him that first thrust was always pure bliss. He was glad, in that moment, that he’d manage to regain control of his own body, if only to hear that moan, and see the way her body reacted to him.

And then he began, working in slow, measured thrusts at first, letting her pussy adapt to him as his thick cock made room for itself. It didn’t take long, though; soon the lubrication of her own wet pussy was all it took for those thrusts to penetrate her smoothly, again and again. Within moments she was arched toward the bed, her breasts firmly against the mattress, while her ass rose high into the air, skewered by her throbbing lover. As she moaned and cried, she could have sworn that she could feel the engorged head of his cock bouncing across her spine.

He started to go faster, even reaching one arm around her body, so that his fingers could play at her clit. But even as he began to quicken his pace, he also began to slow. More and more frequently he stopped, or pulled out altogether, kissing her back, or the round swell of her ass. At first she thought he was doing it as a tease, but then she began to realise that there was much more to it. He’s trying not to blow it. She realised. “Are you okay?” She asked softly, when he suddenly pulled out for the fourth time.

“Yeah… just… you’re really tight and… I’m starting to get there again… are you close?” He asked.

He could have fucked her that way for hours, and she wouldn’t have complained, but in that moment, she had to admit, she was not yet approaching a full climax. “N-no, it’s okay.” She said, falling back down to the bed.

She shifted and rolled, the bedsprings squeaking away, until she was on her back once more. “Sorry I ruined your fun.” He said sadly.

“Just get back down here.” She told him, smiling so that he would know she was not upset.

He obeyed, falling over her passionately. He let her body mold into his, wrapping his arms around her and letting their tongues entangle softly for several long moments before he dared move his hips closer to her thighs. She didn’t moan or gasp this time as he cock slid into her, but her grip on him did tighten a little. She was so wet that he could feel it on his stomach, and his cock went into her as easily as if it had been her mouth.

They found a rhythm together, thrusting slowly in time with one another so that neither would be exhausted. He held himself a bit higher above her, so the shaft of his dick dragged across her clit as it penetrated, doing more than a little to pleasure her.

But, just as before, he suddenly, and without warning, pulled out, wincing and straining his body against the climax. This was not uncommon for them; it was a recurring event, something they had struggled with ever since their first intimate encounter. He was simply too aroused by her; too excited by her sounds, movement, and touch. He just had too much difficulty controlling his body. Sometimes, when their coupling was more frequent, he would do better… but at times like this, when their coupling was more spontaneous, and it had been a while for them both, he had difficulty keeping it under control.

She was far from disappointed by it. She reached out to him again, pulling him in closer. With one hand she grabbed his cock softly, slick in her hand from the wetness of her own pussy, and put it back to her hole. “If you have to come, do it.” She told him firmly. “Fill me up, nice and deep, and then finish me off afterwards.”

He nodded, and began again, moving slowly once more as they found their rhythm again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and back, then lifted her legs and locked her ankles around his ass, making sure he could not pull away this time. “Don’t stop.” She whispered to him. “Go ahead.”

For all his shame and all his hesitation, Lilian didn’t mind it at all. One thing she had learned about him early on was that, no matter how early he came, he always made sure to finish the job.

They continued, thrusting into one another slowly, passionately, at first, and then slowly increasing their speed. It went on for a while, Michael apparently finding some new focus and determination to hold himself in check… for a moment, Lilian actually started to feel her own climax approaching; actually started to believe he would hold on long enough for them to finish together!

But it wouldn’t happen. Not this time. She felt his body tensing, then, and felt the hesitation in his body as he tried to pull back, but she held him in place. “L-Lil… I…”

“Okay. Do it!” She encouraged, a bit too loudly, thrusting back into him excitedly.

He didn’t argue. Her excitement and vigour only spurred his own, and before he could even begin to thrust at her once more, he could feel it welling up inside him. “L-Lil… I’m cum-ming!” He panted, and almost as soon as he finished saying it, she felt his body freeze. He moaned, and his teeth dug deep into her shoulder. Then, without warning, his body began to spasm, thrusting erratically as his cock erupted, letting hot come pour into her body like fuel for her own sexual pleasure.

And it was more than pleasurable for her. The way he moved; the pure animal instinct of his body as it shook, thrust, and bit her made her cry out, made her squeeze his body with all her strength. She could feel the warmth pouring into her, and even when he slowed, collapsing on her chest; she could feel her body burning from the inside out. “I’m sorry.” He whispered breathlessly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” he repeated, more into the pillow than her ear.

She took a moment to catch her breath, her body wriggling beneath him of its own accord, marvelling in the wonderful feeling of his come inside her, his cock still twitching. Finally, she touched his face gently, turning it to hers, and kissed him. Again, and again, and again. She barraged him with kisses, both gentle and fierce, showering him in affection, her face alight with happiness and excitement. “Do you feel better?” She finally asked, when he had stopped apologising and begun to smile again.

“Sorry I couldn’t wait for you.” He whispered back, ashamed.

“Stop.” She told him, putting a finger to his lips. “I can feel you. You’re still hard. You always are. I love the feeling of you coming inside me, okay? Don’t ever feel bad about it. It turns me on so bad.” Even as she said it, she squirmed erotically beneath him, his cock still stiff inside her. “Just stay good and hard, and keep on fucking me, okay? Just like this, with it all inside me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She assured him. “We’ve been over this a hundred times. I love the feeling. So just do it.”

“O-okay… sorry…” He whispered, but this time he began again.

To say that she was wet would then have been an understatement. For all the semen he had poured into her, his cock still remained as stiff as a board, boring into her as he moved his hips with timely thrusts. As he thrust into her, she could feel his warmth seeping deeper into her body; whenever he pulled out to ready the next thrust, she could feel it seeping out of her, warming her thighs and her ass, sticking to the greedy lips of her pussy as it swallowed each inch of him.

He held his hips at an angle above hers once more, letting his shaft, coated with his own come, drag across her clit as he thrust down into her. He buried his face in her neck, kissing and sucking wherever he knew she was most sensitive. She gave herself to him, letting her mind and body enjoy every inch of his; she felt nothing but him, she heard nothing but his breathing, even the creaking of the mattress springs was lost to her as she let herself sink into paradise. It felt like hours passed, but neither was in a hurry for it to end. He was entirely focused on her, doing everything he knew she loved… and yet…

“A-already…?” She exclaimed as he began to hesitate, pulling back. Only twice had he ever managed to reach a second climax in the same night, and never had it been so soon…

“I’m… s-sorry!” He gasped. But this time, he didn’t fight it or pull away. This time he grabbed her tightly, throwing her body down against the mattress and thrusting powerfully. He took one thigh in his hand, pressing it back until her knee was level with her breast, and continued to drill her desperately, pounding his cock into her like a nail. Her other leg he held out wide, spreading her pussy as he drove every throbbing inch of his cock home.

She couldn’t believe it! She didn’t even know he was capable of this! All she could do was throw her head back, crying out to the ceiling, her voice drowning out any noise the bed might have been making. Again and again he thrust down into her, so hard she thought the box spring might break beneath them. But she didn’t care; in only moments she felt herself coming too. Her orgasm came completely out of nowhere, with no warning. One moment she had felt nothing but surprise, and then the next she was nearly screaming as her pussy convulsed. She instinctively tried to shut her legs, tried to clamp on him, but he didn’t allow it, holding them wide open as he drove into her with everything he had.

And then he fell.

Right on top of her; his body hit hers with the force of a mighty thrust, and her thighs snapped shut on his waist and he groaned loudly. She felt the first shot of his second load blow into her body like a bullet. This time, though, his body did not go wild. He wrapped his arms around her like a vice, squeezing her body so tightly she could barely draw breath. He bit her neck, stifling an uncharacteristic moan, squeezed her, and pushed himself deeper into her. Still shaking with her own orgasm, she only squeezed him back, her nails digging into his back hard enough to tear skin.

His thrusts were short and fast, his cock hardly going an inch in either direction as he jerked his body against hers, squeezing, his cock pouring hot white come into her once again. And when he finally stopped biting, she realised that a soft sound was accenting each desperate thrust… Is he… moaning? No… whimpering…? I’ve never heard him do that… She thought, amazed.

It finally began to dwindle several moments later, but it was a long time before his body relaxed and the desperation left his erratic movements. When he was finally calm again, he loosened his hold on her just enough to bring his face back to hers, kissing her softly, but passionately. They sucked on one-another’s lips and tongues softly as the kissed, letting their hands roam one another’s skin, wordlessly apologising for any pains they had caused in their ecstasy. But all this time, his hips didn’t stop, giving long, slow thrusts, deep inside her.

Finally, she broke away from him, looking into his dark eyes as even those thrusts came to an end. “Are you happy now?” She asked him. Now that he had succeeded in causing her to orgasm, she was certain he was done…

But he didn’t answer for a long moment; he was still breathing heavily as he started kissing her neck, shoulder, and jaw. Then, finally, he kissed his way up to her ear, nibbling there and pressing his hips into her, driving his cock deeper into her cum-flooded cunt; making her eyes go wide as she realised that he was still fully erect. “Roll over.” He whispered, his breath hot in her ear as he nibbled on the lobe.

“W-what?” She exclaimed.

“Roll over.” He said again, a bit louder, before nibbling at her collarbone.

“Mike… I don’t… I don’t think I can keep going… I don’t know how you can…”

“Roll over.” He pressed, though there was laughter and excitement in his breathless tone. He climbed off her, and as he did his come poured out of her, soaking the bedsheets. He grabbed one arm, gently but firmly, and pulled her up into a seated position. She continued to try and protest, but he only continued to drag her along, forcibly rolling her over onto her stomach. 

She wasn’t upset, wasn’t even all that interested in refusing him; she was too amazed that his body was still so ready for her! She had never been disappointed in their sex life, had even learned to love the occasional premature releases, for he was always so tender and focused on her own needs afterwards… but this was completely unprecedented. The mystery of it, not knowing what was coming next (or who, for that matter), excited her almost as much as the feeling of his come filling her belly.

And, of course, the moment she felt his cock slide into her from behind again, his come soaking her body inside and out, she forgot all about the exhaustion she’d felt a moment before. “Oooooh…” She whispered, her eyes closing and her body melting as she felt him bury it inside her once more. She truly loved this position; she couldn’t have wanted it any other way. He held her ass in his hands, spreading the cheeks to open up her pussy a bit more as his cock went in, her pink flesh clinging, his milky white come coating his member.

He did it slowly, at first, measuring each thrust carefully. In response she reached between her own legs, wrapping her fingers around the shaft so that his cock slid through her hand before each soft penetration. She couldn’t believe how hard it was in her hand; even after already coming twice! If she hadn’t known any better, she would have sworn that he’d had hours to recuperate! But here it was, thick and rigid, sliding across her palm and into her body as though the come inside her wasn’t even there.

She released his cock as he began to pick up the pace a bit more, letting his hands roam across her ass, her thighs, and her lower back, caressing the smooth, unmarred skin. With that same hand she reached up to her pussy, rubbing her clit in firm circles as his cock drove in to her, getting faster and faster. She continued to play with herself, and before she knew it she could feel her body working its way to a heightened level of excitement. “M-Mike... don’t…. don’t stop… okay?” She panted, her semen-slick fingers falling to the sheets and clawing at the fabric as her thighs began to stiffen.

He didn’t say anything, but he flexed the muscles in his lower body, causing his cock to swell, and drove in a bit harder, and a bit faster. Beneath her, his balls crashed against her pussy, one of his hands snaking around her waist to flick her clit rapidly with a single finger. She buried her face in her pillow, using it to muffle the moans and curses slipping out of her clenched teeth. Behind her, Michael’s back began to ache and his breath came in gasps, but he forced himself to keep going, thrusting into her with everything he had.

Her body froze, her ass shot back against his stomach, her thighs shaking, her pussy clasping his penis powerfully… and then she exploded into motion, her body shaking, trying to pull away from him instinctively as she became overwhelmed by the power of her orgasm. But he drove it back in, giving her a firm handle on which to gyrate her hips and squeeze.

She squeezed his cock so hard that his come seeped out of her pussy, dripping down her thighs in a steady stream, making room for her own fluids to erupt within her. One of her legs kicked in and out, nearly making him fall, but he held on through her bucking and convulsing, making sure his cock stayed where she could feel it.

When it was finally done her body was shaking and her pussy continued to clench and unclench reflexively. She finally fell down to the mattress weakly, her ass staying aloft simply because his cock was still buried inside her, holding her up. “Th… that was… inc-credible…” She panted into the pillow between gasps and shakes. “I c… ca… I can’t feel my… legs.”

But he didn’t stop. Still moving slowly, he began to thrust again, taking her with long, smooth strokes. She let him go without a word, simply stretching out and enjoying the feeling as he slid in and out of her, trying to collect her breath. She figured he was simply cooling off, going through the motions until he could relax…

Until she suddenly realised he had gotten harder, his dick swelling inside her. Again?!? She nearly cried out, certain that it couldn’t be possible. She took a glance toward the clock, wondering how long it had been since the last time he’d orgasmed… but it was useless; nearly an hour had passed since they’d climbed under those covers… covers long since forgotten, hanging from the foot of the bed. There was no way for her to tell when one climax ended and another began.

She couldn’t help but moan as she felt his cock throb powerfully, releasing another burning dollop of come into her from behind. He held her hips tightly, crushing his abdomen against her ass as he moaned, his cock shuddering violently as it filled her with life. She could feel it seeping into her, pouring into her body on that downward angle, replacing every drop she’d lost during her own climax.

When it was finally over, she could feel his arms shaking weakly as they held her waist. She could feel his legs shuddering, shaking the mattress. But he didn’t let himself fall over weakly; he backed out of her slowly, not saying a word as his hot white juices poured out of her in a messy freefall. He bent over her, gently kissing the curve of her ass, and then the base of her spine. Gently, lifting himself up and over her with his legs, arms supporting him on either side of her head, he kissed his way softly up her spine, raising goosebumps on her skin. As he slowly climbed on top of her, she slowly let her body sink, until she was flat to the mattress. By then he had kissed all the way up her back, and was working his way across one bare shoulder. She turned her head to meet his kiss, letting their lips come together with gentle affection.

Still supporting himself with one arm on the bed, he gently caressed her shoulder with the other, firmly pulling it back toward him, turning her body over. Soon she was on her side, and he lifted a leg over her body shakily, straddling her thigh. His cock, every inch of the smooth, flawless skin soaked with come, rested on her hip for a moment, a stray drip of sperm leaking slowly and silently along her belly, unnoticed by either of them as they exchanged a deep, meaningful kiss. His hand tenderly massaged her naked breast as he kissed her, sucking the breath from her very lungs before he released her, letting her turn the rest of the way over, onto her back.

He didn’t roll off of her, but instead adjusted his knee to slide between her legs. Kissing her with that same gentle affection, he slowly lowered himself down to her body, working himself between her legs until his cock, growing slightly flaccid, found her hole again.

In it slid, drowning in the come that had yet to escape her. He didn’t thrust anymore; didn’t even make any further attempt to arouse her; he simply stayed there between her legs, letting his penis rest inside her warm, welcoming pussy, as they kissed. Now and then the kiss would break for them to draw breath, but they would only caress each other lovingly, their lips roaming their partner's neck, jawline, and forehead before meeting again.

The seconds stretched into minutes. Five became ten, ten became twenty... She began to feel drowsy, but she couldn’t find the inclination to tell him to stop. Twice she thought to look over at the clock, but she’d even lost the sense to recall what time this had all begun.

His once-softened cock began to stiffen. Her need for him to fill her began to grow. Their arms wrapped around one another tightly, their kissing became more intense, more passionate…

This time they came together, holding each other, lost in the feelings of sheer pleasure. It was not wild, noisy, or desperate… it was just slow and passionate, even at the peak of their shared climax, their pace barely wavered. He flowed into her again, a seemingly endless stream of life with only one goal; to seep deeper into her body than ever before. And even as his body shook with his release, her toes curled, both of their bodies becoming hard as their muscles tensed in joined ecstasy. Together, their bodies went limp, his cock grew soft, her body grew weak, and that ever-flowing stream finally began to fade. Inside her body, she could feel herself becoming bloated as she tried to absorb everything he had poured in to her. She closed her eyes, a weak smile spreading across her lips, and she could not have been more content…


Lilian Winters didn’t know what to make of such a fulfilling night. When the idea of having sex with Michael had first crossed her mind, she’d thought it would be a normal night; ideally they would have come together, one climax each, and that would have been the end of it. Otherwise he might have come first, filling her with sperm just like he had so many times tonight, and then, after a brief respite, he would have continued to either fuck her, or dance his fingers across her clit until she had also reached an orgasm. Regardless, she would have curled into his arms happily, and they would have slept the whole night through with smiles on their faces.

Instead, Lilian Winters found herself lying on her back, staring up at a misshapen ceiling, unable to sleep as she contemplated the warmth of his seed within her. On one side of her naked body, the man she loved had long since fallen into a deep sleep; whatever sexual energy that had gripped him apparently having worn off. On the other side of her, across the room, she could hear the chatter of morning birds as the sun began to rise. She was too exhausted to glance at the clock, but knew it was probably just past six in the morning.

They had pulled into this cheap, run-down little road-side motel at twelve thirty… and now she had been lying here in silence, her muscles still tingling with an uncontrollable high, for nearly two hours… Almost three hours then. She guessed. For almost three hours we were at it. How is that even possible? How many times did he come in me? 

She slid one hand across her bare stomach, resting her palm on her abdomen, where she still felt somewhat bloated. Four. She counted after a few moments of thought. Four times she had felt his penis erupt inside her, filling her with everything he had. Nowadays, he might have filled her that many times over the course of a week, maybe even two... but definitely not in a single night, even when they were at their most active, that would have been ridiculous. But tonight she had witnessed it; felt it... hell, she still felt it.

In the three years they’d been together, nothing had ever aroused her more than feeling him coming inside her, even just once… but now, after feeling it four times in a single night, her blood still raced with excitement.

She rolled over onto her side, resting her head behind Michael’s, on his pillow as he snored peacefully; dead to the world around him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders tenderly, curling against his back and pulling the sheets in close around her shoulders. She pressed her naked body to his and closed her eyes, breathing in the scent of his sweat. Deep inside her, she felt a hunger beginning to claw at her loins. Somewhere within her, an animalistic urge was rising, demanding that she wake him and entice him into another round of tireless coupling. She fought down that urge, crossing her legs to hold off the ache she was suddenly growing. She knew that if she were to wake him, he'd probably be more than happy to indulge her; more than happy to prove he was capable of at least one more... 

But no. She was content, and the urge passed quickly, becoming replaced by both a physical and mental exhaustion. As the sudden temptation faded, she smiled into his sturdy back and closed her eyes. With his warmth all around, and inside, of her body, she could not possibly have been happier than she was in that very moment.

That smile faded only a little, but still adorned her pretty, blushing face long after she, too, began to snore peacefully into the morning...

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