Blind Love

Blind Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It is often said that love is blind. So why not make love blindly? This was the reasoning of twenty-four-year-old Adam Marsh's girlfriend when she suggested this slight twist to an otherwise common fantasy. Kaitlin Petchkey has always fantasized about blind-folded intercourse, but has never imagined just how erotically intense the night would be when they were both blindfolded. Left to smell, taste, and feel their way through the stimulating evening, their clumsy attempts at romance bring the two closer together than ever before. Quickly becoming slaves to their primal sexual instincts, they both find their usual lines easier to cross, and things they've never done before come to them naturally as they find themselves shaking in blind ecstasy.


It is often said that love is blind. So why not make love blindly? This was the reasoning of twenty-four-year-old Adam Marsh's girlfriend when she suggested this slight twist to an otherwise common fantasy. Kaitlin Petchkey has always fantasized about blind-folded intercourse, but has never imagined just how erotically intense the night would be when they were both blindfolded. Left to smell, taste, and feel their way through the stimulating evening, their clumsy attempts at romance bring the two closer together than ever before. Quickly becoming slaves to their primal sexual instincts, they both find their usual lines easier to cross, and things they've never done before come to them naturally as they find themselves shaking in blind ecstasy.


Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



I could see nothing. All around me was nothing but blackness, and in that moment I could no longer remember if I was truly blind, or if, like her, there was simply a fold across my eyes. I did not need to see her; somehow I could feel her proximity to me. Even across the carpeted floor, I could hear her uncertain steps, feeling her way with her bare toes carefully. I could tell she was uneasy and disoriented, as blind as I was, but she took a step toward me anyways, her body touching the side of the mattress.

Somewhere across the room there was soft, wordless music playing, but I hardly noticed as I focused on finding her. I reached out toward where I believed her to be with one hand and called softly. “I’m here, Kait.”

“W-where?” she stammered. She could feel the bedside against her legs, but could not seem to find me. Sure, now, that I was reaching in the right direction, I stretched my arm a little further. Somehow I found her upper arm, and from there we found each other’s hands and entangled our fingers. Gently, I pulled her toward me, guiding her into the bed.

I felt the bed sag as her weight fell fully on the mattress, but I continued to pull her toward me as I lay back toward the headboard. Her bare thighs touched mine and I felt as though the contact electrified me. I felt the muscles of my legs vibrate with excitement, and I pulled her body even closer. She was more confident now; no longer worried about falling over the uneven floor. She fell over me like a gentle breeze, her long soft hair pouring over her smooth shoulders and onto my chest, closely followed by her own naked body.

Not matter how many times I experienced it, I could not find the words to describe that feeling; her smooth skin finally coming into contact with mine, her large firm breasts pouring over my chest so gently as she squirmed her way up my body. I felt her flat stomach graze across my penis, making the violent erection throb.

I could smell her breath as clearly as I could hear it; milk chocolate, with a hint of fresh mint. Her skin was damp and hot from her shower, giving her whole body a clean, moist scent. Not her hair though; she had done her best to keep it dry, so as not to soak the sheets... but I could still smell coconut there from the time before. I brought my face closer to hers, breathing deeply through my nose as I inhaled the scent of her skin. My breath tickled her neck softly as I grew intoxicated by pomegranate and lavender over the scent of damp skin.

But that was hardly even the beginning of the sensory overload. There was nothing to hear but the soft, distant music and her excited breathing, but there were a million things for me to feel. My fingers shaking with excitement, I let them slide up her bare arm, across her smooth armpit to her back. Caressing every inch of her body softly, I slid my hand down the arch of her back, the invisible hairs on her skin tickling my fingertips as my gentle touch raised goosebumps across her unmarred flesh. She could not see it, but the way her body involuntarily reacted to my touch caused a smile to break across my face.

Her own hands wound their way up my chest, touching more firmly as they massaged the muscles there. She leaned over my face, her breath hot against my cheek and in my ear. Her soft, wet lips pressed along my jawline, kissing softly as her breasts grazed my skin. It was only a tease, the skin of her tits feeling smoother than the rarest silks and causing my body to shake. That slow graze set my body aflame with desire, and it took everything I had to hold myself back. Her stomach slid across the length of my penis again, and this time we both felt a sticky wetness attach itself from the tip of its swollen head to her skin. My cock was throbbing, aching, and leaking with desperation. She grinned, knowing exactly what it meant, but didn’t comment as she continued to kiss from my jawline to my neck, meanwhile one small, soft hand began to slide down my chest. It slipped between me and her bare breasts, causing them to graze me a bit more firmly this time, and began to venture further down, across my abdomen.

And so, too, did my own hand venture down. It dipped down in the arch of her back, and played softly over her hips, my fingers plucking out a piano tune in time with that distant music. Her hand gently caressed my pelvis, the subtle touch causing my body to shiver with anticipation as her fingers drew ever closer to my groin. In response I let my hand wander over the curvature of her firm, round ass. Her fingers grazed my pelvis again playfully, and she breathed a small giggle as I inhaled sharply in response. I clapped my hand more firmly on her buttocks, my fingers sinking into that glorious mound of smooth white flesh, and squeezed as I kissed her cheek.

Finally her hand crossed my pelvis and reached the pubic area, her fingers working through the neatly trimmed hair down to my balls, then slowly up the shaft of my swollen penis. “Someone’s really excited.” She whispered in my ear teasingly, her smile evident in her tone. Her fingers slid up and down the shaft playfully, only barely brushing the swollen tip, where my pre-come tried to escape from the heat of the swollen head. “You’re leaking.” She whispered, surprised, and more than a little excited.

My hand climbed over the curvature of her voluptuous ass and between her toned thighs. With hardly any effort, my finger delved into the depths of her wet pussy, causing her next remark to be cut off by a sharp intake of breath. “You’re soaked.” I responded teasingly.

“Sh-shut up.” She hissed, almost breathlessly. “That’s not fair.”

“I didn’t think it would feel like this.” I whispered back.

“I know what you mean.” She panted, closing her hand around the shaft of my cock in a gentle squeeze. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted it so bad before.”

“You can wait a bit longer.” I told her with a grin, knowing she couldn’t see my face. But can I? I suddenly wondered, letting my hand climb back over her round, firm ass, one finger still wet with her juices.

Trying to focus on my own hands, rather than the gentle touching of her own, I caressed the skin of her lower back once more, this time working my way upwards. Her free hand managed to find and entangle itself in my hair, and her moist lips continued to kiss passionately up and down my exposed neck... but her other hand, still playing around my cock, formed a loose fist around the shaft and begin to pull softly at it.

Still, I tried not to focus there. Her angle was awkward, so close together as our bodies were, but as excited as I was I knew there would be no turning back if I gave myself up now. My roaming hands, both of them now, reached her shoulder blades and changed direction, moving down beneath her armpits and around to her chest. Up they traveled, slipping between my body and her naked breasts. Removing the gently swaying mounds of flawless flesh that had been teasing my own chest bought me a slight reprieve, lessening my sexual stimulation just a little and allowing me to keep control of my urges.

But the touch of my hands, hot from the rapidly rushing blood, caused her nipples to stiffen quickly. Even as my fingers massaged the fatty flesh of her bountiful breasts, they swelled and protruded, poking my palms and drawing my attention. My fingers closed around a protruding nipple, fingering it playfully at first, further causing it to grow erect, and then twisting it softly, back and forth, between my thumb and index finger. And as I let my fingers play with her erect nipple, my fingers grew more sensitive to the smaller bumps around it. Soon I was less focused on the hardened tip of her breasts, and more on the smaller bumps around them. They reminded me of braille, and even though I could not read it, I found my fingers searching there for some kind of hidden message.

Kaitlin didn’t wait for me to decipher that code; didn’t care if I were capable of reading the hidden message. She tightened her grip on my hair and pulled my face toward her chest, guiding my face into the parting between her warm, smooth breasts. Suddenly I didn’t care what secrets that braille message might have contained. I turned my head to the side and filled my mouth with the smooth clean flesh of her left breast. My left hand released her opposite nipple, letting the breast fall against my chest, and wrapped around her back instead, holding her. Sucking, biting, and licking, I pulled my face from her cleavage and took her left nipple into my mouth hungrily. 

I sucked eagerly, the vacuum of my lips pulling gently on her erect nipple before my tongue began to twist and curl around it. I spun and flicked that stiff little nub with my tongue like it was a toy, all the while my right hand squeezed and massaged the smooth white flesh of that same naked tit. My other hand reached her ass, my fingers digging deep into the flesh of one firm cheek as I squeezed. Between our bodies, she continued to run her hand up and down the smooth, hard shaft of my cock, which was getting wetter around the tip as my excitement grew.

She pulled on my hair, trying to tear my face away from her sensitive breast, and I resisted for a moment, sucking and nibbling on the swollen nipple like a starving baby. She gave a soft whimper, but I couldn’t be sure if it was from pain, excitement, or some other feeling. I pulled at it, and it finally broke free of my lips with a loud smacking sound. I plunged my face back in to her cleavage, marveling in the smooth feeling of her tits covering my face. Behind her, I adjusted my grip on her ass, my fingers inching closer to her wet pussy. Already I could feel a slight dampness at her thighs.

I turned my head the opposite way this time, plunging her second nipple into my mouth as my hand continued to massage that first tender breast. My teeth squeezed gently around the base of the nipple, my tongue strummed the tip like a guitar string, my lungs sucked her flesh into my mouth, and behind her back, my fingers wiggled passed the outer lips of her womanhood, slipping into the wet wonderland of her pussy.

She let out a low gasp that turned quickly into a soft moan, my fingers wiggling inside her as my tongue ran circles around her nipple, finding that secret braille message once again. But I didn’t need to decipher it anymore; I already knew what it said. Eat me. Suck me. Make me scream. And I wanted to; then and there I wanted to throw her on her back and make her feel everything.

She pulled on my hair again, yanking my head back, away from her breasts. Again I didn’t relent, sucking on her nipple with hungry desperation and pulling at her breast. It was finally released from the vacuum of my lips with an audible smacking sound, a line of spit following it as she yanked my head all the way back to the pillow and fell over me in a ravenous fit of desperation and arousal. Her naked breasts, nipples wet and hard as stone, were crushed against my own bare chest as she threw her face at mine, her tongue plunging into my mouth with undisguised lust.

I let her in willingly, entangling her tongue with mine and pulling her body tighter to my own, giving my arms a longer reach. My right grabbed her left ass cheek, my fingers sinking into that firm flesh as I pulled it to the side, making room for my opposite hand between the cheeks. Two fingers of my left hand delved into her pussy sideways, curling and beginning to fuck her rhythmically. The other two stretched out along the slit, putting pressure on her clit while my thumb curled inwards on the opposite side, the tip threatening to penetrate her virgin butthole.

She moaned into my mouth as I sucked on her tongue, pulling her deeper into the rapidly growing twister that was our arousal. In all of this, she had completely forgotten my swollen cock, her two hands busy tangling in my hair as its length pressed firmly between out stomachs, pre-come all but gluing us together. I didn’t mind, though, glad for the moment of reprieve. I focused on her, digging my fingers deeper into her, wiggling them and jerking them in and out of the wet pink flesh of her pussy. She was as wet as I’d ever felt her, her juices pouring down my index and middle fingers, to soak my ring and baby fingers as they flicked her clit back and forth in a drum-beat of pleasure. On the opposite side of my hand, the tip of my thumb pressed past the outer rim of her butthole, penetrating it for the first time.

She felt it; there was no way she couldn’t. In the past, she would have pulled away, or said something to stop me… but whether she was enjoying it, or just didn’t care, she chose to do neither this time. So I stretched my arm out more, and dug my fingers and thumb even deeper into her. She stopped kissing me, arching her back and driving her flat stomach against mine, crushing my dick between us as she gasped and moaned. My thumb penetrated her ass up to the knuckle, the furthest I’d ever gotten anything into her there, and my fingers all but disappeared as they curled into a claw shape in her pussy, fucking her faster. With her butthole and her dripping pussy as my main grip, my other hand holding her ass, I dug deep, forcing her to climb further up my body.

Her breasts fell over my face and shoulders, the weight of that smooth, unmarred skin almost suffocating, as her legs spread over my hips. I stopped pushing her upward when I felt my ring and baby fingers touch my own solid shaft, parallel to her swollen clit. I pulled my hand out of her ass, my fingers escaping both of her holes altogether, as my swollen cock was wedged between the wet lips of her outer pussy; the throbbing shaft grinding against her clit. But I kept my hand out only long enough to adjust my grip before I plunged two fingers back into her pussy, my middle and ring fingers this time, and my thumb back into her ass. My remaining index and baby finger kept her ass cheeks spread, and my other hand released her ass altogether, shooting up to one large breast to squeeze and massage the bare skin.

We had talked about anal once, several months ago. That conversation had been quite fulfilling, as we had spent hours discussing sexual fantasies and ideas to make our love life more exciting… Yes, we had talked about anal, and she had confessed to a very slight interest in the topic… but we had opted not to try it, yet. Instead we had gone for this; a night together, the both of us unable to see. I was not disappointed; in fact I could not have imagined I would enjoy it this much. But I had also not expected that she would simply allow me to go through with something new in the process.

She started to gyrate her hips excitedly, grinding her clit against my rock-hard cock and fucking my hand, its digits in both her pussy and her ass. I wished I could see the expression on her face then, as she experienced something in her ass for the very first time, blind to all but the sensation of my fingers writhing inside her… But I wouldn’t remove the fold and ruin what was being created here. I felt that there was a freedom here; an unspoken agreement that allowed us to try new things; to experiment on one another, like strangers.

My fucking fingers were soaked, likely to the point of pruning, and the moisture had spread out into my hand, wetting her ass as my thumb slid in and out of it happily, finding the depths of her anus even more easily than before. Below her, the wetness of her pussy had seeped down to the base of my cock, beginning to wet my testicles. At the top of my swollen tip, my cock had begun to leak again, pre-come sticking to her lower abdomen and warming her hardened clit.

Suddenly, her gyrating hips slowed to a stop and she clenched her legs around my hips, squeezing my body. For a moment I thought she was climaxing, preparing to break my thumb off in her tight little butthole as her pussy showered my fingers in her come… but I felt her shake her head as she nuzzled her face into my neck, kissing and whispering in my ear as she clenched against the coming storm. “I c… I c-can’t… n-no more…”

Someone else might have thought she wanted this all to stop; that we were going too far, too fast. For a moment even I thought that; thought perhaps the placement of my thumb had finally unsettled her… But no, I knew that tone in her voice; I didn’t even need to see the flushed, breathless, excited, expression on her face to know what she really meant. In fact, being unable to see, I felt as though I could read her mind and see her thoughts just by the touch of her skin.

The engorged head of my swollen cock pushed into the hole of her wet pussy with almost no resistance, so wet as we both already were. But if I had thought my fingers were soaked before, I could never have imagined the feeling of the bare skin of my cock sliding into her. As it slid deeper into her, five inches, six inches, seven… I discovered just how aroused this slow-paced foreplay, blind to all but the most basic senses, had left her. She was tight, her body ready to spring as her muscles tensed, craving release, but her natural lubricant put my cock through her like a hot knife through butter. I had thought my hand was wet, but that was nothing compared to the hot juices of her lust still brimming within her. Compared to the sticky tip of my pre-come soaked cock and the dampened base of my bulging shaft, it was like I had plunged a desert stone into a vat of moisturizer.

I felt like a teenager again in that moment, my penis entering a girl’s mouth for the first time in my life, moaning and letting my head fall back as the wondrous feeling washed over me. And I wasn’t alone in that; her low groan shook in her throat as it reverberated behind her breast, her thighs shivering in ecstasy. I wrapped my arms around her slim, smooth body, holding her tightly as she collapsed against me, her body fitting to mine like a glove. She buried her face in my hair, panting and breathing in the clean almond-scented shampoo I’d used that morning. My own face became buried in her breast again, taking her nipple between my lips and letting the bouncing flesh pour over my face.

When I pulled back from that first initial thrust, I nearly shivered as the cold air struck my suddenly love-sodden shaft. I thrust in again, a bit faster this time, and she gave a sharp intake of breath, my hair tickling her nostrils as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Another thrust had her back arching as she stretched out, trying to pull her breast from my mouth. I sucked hard on that nipple, making her cry out from the strain, and then released it with a loud popping sound, right before my next thrust.

This one put her flat against me, biting the pillow and nuzzling my shoulder, her hands clawing at my shoulders as her breasts were flattened between our chests. I wanted to finger her ass again, but I barely managed to even grab the cheek before she squeezed me even tighter, my next thrust feeling as though her pussy had become twice as tight. The finger I tried to insert found its way barred as her entire body grew taut. She tried to whisper to me, but her voice broke and shook, coming out so high and uneven I might have thought she was close to tears. “A-adam I… c-can’t…”

But I could. My next half a dozen thrusts came at her in rapid succession, my fingers curled into her ass cheek, the nails digging in painfully, forcing her down onto me, towards the relentless assault of my cock. In that moment, even though she bit down on a mouthful of pillow to muffle herself, her cries of ecstasy were still deafening in my ear. I lodged my swollen prick deep inside her as her body shook, going through convulsions almost as violently as a seizure. I squeezed her, not letting her pull away, as her body went through the violent throes. I could imagine her toes curling, I could feel her nails digging deep into my back, carving through my skin, and realised that I had absolutely no idea when or how they had gotten under me.

And then I could feel her come. It flowed over me like a river, coating my cock from tip to base, and then seeping out of that swollen, fleshy cork to soak my balls and my thighs. My cock bulged and arched, and I felt my own orgasm burning to escape, the head of my penis swelling dangerously and more than a bit of hot pre-come leaking into the depths of her pussy’s clinging embrace… but against all odds, I held it back. As the most violent, thoughtless part of her orgasm subsided, she went into the throes of ecstasy, ridding my cock with reckless abandon as she rammed it inside her again and again, short bursts of breath escaping her gasping lungs with an almost whimpering sound.

I groaned out loud, my entire body tensed, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. One of my legs kicked out violently, reflexively, as my body gave up the fight and the tip of my cock exploded. My own loud grunts joined her whimpering moans as I lost all control of my own jerking hips. Again and again I thrust up, into her, pouring life into her with every desperate plunge. It shot out of me as though the pressure had finally broken through a dam. So much force was built up there, firing into her, I would not have been surprised if she later said that she’d felt my orgasm all the way up in her throat.

Only half way through our merged moment of bliss, the sheets beneath us were already wet. When it finally came to an end, I could no longer be sure if any part of the mattress was dry; soaking in sweat and come as we were. We held each other, squeezing gently as our muscles (and our genitals) continued to twitch randomly, our muscles no longer accustomed to being loose and relaxed.

It was moments before we could catch our breath, and neither of us could find the words to describe what we had just felt. I tried; for several moments I tried to find the words to appropriately conclude that sudden final sprint through heaven… but I couldn’t.

So we laughed.

It was breathless, pure, and senseless giggling. We didn’t even know why. But in that moment, nothing mattered. We laughed, her body still tight to mine, her breasts bouncing on my chest as we shook with joy. And when that finally stopped and we found our breath, I gave her a shower. One of love and affection; a shower of kisses. A steady barrage of pecks all across her face, her bare shoulders, her forehead, her neck; even across her blindfold and the top of her head, my nostrils flaring with the scent coconuts and sweat. She giggled as I did this, a pure, musical sound that made the distant music seem dull in comparison.

And then she kissed me back, returning the barrage of pecks, straight to my lips. We laughed and we rolled around the bed together, holding each other, tickling, touching, and kissing. Somehow it managed to feel both like hours, and like seconds. We had no idea what amount of time had passed, and no care in the world. We were blind in the physical sense, but even in any other sense; we did not care to see the world around us.


 At some point, and there was no knowing when, I found myself sitting up, my legs stretched out on the bed. I had pulled Kaitlin into my lap, her legs wrapped around my waist, ankles entangled somewhere behind me. The concoction of our mixed fluids had brewed inside her for a while as we played and laughed, but now it poured out from between her legs and down my manhood in a warm, messy stream.

It must have been a while that we stayed like that, her arms around my neck, mine at the small of her back, our tongues entangled in one another’s mouths as we blindly ignored the world around us. Neither of us spoke of it or reached down to acknowledge it… but slowly my cock, which had not even managed to fully soften, stiffened up again. Normally, feeling it raise beneath her, stretching out between her ass cheeks, she might have made a joke, or teased me somehow…

But she said nothing, only adjusting her hips ever so slightly so it could rise up into her. It was soaked from tip to base in the mixture of our come, and her pussy was sleek with that same mixture. It slid into her so easily that I was not even sure when it actually penetrated. Again it felt like time had no bearing on us. We drew our breath from one another’s lungs as our tongues danced an erotic ballet together between our locked lips. Fluids dripped down my shaft, off my balls, and onto the bed, but rather than signifying the end of this blissfully blind adventure, it was only a hot, wet start to the next level of sexual indulgence.

I wasn’t the only one whose arousal began to peak again, either. My cock growing and swelling inside her, she soon began to move her hips again, gyrating, forwards and backwards, letting her come-soaked insides begin to close and tighten around me once again.

Holding her tightly, firmly, I turned us about, easing her down onto the bed on her back, my body looming over hers in the darkness, my wet cock dripping on her stomach as I kissed her breasts, her chest, her throat, and then her lips. It slid into her again, so smoothly that I thought we might have been made just for this moment. We became lost in each other, our hands roaming over one another aimlessly, marvelling in the feeling of our lover’s naked flesh. I could not believe how much more erotic her scent had become since the start. Her hair and skin were cold with a sheen of sweat over her goosebumps, giving her body an even more bitter-sweet smell that could have stirred me no matter where we were. All around us, we could smell the damp sheets, and from down below the smell of our come was a subtle companion to the wetness.

I took a gentle hold of her left leg, wrapping my fingers behind her knee before I began to lift it up, past her waist. Higher and higher I lifted it, until I set the inside of her knee firmly against my right shoulder, her foot far above us, level with her head. Her other leg remained close to the bed, spread out to the far side, keeping her pussy open and inviting as my cock plunged in deeper.

“I can’t believe how incredible this feels…” She whispered to me before kissing me softly, passionately.

My left hand ventured down between our bodies, coming to her wet, hard clit, and began to flick it back and forth. Slowly at first, matching the pace of my slow, gentle thrusts, and then faster. She squeezed me in her arms, and I slowed the thrusting of my cock to a stop, burying it as deep inside her as it could reach. Then I spread her lifted leg out even further with my shoulder, pushing my cock even deeper, and froze, holding it there.

I didn’t thrust; I just left it buried as deep inside of her as it could reach, and began to rub her clit, faster and faster. I could feel her legs begin to shake. Around my cock, I could feel her pussy clenching tightly. My fingers continued their rapid flicking, back and forth, and then in circles, her clit vibrating with the sensation. She began to moan, her breathing coming more heavily, and then her back began to arch, her naked breasts reaching for the air.

I clamped my mouth on one of those tits, sucking the nipple into my mouth and increasing the pressure my finger was putting on her clit. Her hips began to move, trying desperately to impale her body on my already deeply-imbedded cock. I held it in deep, letting her move her body in whatever way seemed most natural to her, but refusing to thrust in or out myself. My fingers began to rub her clit more and more furiously, bouncing hard off of her each time she tried to thrust against my statuesque form.

She tried to pry my face from her breasts to kiss me, but I wouldn’t let her. I sucked on her nipple, and bit softly around the base, causing her to cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. Her thighs were vibrating; the muscles losing all control. She tried to pull her leg down from my shoulder to wrap herself around my waist, but I held it there firmly, fighting against her body’s instincts in order to draw this out more intensely. Her hips lost all sense of rhythm, trying to pull away from my body as the pleasure welled up inside her, yet crushing back against me in the desperate throes of lust. Her fingers tore at my hand, trying to pull my fingers from my clit, so I grabbed them in my other hand and threw them back over her head, holding them down.

Unable to move, her legs spread like north and west on a compass, her arms pinned above her head, she was left there was a victim to the explosive power of her own pent-up sexual frustration.

She screamed. An animalistic, primal cry that nearly startled me into letting her go. Her hips went wild, her free leg kicking and twisting as her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vice. The violent eruption within her loins poured out over my cock, drenching my abdomen as I continued to rub her clit, refusing to relent. She screamed and she cursed, but I responded only by biting her nipple again, pulling my cock out a few inches, and thrusting into her, causing another violent wave of ecstasy.

I was not even the one who achieved climax there, but when she finally stopped, her body going through what appeared to be seizures, even I was out of breath. I released her nipple, letting her breast fall freely back to her chest, and then released her leg. Still going through convulsions, she wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her nails into my back, her pussy clenching and unclenching me rhythmically, just as her thighs did on my hips.

I came again, just a few moments later, as I kissed her. I held myself above her, our skin burning, as I thrust in slow, steady movements, letting her body recover. She didn’t have to do anything; just the way her body was moving as she tried to come down from the high of her recent climax, just the way the muscles of her cunt were pulsing, just the way her body moved as she drew each ragged breath… that was all I needed. My own moan this time was softer, and the climax less explosive… but it was long and slow, pouring into her like an endless stream; a rich white wine bursting from the bottle as the cork came free.

We were already moving slowly, but as my second climax came to a stop, her belly bloated with the come I had poured into her, our movements became even more sluggish. Slower and slower we went, our tongues entangled softly as we simply enjoyed the feeling of our bodies, and the heat between our legs. Finally, we came to a stop altogether, and just as slowly, I began to pull off of her, letting my softening cock slide out.

Without a word, I reached up, pulling the blindfold off my face. The light of the room was intense, almost making me wish I were still blind. But I squinted and adjusted quickly, trying to look down at Kaitlin, still lying motionless beneath me.

Her long brown hair was tangled and spread out all around her on the pillow, but she still wore the blindfold, her mouth open only slightly as she drew deep, shaking breaths. With each of those breaths, her bountiful breasts rose and fell, and I realised with a pang of guilt that her left breast, the one I had sucked on and bit most often, was red all around the nipple. That nipple was still erect from the most recent assault, and shallow teeth marks were noticeable on her bare flesh.

That was the only damage that had been done, though, and from the contented expression on her still blind-folded face, I could not imagine that she’d be complaining about it. I let my eyes wander further down, and there they found her pussy. Clean shaven, her smooth white skin was now coated in sticky semen, painting the lips of her womanhood, her thighs, her ass, and even her belly. My cock was milky white, and now that it was removed from her, come poured out of her hole in a slow but steady stream. The thick fluid, our shared juices mixed together, flowed down the curvature of her ass in abundance, the warm come leaking across her clenching and unclenching butthole before reaching the now-dirty sheets.

I couldn’t resist the urge that suddenly came over me. I brought one of my shaking hands down to her asshole, putting pressure there and catching that stream with two fingers. From there I slid it upwards, toward the gaping, clenching hole it had spewed from. I slid those two fingers into her sodden cunt, pushing them deep inside and forcing the come back inside her body. I curled those fingers deep into her, and watched as her mouth opened in a soft O shape, pleasantly surprised. Once they were buried in her, up to my knuckles, I leaned back over her, my wet cock slapping against her thigh as I brought my face over her blindfolded eyes and kissed her lips.

She kissed me back, a smile playing across her face as she wiggled under me, enjoying the soft after-play of my fingers as they wriggled around inside her, playing with the thick, hot concoction that burned inside her. We kissed softly, with a gentle romance that made it clear there would not be a round three, but that we were not yet ready to detach from one another.

When that kiss ended, I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, running them over her clit for a moment, before sliding them back in. “What are you doing?” She whispered softly, though she was still smiling, clearly not unhappy with it.

I didn’t answer but for to continue wiggling my fingers around inside her. When I finally pulled them out, our come was clinging to them. I moved that hand, fingers coated in semen, up her body, to her face. Along the way, it dripped slightly along her stomach, and chest, giving her a slight warning.

Still, she was obviously surprised when the next small drop to fall from my fingers soon landed on her lips. She kept her mouth closed firmly for a moment, her smile gone, as she seriously considered what I was attempting to do… and for just a moment I thought she might actually refuse. One thing that she had always been against was thorough amounts of oral sex… to play a bit at it in tease or foreplay was one thing, but she had always flatly refused to allow me to come in her mouth. I began to pull my hand away, believing I may have finally found the line she was not willing to cross…

But her tongue suddenly, slowly, inched out from behind her lips, taking in the fallen drop very carefully. She let it into her mouth, sampling the taste for a long, tense moment… She swallowed. There was silence… and then her mouth opened again, wider, as she reached out with her tongue curiously, seeking a second sample.

Smiling down at her, I brought my fingers down to her tongue eagerly. Her tongue snaked between my fingers, sampling the white fluids, then began to very slowly retreat into her mouth. I let my fingers follow her tongue, past her lips, and into her waiting mouth.

Slowly at first, and then with a bit more confidence, she worked her tongue over my fingers in circles, then began to move her jaw, letting her lips go up and down my digits, sucking on my fingers very much like she would a cock. As she worked, sucking those fingers clean carefully, I reached up with my other hand, very slowly lifting the blindfold from her eyes, so that the fabric was now across her forehead.

She blinked, dumbfounded and stunned by the light, her mouth stopping as she realised I was watching her closely. She stared right back into my eyes, and for a long moment we were quiet and unmoving. Suddenly everything that had happened hit us, and we realised just how different that had been from the nights we’d shared in the past… my thumb in her ass, me deliberately causing pain as I bit her sensitive nipple, her swallowing a man’s semen for the very first time…

Embarrassment flushed over her, guilt flushed over me. Suddenly I thought, with the heat of the moment faded, that things might turn south… I feared that regret would strike her, and all the progress we had made tonight would be lost.

She stared right back into my eyes, and suddenly all I saw was that same lust and romance that had been there since day one. We were still the same people, our relationship had not changed… yet we understood each other (and ourselves) even better, now. Still staring deliberately into my eyes, she sucked softly on my fingers once more. In those soft brown eyes I could see acceptance, not reluctance. And even more surprising, I could see a strange level of joy; she had learned to enjoy this small taste I’d given her. She sucked again, her lips sliding down the length of my fingers, milking every last drop. And then my fingers were free of her lips, perched over her face expectantly.

I eased those fingers downward to gently caress her bottom lip, and then her chin and throat, all the way down to her tender, bruised nipple. I touched it softly, staring down at her apologetically as she looked up at me, her mouth still parted ever so slightly, letting me see the white, creamy come still coating her tongue.

Without breaking eye contact, making sure I didn’t miss a single, unhurried action, she closed her mouth and very slowly, deliberately, swallowed. When it was done, she licked her lips with a slow circuit of her tongue, swallowed again, and then opened her mouth, showing me that it was all gone.

I didn’t know what else to do. Nothing else seemed appropriate. So I kissed her. And she kissed me back. I fell over her in the most gentle, passionate, and loving embrace we had shared in years. Whole new doors had opened for us that night; all new things we had never before explored now lay waiting for us, and we were both willing to continue exploring them.

But they’d have to wait a little longer, for what energy we had left was invested in that embrace alone. We may as well have still be blindfolded, for our eyes did not open again as our kiss turned to soft breathing, and we fell into the contented blackness of sleep.

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