A Night Bathed in Gold

A Night Bathed in Gold

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Eighteen-year-old Lucas Stone is a first-year college student who has found himself unexpectedly sharing a dorm room with his classmate Charlotte Bouchard. Over the past few months he has secretly struggled with latent sexual feelings for her even as they grow ever closer. Luke had never imagined that this golden-haired virgin might also be struggling with her own desires. A harmless shopping date ends with a movie back in their dorm room... where they become much closer than either of them can resist. Beginning with some gentle dialogue which originates from the original romance story "The Roommate", their flirty banter comes to a romantic conclusion when Lucas Stone finds himself kissed by an angel. Her very first kiss, closely followed by many more firsts.


Eighteen-year-old Lucas Stone is a first-year college student who has found himself unexpectedly sharing a dorm room with his classmate Charlotte Bouchard. Over the past few months he has secretly struggled with latent sexual feelings for her even as they grow ever closer. Luke had never imagined that this golden-haired virgin might also be struggling with her own desires. A harmless shopping date ends with a movie back in their dorm room... where they become much closer than either of them can resist. Beginning with some gentle dialogue which originates from the original romance story "The Roommate", their flirty banter comes to a romantic conclusion when Lucas Stone finds himself kissed by an angel. Her very first kiss, closely followed by many more firsts.


Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



“You girls get comfy anywhere, don’t you?” I commented absently as the movie came to an end. “I’m more bone than flesh; it must feel like cuddling a rock.”

“It’s not, though.” She insisted with a gentle shake of her head. “It’s like your body molds underneath me, just to make me comfy. And you’re so warm… I feel like, if I squeezed you hard enough, I could just melt into you.”

“I don’t think that would be a very nice place to live.” I joked, though my chuckle at this point was forced. If you pressed yourself any tighter against me, I’d be the one going into you. “D-did you have fun today?” I asked softly.

“I did.” She replied happily. “Nobody’s ever taken me out like that before.”

“Well then, I’m glad to have been your first.” I smiled.

“You spoiled me rotten!” She complained. “Honestly, you spent so much money! I’ll never be able to pay you back.”

“It was worth every penny just to see you in that dress.” I stated in all honesty. “You’ve gotta wear it for me sometime soon.”

“Maybe I won’t; just to make you suffer.” She teased.

“Do that and I’ll take you back there and make you try on that big tiger onesie.” I said threateningly. “I bet it would be adorable.”

“No way!” She protested, giving me a light slap on the shoulder. “You’ll never get me in that!”

“If I get you into it, how quickly will you get out of it?” I asked slyly.

“Right away!” She responded without hesitation, ignoring, or maybe just not noticing, my sexual undertone. “I’d run around naked before I’d wear that.”

“I might like that.” I said jokingly (though I actually meant it). “I’ll run out and buy it tomorrow.”

“You will not!” She protested, hitting me again, though she still didn’t stop cuddling me.

“And how do you intend to stop me, then?” I asked.

“I’ll hide your shoes.” She replied with a shrug.

“I’ve got more in my closet.”

“Your coat, then.”

“It’s supposed to be fairly warm tomorrow.”

“Your keys, then. And I’ll lock you out.”

“You’ll have to open the door eventually, I’ll starve you out.”

“You suck.” She pouted.

“Don’t be a poor sport.” I laughed. “If you frown, it’ll ruin your tiger suit.”

“I won’t wear it.”

“If you refuse, I’ll sneak into the bathroom while you shower, steal your clothes and towel, and you’ll have nothing but the tiger suit.” I laughed.

“I still won’t wear it.” She insisted. “I’ll come out naked.”

“Then I still win.” I smirked. “Not sure which to look forward to most.”

“I won’t let you buy it. I won’t let you leave the house at all.”

“And how will you stop me?” I asked, honestly amused by the whole thing.

“…Like this.”



I couldn’t have imagined it would go like this. I never could have guessed her intentions; never could have suspected it would even cross her mind. She’d claimed that if she had squeezed me any tighter she would have melted into me; but it was me that melted, it was my body that collapsed as her lips, without the slightest warning, brushed mine.

Her lips were soft and moist, gentle and yet firm against mine. Her body, with only the slightest twists, was fully on top of mine, and only my very slight presence of mind kept us from falling onto the floor. The world was dark to me, though I guess that’s because my eyes were suddenly closed. The sound of the music playing over the credits was drowned out, though perhaps that was her curtain of golden hair falling around my head. All I could smell was her; the strawberries in her hair, the flowers of her body, the sweetness of her breath.

It was long and slow, gentle and somewhat hesitant, yet impossibly passionate. At first I wasn’t even sure what was happening, my mouth opening more in surprise than in invitation. Unconfident, she didn’t yet slip her tongue into that opening, and once my surprise wore off, I didn’t press for it. We indulged in long, slow brushes of our lips, tentatively exploring one another.

We finally pulled away in unison, though it was slow and reluctant. When I opened my eyes, she was still on top of me, her face flushed as she tried to catch her breath, tucking her hair behind one ear to keep it out of my face. We stared at one another, right in the eyes. Hers were so bright and clear, a crystal blue that rivaled the sky. I knew the truth, then, about how I truly felt about her.

I wanted her, the one I had considered a forbidden fruit. It wasn’t just a lust, as I had feared, though there was certainly plenty of that. I could tell from the way my heart was beating and the way those eyes stirred my soul; I loved Charlotte, though I had no idea when that had begun to happen. I wanted her to be the one who understood me. I wanted her to be the one who stayed beside me, now that all the others were gone.

I swallowed hard, unable to find the words to express exactly how I felt. I let my tongue run over my lips as I tried to find my voice, her eyes still boring into mine expectantly. “That…” I began, but I choked as she flinched, clearly frightened. I hesitated, and then took a steadying breath, softening my shaky voice. “That will… certainly keep me home.” I told her softly, my voice hardly more than a whisper.

“W-was it… okay?” She asked fearfully.

“Better than I remembered.” I replied honestly, my memory of our first drunken kiss long ago blurred away.

“I… I’ve… wanted to… to kiss you… again… ever since that night.” She admitted; an admission that nearly turned my body into a shivering puddle.

All I wanted to do was squeeze her against my chest and bury her between me and the couch, but I forced myself to hold back, realising that she was not yet ready to continue. “If you wanted it so badly, you didn’t have to wait so long.” I told her.

“I was scared.” She replied softly. “I’ve… never kissed a boy before.”

“N-never?” I asked, more than a little. “Well… uh… now you have. You’ve got nothing to be afraid of.” I told her.

“But I am… I’m still so scared.” She said weakly.

“Scared of what?” I asked, truly concerned.

“Of what you’ll think of me. Of what I’ll do… If you knew what I want… what I’m thinking…”

I silenced her shaky, panicking voice with a single finger to her soft lips. “Stop thinking.” I told her softly.

She opened her mouth to reply, or perhaps to protest, but with a gentle, yet firm grip I pulled her back down toward me, letting her hair fall all around me in a shower of gold. If she’d had more to say, or a protest to give, it was lost immediately. I was forceful in guiding her, showing her that I was more than okay with this, but I let her be the one to begin again.

She was still lacking confidence, her hesitation evident in the sheer gentleness with which her lips brushed mine. But this time her longing was more evident; she brought her body down lower, keeping it tight against mine, and in response I wrapped my arms around her gently, so that she would not feel trapped. I wanted nothing more than to entangle myself in her and relieve myself of the ache in my body, but I forced myself to go at her pace, slow as that was.

The gentle pecks and uncertain brushes of our lips grew longer, and as her confidence and her longing grew, so did a very unexpected sense of urgency. Very gently I felt her lips part, her tongue tracing my lips. Understanding her intention, I allowed my lips to part, introducing our tongues softly. I finally got my first full, sober, taste of her. I cannot describe it, really. It was like biting into a fruit for the first time in my life, and it was the sweetest, juiciest fruit I’d ever tasted, like devouring a pear after wandering alone in the desert for several weeks. It was warm, soft, and gentle, and even as our tongues slowly entangled, I could feel her body sag above me, the uncertainty that had been holding her back finally melting away.

Intent on keeping her fully immersed, I let my tongue flow into her mouth, pursuing hers as she sought to breathe. I sucked the breath from her, and in return she sucked it from me, our tongues wrestling, albeit gently, in a limbo somewhere between our mouths. I sucked softly on her tongue, and every time it made her squirm a bit, though not with discomfort. I let it continue like this for quite some time; even I don’t know how long. Then, once all traces of uncertainty and hesitation seemed long flown, I allowed my hands to move, first to the small of her back, and then to her round, firm backside, taking a very gentle hold there.

She didn’t seem to mind, didn’t seem to react at all, really, and so I held her. After a few more moments I sucked again on her tongue, and when she finally pulled it back, I chased it into her mouth, letting my tongue go deep inside even as I tightened my grip on her ass.

She moaned; a low, quiet sound that surprised me more than a little. A moment later, when I extracted myself somewhat, she pulled back, only to unexpectedly bite softly at my bottom lip. And that bite made her shiver and moan again, as though biting me gave her some kind of unexpected pleasure. And the way her body shivered, with my dick hard beneath her, was finally too much.

I could feel her uncertainty and her hesitation, but she didn’t protest or resist as I lifted her, leaning her back. We were on her side of the couch then, Charlotte sprawled out on her back with her head on the arm of the couch. I lay between her legs, propped up on my knees so as not to crush her beneath my full weight, our legs entangled.

As gently as I could with my rough hands, I brushed her golden hair from her face, looking deep into her eyes. I wanted to say something here; I wanted to tell her it all, even as she wrapped her arms around my neck, staring back at me. There were three simple words in my heart that had been growing for quite some time; words I knew, now, to be true. But for all my confidence with women, for all my certainty, they caught in my throat. I opened my mouth to speak them, but I couldn’t find the breath.

I could tell she expected the words, or at least expected me to say something. But I couldn’t, and I’ll never know why. But, as had always been the case between us, we didn’t need those words. We didn’t need to speak, didn’t need to tell each other how we felt, or where we wanted this to go. I could see her limits written deep in those clear blue eyes, a longing I hadn’t seen on any other woman, even at their horniest. I could see in her eyes that she understood my unspoken words, at least to some extent.

And then those eyes were closed, as well as my own, as our lips met once more. How long were we entangled there? How long after the credits ended and the screen went dark? How many times did our tongues form knots, or our lips connect like the pieces of a puzzle? As time went on, how many times did I find her nibbling on my bottom lip, or tangling her fingers in my hair? I have no answers, but when finally we came apart to find breath I pressed my lips softly to her neck, kissing her softly above the collarbone. She stretched out her neck invitingly, letting me continue without a word. Up and down her neck I kissed, breathing heavily and nibbling on her earlobe, sucking softly right at the base of her neck.

When finally I came back to her lips, she took my tongue with even more urgency, squeezing my body against hers. This time I was hardly surprised at all when her body suddenly began to move beneath me, grinding my knee between her slender legs. I waited a moment, focusing on kissing her, and then slowly brought my knee up closer, putting it tight against that warmth spreading from between her thighs. She gasped softly, and I let my tongue go deeper into her mouth. She moaned, grinding my leg and making out with me even more passionately. She let her arms go down to my ass, squeezing it and pulling me even tighter to her, then she slid her hands up my back, beneath my shirt, to run her hands over my bare skin. In response, I let one hand fall to her hip, slipping it beneath her shirt to gently caress her waist.

Even as she continued to grind my leg, her pants growing somewhat damp, our tongues tangled more aggressively and our hands slid slowly up one another’s bodies. Our kissing broke for only one thing; she grabbed my shirt from the back, pulling it over my head. I ducked out of it, pulling it down my arms and letting it hit the floor. My hand went back to her waist, and I pressed my body against her exposed stomach, her shirt halfway to her breasts. I kissed and nibbled at her neck once more, and then we entangled our tongues again.

This time my hand moved up her body with a clear intention, though still slowly. She didn’t pull back, didn’t stop me, as her shirt moved slowly up her body with my hand, my stomach pressing to hers. With one hand, I grabbed her bare breast firmly, but gently, her nipple hard in the palm of my hand as my fingers massaged the warm, smooth flesh.

I didn’t pull her shirt up any higher, didn’t try to press them against my chest; I simply held that breast, caressing it as she ran her hands across the skin of my back and our tongues wrestled. This time, when we finally pulled apart, we were gasping for air. We stared into one another’s eyes, catching our breath and simply feeling one another’s bodies. Once I’d caught my breath, I moved my mouth toward her neck again, but this time she stopped me, smacking my cheek with her own to push me away from her neck. I lifted myself a bit to look back at her questioningly, but she immediately looked away, turning her head so the other side of her neck was exposed. Thinking I understood, I made to kiss that side instead, but once again she turned her head back, stopping me, and looked away once more.

Confused, I followed her gaze, and it took me a moment to realise we were both looking at her bedroom door. Finally understanding her unspoken wish, I looked back at her, my eyes wide with surprise. She stared at me with passion in her clear blue eyes, not a hint of uncertainty showing now. I finally nodded, slowly, in understanding, and this time she kissed me willingly when I moved back in. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I lifted her with ease. I carried her in my arms, staring into her eyes as we walked toward her bedroom. She stared back at me, arms still tight around my neck. 

I didn’t bother to close the door behind us; no one would be disturbing us. I didn’t even stop to turn the bedroom light on; I took her straight to the bed, maneuvering in the dark to set her head gently on her pillow. As I climbed over top of her, I reached to the lamp on her bedside table, turning it on so that I’d be able to see her clearly. I was glad I did, for her golden hair shone brilliantly in that dim orange light.

Our lips met softly again, returning to the earlier gentleness now that our nerves were once again making us hesitant. But still she made no move to stop me when I grabbed her breast once more, entangling our tongues. When I began to back away from the kiss, she followed, leaning forward. I held her, pulling her up with me until she was sitting up, and we worked together to lift her brand-new T-shirt up and over her head, exposing her naked breasts.

In this light her smooth, pale skin was nearly golden, her small breasts bouncing only slightly as she fell back softly on the bed. I dropped her shirt over the side of the bed thoughtlessly as I devoured her with my eyes, and although she was suddenly blushing a violent crimson, she didn’t make any move to cover her small pink nipples, erect in the cool October air of the apartment.

Once my eyes had finished roving her body; the first full glimpse I had really had of her, they went back to her eyes. We stared into one another for a long time, more words shared in that glance than in our entire co-existence. Finally, I let my body fall softly over her, pressing my lips to hers once more. She shivered beneath me, though it was more from the arousal than from the chill of the air, and ran her hands over my back for several long moments before I gently broke the kiss, moving to her ear. Breathing warmly there, and nibbling on the lobe, I moved slowly down, kissing my way down her neck. She closed her eyes, stretching out her neck so I could caress every inch with my lips. I sucked softly at the base of her neck, near the collarbone, and she breathed deeply, clearly enjoying it.

From there I moved to her throat, kissing it softly, and moving across, to the other side of her neck. After sucking softly on that side, I moved slowly across her collarbone, where I gently kissed her shoulder, and then worked my way slowly down that side. I kissed every inch, softly, and in no hurry, until I reached her left breast. I softly sucked on that hard pink nipple, rolling my tongue over it as my hand played softly with her other one.

If she had expected me to come back up from there, she was very wrong. I continued downwards, kissing her stomach as my hands grabbed gently at her hips, taking hold of the elastic of her pants. I glanced up from under my eyelids to see her reaction, keeping my lips at work on her stomach. She was staring at me, clearly afraid, but not entirely uncertain.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, she lifted her hips off the bed by only an inch. I gently pulled on her pants, slipping them over the curve of her ass. She let herself back down to the bed as I slid them the rest of the way down her slender legs. She was wearing a pair of men’s (well, boy’s probably) boxers, but I hardly noticed, letting her pants fall to the floor and climbing back over her. Our next kiss was equally gentle, but this time she reached between us, tentatively touching the front of my pants, feeling my erection. I didn’t let her keep at it for long though; soon I was moving back to her neck and beginning my circuit of her body once again.

Down her neck, across her throat, up the other side, then back down across one bare shoulder, along her collarbone, and then down to her bare breasts, where I tasted each one briefly before continuing downwards. As I was halfway down her stomach, I looked up again, making eye contact, to see her reaction. She was watching me intently, obviously nervous, breathing heavily, but making no move to stop me.

I continued down, right to the line of her boxers. She spread her legs very slowly, though she was too shaky and her expression too embarrassed, to call it inviting. She was insistent though, despite her blushing cheeks, and nodded for me to continue. I looked back down; giving what was before me my full attention. Her boxers were a very light grey in colour, but between her legs they were far, far darker. I was surprised, then, by just how wet she really was; how much she clearly wanted this. I licked my suddenly dry lips nervously and reached out, taking a hold of the loose boxers and gently pulling them to one side.

To call her wet would have been an understatement. If I hadn’t known better, I could have sworn she had come already. If the fact that she was practically soaked wasn’t enough, her pussy was clean and smooth, freshly shaven that very same afternoon, most likely. The lips were parted slightly from her grinding against my leg, giving me an unobstructed view of the pink flesh.

I had no reason to believe she hadn’t planned for this since the very beginning of our day, and I was perfectly fine with that. Eagerly, I bent forward, taking my first taste of Charlotte’s sweetest, most secret place.

Her reaction to it was so unexpected it nearly scared me off the bed; her sudden gasp as my tongue made first contact was so much louder than I could have expected. I went back to it, keeping my tongue going in long, wide strokes and keeping my eyes directed to her face, watching her reaction to each movement of my tongue. She didn’t seem to know what to do with herself; one moment her eyes were closed and her head was back, the next they were wide open and she was turning from side to side. Her arms seemed dead and forgotten at her sides, and her legs opened and closed, flexed and stretched, seemingly at random.

After a few short moments I stopped, but only long enough to grab hold of her boxers and pull them down her shaking thighs. They hit the floor, forgotten, long after I was already back to work. I didn’t include my fingers; I used nothing but my mouth, putting to work every trick I had ever learned in my time of going down on other girls. I kept my hands on her thighs at first, holding them open, and after a while I stopped again to kiss and nibble up and down one, and then the other, before going back at her pussy hungrily; and I satisfied my hunger by eating her with everything I had.

Her gasps turned to moans and she remembered her arms, which grabbed at my hair, her hair, the bed sheets, and even her own breasts, seemingly at random. I watched every movement, enjoying her writhing far more than I cared to admit in that moment. After a while I reached out, taking a hold of one soft hand. She tangled her fingers in mine, holding tightly as I licked; her other hand tangling in her own hair and ripping at her bed sheet.

It wasn’t much longer after that when I sucked softly on her clit, and the drastic increase in the volume of her moans told me it was time. I released her hand, which wasn’t an easy feat with how hard she was crushing my fingers, and put both of my hands on her stomach, holding her down. I alternated between sucking her clit and licking in long, smooth strokes, keeping a complicated rhythm that left her guessing.

Her legs closed on my head, and she lifted her hips clear off the bed, her moan escalating to nearly a scream as I sucked. She squeezed my face between her legs hard, reaching out and clawing at my shoulders in an attempt to pull me up her body, but I kept it up, refusing to stop.

I knew right away when she climaxed, a sudden choking sound coming before her loud cry, the pressure on my ears released for only an instant before she slammed her thighs shut on my head again, the way her body bounced and shook, grinding my face. She couldn’t look at me, her head thrown back and her eyes slammed shut, her pussy clenched tight and come leaking around the beard on my chin. I had nearly suffocated by the time it ended, and even then she only reached out, grabbing my hair in one hand, my hand in the other, and continued to move her hips, grinding my face desperately. I stopped sucking, licking her in time with her own movements until she calmed down.

When it was finally over she was panting heavily, her breasts rising and falling, her body covered in a light sheen of sweat as I kissed and nibbled on her shaking thighs and the lips of her pussy, which was so wet that the bed beneath her ass had grown damp. When she had found her breath somewhat, I returned to her pussy, tasting her come with long slow strokes of my wide tongue. I licked her clean, even the bit that had dribbled on her ass.

I finally leaned back, nearly twenty minutes after my first taste, and ran my hand over my face to clear my beard. I gave her a moment, and then leaned over her again, kissing each of her breasts softly before moving up to her mouth. I knew I smelled like her, even tasted like her, but if she even noticed, she showed no sign at all of caring. She took my kiss willingly, even eagerly, and our tongues were tangled together within moments. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me with unrivaled passion. Those arms worked their way down my back, until they found my ass, where I still wore my pajama pants. Without any hesitation, she slipped a hand into my pants, clawing at my bare ass.

I broke the kiss, smiling, as she began gasping for breath again, seemingly still not fully recovered. “Are you okay?” I whispered to her softly. She nodded, the motion seeming a bit hurried. “Need a moment?” I asked, concerned for her.

But she shook her head, pressing her lips to mine even as she hooked her thumbs in my pants and began pushing them down. Unlike me, she made no attempt to spare my boxers, taking them down with my pants in one shot. I leaned off her, helping her get them all the way off, and this time it was my turn to look away uncomfortably as she stared.

I had always been uncomfortable with my body. In fact, despite how comfortable I am with women, and my over-all outward show of confidence, I am easily one of the most self-conscious men you’ll ever meet. I’ve always hated my feminine form, and I was always uneasy when a woman was scrutinizing me for the first time. Over the years, I had grown incredibly comfortable with some girls, but being with Charlotte brought back all my discomfort suddenly. Unlike her, this was the first time my roommate had seen me naked, and I wasn’t sure how to feel as she stared up at me.

Those who know I’m self-conscious (a short list) never understand why. I’ve never been laughed at, or scoffed, for my body, especially not by the girls, who had insisted they loved every bit of me. But somehow, not being enough for someone has always been my biggest fear.

She must have sensed that, in some way. While I knew my cock had had the focus of her scrutiny, it was oddly the part of me I was least concerned about. I was circumcised, seven and a half inches long, and just shy of three finger-widths thick. I wasn’t clean shaven, but I had always kept myself well-groomed.

She didn’t laugh, she didn’t smile, her eyes didn’t even widen. She only stared at me, her first man, with curiosity and passion. Finally, with painstaking slowness, she looked up to my eyes, and I almost sighed with relief when I saw that there was no disapproval in her eyes; only the same lustfulness that had been there since I had climbed between her legs for the first time.

Still completely naked, her golden body practically glowing, calling to me, she lifted herself almost to a sitting position, grabbing my bare, hard cock in one smooth, soft hand. Slowly, gently, she pulled on it like a leash, dragging me back to the bed as she lay back down on her back.

I kept one leg between hers, the other to her side, and leaned over her naked body, looking deep into her eyes as I slid one hand down her body. “Are you sure you want this?” I asked, my fingers hesitating over her wet vagina uncertainly as she held my cock softly in one hand.

She gave me no reply but to reach down with her free hand, grabbing my hand, and forcibly pushing it down to her pussy. She then tightened her grip on my cock and very slowly began to run her hand up and down its length. Since things clearly weren’t up for debate at this point, I slipped my middle finger between the lips of her hot, wet pussy. It was just a tease, even for a virgin. I knew as much. But with our lips pressed so tightly together and our tongues down one another’s throats, she seemed perfectly happy with even that much.

Once I inserted a second finger, curling them deep inside, she gasped, groaning as she moved in time with them. I only shoved my tongue deeper into her mouth as she sought to breathe. It was some time before she breathlessly grabbed me by the shoulders, pushing me off her just a bit, and then pulling me to the side, back between her legs. Slowly, I stopped fingering her, pulling my fingers out of her. They were sticky and wet, so wet that I used them to lubricate the tip of my cock before I grabbed it angled it down.

I looked straight into her eyes, and she looked straight back into mine. I stared hard, looking for even the slightest hesitation, but there was none; just that same lustfulness and desire. I leaned forward, the very tip finding her hole. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face down to kiss her. I kissed her softly, then pressed my forehead to hers, my nose to hers, and stared straight into her eyes as I slowly, very slowly, lowered my hips, letting my cock slide in.

As I expected, she couldn’t maintain the stare into my eyes. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide in a long, low gasp, her arms squeezing me tight around the neck, nails digging into me. I knew she was a virgin with absolute certainty. There wasn’t much pain on her face to prove it to me, but I knew virgins. And so I had taken great care in making sure she was as horny and wet as she could possibly be before we got to this point.

I knew it because I trusted her, and because of how tight she was, even being this wet. She clung so desperately to every inch of me; I could have sworn she was a glove. But beyond any of those things; there was the look of utter amazement, disbelief, and sheer enjoyment on her face; the face of a girl who had never felt a real cock inside her before. “Sh-shit…” she groaned, hardly more than a whisper as her whole body shook beneath me, my cock as deep as it could go.

“Are you okay?” I whispered softly.

“I-it’s big…” She replied, as though she hadn’t really expected it. I’d heard that response before, and while it certainly gave me a small boost of confidence, I didn’t let my ego grow because of it; she was just a virgin, after all.

I backed out a bit, and then slowly moved in again, and her eyes closed once more, her mouth open in a silent gasp as she squeezed me. I kept it slow, moving at her pace to be sure she would feel absolute minimum amount of pain. I suppose I needn’t have worried; she’d wanted this just as much, if not more, than I had. Before I knew it, I had my chest pressed to hers, her bare skin igniting fires on mine. Our tongues tangled as often as she could find the breath and presence of mind, but more often I breathed or nibbled at the base of her neck, or simply held myself over her, watching the contorting expressions of her beautiful face. Guided by her hands and the movements of her hips, I slowly increased the speed of my thrusts, keeping them gentle and passionate. I slipped one hand under her head, tangling my hand in her hair so I could look down at her. My other hand alternated between massaging her breasts, caressing her face, or rubbing her hips and thighs.

She only grew wetter; I could feel it on her inner thighs, and on the sheets beneath us. If I changed my angle, I could even hear it during my thrust. The wetter she got, the less vocal she was, and the faster she made me go. But after a while I refused, forcing a steady, relatively neutral pace. At first it seemed to almost frustrate her, and so I grabbed one of her hands, which had alternated between my hair and my ass, tangling my fingers with hers and pressing it down to the bed.

Her frustration passed quickly, and very soon her body was shaking. She twisted her arm away from mine, throwing it around me as her legs lifted up around my ass. “L-L-Luke… I… I think I’m gonna… I’m…” She half whispered, half stammered, unable to find the sense of mind, or the breath, to complete a full sentence.

But I had understood what was happening to her even before she opened her mouth. The way her hips were thrusting against mine was suddenly far more urgent, the way she was squeezing me against her, crushing me almost desperately, her hands running up and down my back as though trying to find a handhold; it was all so familiar.

Even knowing what was coming, the sudden clench of her pussy around me, the sudden squeeze, the intake of breath and half-second of silence, took me by surprise. “M-me too.” I warned, trying to pull back. But either she didn’t hear me or didn’t care, digging her nails into my back and pulling me tight against her, urging me to go on.

And then she came; a series of powerful hip-thrusts of varying speeds and thrusts against me, her nails digging into my back as she released a chorus of cries that left her shaking. It didn’t end there. Her orgasm, coupled with the built up lust I’d held for her over the past few weeks, had already pushed me well beyond the line.

She wasn’t even finished coming when I started. That leisurely, slow pace I had forced even through her climax suddenly ceased, becoming desperate, rushed, and wild. This only reignited the fury of her own orgasm, stretching it out even longer and more powerfully. She wouldn’t let me pull out, not that I really wanted her to, and so I kept it deep inside her, thrusting with everything I had while she squeezed my body tightly against her, locking her ankles around my ass.

I groaned into the pillow beside her head as the first shot blasted out of me, firing so deep into her that her eyes actually widened in shock. My next thrusts came in time with my orgasm, and even though she had never felt this before, she knew exactly what was happening. Neither of us had discussed or even considered this situation, but she was not at all upset or concerned; she cried out with each of my thrusts excitedly, holding me tight against her and thrusting back in time with me, making sure that I came as deep inside her as possible. I couldn’t have ever anticipated it, but she seemed to get as much out of my climax as I did.

Even when it came to an end, my sensitive body continued to move at that same rhythm, likely leaking more and more inside her. I shivered, biting her shoulder hard, which made her shake and writhe as well. Over time we slowed down, finally coming to a complete stop, where we simply lay there in silence. I kept my face buried in the pillow, my cock still twitching occasionally. She would twitch as well, her pussy clenching and unclenching reflexively. Finally, panting, I turned my face into her neck, kissing softly. She responded by turning and kissing my cheek, and we kissed across one another until I found her lips.

That was just a peck at first, but it grew into a longer, gentler kiss, and eventually a very gentle tangle of tongues. It was with great reluctance (I could have stayed inside of her, kissing her, for the rest of the night) that I finally broke that kiss, albeit slowly, and leaned back enough to look into her clear blue eyes.

Again I wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words, so we settled with that stare, setting one another’s hearts soaring as we looked into each other’s souls. Finally, with only another soft, slow peck, I lifted myself slowly off her, pulling out my cock. The sight of her wet, gaping pussy still quivering, leaking my come over her thighs and ass, made me want to fuck her all over again; the damp spot under her had grown considerably since the last time I’d seen it.

I decided not to concern myself with that right now and just twisted around to lie on the bed beside her. I still had one arm trapped under her head, but I didn’t bother moving it, lying on the pillow beside her, we remained silent, naked, staring at the ceiling.

It was not necessarily an awkward silence; we were well beyond that. It was merely a moment of quiet where we could collect our thoughts and our breath, as well as to cool off from the heat of our entanglement. With a low sigh of contentment, she finally rolled towards me, curling into my side, nuzzling as she rested her head on my shoulder. Her bare skin felt refreshingly cool against mine, and her skin shone golden in the orange light with the sheen of sweat. The smell of that sweat left my blood boiling, but I curled my arm around her back protectively, holding her close.

Several more long moments passed, and I was more than content to lay there and cuddle her forever. We focused our gazes on the ceiling, neither of us wishing to embarrass the other by looking down at our naked bodies. “It didn’t hurt… not as much as I expected.” She said softly, nearly ten minutes after the finish.

“I’m glad.” I admitted. “I was worried, at first.”

“It’s probably just because I wanted it so bad.” She thought aloud. “It still hurt, but barely.”

I knew she was right; that her sheer arousal, her overall wetness, and my own gentleness, had spared her, not only from the pain, but apparently any bleeding as well. I was glad for that; it was a testament to just how well we meshed, in my opinion. “How long?” I asked her softly.

“Hmm?” She asked, nuzzling closer and wrapping both legs tantalizingly around one of mine.

“How long have you wanted it?” I clarified.

“To be honest?” She asked hesitantly. “I don’t really know… It was something I was afraid of when we very first met… and once I got to know you, it was something I kinda wondered about… but I didn’t really start wanting it until more recently.”

“That night… after we kissed…?” I offered.

She nodded. “You too?” She asked.

“I’ve had a bit of an interest in you ever since I met you.” I admitted reluctantly. “But that night was the turning point, I think.”

She nodded in agreement, or perhaps just in understanding, and we were silent again for a few more moments. I felt her shift beside me, but it was only a slight movement, perhaps an adjustment of her position. It was several moments before I realised what that movement was. “It’s so warm…” She said, her voice so soft she may have been speaking to herself.

Thinking she was talking about the way we were snuggling, I looked down with a content smile. My smile froze with a wince when I realised she was looking down, one hand gently running over her belly. For the first time, I felt a twinge of regret at my actions; should I have taken the time to find a condom in my room? Should I have pulled out? We  had never even discussed this…

“I can feel it… its warm and comforting, just like you… and when it happened… it felt so good…” She mused.

She’s imagining it… she can’t possibly still feel it… can she…? I’ve never asked the others… “You don’t seem very worried.” I commented.

“I am.” She replied, looking up at me. “But… it’s you, Luke. I don’t have to worry about anything.”

“You don’t?” I asked, feeling she might be taking this a bit too lightly.

“No.” She smiled confidently. “As long as it’s you, I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry.”

“You’ve got too much faith in me.” I grumbled, feeling pressured.

“Not at all.” She replied, setting her head back down on my chest. “You’re highly responsible, thoughtful, and kind. I know you’ll take responsibility for whatever happens. I’m not scared of being pregnant, or having a kid, and I’m not going to regret tonight, even if I’m wrong. But I’m not wrong, and I couldn’t be happier. Besides, I know you can take care of me.”

 “I think you’d look really cute with a baby belly.” I told her with a smile, reaching down and putting a hand over hers. I chose not to mention the fact that I had never gotten anyone pregnant before, or to think about how ridiculous it was for us to be talking about this so suddenly.

“Don’t go getting ahead of yourself.” She replied, giving me a half-serious glance. “We’d have a LOT of explaining to do if that happened.”

“Understatement of the century, I think.” I chuckled, making her head bounce on my chest. “But it’s an explanation we’ll have to give eventually.”

“Eventually.” She conceded, removing both our hands from her belly and entangling her fingers with mine, letting both hands rest on my chest.

“Eventually.” I repeated. “Until then, no one’s going to know anything; you’re mine.”

“Getting possessive now, are you?” She asked with a joking smile, flicking my nose.

“Is that a problem?” I asked.

“Nope, I’m pretty clingy myself.” She replied, emphasizing the point by entangling herself even further with me.

“That’s okay, I love that.” I replied honestly. “Cling to me as much as you like, I won’t ever let you go.” And, giving in to an undeniable temptation, I emphasized my point by turning over on my side to face her. I pulled her in to my chest, crushing her naked body against my own and wrapping my arms around her, burying my face in her golden hair.

“You’re like a great big teddy bear, you know that?” She asked, squeezing me, her breasts pressed tight against my chest. “Warm and soft and comfy…” Even as she spoke, she somehow nuzzled even closer, slipping her legs between mine, entangling herself so tightly I couldn’t be sure where she ended and I began. Her breasts were squished against my chest, impossibly soft and smooth, just like the rest of her small body. And even with that aside, I could feel her warm womanhood pressed against my thigh, my penis against her stomach, stiffening slightly once more.

“You need to be careful.” I warned her, though it was clear from my tone that it was not a serious warning.

“Why?” She asked slyly, her face still hidden in my chest. “Does this bear bite?”

“Only when he’s horny.” I replied, accentuating my point by flexing my body, tightening the press of my slowly hardening cock. “And you are still naked.”

“It was my understanding that a couple doesn’t usually get dressed until they’re done.” She replied.

“Are you saying you’re not done?” I asked, surprised, a bit amused, and more than a little hopeful. “It’s getting late, you know.”

“It’s Sunday tomorrow.” She replied with a shrug of her naked shoulders that loosened my hold of her enough for her to lean back and look up at my face. This was only more tantalizing to me, her small breasts only barely tickling my skin, igniting my hunger. “We don’t need to sleep.”

While I was certain that Charlotte would not have the stamina to keep this up for the whole night, I had absolutely no doubt about her willingness, nor my own, to go again at this very moment. “You’d best be able to back up that claim.” I warned her, and without further ado I all-but tackled her right over, rolling her onto her back and landing on top of her, between her legs.

We wasted no time, this time. We entangled our bodies tightly, grabbing and holding each other with a lustful desperation, our tongues nearly choking one another as they delved into one another’s mouths. It took only a moment for me to be fully erect, and with her clawing hands as my guidance, I wasted no time sliding it deep inside her. It stabbed into her like a knife through butter, so wet and willing as she was, and every inch of her tight pink flesh clung to me, pulling as she gasped and shook.

I was not so gentle this time, but nor was I violent. Our lovemaking was coupled with breathless whispers, smiles, and gasps of surprise, followed by lustful giggles. It was fast-paced and intense, focused and frantic, but it was not animalistic. It was more than sex, more than simply burning away our urges or desires. It was fun, oddly enough. It was exciting and enjoyable, far beyond simple release.

I held on through her first orgasm easily enough, kissing at her neck and smiling as she squeezed me between her thighs and scratched at my back, biting hard on my shoulder as her hips shuddered against mine.

Her second one was harder though. I backed up onto my knees to stare down at her, holding her ankles out wide with my hands. She giggled at first, but when my thrust went deep and hard it turned that giggle into a groan of pleasure as her body involuntarily tried to pull away. I followed her movements until she was backed up against the headboard with no escape. I thrust hard, fast and deep, the head of my cock scraping at her G-spot mercilessly.

Her moans and groans quickly grew louder, she clawed at the sheets, her hair, her thighs, and reached out desperately for me, staring at me almost pleadingly all the while. I could feel her climax approaching, could feel her body resisting, and I only smiled, knowing it would only make it worse (or better) for her in the end.

Her indecipherable cries likely woke the neighbours, and suddenly her pussy, as well as her ass and the bed below her, grew suddenly wetter as she gushed forth, coming hard. Still she was reaching for me desperately, and I gave her what she wanted, throwing myself on top of her and fucking her hard and fast, one hand rubbing her clit between us while I thrust into her. She couldn’t find the sense of mind to kiss me, but she squeezed me so hard I could barely draw breath, and her hips moved so violently I was worried she might twist my dick loose.

When she was finally done, her body was still moving of its own accord, her pussy still clenching as though it had become a reflex. Her limbs shook, and her breasts rose and fell rapidly as she panted, her body covered in a sheen of glistening sweat. Beneath us, she was practically leaking, the sheets beneath us soaked right through.

I kept myself deep inside her as her body went through the twitching aftermath of her powerful orgasm, but I leaned back enough to look down into her beautiful eyes, which almost looked like they were swimming with tears.

“Are you okay, Charlotte?” I whispered softly, barely audible over her panting.

She shook her head, but it was not in response. She grabbed me, weakly pushing me; but not away from her, she pushed me sideways. She didn’t have the strength to move me, even if she had been properly rested, but I went willingly, rolling off her and onto the other side of the bed. Even as my dick came out of her, it dripped her come (and likely a bit of my own, from nearly half an hour before) across the bed sheets, splattering her thighs. If she even noticed, she didn’t care. She took only half a moment to find her breath and then rolled over, straddling me. My stomach was wet with her, but she reached down to my soaked cock, putting it to her hole and lowering herself down anyways.

Even so soon after an orgasm, she couldn’t help but shiver and moan as she sat down on my dick. Once she was all the way down (a feat that took her nearly a whole minute, as she kept reflexively pulling away and shaking) she leaned forward, collapsing across my chest with her head on my shoulder. Very slowly she began to move her hips back and forth, but that only made her shake and moan, stopping almost right away.

“You don’t need to do this.” I told her softly, seeing how much difficulty she was having staying in control of her own body.

“I… want to…” She responded breathlessly, her voice shaking. “I just… don’t know how… not without…”

“There’s no trick to it.” I told her softly, gently taking hold of her waist and kissing her softly. “Do what feels natural to you. As long as it’s you, I’ll always get there.”

She considered me thoughtfully, or perhaps doubtfully, caught her breath, and started to move once again.

I wish I could describe her accurately, but you’d never understand it. There are no words, in any language, which can perfectly describe the expressions on her face as she moved. I was not wrong when I told her that, as long as it was her, I’d have no trouble reaching my climax. Over half-a-dozen girls had ridden me this way in my short lifetime, but none of them had ever achieved what she did in those next few minutes.

She seduced me entirely, barely even registering that I was there. She did nothing, really, just focusing on her own movements and riding me in a way that was intended only to pleasure herself. But in that moment, looking up at her, I could imagine nothing else; I was captured, truly and completely.

She was beautiful, I have emphasized that perhaps a hundred times since this story began… but it went far beyond that. The way her body moved, the expressions of her face, the sheer honesty of her movements… I looked upon something far beyond an angel, or even a goddess. Nothing in this world could have distracted me from her, no woman, no disaster, no supernatural being, could have torn my eyes away from her glowing golden skin.

She found her climax before I even realised that time had passed, and she fell over me, her golden hair showering my face and shoulders. Hard and fast she went, her hips gyrating and bouncing furiously even as I took hold of her thighs with weak fingers, my own body finding some rhythm in the madness of her movements.

My cock twitched as the first shot of come was released, and she reacted as though that was the catalyst for her own release. What came out of her could only be called a curse, though the word was nearly indecipherable; her abrupt movements stopped, then as her body convulsed violently. I took over, wrapping my arms tightly around her and thrusting from underneath in time with my own orgasm, letting each consecutive shot burn deep inside of her like a white, hot bullet. She tangled her fingers in my hair, crying into the pillow as I bit her breast, both of us locked in the throes of ecstasy.

I couldn’t tell you how long it was before we finally collapsed, her body lying broken on top of mine as the last of her strength gave out completely. We lay there panting for what felt like years, our bodies still shuddering involuntarily. I left my cock deep inside her as we rested, and I could feel the beads of our mingled fluids leaking down the shaft slowly. I didn’t care in the slightest; marvelling in the feeling.

When she finally found the energy to lift her head, she leaned into me, letting our come seep out even more as she pressed her lips to mine. “I don’t think there’s a warmer feeling in the whole world.” She whispered to me softly. “Nothing can be better than this.” As though to emphasize her point, she moved her hips again, wiggling my cock around inside her.

“You can have it any time you want.” I promised her, meaning every word.

“Forever?” She asked softly, looking me in the eye, her golden hair falling across my shoulders.

“Of course.” I told her. “For as long as you want it.”

“Even when I’m old and grey and ugly?”

“Especially then. For was long as you want it, until you don’t need me anymore.” I replied with a very soft smile.

“And what if I never stop needing or wanting you?” She asked, whispering, as she stared straight into my eyes, unable to move until she got her answer.

“Then I guess I’ve found the one who’ll be with me, long after all the others have left.” I replied, choosing my words based on a conversation we’d had that very afternoon. All the others have left… it’s only her now. Only her… and me.

She smiled, clearly pleased with my answer. We kissed again, with such a soft tenderness it almost made the energy and desperation of a few minutes ago seem like a lie.

“Stay with me?” She asked me when we finally stopped kissing. “Tonight, I mean?”

I thought about it, though the answer was simple. “On one condition.” I told her softly, and she stared at me hopefully, wondering. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, lifting my hips so that my softening cock was pressed up into her, the wetness of our come squishing between us warmly. “Stay undressed, just like this, and don’t ever tell me to let you go.”

“If that was the only condition, we’d never leave this room again.” She whispered in response, a soft smile on her lips as she closed her eyes and kissed me once again.

It was several long moments of kissing before I finally rolled her over so that we were lying on our sides, face to face once again. My cock, softening, finally fell out of her and our come poured over her thighs as though a dam had been broken. If she even noticed, she didn’t acknowledge it at all, kissing me softly for several more long moments before she finally rolled away. I curled in against her, pulling her tiny body in tight to me and wrapping my arms protectively around her. I buried my face in her golden hair, absorbed by the scent of her.

For the rest of the night, we stayed like that, our eyes closed and our naked bodies glued together for warmth. The only movement either of us made was to turn off the glow of that orange lamplight, and to throw a thin sheet over our bare bodies.






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