My weakness

My weakness

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


He was nearly two years older than I, and with a career in the military and only a few weeks left stationed in my town. Needless to say we made the best of our few weeks together.


He was nearly two years older than I, and with a career in the military and only a few weeks left stationed in my town. Needless to say we made the best of our few weeks together.


Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



Luke’s voice was soft and gentle as he asked, “when did your Mom say I had to have you back by?” I shrugged as he inched closer to my lips before being stopped in his tracks by the car’s console. We both shared a giggle, as I sheepishly looked up at him through my mascara coated eyelashes. The scent of his cologne filled me and I wondered how strong it smelt directly on his skin, perhaps the nap of his neck. Within seconds of wondering I was there, my lips kissing down his neck as his hands roamed my upper body. I wanted to feel his soft lips against mine so badly.  Luke leaned in close to my ear; brushing his lips against that sensitive area before asking me if I wanted to move to the back seat. Suddenly I was aware of everything and I could hear his heavy breathing and my heart exploding within my chest. I mumbled a soft “yes,” just as he gracefully crawled into the back and took me with him. I was hoping he couldn't hear my heart flutter as he finally kissed me. His lips were so needy and full of lust as he pulled me closer to him and the thin material of my shirt and bra were no match for the warmth radiating from his skin. A moan slipped from my lips as his tongue brushed against mine; tasting me. I tasted him back and moaned from the mixture of peppermint and coffee lingering on his tongue. Luke whispered a low hum of words that I couldn’t make out but knew were loving and teasing. I was suddenly caught by surprise when his lips left mine and moved back a few inches. I felt like he had taken away my air and that I need him back with urgency. Suddenly my shyness was gone and I held his face in my hands as I kissed him again. Only this kiss was different in so many ways. He kissed me so slowly and tenderly that I felt weak from how he was making me feel. He finally mumbled something that I could hear, and his words kept running through my head. “I need you…. I need you.” My body began to give up on my as I felt myself becoming more weak from the idea that he needed me, and by the way his lips made love to mine, I knew he meant what he said. His arm wrapped around me just in time, as I rested my head on his shoulder for support. “You make me so weak,” I whisper to him as I dig my nails into his shoulder to try and stabilize myself. After a while I realize that I cannot regain my strength and sheepishly tell him I need some support. Luke lets out a deep and low laugh as he lays me down on the back seat and crawls on top before kissing my forehead and resting his head on my chest. I feel a bit uncomfortable as I realize that he is listening to my heart beat for him, for the way he makes my body feel. With that thought I realize how wet I am down there and my cheeks burn a bright red. Just as I think I cannot blush anymore I am met with the most incredible sensation as Luke begins to chest my chest. I am shocked because I hadn’t realized that he had pulled my shirt down so low. But within seconds I am moaning and digging my nails into his arms as he begins to softly bite. I forget to breath and am lost in a rush of pleasure as my toes curl and my wetness seeps down my thighs.

“How does that feel baby?”

I cannot answer and instead moan in response as I begin to close my eyes and let the back seat carry all of my weight.

“How does this feel?”

He asks as his fingers find their way into my skirt on the top of my clit. My back arches and I cannot stop moaning his name and moving with the rhythm of his strokes. I have never felt so much pleasure and I am in a clouded place far away from here. But suddenly his fingers find their way into my panties and I am brought back to reality and push his hand away just before he can go any further.

“Did I hurt you?”

He voice is filled with concern and I can tell that he is starting to back away from me.”

“No no, it’s just that I am a virgin and have never had anyone touch me there...”

I start to hear my voice become shaky as I worry that he’ll think differently of me. But instead he pulls me close to his chest and whispers soft words to me as he brushes my hair away from my face.

“Baby girl, I am so sorry, I didn’t know.”

I can hear his voice becoming softer and lower as I begin to hear his heartbeat. I’m stunned because it’s beating just as crazy as mine is. I push my ear closer and listen more intently as I begin to feel sleepy from the therapeutic sound and how warm Luke is. Luke leans down and kisses me again with such gentleness that my whole body aches with love.

Luke then takes my hand into his and talks about his life and what he hopes to achieve after he turns 19. And I just listen to his voice and his heart as I close my eyes and fall in love with him a little more.

(Hiya! I am extremely new to this site and to love/ sex in general. But I hope to become an eroctia novalist so please like and comment if you enjoyed my work to help me feel supported Also if you want me to continue this short story just say ;) .)


Chapter 2:

I rested my head against the car door as rain began to fall and hit the window making the outside world blurry. The hum of the engine calmed my nerves a bit as me and Luke ventured farther into the forest to a place that he swore you could see the stars clearly. I glanced down at the time, nearly 7 o’clock. “The sun will be gone soon.” I thought to myself as I wondered what it would be like to go on this stargazing adventure with a guy I barely knew. “Will he kiss me again?” I questioned, lightly touching my lips and closing my eyes as I remembered how his soft lips lustfully made love to mine. Suddenly my eyes shot open as I felt Luke looking at me. My cheeks burned crimson and I could feel my bottom lip tremble slightly from embarrassment. The car pulled to a stop and I felt his pointer finger hook under my chin and turn my face until I was facing him. His green eyes were darker than usual, and his lips looked a peachy pink. Without any words exchanged he gave me a wink that made my stomach feel like a cage of butterflies had been set free before he turned back to the bumpy road and began driving again. I tried to calm my mind down a bit because I always had a nasty habit of overthinking. But it was too late, my mind was already there. I imagined Luke kissing me, roaming my body with his hands, and how I would want to just lay back and enjoy myself as much as he was. Luke broke my train of thought as he asked me what I was thinking about. I bit my lip and focused my attention on a tree in the far distance. My shyness was pleading with me to not tell him the truth. But there was a small voice inside that demanded that I tell him every juicy detail of my day dream.

“I was think of… You.”

The way I said that last word made even me shiver a bit. It was almost poisonous in the sexiest way possible.

“This man is changing me, in the best way possible!”

I thought as I realized how much confidence I had gained from my little adventures with Luke.

“Tell me more.”

He said in a low and husky voice as his free hand found it’s way to my thigh and lightly rubbed.

I moaned quietly as his fingers came closer to my clit.

“Well, it was a fantasy about you and me, together.”

“Go on.” He said in his husky voice, but there was a bit of a pleading tone in his voice.

My mind was racing as I tried to figure out what I should say next. But the words wouldn't come. At first I thought that it was because of my shyness. But then I realized that it was because I couldn't tell him, I would have to show him.

“Language has to many flaw hun.”

I mumbled this sheepishly, feeling my sexiness fade before Luke rubbed me a bit harder and stopped the car for a second time.

“Then show me.”

He said with a need in his voice that was so obvious it was almost like he had begged me.


(Thank you all for the beautiful comments and for the nearly 900 reads in two days! Here is another teaser ;) I will gladly continue if would like me to! But fair warning I love to tease and take my time. However, there will definitely be a love making scene soon! )


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