Brandi's Bedroom Abduction by Virginia T. Watson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: EROTIC READS AND MORE

Brandi is abducted in broad daylight, tied, gagged, and blindfolded. After being taken to a secret location, she is thrown onto a bed and left tied but used as the private fuck doll of several men, bringing her the most intense pleasure of her life.

As Brandi walked out of the grocery store, nearing her car, a man jumped out of an old blue van next to it and grabbed Brandi, placing his hand over her mouth and his other arm around her stomach, dragging her into the van. Brandi tried time and again to bite the man, but his hands were covered with thick black gloves that could not be penetrated by her teeth. What shocked Brandi the most was that it was broad daylight, bright as it could possibly be, yet no one saw her abduction.

As the van sped away, Brandi still tried to fight back, squirming and biting all the while. Finally, the man holding Brandi decided to gag and blindfold her. Brandi wondered if she was being abducted for money or what. She started to grow more suspicious by the second, especially as the man holding her began groping her breasts. Brandi tried to scream but could make little sound past the gag in her mouth.

Brandi could feel the man's hand slipping further up her body, inside her shirt. At least, before this time, his hand had remained on the outside. Brandi squirmed as hard as she could, hoping to keep from being fondled this way or worse, raped. It took Brandi a bit to realize that the man had taken off his gloves, that he was using his bare hands. Now, his hand had made its way all the way up to Brandi's right tit, fondling, stroking, rubbing, pinching, pulling, twisting, tweaking her nipple. In a strange way, Brandi was starting to enjoy it. This scared her more than anything else. She didn't know who had her, how many there were, or what their real plans were, but what if she found herself loving all of the sexual attention that there might be? Brandi hadn't had sex in months and had been dying for a man (and sometimes, even a woman) to show her the kind of attention she had been used to getting for so long.

When Brandi felt the man's other hand move to her left tit and do the same to it that his other hand had been doing to her right tit, Brandi stopped fighting it. She let go, relaxed, and figured that there was nothing that she could do to make it stop and might as well, at least, get what she could out of it. It seemed, though, as if the ride were taking forever. Before Brandi knew it, she could feel fingers gliding into her pants and moving slowly across the top of her panties. In very little time, the fingers were working their way into Brandi's underwear and moving down to her moistening pussy. She didn't like it that this was turning her on, but she couldn't help it. It was turning her on so much knowing that a total stranger was doing this and that she was forced to submit herself to him.

Before the ride was finished, Brandi felt the fingers move to her clit and rub her furiously. Built with the excitement of the situation, Brandi started to move and to moan, though her moans could not really be heard. It seemed to take no time at all before Brandi felt an orgasm approaching. She knew that there was no use in fighting the feeling and let it happen, the orgasm coming on stronger and stronger until finally, she was cumming harder than she had at any time since her last sexual experience with a partner. She could tell that her pussy was extremely soaked and hoped that maybe, just maybe, she was going to soon feel a dick slide deep inside her and fuck her hard. She thought about how she might even play along and pretend to fight it, pretend that she didn't want it, when in reality, she did want it, wanted it bad, so bad that it felt like her pussy was going to explode if it didn't receive a hard cock in the very near future.

Brandi, while still thinking about how badly she needed fucked, felt the van come to a halt and knew that they must be at their destination. As soon as the van door was opened, Brandi was yanked out and grabbed by the arm, led to inside some kind of building, down what Brandi figured must have been a hallway, into a room, and thrown onto a bed. Brandi listened and heard as the door was slammed behind her, knowing that she was being left, tied, blindfolded, and gagged on a bed in a strange place, all alone.

Brandi lay there for quite some time before hearing the door open again. When it did open, a very gruff voice announced to Brandi that there was a job for her. Brandi wondered what this "job" might be, but before she could think much about it, her gag was removed, and she felt a stiff cock being forced into her mouth. Brandi pretended to mind this, but she really did not. After pretending to fight it for a few seconds, Brandi eagerly began sucking the cock, sucking it well, well enough for the man who owned the cock to moan loudly and grab the back of Brandi's head.

The man began to rock back and forth, quite literally fucking Brandi's face. Brandi loved this, loved the attention, except that the cock being forced roughly into her mouth made her nearly gag a few times. After a few minutes, Brandi heard the moans growing much louder and the man say that he was going to shoot. He had barely finished his statement when a huge stream of very gooey cum shot into Brandi's mouth. Brandi rarely swallowed anymore, but the excitement of the situation made her take it all without objection and swallow deeply.

No sooner than the cock was pulled from Brandi's mouth, she was lifted off the bed and placed at the foot of it, bent over. She was still tied with her arms behind her back and still had the blindfold on. On one hand, she hated not being able to see, but on the other, this was all too exciting. She had no idea who was doing what to her at what moment. All she knew for the moment is that she would likely be used as someone's fuck doll, at least two someones because there was one man holding her in the van and one man driving.

Brandi was left bent over the bed, feeling no hands, no dicks, not mouths, nothing. This amazed her since she had obviously just brought one man to orgasm. Did the two or more men not want to fuck her? Though Brandi had already gotten a lot of enjoyment out of being played with in the van and out of being forced to suck a man's cock, she still wanted to feel a cock deep inside her pussy and maybe even inside her ass. It had been a really long time since she had been ass fucked, but she loved it when it happened.

Finally, Brandi could hear footsteps and someone walk into the room. She couldn't tell how many there were, but it seemed as though there must have been at least two or three people entering. The excitement was almost too much to bear. Brandi felt butterflies in her stomach from the anticipation.  

Brandi's panties were soon ripped from her, exposing her naked ass and pussy to the room. All that remained on Brandi were her shirt, the rope on her wrists, and her blindfold. Within seconds, after Brandi thought that she might die from unfulfilled desire, a cock began working its way into her. Brandi felt so relieved and with each thrust, more satisfied. The cock felt as though it were almost splitting Brandi in half, and she loved it. There wasn't even a tiny space in her engorged, dripping cunt that this dick was not penetrating. As the cock fucked Brandi harder and harder, she could hear loud moaning, which gave her more pleasure and excitement, knowing that her tight, swollen pussy was bringing someone else hopefully very close to an intense orgasm.

Brandi felt her head being lifted and a second cock being offered to her mouth, which she happily let in. Being bound and unable to support herself, Brandi knew that she might not be able to suck so well, but she would sure try. "That's a good little bitch," she heard a voice say. It sounded to be the man fucking her mouth. Brandi wasn't sure if it was the man she had already sucked off or not. Though she didn't really care, she was curious about it. Brandi happily and hungrily sucked away, her head supported all the while by a very strong hand.

It was a little difficult for Brandi to concentrate. She wanted to please both men and enjoy it herself but didn't know whether to focus on blowing the man in front of her or the intense sensations within her pussy that were soon going to cause her to have her second orgasm. Soon, the man behind Brandi remarked that he was going to fill her pussy with cum. This thought brought Brandi to an orgasm the magnitude of which she had not anticipated or imagined. Brandi let out a very loud scream on the other man's cock. The man didn't cum yet but grabbed the back of Brandi's head and pulled it closer to his cock.

Brandi's question of how many men there were was soon answered somewhat. Brandi felt another cock slide slowly inside her gaping cunt, knowing that there were at least three men there to fuck her within an inch of her life. This cock seemed to be even bigger than the last, something that Brandi didn't think was possible. The other cock had spread her to her maximum, but this cock seemed to spread her further and reach so far into her that Brandi thought it might come out of her mouth. Obviously, she was dealing with some very well endowed men, something that made Brandi so happy. She was tired of fucking short and skinny dicked men.Before long, without much commotion or sound, the man in front of Brandi came hard into Brandi's mouth. This time, she wasn't much in the mood to swallow and let most of the cum dribble out of her mouth onto the bed, some of it running down her chin.

A voice from somewhere in the room suggested that the men give "the little bitch" a real treat. Brandi didn't know what this meant but knew that it would be something very hot. Brandi was lifted once more from the bed and felt as her ropes were being fastened to some kind of overhead system, suspending Brandi, not off of the floor, but suspending her enough that she could not slink down and had to remain standing, crouched over.

Brandi felt as cock after cock after cock was forced into her mouth, all for so many seconds at a time, leaving her to wonder once more how many men there were. Brandi knew that at least a dozen cocks had been in her mouth within the first so many minutes, but she didn't know if some of them were from men coming back around or if they were all from different men. She happily sucked every one of them every time it was presented. Eventually, one of the cocks shot a huge load in Brandi's mouth, telling her that it probably was not any of the men she had fucked or sucked so far because the load felt too big to be from a cock that had already shot its load.

Brandi, after getting briefly fucked several times in each hole, was lowered from her restraints and had the ropes removed from her wrists. She wondered why this was happening but soon got the answer. She was thrown back onto the bed and told to hold herself up in a doggystyle position like the "good fucking whore" she was. Brandi felt a man slide under her and insert his cock into her still soaked pussy. As soon as this was done, another cock found its way deep into Brandi's asshole. This had not happened to Brandi for quite some time, and she very eagerly accepted and welcomed it.

Brandi could feel as both cocks tried to work out a unison rhythm that her nipples were being pinched and pulled hard, sending deep sensations through them and through the rest of Brandi's body. While this was going on, Brandi's hair was being pulled by the man fucking her ass. Brandi felt like such a dirty whore, a thought that made her nearly cum. Ironically, no sooner than she thought this, one of the men called her exactly that, a "dirty whore." This was all Brandi needed, and she let out a deep yelp of pleasure. She could feel her pussy convulsing and contracting, squeezing the life out of the cock inside of it. Before Brandi could come down from the orgasm, she heard one of the loudest groans of her life and felt stream after stream of hot jizz shoot into her still contracted cunt. Brandi didn't know how it was possible, but this made the almost completed orgasm she had been having come back with full force and send waves of erotic and tantalizing tingling throughout her entire body.  

Brandi felt as if she had just had the fuck of her life, and it wasn't over yet. The man inside her pussy was still pumping, despite his cock shooting its gargantuan load. He was slowing down, however, and Brandi could feel his cock getting limper and limper. The man fucking her ass, however, was not even close to being done and fucked Brandi's sweet hole harder and faster. Brandi's asshole was starting to feel sore, but she didn't mind. She was still experiencing intense sensations and didn't want them to end.

Soon, a small orgasm filled Brandi, building her excitement for what was to come. The orgasm had hardly abated when another, much larger one came upon her. As Brandi began to convulse and scream with ecstasy, the man sent a torrent of steaming sperm into Brandi's ass. As the men dismounted, the one under Brandi sliding out, Brandi could feel cum seeping from both of her holes. This made her feel like the biggest slut in the world, yet she knew that if anyone ever asked about it, she could lie and say that she was forced and didn't enjoy it.

This kind of "torture" went on over and over. Every hole was worked over intensely. Brandi's mouth, ass, and cunt were fucked to oblivion. There seemed not to be a single spot in or on Brandi's body that was not filled with or covered in sticky cum. Brandi had no idea how many men had fucked her or how many times each, but she knew that she was not ready for it to be over. She wanted more, much more. She even begged for it, leaving one of the men to respond that he didn't think he could take anymore.

Brandi offered that she would gladly suck any cock that was put before her and that anyone and everyone was welcome to fuck whichever hole they wanted. It was some time before anyone stepped up to take the job. Finally, one cock was shoved into Brandi's mouth while another was forced deep into her ass. Just the excitement of it all was enough to send Brandi over the edge. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm filled her and completed her. The time came when Brandi was finally spent, feeling unable to hold herself up any longer or take any more cocks. As Brandi lay on her back, she told the men that anyone that wanted another fuck could have it but that she was too worn out to hold herself up.

Brandi lay there, kind of hoping that someone would take her up on her offer, but no one did. After a while, Brandi felt too much desire still in her to quit and began rubbing her cum-soaked clit quite furiously. This was all that was needed to inspire the men back to full erection.

A cock soon filled Brandi's open and empty pussy. Still rubbing her clit, Brandi felt close to another orgasm. Brandi came again, not an overwhelming orgasm, but still very fulfilling, contracting her pussy around the man's cock, sending him almost to the point of orgasm himself. Brandi's pussy felt too sensitive now to continue being fucked and asked the man to stop, but he wasn't about to, fucking Brandi harder until the sensation became too much for him, causing him to spill another load, this one much smaller than usual.

After a while, Brandi was mounted again and also had another cock stuffed into her mouth. She was happy to satisfy these men, as long as she didn't have to get up for a while from her lying position. Brandi thought that she didn't have any more orgasms left in her, having cum so many times so hard that her body would be unable to do anymore. Eventually, the two men switched places. Brandi loved not only the taste of the cum on the cock that she was sucking but also the taste of her own cum. It made her wish that there were a woman there to sit on her face while she took the cock inside of her pussy.

After both of the men came once more, Brandi was left all alone in the room, filled in every hole with lots of cum, soaked to the bone with her own cum, wondering if she had been fucked for the last time or not. Brandi was glad that the men had not tied her hands again, as she would not be able to rub her pussy if she got aroused. After a few minutes, exactly that happened, causing Brandi to rub her clit madly while inserting two fingers as deep into her pussy as she could get them. Fucking herself this way, she didn't hear as the door was opened. The only thing that awoke Brandi from her intense self-pleasure was the feeling of the bed being pressed down from weight and a cock sliding into her, not even giving her a chance to remove her fingers, causing a sensation of pain as though her fingers had been broken.

Strangely, much to Brandi's surprise, the one cock, the only cock fucking her, brought her to one of her biggest orgasms yet. She didn't know if it was from the sheer size of the cock and how hard she was being fucked, from her own extreme excitement, or what.

After the cock was pulled from Brandi's cum splattered hole, Brandi opened her eyes to realize that it had all been a dream, that she was lying in her own bed, naked, soaked in so much of her own juices that the bed around her felt like an ocean. Pinching one of her nipples and moving her hand all over her pussy, Brandi realized just how soaked she was and how excited the dream had made her. Just for the hell of it, she gave herself another round of masturbation, this time, while furiously rubbing her swollen clit, inserting a vibrator deep into her pussy and another into her ass.

Brandi didn't have to do much but simply rub her clit, even slowing her motion and letting the vibrators and her thoughts of the unbelievable dream take hold of her.

Screaming loudly enough for everyone in the neighborhood to hear, Brandi came like never before. It took Brandi more than a minute to come down from the orgasm. As Brandi remained naked on her bed, soaked as could be, she wished that the dream might come true or that at the least, she would get a very hard fuck soon. For the moment, however, what she really wanted was just a willing tongue to clean her up.

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Submitted: February 02, 2017

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This was a hardcore straight XXX read. Good porn.

Sat, February 4th, 2017 7:40am


Thank you, Lauren M. I'd love to see you enjoying your stories and your toy at the same time.

Fri, February 10th, 2017 5:36am

Lisa ☺

Wow straight up porn i got soaked xxxx

Tue, July 10th, 2018 5:38am


I'm glad it did that for you. There's no greater compliment.

Mon, July 9th, 2018 10:40pm


Wed, June 17th, 2020 11:37pm