Prized Posession

Prized Posession

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A 32 year old woman is abducted by a older attractive male after meeting him online. She is held captive in a toy prison in the basement of an abandoned kid's pizza house. Where the animatronics come alive at night. Based off the popular five nights at freddy's video game series.


A 32 year old woman is abducted by a older attractive male after meeting him online. She is held captive in a toy prison in the basement of an abandoned kid's pizza house. Where the animatronics come alive at night. Based off the popular five nights at freddy's video game series.


Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016




Prized Possession  

I stared down at my pink sleeveless fluffy dress in the mirror. Before looking down at my hot pink shoes. They didn't really match. I crinkled my face in a frown and sucked in a breath, letting it out slow. While leaning over the wide heavy metal sink. I had a hot date tonight, and I mean hot. His name was Troy. We met online, he had brown eyes and brown hair. From the picture he sent his body was perfect. In my eyes he was a walking god and looked too good be single. My friends described me as gorgeous. Of course they were just being modest, they were my friends afterall. To me I was just pretty.

My manager an old bald 76 year old mexican male came to the back to stare. He watched me what looked like trying to bathe in their busy kitchen sink. It was full of white glass plates and margarita glasses. There was hardly any room to get cleaned up. "Only you" he muttered shaking his head while walking away. I turned and look down at his shiny black boots as his footsteps echoed across the grey newly polished floor. Then turning back around the small bar of travel soap slipped from my fingers and slid under the sink. "Damn it" I said in low frustration bending over to find the soap. When I did, Hector an employee that worked with me came behind me. He put his hands on my waist and moved my bottom to his crotch. It made me laugh he was always joking this way. “Hector, stop it” I chuckled standing up.

When I couldn’t find the soap I let out a long sigh “oh well” I said out loud. Hector winked at me. He had just turned forty, was heavy set, and didn’t speak a lot of english. He knew just enough to get himself laid. We were friends and hung out sometimes after work. Hector’s entire family including his grandmother would join us, it was always a blast. I stared in the mirror again at my fully dilated black pupils. While cold water dripped from the ends of my long red and blond hair. I dyed it this way to be different and it seemed the right way to go. “Hector, how should I wear it up or down?” I asked. He motioned the up position. So I put it in a sloppy bun, and gave myself a swooped bang over my right eye.

By the time I finished my makeup it was already seven o'clock pm. “Gotta go” I yelled to Hector high fiving him on the way out. My job was to bartend at place called rocket. It was an upscale mexican restaurant. Originally I was supposed to get off at two, but today I worked a double. Which meant there was a possibility I would be late to my date.

I drove a green ford pickup, most people were quite surprised to see a girl come out. But whoever said pickups were only for men. Troy wanted to  meet me at a club called nightlights.

I had never been there and not just because it had a funny name. It was in an entirely different county about an hour from where I actually lived. We were supposed to meet there by eight thirty. My truck was very quiet and it drove so smooth that I could barely feel any road bumps.

Along the way I whistle to Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus. Only because my singing was horrible. When I finally arrived it was eight thirty, and patted myself on the back for such good timing. I replaced my black flip flops with my pink mismatched heels. Then jumped from the truck and the pressure from the ground hit the back of my heels. This caused me to stumble backward into the truck. There was a man outside of nightlights who saw me and started laughing. “What a jerk” I whispered pointing my keys at the truck and arming the alarm.

The outside of the club had flashing red and blue neon lights that read nightlights. Underneath the big sign in smaller letters it read “drink till you vomit”. This made me laugh on the way inside.

The music was insanely loud and it was so dark you couldn’t see where you were walking. There were yellow lights on the ceiling which allowed you to only see the walls. Then a hallway as you got closer you saw they were restrooms which had the only actual light.

“Why would he want to meet me here” I thought dumbfoundedly. There was a DJ on a stage that was dark red and you couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman. There were flashing lights of green and blue and that didn’t help to see either. It was like walking blind, for sure I thought the floor would be sticky. But to my surprise there was carpet beneath me.

I wandered around for what felt like thirty minutes, then called it quits. “I wasn’t that desperate” I thought looking over my shoulder in the doorway of the club. I went to step down but missed and fell flat on my face. A man rushed over to help me to me feet he lifted me under my arms. I struggled to stand up straight as he stood behind me. “Thanks” I said too embarrassed to turn and face him. Instead I glanced over my shoulder and froze. It was the walking god and I had hoped he didn’t recognize me. “Are you Mandy?” he asked. His voice was deep it sounded like a silent growl from behind my neck. I turned fully and nearly toppled over. He caught me at the waist and my heart started racing from shock.“Oh no, my ankle, twisted maybe”I stammered and it felt as though the words didn’t want to come out. He was down on one knee steadying me from his position. I felt humiliated my butt was in his face for sure.  My dress short enough that he could see me red laced panties. I heard him make a strange sound that made me turn to look at him. It sounded like he inhale with his nose but I had convinced myself I was wrong. He smiled at me “you're much prettier in person” he replied. “Thank you” I said and we stared at each other. Then I tried to walk again and found that it was impossible. “Great now I have to call Hector” I thought. The walking god turned to face me and he leaned in just inches from my face.

My breathing stopped his face was so handsome. He had a square jaw a trimmed mustache. His eyes were so dark they looked black and he was wearing a black tuxedo. “This couldn’t have been the same guy” I thought. This man was more muscular than the one in the picture. The tie he wore was red and he had on a pair of red shoes. He was also dressed way too nice for a nightclub he looked sophisticated. “Ummm thanks for your help” I said then I turn to take out my cellphone. “Nightlights is a very expensive restaurant, I’m sorry if I wasn’t very clear” he replied. “I’m sorry?” I asked. “You're at the wrong establishment” he answered. I froze could that really be true. If it was then I was an idiot, forget about being embarrassed I didn’t want to stay here another minute. The walking god leaned back so he could stare into my face. He was trying to read me. Then he tilted his head to the side “how about you come with me?” he asked. I stopped fiddling through my purse and looked up at him. He had to be at least 6”2 I was only 5”4. “I should really get home now” I replied. Then I found my Iphone put it to my ear and dial Hector’s number. The call wasn’t going through and
I felt a wave of panic flash over me.

How would I get home, there was no signal here, this was dangerous. The walking god held out his hand “I’m Troy” he replied and his eyes were very intense. I shook his hand “Mandy mccoy” I said not knowing what to do next. “Could you drive me back to the city?” I asked. I wasn’t going to ask him to bring me home, he was seriously hot, but I didn’t know him. Also I lived an hour away and he didn’t need to know that. There were hotels in the city and I was smart enough to have my card on me. I could have my truck towed in the morning and have Hector pick me up.

Troy walked over to my truck and leaned his back against it. He looked me over his eyes examining my body. It made me feel a little weird “what the hell” I thought. “Ok, I can drive you to wherever you want to go” he replied. His eyes again intense for no reason focusing on my face. I felt my cheeks go hot and he smiled “you're blushing that’s adorable” he chuckled. Then he walked over and swept me off my feet holding me. Staring at me he didn’t take his eyes off me the entire time he brought me to the truck.

There was something about his stare it gave me shivers, his arms felt hard and strong. When we got to his car which was behind nightlights I wasn’t surprised. He was driving a black convertible, “So he was rich” I thought. Before putting me in the passenger side he stared at me again. From the cradle position and held me there. His breathing was slow and heavy. Then he put me in the seat carefully as if I was something precious. I straightened up as he walked to the driver side then I fastened my seat belt. I didn’t want him doing that for me too. I was already beginning to feel very uncomfortable like my space was violated or something.

This wasn’t something I experienced before and I didn’t like the way it made me feel. Nightlights was deserted so nothing but the woods surrounded us. It was dark outside and you needed to turn on your car lights in order to see the dirt road. Troy started the car “thanks for everything” I stammered my voice sounding hopeful. He didn’t respond but drove off speeding down the road. “Why are you driving so fast there may be other cars on the street?!” I said. My voice was pitchy and shaking.

However he did not slow down “If there were other cars I would’ve seen them” he replied still speeding. I rolled down the window and felt the cool night air hit my face. Winter was very near, and there was a chill in the air. Then for no reason at all I felt myself becoming very sleepy. There was no way I was gonna fall asleep in this car. I sat up then took out my hand sanitizer I rubbed some on my hands. Then on my eyes before rolling down my window all the way. Why is this happening I thought while putting the sanitizer back in my small white purse.

 The sanitizer worked, it was an old trick I learned doing security years ago. “How much should I pay you?” I asked. Troy did an extremely deep and long laugh. Then he was silent again and wouldn’t even look at me. “He’s laughing, it must be because I went to the wrong nightlights” I thought. Then putting my face in my hands I muttered. “Pull over, I don’t feel so good”. My head was feeling dizzy and a wave of nausea hit my throat. My eyes wanted to close but I fought it “What is this?” I thought.

Troy didn’t pull over instead he sped up. With my face still in my hands I spoke a little louder. Perhaps he didn’t  hear me “Pull over” I said almost like asking. When he kept driving I said it even louder “Pull over”. When he still didn’t stop I screamed like I lost my mind “Pull over!” My voice was high it really was a scream, my voice was strained and it was more than a plea.

Troy stopped the car his hands tightened on the wheel and his muscles went tense. Once again his breathing became heavy. Something was very wrong, I’d never felt this way before. My heart was racing then the nausea was gone almost immediately. My eyes got really heavy again and I started crying. “Shh, no use fighting it, Troy whispered in a quiet voice.  My world went black and the entire time all I could here was Troy’s breathing.

The air smelled of pancakes and coffee. For a brief moment I’d forgotten what happened to me. I was on a very soft mattress, it felt extremely comfortable. Then I opened my eyes, only to find that I was chained to a bed. I was still in my dress from last night my arms were stretched out like an eagle. But my legs were free “Where am I?” I thought. I could only remember short details of last night like Troy helping me so I didn’t fall. Everything else was blurred.

 My body felt kind of heavy, it was hard to move. For some unknown reason my right ankle hurt. “Help! Help!” I called but no one answered. I was in a white room, with white curtains. Above my head was a window in which I could hear what sounded like cars outside. I kept yelling help then I tried screaming as loud as I could. “This only happened in movies” I thought. Then I remembered my bra had a wire in it. Everyday at my job we were required to pick the lock to the bathroom. Someone had broken the key and that someone was me. To be honest the key was already bent so it wasn’t really my fault.

I buried my face in my shirt using my tongue to grab at my bra strap. This felt impossible at first but soon I had it between my teeth. I bit and pull at it chewing in hopes that it would snap. Of course this was taking a really long time. I got impatient and let go of the strap and looked around the room in hopes to find something else. “The mattress, of course” I thought. I used the foot that wasn’t sore and pressed it against the mattress. Maybe there was a hole somewhere that had a spring. But from what could be felt in my own disbelief, it felt like a memory foam. “Why? if he’s gonna kill me why such a good mattress? My head spun with thoughts. Maybe he was so rich that he killed people on expensive mattresses.

I felt fear shoot through my veins, and I imagined how he would kill me. Images of hostel and the hills have eyes attacked my mind violently. My throat got tight, there was a stinging in my nose, and I felt the tears climbing down my face. It lasted only for a moment then it was back to planning again. This was why people died because they gave up. I knew this had to be true and I was not a quitter. Once again I bit at my bra and succeeded in tearing it from my shoulder. Then I chew it until I felt the metal between my teeth. Next was the adrenaline rush I felt at the thought that it worked.

The piece of metal was short and skinny and I held it between my teeth. I used the leg that was injured to push back toward my left arm. It hurt like hell, I almost screamed but instead I cried silently. I was within inches of my arm and I could see that the cuffs at my wrist were silver. There was a hole in the middle of the cuff. My fear melted to relief. I could just climb out the window once I was free. I placed the piece of metal into the hole and heard a loud click. My left arm was free I sat up quickly this time placing the metal in my left I hand. But before I could even attempt to unlock it. Troy had come in and his face was tight with anger. “ Stay away from me” I pleaded trying my best to move away on the bed. He was holding a silver tray and on top was a black mug and a stack of golden pancakes.

Immediately he put them down and started toward me grabbing at my arms. Troy was now on top of me his eyes raging with intensity. “Where do you think your going?” he growled.  I winced and held tightly to the metal between my fingers. He opened them examining the metal and grinned at me. Then turned me over on my stomach and carefully removed the bra. “Clever little girl” he whispered his breath hot in my ear, this made me tremble. I was so afraid “please let me go” I pleaded. “Daddy doesn’t want to have to punish you” he whispered. Then he slid his hand underneath my dress and ran the tips of his thumbs over my nipples. I struggled a little then he stopped and stared at me again. “I made you breakfast” he said this time smiling. He sat beside me on the bed and I watched him cut up the pancakes. The way he used the knife and fork told me he must have used one with every meal. He poured syrup over the pancakes and tried to feed them to me.

 I jerked and moved my head away thinking this was definitely drugged. “Come on now, be a good little girl for daddy” he said in a quiet voice. When I continued fighting he yelled “Stop it!”. I froze there was something in his voice it made me panic. I was desperate and began yanking my right wrist as if it could just come free all on it’s own. Troy dropped the plate and the sound of the shattered mug made me jump. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into his lap then bent me over. His legs were hanging over the bed.

Troy ripped off my red laced panties too angry to be impressed by them. Then he slammed his hand against my ass. My right and left butt cheeks both began to move from each hit. He was spanking me so hard that I knew my bottom was turning red. I was much too shocked to say even a word as my ass made a slapping noise. Soon I couldn’t take it and I tried impossibly struggled to move from his hand. Then he ran his hand over my ass stroking my bottom with his fingers. Pressing them into my flesh grabbing then slapping my ass hard. “Now say you're gonna be a good girl for daddy” he whispered. His voice sounded deep and soft. “There was no way I’ll never say that” I thought angrily as tears ran down my face. When I didn’t say it he said “I guess you have to be tamed”. Then he turned me over so I was on my back with him on top. He stared at me again and my face was red. Then he grinned “I’m gonna fuck you now, then we will try breakfast” he said. His tone was serious and his eyes showed danger. All I could think of was that I needed to escaped.

 Troy’s eyes moved over my body then his gaze went to my eyes. He stared at me a moment and said “I see destiny in your eyes”.  I looked over at my right wrist that was still shackled and gave it a hard tug. It hurt so bad my eyes watered. Troy took a deep breath while running his hands down my neck. By now his breathing was so heavy it sounded exasperated. His hands went under my dress, up my thigh, and my body froze as his hands went under my arms. Troy lifted me onto his lap so that I was sitting up facing him. I could feel his hardness through his blue denim jeans. My bottom was bare no more red laced panties. He stared at me again this time I tried avoiding his gaze by simply looking away.

“Oh no, no, no, no I’m gonna be raped!” I thought. Troy lifted my dress with both hands. I used my free arm to try holding my dress down. Troy already removed my bra so without the dress I was naked. Panic filled my body as I desperately struggled to hang onto the dress. Troy did a soft growl and with one hand he tore the dress from my body. It made a long ripping sound and my eyes widened.

I was shaking still sitting on him with my bottom lip trembling. Part of it was from fear and the other part was the coldness I felt. There was a cool breeze blowing in from the open window behind us. I couldn’t help it and started crying as Troy opened his hand to drop the dress at our feet. My crying didn't last long because I needed to prepare myself. “The reality was that Troy was going to rape me. He was too strong for me to fight him. There was no way out of this and then he would kill me later” I thought. At this point even after ripping my dress I was ready for him to get it over with. However he seemed to really be taking his time. He inhaled through his nose like he was trying to smell me. It was like the sound I heard last night, but told myself to ignore. His breathing got quicker and heavier yet I was only on his lap. “Did he have a lung problem” I thought. Then Troy’s mouth came to my neck and he was kissing and licking me there.

My head did a jerk to move away, it was yucky and I wanted badly for him to stop. With my one hand free and fought him and succeeded at slapping his face. His expression turned angry and he frowned. He grabbed hold of my wrist tightly and held it in front of him. “Behave yourself or else”  he warned in a stern voice. “No” I screamed, I wasn’t just gonna let him rape me.

Troy stood up with me still on his body and he didn’t hold me up. Therefore forcing me to grab hold of him so I might not crush my right wrist from all the pressure. Then he placed my right nipple in his mouth and sucked. He did a swirl with his tongue. Then he moved to my left nipple and I squirmed trying to turn my body away. It was useless and my pussy quivered and got hot against my will.

When he sat back down I fought him again but this time he rolled me on my back. He was facing me smiling “Must I force you to behave” he said. His voice was low and even though Troy was smiling his voice sounded almost angry. I felt my cheeks go hot again from his gaze. Then without another word he turned me on my stomach. As I watched him rechain my left wrist and also heard him unbuckling his jeans.

He slid them off and was only wearing his solid powder blue button up shirt. He pulled my legs back to him before lifting my bottom. Where he place two fingers in my anus and began to move them. Then he spoke “I guess spanking you is not enough” he breathed. My heart was racing and my whole body went tense. I couldn’t move because it really hurt. I’d never tried anal and now part of me wished I did. “Please, I’ll be good” I pleaded thinking that if he heard me beg he might stop. Anything to make him stop. My voice sounded shaky and I fought back my tears. “Then say you’ll be a good little girl for daddy” he ordered. His tone was serious “I could never say that” I thought. So instead I uttered “I’ll be good.

It felt like he was on top of me as his pressed his hard thick cock into me. The pain was so intense that I couldn’t stop screaming nor hold back my tears. “No, please” I begged sounding a bit more desperate than the first time. Troy didn’t stop “say you’ll be a good little girl for daddy” he repeated this words in an authoritative voice. It was hurting so much that I could barely speak then I said again “I’ll be a good girl”. “No! You will be a good little girl for daddy” he demanded angrily.

Finally I said as best I could through clenched teeth “I’ll be a good little girl for daddy”. My chest felt heavy never had I felt so ashamed in all my life. Troy stop moving and pulled out of me then he gathered up the food  tray from the floor. He didn’t look back at me even once. Then as he left slammed the door shut and the sound of it made me jump. My eyes stung as I remained on my stomach with pain in obvious areas. There it was my anal virginity was gone all because I couldn’t say those little words. It felt like he’d taken a part of my pride with it. Those words made me feel very tiny and not just violated but I felt something else.

I stared at the door before looking up my right wrist once more and thought. “I should’ve unchained this one first everything was easier with my right hand”. Although I wasn’t sure if that was true or not. I wondered if this happened to me because I was stupid. It wasn’t my first time dating online but this never happened to me. Eventually someone would come to find me. Maybe Hector and if not him Aria we knew each other for three years. I work with her at an old clothing factory called “Trendy fabric”. We became friends right away and she was russian. Aria was pretty she had long black hair with sky blue eyes. It was no secret that I was dating online everyone knew because I told them. Troy wasn’t going to get away with this, they would find my body for sure. I sat up on the mattress and noticed even the sheets were silk. What was with this guy, it made me angry to think about what just happened. What he made me say to him and I slowly looked over the edge of the window.

The window was so tall I could barely see over the top. But I was definitely not outside. It had to be a hallway of some sort, with a checkered top. I couldn’t see the bottom of the wall but guessed that it looked red beneath from what I could see. “Where the hell am I?” I whispered almost silent. Then there was a clicking sound and I heard a music box playing. The music sounded distorted and there was nothing graceful about it. It was like someone tried to make it like a beautiful noise. But it instead the sound made you feel confused about every decision you ever made.

  I was thrown off from it when I heard a voice “hello”. It wasn’t Troy. “Hello” I answered back, but there was nothing. Then a red balloon went past the window going straight up. I looked for it to come back down and it never did. This happened fast enough to make me move back from the window. There was someone else here probably a small child. I was half frightened half hopeful. I wasn’t alone and my heart raced at the thought that I could get out.

Hours went by as I laid now  fully naked on my stomach. My legs were shaking while I stared at the window still waiting to see the balloon come down. Perhaps it was on the ceiling wherever that was in the outside hallway. My eyes were growing heavy and soon it became hard to keep them open. The injured leg was still hurting  even though I wasn’t moving.

I was in so much pain between my ass and leg I couldn’t tell which was worst. Then I heard a noise and thought I saw a shadow pass the window. There was only enough room to slightly peek my head out. My chained wrists made it hard for me to have a good look. From what I saw a giant teddy bear hid so I only got a glance at it. The teddy bear was wearing a small black hat and it’s eyes were glowing bright white. It had a scary face like the kind only in your nightmares.

My body ached with fear all over and it gave me chills and my eyes watered. I found it hard to breath or even move. I glanced again but this time saw nothing. Yet laughter could be heard echoing through the hallway. I trembled with fear. “What was that! Was it real?!” I thought. I sat back from the window. Suddenly realizing that the room was much better with Troy in it.

The music box finally stopped singing just before I heard an alarm clock. Which made me jump up looking around for balloons or creepy teddy bears. This lasted for a whole minute before going away. Probably an hour later the door opened and Troy walked in holding a silver tray. This one was like the first topped with pancakes and coffee. “Are you ready for breakfast?” he asked smiling. I didn’t respond, he acted as though nothing happened.

Troy sat beside me on the bed again I watched him cut up the pancakes. Then he sat the tray on the white night stand beside the bed. Next he unchained me, I was too smart to make a move this time. He was stronger than me and I was still injured. Troy pulled me onto his lap so I was sat sideways to the night stand. He put his arm around my stomach to hold me so that I wouldn’t fall. Then he reached over and pick up a small piece of pancake. I watched in awe as he ate it then he gave me a bite. “So we were having breakfast together, this was what it meant” I thought.

Troy picked up the coffee mug then placed it to my lips and I drank it like I needed it. However he wouldn’t taste even a sip and it was good coffee. “You like caramel frappuccinos, the hot kind am I right?” he asked. My eyes widened and I looked up at him. “How can he know that? nobody knew this about me” I thought. “I've been watching you for a long time Mandy” he replied. His lips went to my right ear and he nipped it then grinned down at me.

There was something very important very very urgent and I wanted to... no I needed ask him. I could feel fear and panic growing inside me as my heart ached to find the words. But already my eyes were growing heavy. Of course my coffee was drugged “damn it” I thought. Before I knew it my world went black and it was already too late.

This time I awoke to find myself in a bathtub with both hands to the side of me. I was laying on top of Troy and the back of my head was on his chest. He had a sponge shaped like a bunny and he was washing me with it. Small bubbles rose to the ceiling and the gesture felt so familiar it frightened me. I suddenly remembered the red balloon and the voice from last night.

Even in this kidnapping situation something had to be done. It didn’t feel safe here and it had nothing to do with Troy anymore. My body wouldn't move and it felt as though I was paralyzed. This scared me even more and I moved my lips to speak. “We have to leave, it’s not safe” my voice shook and it sounded pitchy. He leaned down “Shhh I will protect you,”he whispered in my ear, like it was a secret. “He’ll protect me?! What did that mean?!” I thought. Then I asked the curious question that roamed through my mind. “Protect me from What?” I whispered. “Them" he said looking down at me with his eyes intense.  He stared at me for a while and my cheeks went hot again and he smiled. “He’s insane”I thought even though I already knew this. It was my first time really acknowledging it and I wonder what would happen to me next.

I woke to the sound of the music box this time Troy was in the room with me. But it wasn’t the same room this one was yellow. There were no windows just a round wooden table with a white table cloth. Also there was a white door just three feet from me. The chairs in which we sat were white and there was brown carpet beneath my feet. There were also red rose petals all over the table and two long white candles. They were both lit and the room was dark. I could see that Troy was dressed in a black suit with a white tie.  

“Hello sleeping beauty” he whispered across the table as I sat up. In front of me there was a medium rare steak, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. It smelled divine, but my appetite wasn’t there. I was more frightened by the sound of the music box. There was something very dark about this place and he knew it's secret.

He looked at me like I was a treasure or something irreplaceable. I played along by first trying to smile and pretend to be pleased. However he saw right through me as if he could read my mind. “Wow, all this just for me?” I asked. Then Troy waved his finger. “Don’t speak, I know you just want to run away from me” he said sadly. His eyes were watering as he spoke as if this really hurt him.

“Just be honest with me” he said taking my hands into his and staring into my eyes. I tried to pull my hands away from his but he held them there. “I just want to go home, please just let me go” I cried. My voice sounded raspy and sleepy like then my gaze went to his eyes. They were dark and glistening, he was so handsome. If Troy wanted he could’ve had any woman besides me. “Why did you choose me?” I asked curiously. “You don’t remember me?” he said.

He was right I didn’t, but how would I forget a walking god like Troy” I thought. “A year ago I was hospitalized and a food service woman was kind to me”. “She used to check on me everyday and I looked forward to those talks with her”. “She made me feel good about myself, gave me courage, and hope”. “That was over a year ago, I’ve lost two hundred pounds since then”.

My eyes widened and he smiled “So you do remember” he said. I didn’t answer it still wasn’t ok that he kidnapped and took my anal virginity. “That doesn’t make this right” I said trying to plead with him. Troy shook his head “It doesn’t matter you're mine now” he replied. “I’ll never be yours” I snapped. “Oh you're wrong about that, you'll never escape”. “I will force you to love me no matter what it takes!” He fired back.

I glared at him from my chair “if looks could kill” he chuckled. A year ago Troy was in a car accident. From what I knew his wife left him and he’d drank himself to suicide. The nurses and doctors looking after Troy  told me I was what saved his life. There was no way I believed them, Troy was a good guy who’d gotten hurt. I folded my arms “I have friends they will come looking for me” I exclaimed.

“Who Hector, what a joke he barely knows english, and Aria she’s going back to Russia. You haven’t talk to her in months” he replied. This shocked me, nobody knew that and I began to panic. Troy stared at me reading my face then his thumbs ran over my knuckles. “I want you now, I’ve been holding back and I don’t think I can wait any longer” he confessed. His breathing quicken and he let go of my hands. Then he got up and locked the door as if someone could come in. “Damn it” I huffed under my breath before sliding under the round table.

Although the white tablecloth hid me. It was the only real place in the room to hide. So of course he knew I was there.

My knees were to my chest and I stayed still unable to stop shaking as he lifted the tablecloth. “There’s daddy’s little girl” he said in a deep voice as he leaned into me. I was extremely aroused in a way that wasn’t normal by just his voice alone. It felt as though I would cum any second. However I was also smart enough to know. That this had something to do with all the drugs he was giving to me.

I never lifted my head even once, even after the music box stopped. Even after hearing the strange screams as Troy excited the room, yet part of me wished I would have. It had to have been at least an hour since Troy raced from the room. Once again leaving me all alone. What in the world was so urgent that he would leave me again. It made me very afraid and now only one of the candles was lit.

I searched the wall for a light, surprised to find the room didn’t have one. Which meant the one candle was my sole light source and without it there would be no way to see. Next I walked over to the door quick, and heard breathing from the other side. Troy wasn’t on the other side of that door. I slowly turned the handle finding out that it wasn’t locked. But I had seen Troy lock it before, or at least I thought so. While a small circle of light showed on the door. Darkness surrounded me..

I didn’t have to wonder I remembered the giant teddy bear and immediately held the door. Not knowing what it was, fear ached through my arms and legs. As I felt the door shake because the thing on the other side was trying to open it.  It was very strong whatever it was. Using my entire body. I leaned back holding the handle. Then the room went completely dark as I dropped the candle.

At the same time the door stopped shaking and I heard the music box playing again. I was still shaking this time with complete fear as I still held the door. Then I heard the voice “Hello” it was like a child. However I dared not to open the door for fear of what was really there. It felt like hours had gone by and I was sweating. Both my arms and legs ached painfully especially my injured ankle. But I still held onto the copper knob, still leaned back using all my body weight.

I was in a daze feeling almost unconscious to the exhaustion and pain my body felt. Until I heard the alarm clock go off behind me and I jumped at the sound of it. Never letting go of the door the entire time. Then I looked at it surprised it was in the same room as me. The clock was on the floor in the left corner of the room. The darkness hid it before but now I could see the red numbers glowing it was 6 am.

I stood up straight then open the door.  I was in a hallway and it was familiar. There was a window at the end of the hallway. In which the sunlight had shown through making it easy for me to leave the room. I could see and I limped from the room my white dress swept the floor as I walked. It was a lot like my pink one that Troy ruined. Except this dress went above my knees and was much too short for my taste.

I wanted to look out the window and see where this place was. My arms felt glued to the door knob and by now it was hard to let go. Before I could take even a step forward Troy was behind me. He wrapped his muscular arms around me pulling my back to his front. Then he whispered in my right ear “now where were we”. I struggled just a little, then I turned to face him trying to look calm. But Troy could see my fear “We should go back to the room”I suggested with a shaky voice.

Troy swept me from my feet and walked opposite of the window down the hallway. I felt a wave of disappointment loom over me like a fog. “Would I ever be able to leave here?” I thought.

He carried me back to the room but this time it was the room he held me in. The room had a kind size bed with a red comforter and pillows. There was a black dresser beside it with a white lamp on top. The floor was a polished cherry wood color and there was a window with black curtains opposite side of the dresser. Troy laid me on my back then came down on top of me and stared at me his eyes intense again. God he was gorgeous if this was a hookup I definitely would’ve had no problem with it. But it was more than that I had become something more to him. He made it clear I was like an obsession or prized possession, it made me feel uncomfortable.

Like I was in terrible danger and panic rushed through my body and my cheeks went hot. Then he kissed me, pressing his lips into mine. At first it started slow then his tongue went deep into my throat and I tried resisting. It just didn’t feel right, my feelings were not the same as his. Yet he didn’t stop and continued by sucking on my top lip. My pussy quivered and my body got hot. Hmmm it seemed he was very experienced. Even without my permission my body was already beginning to become aroused.

Troy hadn’t given my any more drugs and I hadn’t taken one bite of the food from yesterday. He began to kiss on my neck and I turned my head in an attempt to get away. Which was useless my body was pinned under him. His chest was so heavy I found it hard to breath or even struggle. His scent was beautiful I hadn’t smelt anything like it. He sat up and removed his shirt. He had a six pack beneath it and his chest was built making him even more attractive. I did my best not to even look at him as his hands went under my dress. Then he slid it off and place my right nipple in his mouth. I moan loudly in annoyance but it came out as a pleasurable whine. Troy grinned then kissed my stomach as his lips inched lower. I tensed as he mouth became active between my legs. Then he pulled them apart forcefully lifting my bottom with his strong hands and pressed his face into my pussy. He covered my entrance with his mouth.  then began to suck up my juices with his tongue swirling inside of me. I moaned loudly it felt so good I couldn’t stop. I was reaching my peak and my breath quicken then he stopped. It was silent  then he came up to stare at me. “I want you to say your mine” he ordered. Troy placed my arms above my head and my face went red. There was no way to hide my embarrassment of what he wanted me to say. I parted my lips then decided not to say it.

Troy smiled then unfastened his pants “have it your way then”. He straddled me pressing his body more into mine making it even harder to breath. The his press his large thick cock against the entrance of my pink, tight, and wet pussy. By now his breathing had become heavy and he waited there a moment. “I’m going to fuck you until you tell me you're mine”he growled.

I thought he would be gentle, but I was so wrong and wondered if this was how he chose to punish me this time. From the moment he started he pressed deep into my walls filling me up. It was very painful but also it felt fantastic he thrusted his hips fast. He did it forceful with his fingers pressed grabbing at my ass. Bringing my hips up and while his hips moved down. I felt his explosion inside of me and he had extremely large load. Yet he was still thrusting even while his own juices ran down my thighs. This made me cum with full body jerks and I moaned loudly. Feeling like it was the best sex I’d ever had and also partly ashamed to have enjoyed it as much.

He was still rock hard and press even further and I screamed uncontrollably and was unable to stop. His cum felt hot inside of me as I was filled again deeply with his load. But he didn’t go soft infact he seemed to be losing control. Then he turned me over still inside me he exploded for the third time and it was even hotter. “I’ll burn your insides” he leaned down and whispered at my neck. His body was shaking as he moved in and out of my walls and I felt another orgasm coming. He held his weight at my back and held both my wrist with one hand. My orgasm was so sweet I did a fully body shake then looked into his eyes. While breathless I said “I’m yours”.

His eyes went serious then he pressed into me. My performance was so good that I managed even to convince myself I was his. Even though Troy’s face said he didn’t believe me I relaxed into him. Hoping it would be enough to satisfy his intimate desires. Deep inside I believed that it was all he wanted, just sex from me. He’d just got  it, so had to count for something. Well at least I thought But I was about to find out the truth.

I closed my eyes trying to sleep against the fired up Troy. I had my head against his chest and could hear his heart. It was beating so fast. I waited thinking maybe it would slow down but it never did. “Mandy” he called whispering so low that it was almost non existent. Instead of answering I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. We were both lying on our sides, covered in sweat from his constant punishment. My front was to him and I wanted to stay like this.

The breeze from the window felt cool against my naked body. Especially my legs and being this relaxed almost made me want to smile. But it felt so wrong, like I was guilty, and it made me feel nervous. Troy wrapped his arms around my waist then pulled me closer. My front was to his crotch area and I could feel Troy’s hardness. “Mandy” he whispered again I ignored him once more. Then he lean in my left ear and said “I still want you”. This time it was no whisper and I turned to face him in the moonlight. My eyes widened and I sat up staring at him in full panic. “How can he still want me, is he not satisfied with me” I thought. He rolled on top of me, his god like face came to mine and he placed his lips on mine. I tried to go with it, anything to make him believe whatever he needed to let me go. However it was in that moment I realized he had no intention of letting me go.

He kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth so far  I swear it almost touch my throat. I could think of nothing else at the moment. Until suddenly a image of that creepy teddy bear’s face flashed through my mind. It felt like the teddy was right in front of me. “Troy” I whispered trying to stop him as his body pressed deeper into mine. He had me pinned and he was too heavy for me to move. It became hard to breath and my heart was racing as I stared up at Troy. His lips parted and he said “You only call me daddy”.

I wanted to sit up and explain to him why we had to leave. This place felt evil and it obviously had some dark secret that only he knew. Last night whatever was trying to get me would surely come back. So last night I was just lucky. Lucky that it didn’t kill me or whatever and that alarm, it had to mean something. Why was there an alarm just sitting on the floor in a room with nothing else but a table?

Troy held me down, his hands at both my wrists again. Then he reached over and took something from the night stand. It was hard to see from the angle he put me in. It was the red tie from the other night, and Troy wrapped it tightly bounding my wrist together. Struggling was useless, he was way too strong. So I stopped fighting then blurted out “What time is it?”. Troy’s brows drew together as his face showed confusion. “It doesn’t matter what time it is” he replied dumbfoundedly.

“Please tell me”I pleaded. Troy’s hands went to my wrist and I gave them a hard shove. “Didn’t you just say you're mine?” he asked. But in no way did it sound like a question as he watched me. His face was hard with anger but at this point I did not care. He was ignoring me which was one of my biggest pet peeves. “I lied, Troy’s eyes went scary then I continued. “listen we have to leave there’s a weird teddy bear and a child”. “They're after us”I spoke as fast as possible. In hopes the words wouldn’t escape my mind. He needed to know this, that we weren’t the only ones here.

I praised myself for keeping my wits about me because whenever he came around. It felt as though I’d always forget what to say. Of course it was because he drugged me. Yet he was still beautiful. His hair was messy but it suited him in a sexy magazine guy way. Part of me wanted to run far away and another part wanted to stay beside him.

“Why couldn’t you have been normal” I muttered so low he didn’t hear me. I waited for his response thinking my part was done and he’d got the message that this place was haunted. “Are you done?” he said his voice full of authority and could tell things would go south from here. Unless I did something fast. The only thing that came to mind was to puke someway, somehow.

Then we would be forced to leave the room and I could make a run for it. Or at least try, yet with all that’s happened I’d forgotten about my ankle.Troy went to kiss me and I sat up slightly before coughing then let out a red and orangish colored liquid from my mouth. Puking was something I was good at in fact it was a natural talent. The act alone was enough to get me out of anything. Whether it was work, or sometimes my computer class nobody liked. However instead of moving away quickly or being disgusted. Troy cupped his hands in an attempt to catch it.

No one had ever frightened me so much than to see him react this way. It meant that I was in trouble, and my mind raced once again. Just what would he have me do. Someone this obessed with me? If I escaped would find me? There was no need to wonder. Troy got up immediately after and went out of the room. He was back in less than a minute and unbound my hands. Troy lifted me from my feet and carried me into his bathroom.

The bathroom was spacious, upon entering there was a black marble sink to the left. On the right of my was a big, round, black tub. Which could fit five people for sure. It was also maybe deep enough to drown in. The walls were a dark shaded gray and there were small white lights embedded in the ceiling. Troy walked me across the black and white tiled floor toward the tub. It seemed he’d already started running water and added soap for bubbles. It smelled of lavender as he placed me inside before splashing water at my mouth.

The water felt warm against my skin and I felt relaxed while staring up at Troy. “So what next” I thought. Once again forgetting everything as Troy climbed into the tub. His body was perfect he was as strong as he looked. I stared at his six pack then he grabbed my waist and pulled me toward him. I closed my eyes and held out both my hands in front of me. Trying to stop him from advancing further.

But Troy forcefully snatched my hands pulling me directly into him. He placed my hands around his neck, and he hugged me tightly. I could once again hear the fast pounding of his heart. Troy wouldn’t let go of me as he kissed my neck then put my left nipple into his mouth. He sucked roughly causing me to moan with discomfort but it also felt good. Then Troy’s fingers went between my legs, pressing into my warm, wet, walls as my body tensed.

“Relax, right now!” he commanded and I tried by taking a deep breath. “Good girl” he said his voice almost happy. It wasn’t easy to relax especially when I remembered everything again. “I needed to tell him one more and this time I would make him listen to me” I thought. My mind was in a daze when he lifted me unto his big, thick, warm, cock. Penetrating my tight walls and making me moan loudly. He felt so good inside of me yet it hurt so much. He was probably twelve inches long if not more and he was very fat. Almost like a soda bottle and he was driving deeper and deeper.This time causing me to scream with each thrust as he moved harder, rougher, and faster inside of me. He held my hips tightly not allowing me to move away while he pounded away at my pussy.This felt even more intense than the first time. By now the running in the tub water was almost past our shoulders. He had to know I wasn’t enjoying this as much as he watched me the entire time. His eyes stared through my soul which made me shiver.

There was an evil grin on his face as tears streamed from my eyes. He knew why, I was afraid of water and was forced to hang onto him for fear of drowning. Troy looked amused his eyes were laughing. Sex this time was too painful for me to orgasm so in a way it was punishment.

When Troy was finished he lifted me from the tub and brought me back to the previous room. To my surprise the sheets had been changed to a red silk with a navy blue quilt. First he put me on my feet and I struggled. Hanging onto the dark wooden bed post trying to hold myself up with a still injured ankle. Then he dried me with a dark blue towel before carefully lifting me onto the bed. Troy laid beside me and put his arm around my waist pulling my bottom to his front. Once again I could feel his hardness. Tomorrow I would be extremely sore. Any hope I had escaping was now gone. Only because it felt like there was no way to win. My body was exhausted from Troy’s torture and all I wanted to do was sleep.

I awoke to the music box so loud it sounded like it was in my ear. There was no one beside me and the twisted, distorted sound from the music box made my heart race. As I sat up slowly my hands weren’t bound. Also my ankle had been wrapped up with white bandages of some sort. My ankle also wasn’t hurting as much. After reaching a full sitting up position. Drowsiness kicked in and the room began to spin. Troy hadn’t given me complete freedom, of course I was drugged.

I crawled across the bed carefully climbing out as not to land on the injured ankle. I was wearing a pink nightgown that Troy cleverly dressed me in without waking me. Suddenly the music box stopped playing. The door handle was moving and the room was dark. With only the moonlight shining through the two bedroom windows, It had to be Troy. I made my way to the door then stopped. The footprints didn’t sound like Troy’s so I laid on the floor and looked under the door. There was darkness, then silence. My breathing stopped then two pair of white glowing eyes stared back at me.

I screamed and scrambled to get away from the door. Frantically searching the room for a place to hide because I was so scared. I ran to the bathroom but the door was locked. I raced to the wardrobe cabinet and it was big enough to hide in. However that was locked as well. I quickly slid under the huge  bed as the door stopped moving. Then slowly it creaked open and something came in. I saw the teddy’s shadow cross the room through the moonlight. My body went tight with fear and began to ache all over. I covered my mouth because my body was uncontrollably shaking.

Then the movement went silent as I stared at the door through the red silk bed skirt. There was a small space between the middle and from this angle. It looked like red curtains, then the door slammed shut. I waited a beat before coming out, honestly too scared to move. When I decided it was ok I went to move but heard beating on the wardrobe cabinet door. I couldn’t see from where I was then it opened. The sound of the doors made me jump like someone just busted out. A small sound escaped my mouth as I struggled to hold it tighter.

My heart went in my throat when next a shiny silver hook grabbed onto one side of the bed skirt. The hook began to pull it back slowly. From the shadow it had pointy ears and long whiskers. Who is it? I wasn’t going to wait to find out. I backed up moving to the right side of the bed. Then I heard the door unlocking and the pitter patter of little feet. Next I heard the doors to the wardrobe slam close. I didn’t move even as I saw it was Troy who stood outside of the bed. I heard him open the wardrobe, then he looked under bed. “Stay back!” I yelled and Troy’s eyes went soft. “It’s ok, I’m here for you” his voice was soft and calm like a whisper. I started crying unable to stop “What is happening?” I sobbed as Troy pulled me from beneath the bed.

Troy sat me on his lap and began to wipe my tears, his eyes now intense again. He looked focus as he stared into me. He was wearing a thin black jack, a white button up shirt, and some black boots. Even in my fear he looked really good “How’s daddy’s little girl?” he asked. Hugging me like he’d done in the bathroom earlier. His voice was low and deep and I stared at the wardrobe cabinet. My breathing was very shallow and I was trying to calm down. Wondering if this was what it would be like every night in this place.

I watched him hang up his jacket in the wardrobe cabinet, then made the mental decision that tommorow I’d escape. Troy laid beside me and I was silent. He was already falling asleep. The alarm went off in the other room and it was so loud. I thought it’d wake Troy for sure, but he was still fast asleep. I remembered the alarm meant it was 6am. This was good then because it was morning. My mind made me believe that those creepy things only came out before 6am. Which meant that I was maybe safe for now.

Finding a way out might not be easy and I could tell this place was big. I glanced at Troy letting me feet hit the floor silently as not to wake him. Then I opened the door and went into the hallway. I didn’t close it back for fear of waking Troy. The floor was made of wood and I was grateful that there were no creaking noises. My wrapped ankle felt stiff and hurt a little even with the little pressure put on it. The light showed through the window of the hallway. I made my way toward it anxious to finally get a look outside. When there was a strange noise and I looked behind me remembering Troy. I moved quickly and found a wooden door. It was solid white with a gold knob and the only other door in the room. “So much for getting a look out the window” I thought. “Mandy!” Troy’s voice shouted from the other side of the room.

I entered the door surprise to find a set of red stairs behind it. The stairs were very steep and high with a long black metal railing. Footsteps could be heard around the room as Troy paced. Then I made my way down the stairs. It seem to be endless and nothing but red light could be seen at the bottom. Right now my only thoughts were to get out of this place. It was early so there was time.

I reached the bottom after what felt like forever and before walking away I looked back. It sure was a long way down or maybe it was just because of my ankle. In front of me was a wall then I rounded the corner. The floor was concrete, it was the basement and it was huge. There were tan wooden crates on the other side of the basement. The walls were made of a white brick that appeared to be crumbling from old age. There were windows surrounding the basement. However they had been covered over with yellow paint.

There was a large kid sized car, red in color big enough for a four year old to ride in. Also there was a blue barred toy prison with a foam ball pit. It must have been used in the past for kids birthday parties. Like a funhouse or bounce house although the prison idea did look pretty neat. The thought of it made me laugh inside. For once allowing me to escape the dangerous reality of my situation.

Other than that the room was empty and there seemed to be no real way to get out. On the other side of the room there was a hallway. I wandered the hall for probably ten minutes then heard the door open from upstairs. There were so many different turns to take but there were no rooms it was like a maze. It was strange, of course you could get lost here. Panic filled my body there was no way out except the way I came in. When I finally got to the last hallway it was a dead end. I backed against the wall and slid down pulling my knees to my chest. It was over “I’m never getting out of here” I whispered feeling hurt, and afraid.

“There you are, my little girl” Troy said in a low angry voice. I looked up at him then sighed before standing to my feet. Troy grabbed my wrist “We’re going back to bed” he snapped. Without a word I snatched my wrist from his grip “I’m going home” I snapped. “No you're not, you belong to me” he said. I continued to fight him even as he picked me up. “Let me go!” I screamed and my heart was racing. “Fine, you can stay down here” he clipped. Then he threw me in the toy prison in the ball pit. It was really deep almost past my neck. A kid could get lost in here.

Next I watched him take a giant lock and hook it to the bars. Suddenly I felt very sorry for my behavior and I tried to apologize as Troy walked away. “Tonight you’ll get to see what I’ve been protecting you from” he murmured. “What was that? I yelled. But he was already gone and I struggled through the foam balls to make it to the lock. It was a heavy lock that could only be opened with a key.

It held the bar door close tightly and firmly in place. My thoughts went back to his last words he was protecting me. So my guess was he knew of the giant teddy bear. But did he know there was something in his wardrobe?. There was no way out, and my eyes were getting heavy. Troy had just put me in here yet... of course he drugged me! I thought trying hard to think back to when it actually happened.

The truth was that I could never tell when he was or weren’t doing it. Sex only seemed like the logical time he wouldn’t drug me. My eyes shut and I was dreaming of taking a shower and that I was in my cozy little loft apartment. When the teddy bear showed up in my living room. It’s eyes glowed and it sharp teeth inched toward me. I opened my eyes, my heart was racing and I was sweating.

Just a nightmare I took a deep breath closing my eyes and when I opened them. There was a giant duck standing in front of the bars just five feet away. It was wearing a bib that said let’s eat and it’s head was tilted to the side. It was holding a white cupcake with white frosting and one candle was lit on top. It had a face like the kind only from your nightmare. The same as the teddy bear. I backed up screaming hysterically my body was shaking. I ducked beneath the foam balls in an attempt to hide as it got closer. Then I heard the door moving because it wanted to get in. However I doubted it wanted to give me a cupcake. At the same time the music box could be heard from upstairs. I didn’t move, instead I hid there frightened, then went unconcious.  

I awoke later beside Troy, he was holding me in his bed. “Hello beautiful” he whispered. “Troy, I saw something” I stammered but my eyes went heavy again “Damn it, why are you doing this to me?” I whispered. This time when my eyes opened I was back in the toy prison. Which led me to wonder if that was actually a dream. Yet my clothes had been changed and now I was wearing a red dress. Why did he bring me back here? To torture me, I thought as tears ran down my face.

This sucked, now what was I going to do. This punishment was worst than the anal punishment he’d given me my first day. Sitting up I noticed the ceiling had a red light inside the lit the entire room and it was dark. The hallways were also dark then I saw two ears move to hide when I looked down the hallway. Kind of like the teddy bear had done when I first saw him. My whole body ached with fear as I looked to the right hallway. There was one on each side of the room. I hadn’t noticed that before and I buried myself beneath the foam balls once again. Closing my eyes I tried to go to sleep even as fear resonated in my body. Even as my breathing stopped and the door unlocked. It opened slowly making a loud creaking noise. My almost frozen body refused to move even as I jerked it in the direction of the door. Just how in the world did the door come open all on it’s own?

Troy said he would protect me, but now I was in danger. I hid beneath the balls first before going to the entrance of the toy prison. When I got there I stared down both the halls then grabbed the door bars holding it shut. Where is the lock? I thought searching for it beneath the balls and got lucky. After picking it up and examining it fear spread through my body. It was broken. There was no way, it was a huge lock like the size of someone's hand. It was also very thick which meant no normal person could do this.

There was a loud clicking sound and I looked to right and saw a giant bunny with red eyes. It was smiling and I held the bar door shut turning my head from it. It was hard not to look as it moved closer. but it was the only way to keep from running. Being in the toy prison had to be safer than whatever was out there. Suddenly I heard the alarm clock from upstairs. Then light began to shine through the painted windows. It was 6 am which meant they were gone.

I came out of the pit using the light blue plastic bars to pull myself out. Next I walked up the stairs and found the room where Troy slept. He wasn’t in his room and I searched for a way out. Yet all of the doors had been bolted shut. Except for one room. This one required a padlock, then I remembered the window. It was my last resort, there had to be a way out. I finally got a chance to look out to window and found that It was much  too high to climb out of. There was a large sign  in front of the building. It was on top of a tall black poIe that read Freddy’s pizza. On the picture was a big pizza and beside it was the teddy bear and friends. Except him and his friends were smiling they didn’t look so scary. The area was nothing but trees. That’s right, this building was abandoned but Troy treated it like home. I took a deep breath, this wasn’t the end I just needed to find a rope. Or maybe tie the bedsheets together. But if Troy found me now he would know what I was planning. Now was the time to become smart. However this also meant I had to be patient and we were running out of time.

For now I laid in Troy’s bed and went to sleep. I needed to be ready for anything. The sunlight had died away from the room leading me to believe it was already night. Fear consumed me because Troy wasn’t here. He usually showed up to either fix me up, fuck me, or drug me by now. I looked out the window to see that it wasn’t night. The clouds had just moved over the sun and since Troy wasn’t here it was lonely. There was something overwhelmingly sad about being in such a big place all alone.

I don’t know why but I looked in his night stand and there was a digital watch inside. The watch read 1:30pm it was still early so maybe there was time to plan a get away. The only thing stopping me from stepping two was fear of seeing Troy. If he  caught me again, who knows what he’d do.

I decided to take the watch with me, there was nothing fancy about it. Which led me to believe it must’ve been used for some special purpose. Afterall it wasn’t his style it reminded me of something that belong to a kid. It was red and yellow with green numbers. I search the building once more then noticed another door. This one was hidden on the wall down the hallway beside the window. I hadn’t noticed it because I was too busy thinking of how to climb out the window.

Beside the door on the wall there was a note and it was written to me:

“Dear Mandy, I couldn’t reach the music box on time so I saved myself the trouble and found a solution. Please allow me to apologize for leaving you all alone like this. But you must understand that I had no choice. I will be back tomorrow, but you must survive the night and I will tell you how. My instructions are on the back of this letter. Mandy you must stay awake, if you find that you having trouble.

Go back to the toy prison, by now I’m gonna guess that Bonnie must have let you out. “Bonnie” I whispered and my thoughts went back to that blue rabbit. The bar door won’t shut so I’ve attached a rope for you to use to hold the door shut. The bad news is that the music box has to be winded every hour if not.. Please just read my instructions.”

I backed up from the letter remembering the white rope that was in the pit. It looked like it belonged there so I didn’t think anything of it. Having this knowledge now made me wonder if he expected this letter to reach me sooner. If that was true, he should’ve been back by now. It made me feel extremely nervous and my hands started shaking. My heart also began to race at the thought that I was there all alone.

Troy might not be coming back, and whatever he needed me to do. Must’ve of been what he was doing to protect me from as he had said before “them”. I turned over the letter and there was a list of things he wanted me to do. So slowly and carefully I read the instructions and it said…..


Follow my instructions (take with you)

  1. Wind the music box at midnight

  2. Go to the wardrobe closet and open it

  3. Go down to the basement turn on the power (there’s a box down the right hallway. The building is very old so you must preserve the power. Do this every hour before winding the music box.  These are the two most important if you don’t shut down the power everything will go dark. There’s a flashlight in the room with the alarm clock take that with you when you go in the basement.


  1. Go back to the wardrobe closet shut the doors then lock it with the silver key on the window ledge. You must stay out of my room after 3am Foxy is in the wardrobe. (if possible try to hide out in the toy prison as much as possible)

  2. “You Must Stay Awake!”


Please, Mandy be very careful I know you can survive the night. I’ll be home in the morning good luck.


I bowed my head placing it in my hands “what in the world is he talking about” I thought. Then I thought of the sign with the teddy bear and friends. So they had names and how was it that Troy knew what they were. As crazy as this was, Troy wasn’t coming back so I took the list and went back to his room. If he wasn’t here now couldn’t I just climb out the window. Yet I knew the window was too high. I would die trying that.

The only logical thing left to do would be to try and survive one more night. “God damn it” I said out loud. I looked down at the digital watch before placing it securely on my wrist. Then after that, set the alarm to 11:50. If I had to be in the basement I wanted to go early, not after winding that awful music box. Which I didn’t even know where it was to begin with.

The watch read 2 pm which would give me plenty of time to find it. Then suddenly I came up with the coolest idea ever, instead of running back to wind the music box. I could just take it with me, that had to be smarter. Even though he didn’t actually give me a reason for the music box. It was the second most important thing in the instructions. I sat on his bed then stared at the wardrobe. Why can’t I just lock it now. My IQ had been very high since elementary school and I was taking college level courses by high school. So instead of ignoring how he wanted me to do things. I knew there was a reason.  My guess was that he must have tried it already and it didn’t work.

However my theory of the music box wasn’t something I could so easily ignore. I searched for it upstairs and no matter where I looked. It was nowhere to be found. Then I wondered why he wouldn’t have told me where it was. Did he not have time for it? I thought turning the letter over. I examined it again and found that this letter, it was written in hurry. Maybe Troy was running from one of them and just thinking about it made me shiver.

I slid off the edge of the bed this time from the right side near the bathroom. When my feet touch the floor it made a loud crackling noise. It was strange since since no other part of the floor made this sound. I went down on one knee before removing the small red rug from the floor. There was a metal latch attached to the floor so I pulled it and it opened.

There was a small space like a closet inside it was dark and it had only three steps. I gathered the flashlight from under the bed and ran back to the space. The space smelled like painted wood not old and dusty like it should’ve smelled. After reaching the bottom step I saw the light switch and flipped it on. Then saw that it was nothing but four very small walls. The space was only big enough for me to turn my body and stand if needed.

The building was too old to have such a new space like this that served no purpose. Except when I noticed the large music box beneath a large empty shelve. Troy had made a hiding place for it and all my hopes shattered. I could lift it but it was much too heavy to carry around the building without using both hands. This could very well become a burden. Also I didn’t even know what it was for. If this Foxy was in the wardrobe why was he coming out if the music box was playing. Obviously it wasn’t for him, but for someone entirely more dangerous. But who? I’d seen all of those characters hadn’t I? The thought made my mind sink into a dark place before remembering the red balloon.

Then I sat up in the space “Why do I have to stay here again?” I asked myself out loud. It wasn’t like I knew the building and could memorize where things were. So in my mind I had two choices stay here and die. Or find another way out besides the window. I scrambled to the door as the watch read 2:30pm. There was still plenty of time to find a way out. Troy probably wasn’t coming back and I wasn’t going to sit around and wait.

These instructions were useless, he didn’t give me a blueprint to the building. Since it was still early I hesitated then opened the wardrobe. There was a plush doll of a fox inside. It had a hook for a hand and a eye patch covering it’s right eye, and it was smiling. The doll was sitting beside Troy’s black boots he wore the other day. I needed those boots so I took them before quickly closing the wardrobe. Then stared back at it with shaky hands hoping to have not disturbed Foxy.

I slid on the boots quickly before leaving the room to find the kitchen area. There were only old dusty black cabinets in here. No refrigerator or stove. The cabinets were lined up against the left side of the room. While searching the kitchen I heard the numbers to the padlock door press from across the room. “Shit” I whispered and thought so the letter was meant to reach me sooner. I stuffed my prime thick body inside the bottom cabinet. Praying that Troy wouldn’t look in here.

However, it was only a matter of time til he found me. It wasn’t like there were too many places to hide. Practically every room in this place was empty. I put my face in my hands “I’m doomed” I whispered once again. Then Troy called my name and I froze careful not to move or make a sound. Then he walked down the stairs to the basement. I came from beneath the cabinet doors. Then without thinking climbed out the window. The ledge was very thin but strong enough to hold me. I wasn’t exactly skinny, but I wasn’t fat either. This was almost too easy. Suddenly Troy poked his head out the window and saw me. His face turned to stone “Mandy!” he screamed causing me to jump. I nearly lost my grip as I inched the building. Even though the ledge held me it was still pretty high.

If I fell from this height it would definitely kill me. The harsh winter breeze nipped at my fingers making it hard to hold on as I walked against the wall. My body was flat as I moved sideways against it.  There was no way in hell Troy was going to catch me. I found a water pipe attached to the building. The pipe ran all the way down to the ground. I held on tightly to it and began to climb down. My feet slid off every 10 seconds because of the ice that covered it. Even though there was no snow it felt like it would soon and my fingers were hurting.

By the time I touched the ground my hands felt frozen as I ran through the woods. I tore through trees breaking branches as I passed. This was my first mistake I was so sure I got away when in front of me was a large cabin. I jumped for joy racing toward it, excited that there was someone else besides me.

The cabin was made of logs and it was fantastically built. It had a stone chimney that smelled of freshly burned firewood. Two square windows with yellow flowered curtains and a large porch. There were two white wooden chairs sitting on the porch next to a large flower pot. I had only made it to the stairs when the wooden door opened and an older woman stood.

Her face appeared worried as she wave for me to come inside “You’ll catch a cold for sure” she cried. The woman took me by my arms and pulled me inside sitting me in a old white recliner. I sat still shaking as the  woman covered me in a blanket. Then she sat in front of me in a black recliner almost identical to mine. “What’s a beautiful girl like you doing running through the woods” she asked. “I was running from a man” I replied. As I spoke my bottom lip trembled. I tried to hide it by smiling but it was still too cold. My voice even shook when I spoke and I wondered if she could even understand me. “Can you call 911?” I asked the older women. I doubt they could understand me over the phone like this. “Well sure” the older woman answered. I watched her dial the numbers as she sat next to me. She was very pretty her hair was  brown but mixed with grey. Her eyes were a deep dark brown, her face was pleasant to look at and she had dimples. She was a medium built but not heavy just a little bigger than me.

“My name is Amberlyn by the way” she said handing me the phone. I put the phone to my ear and before answering and said “I’m Mandy thanks so much for all your help”. She smiled again then handed me a cup of hot cider. The line wasn’t going through. “Thanks I said taking a sip. “It’s not working” I said trying to hand her back the phone. “No, it will go through might take a little time, this is the woods after all” she chuckled. So I tried again then there was a knock at her door.

“Now who in the world could this be” said Amberlyn. "Shhh" I wispered motioning her to come over to me. When she got close enough I whispered “it’s him”. Her eyes went wide “Who?” she asked. “The man that’s after me” I cried. “There’s a man after you?” she asked her face looked confused. Didn’t I already say that I thought. “Just stay here, and keep dialing 911” Amberlyn exclaimed. “Wait” I tried to get up to stop her but fell back in the chair. My body was weaker than I realized. I hadn’t eaten in a few days my ankle was still wrapped. But some of the bandages were coming loose from my run. It also ached because all the pressure put on it climbing out the window.

I heard her open the door just as someone answered on the other side of the line. “911, what’s your emergency” it was a man on the other line. I got up from the chair and went into Amberlyn’s kitchen. I looked for a place to hide so that I could at least have time to give my location. The kitchen was big with a black dishwasher and a large marble grey counter top. Above had white cabinet doors with small black knobs. There was a yellow floor rug that stretch from beneath the stainless steel square table beside the very large window. And the was a fruit basket sitting top the yellow table cloth. There were two brown chairs next to the window. The tablecloth was long enough to hide me so I hid there trying to listen. Before speaking quickly into the phone. “Yes my name is Mandy” after saying those words the phone made a strange sound. I looked at the phone before putting it back to my ear “Hello” I whispered.

There was no answer, and my hands went shaky again as I heard Amberlyn’s screech. “No, there’s no way he could hurt her, there’s no way he would! I thought angrily. I made my way back to the door and rounded the corner. Amberlyn had both hands over her mouth and she bouncing up and down. Then she removed her hands and her eyes went warm. She stared at Troy for a moment before embracing him in a big hug. “Oh Troy, my most prized possession, my son she cried. He hugged her back “It’s been awhile hasn’t it he replied. My body went still as Troy’s warm and loving gaze went to me the changed. I backed up as he approached me he was so fast I didn’t even have time to turn around. He wrapped both arms around my waist all the while whispering “You could have died” his tone was angry. I caved letting myself fall to the ground as he held me tightly. “Were leaving” he said and his voice was very sharp and I knew he would punish me.

“Now you just wait a minute, she just came to me after nearly freezing outside” his mother exclaimed. “Mother she could have died” he snapped. “Don’t use that tone with me!” she snapped and she looked scary. “You’re gonna stay here for a warm breakfast first” she beam excitedly. “But mother” he cried in a annoyed voice. “I don’t think so!” she said walking up to him and poking at his hard chest. From what I could tell they were very close but he said it’s been awhile. What did he mean? If he lived out here with her why didn’t he visit all the time. For breakfast Amberlyn made us blackberry pancakes with eggs and bacon. It looked really good and I wanted to eat. But for some reason my appetite just wasn’t there. A few bits of pancake and maybe two bites of eggs was all I could manage. “Not very hungry are you” asked Amberlyn. “It’s really good thanks” I smiled at her. Then I looked to Troy who seemed to be enjoying his plate. It was stocked full with ten pieces of bacon, four eggs, six pancakes, and a big mug with some hot apple cider.I had only been given one pancake, two pieces of bacon, and two eggs. Troy smiled warmly at his mother then said “I love you”. “I love you too” she said while still eating. When we were done eating we sat back at the table and out of nowhere there was beeping then the phone. It was a guy’s voice “Hello, hello hello hello” then there was silence. Troy quickly grabbed the phone and hung up then his eyes shot to me. He looked angry again “who was that” he asked. “It was 911, were you able to reach them pumpkin” Amberlyn asked me softly. “You let her call 911” he growled at his mother. “Well, she wanted to call the phone it’s only a number” she replied. “Let’s go” he said in a low voice not giving me a chance to stand. He picked me up by the waist throwing over his shoulder. Then we left the warm cozy cabin and he put me in his passenger side of the black convertible. I watched him hug his mother and she waved at me from the porch. I waved back from my seat feeling sorry for her. There was something wrong with this woman obviously and she was really sweet.  

Troy didn’t say a word as he drove off, and his face was scary. I knew better than to ask where we were going. I also knew he wouldn’t say. He hadn’t looked at me or spoken a word to me. Yet he’d already been driving for twenty minutes.Troy’s face was still stone and the vibe coming from him was also scary. I stared at him for a few seconds then looked out my window. The trees were passing the window fast and the highway which we were on was very narrow. I didn’t have to be awake to know that Troy was driving too fast. The way everything moved, I could tell I was drugged. However today for the first time ever I’d finally figured it out. I was surprised before I never noticed. Troy carried a syringe in his pocket and I never felt it a single time he drugged me. To me that was more strange because I was very afraid of needles.

This meant that god like Troy had done this before. To whom I didn’t  know. This new knowledge also led me to believe that wherever he was taking me. I might not ever return from and that thought alone was horrifying. As much as I wanted to protect Troy I couldn’t. Nor could he protect me and my family was more important. My father had died tens years ago, but my mother was still alive and well.I visit her once a month for an entire weekend, and she lives in Texas. My mother’s hair is strawberry blond just like my original hair color she was also mixed. That was actually where I’d gotten the blond and red idea.

Then for no particular reason I found myself suddenly wanting my mom and I began to cry silently. I thought for sure it would get Troy’s attention. But he just kept his eyes on the road. I stopped crying when I saw a huge sign that read coming soon Freddy’s pizza. The sign had a picture. This one however only had Freddy. No friends this time. I thought about this and decided I needed this to end. People needed to know the truth and I was going to tell them. Even if nobody believe me it was definitely worth a shot. I unfastened my seatbelt then went to open the door. The entire time I did this Troy hadn’t bothered to look at me. The door was instantly locked by Troy soon as I went for it. His eyes were still focus on the road. Then I moved to the back seat. Troy glanced at me through his front mirror then sped up driving even faster. Even as I banged on the windows he ignored me. Then I sat up in the back seat and looked around. “It’s useless, you're just trying my patience” he snapped in a low deep voice.

Then I dived into Troy and he pulled me onto his lap with very little effort. I fought him and around the corner came a red four wheeler. Troy slammed on the brakes, the car spun out of control,and we smashed into the metal railing. Once again my world went black. It was night when I finally woke up. It was so cold I could see my breath. At first it seem silent and my body felt numb even though I was on my back. The stars were shining brightly before me. Then I heard a woman’s voice and felt my body being moved.

Right after I heard sirens then I remembered the accident that I caused. I looked toward the car, feeling sorry almost immediately. But from my angle it was hard to see. I was already being lifted into the ambulance. All I could see were the tire marks from the four wheeler.

“Mame do you remember anything” a male voice said. “Yes” I  tried speaking but it sounded very faint and he couldn’t hear me. “It’s ok, we’re going to the hospital” said the woman. My vision was blurred but I could tell she was smiling and she had my fingers in her hand.

I took a deep breath then thought what was I doing? My eyes began to close slowly and I fought to keep them open. “You can sleep, it’s ok” said the woman. “No it’s not I need to tell you something” I tried but still my voice whispered to low. Suddenly anger boiled up inside of me. It was frustrating trying to remember why I caused that accident. Then I remembered everything.

I sat up “You need to lay back down” the woman urged gently. “No, they’re alive, freddy and his friends”, I shouted so my voice could be heard. At the same time my heart raced and my voice was shaking. “Calm down, and explain properly” the woman said. “Freddy’s pizza is haunted I was there for five nights” I exclaimed. I was going to say more when the guy interrupted me.“That’s right the pizza place is being remodeled for  the grand opening” he said with glee. He sounded really excited. “Oh, is that right? My grandson will love it there I can’t believe it’s being rebuilt” she replied. “No, you can’t, they’ll kill you! I shouted. “What, who’s gonna kill us?” asked the woman and she looked toward the guy. He shrugged his shoulders and said “it must be head trauma”.

“No, you have to listen to me” I said angrily grabbing a fist full of her shirt and pulling her toward me. My tear stained face was against hers and my hands were shaking. “They trapped me in a toy prison” I cried. The woman’s face went serious “I believe you” she said. “Really” I asked astonished that someone actually understood what I was saying. My hands relaxed a little letting the woman go.

Next my head felt dizzy and the woman slowly lied me back down. “It’s ok, you're safe now” she said. The sound of my mother’s voice echoed through my ears. I slowly opened my eyes to see her. She had been crying, it saddened me to see her cry. She placed her hand on my head “Pumpkin, I was so worried, thank god you're alive she said. My mother was wearing a pair of blue and gray sneakers. With black pants and a blue long sleeved turtle neck.

She was wearing no makeup which surprised me because she always wore it. Especially in public, my mother believed the way you looked determined how you felt. It was her model “If you look like crap, you feel like crap. She was still beautiful even without the makeup though. I managed a small smile and said “We’re not half stepping right?”. At this she laughed “no pumpkin, you were injured who cares what I look like” she laughed.

“Are you hungry?” she asked her eyes drifting over my hospital blanket. “Only a little” I lied feeling famished for the first time since I was kidnapped. My mother would get me something good like red robbins or pizza hut. “Ok pumpkin, I’ll get you food then come back. She kissed my forehead the I watched her exit the white door. The room I was in wasn’t very big. There was a bathroom to my right with a shower. There was a food tray at the end of the bed and a red chair beside my bed. I was wearing a pink hospital gown and my blankets were also pink. The curtains were white and I reached for them trying to pull them back. The doctor walked in “Mandy, how are you feeling” he asked. “Just fine” I said.

“Great, the police are reviewing your statement, I’m so sorry for what happened to you” he said. I nodded my head then he left the room. Five minutes later some people showed up in my room. One of them was a man with blond hair and blue eyes, he was also very tall and wearing a suit. The other was a woman in a white long sleeved shirt and black pants. “Who are these people” I thought. “Hi Mandy, I’m doctor Hardy can we talk for a few minutes?” he asked. “Sure” I replied sitting up and placing my hands in my lap. I looked at the woman she looked around my age with long brown hair and green eyes. She smiled at me then my eyes went back to the guy.

“We want to talk to you about what you saw, the paramedics said something about head trauma” he stated. I was silent knowing exactly what they were referring. Of course that woman didn’t believe me I thought angrily. My attitude changed and I folded my arms. “What do you want?” I snapped. “We just wanna talk to you that’s all” the woman stated. She smiled at me again and I thought why is she so damn happy? “I promise I’m not crazy!” I stated to dr. Hardy. “Nobody said you were, please just tell us what you saw” he asked.

No way was I gonna tell these people, it stayed silent for a minute. Then dr. Hardy leaned toward me and said “I know you’re the one who caused the accident. My body froze and my eyes went wide. How could these people possibly know? who were they?

I was still silent and now I was afraid to speak. Then the woman spoke up. “We think you may be a danger to yourself and possibly others”. “They were gonna kill us?!” I shouted. “Who was?” asked doctor Hardy. “Freddy and his friends, they live in the pizza house”. I pleaded. But even at my own words to me, It sounded insane. “So you got hit by a four wheeler to stop from being killed by Freddy?” he asked. “Yes and no, I mean… no I needed to protect Troy I cried. “Wasn’t he the guy that kidnapped you?” asked the woman.

I sighed big and didn’t say another word, because it didn’t really make sense, then they left. I fell asleep on the bed for probably twenty minutes before I woke up worried about my mother. She left a whole hour ago and should've been back by now.I hopped from the bed surprised not to be sore except for my ankle. I opened the door to my hospital room and peaked out. The hallway was well lit and at the end of it stood doctor Hardy and the woman. Their backs were to me and they were talking to my mother.

They didn’t see me so I crept closer I needed to hear what they were saying. “We know, but she’s dangerous to be around in this state” said Dr. Hardy. “Please I just wanna see her again, even if she needs help” replied my mother. “Mrs. Mccoy please come back tomorrow” said the woman. “Why do I have to wait until tomorrow?!” my mother argued. She sounded really upset and it made me angry to hear her that way. “We start her treatment tomorrow so it will be safe then, promise” Dr. Hardy assured her.

“Treatment” I whispered for what? I thought then my mother turned from them and walked away. I ran down the hallway they couldn’t keep me from her. “Mom!” I cried racing toward them. She didn’t hear me and Dr. Hardy grabbed me as I fought to push past them. My mother was the only person I wanted right now. “Mom!” I screamed this time crying and I couldn’t help it. After everything I’d been through it was hard to stay strong. Especially while they were trying to take my mother away from me. “Mandy” I heard her call me, but the Dr. Hardy held me and he was very strong. The lady walked up to me as I fought Dr. Hardy desperately. “No, let me go!” I screamed as my mother approached. I reached for her and the woman grabbed my mother’s wrist. “She’s not in any danger, we promise” she assured my mother.

Dr. Hardy carried me back toward my room while my mother stood with her hand over her mouth. Silent tears ran down her cheeks and through her muffled cry she said “I’m sorry pumpkin”. When we got back to the room he blocked me from leaving the door. I ran to the window and he moved away from the door slowly.  I opened it quickly without first thinking of how this looked.

“Mandy, think of your mother” he said. He walked toward me then two men came in the door dressed in yellow scrubs. One was on my right the other was on my left. and Dr. Hardy was in front of me. “Let me help you” he said removing a syringe from his pocket. I felt a wave of panic as they moved in and grabbed me one of them lifted my shirt. Then I felt the syringe pushed into my side and it hurt.

When I opened my eyes I was no longer at the hospital but some place else. My hands were bound to a bed and the first thing I remembered was my mother. How could she leave me like this? I really wanted to see her. The room I was in was bright white with padding on the floor and walls. There was a window but it was tiny not big enough to fit through. I looked around for the door but it was hard to see. I tried tilting back my head but the bed was solid behind me.

It wasn’t comfortable like the one Troy had me in when he kidnapped me. This was the first time I really thought about Troy and part of me really wanted to see him. I didn’t ask what happened to him either. Part of the reason was that I didn’t want to know because he could be dead. In my mind I wanted to believe that I protected him. Just then I heard a click and a man walked in. He had dark brown hair neatly cut so that it only went to his neck. His eyes were dark blue and he wore all white with a smile. “Mandy, how are you feeling” he asked. I blinked while watching him unfasten the straps at my hands. “You are gorgeous girl” he chuckled.

Even with the compliment I couldn’t return the smile. “My name is Henry O’hara but you can call me Dr.. O'hara he said cheerfully. By the time he got my straps undone there were two men waiting by the door. Both of them were dressed in yellow scrubs. However they weren’t the same men from yesterday. I was walked to a wheelchair, placed in it. Then Dr. O’hara wheeled me down the hall.

The hallway had lights along the ceiling and there were doors every couple seconds. Probably holding rooms like the one I just left. When we reached the end of the hall there was a recreational area. I thought it would look unusual but it looked normal. As you approached the main room there was a large flat screen tv. Maybe sixty inches, and beneath it was a large fireplace. Below the tv was a large light brown leather couch extremely long. Probably able to fit more than thirteen people I was sure.

To the right were large silver elevators that opened only with a key. On the left was a desk and next to that tables and chairs for dining. Next to that was a pharmacy area with a black counter top with bar like stools silver in color. Then there was a game area and a reading area. “Do you like lobby?, it was made to feel like home for people who live here” said dr O’hara. “I want to see my mother” I said in a low voice. “She already came to see you” he replied. “What!?” I asked thinking he was just lying.

“You were sleeping, she didn’t want to wake you” he replied. “When do I get to go home?” I asked. He wheeled me toward the dining area. “That depends entirely on you” he said. “So What do I have to do?” I asked. This entire area looked deserted and it feel like we were alone.

There were no other people out here like me. I got the feeling most of them were being confined to their rooms. My instincts were usually right. “You just need to talk to dr. Hardy then we can figure out how to treat your trauma” he replied. “I don’t remember” I lied. He sighed “okay, but why don’t we stop by anyway to say hi” he suggested. Dr. O’hara didn’t even wait my answer before wheeling me back down the long hallway.

We stopped in front of a black door with a picture of an apple blending with red and green. The background of the picture was black and was signed in the corner with white letters to small to read. Dr. Ohara knocked twice, the door opened and he wheeled me in. The room was small with a brown rectangular desk full of paper. On the desk was a black computer and there was a small black leather couch. There were windows behind the desk and they were huge with dark red curtains.

Dr. Hardy got up from the desk and walked over to me. “Mandy, it’s good that you came to see so soon” he replied. “Whatever, just let me see my mom” I said anxiously. “She said she’d be back later, why don’t you call her” he suggested. Dr. Hardy picked up his black hard wired phone and and I dialed the numbers quickly. It rang twice before she picked it up “Mom” I said into the phone trying not to cry. “Hey pumpkin, how are you feeling?” she asked. “I’m ok, you?” I asked. “I’m ok too” she replied and there was silence.

“Pumpkin, I’m here for you and I want what’s best. You know that I’m just protecting you right?”she asked. There was desperation in her voice as if she was trying to keep from crying too. “Yes mother, I know” I said in a low sad voice. “I love you pumpkin” she said softly. “I love you too mother” I said into the phone. “Bye, we’ll talk again tomorrow she said. “Bye mother” I said barely getting the words out before Dr. Hardy hung up. That made me feel like a hostage and I frowned at him. “So why don’t you have a seat” said Dr. Hardy pointing his hand to the couch. I got up from my seat and sat on the couch. My posture was straight and I stared at him. “You can relax” he said. I looked to Dr. O’hara and he nodded his head before leaving the room.

I watched the door close behind him. Then Dr. Hardy sat across from me in a tall brown wooden chair with armrests on both sides. He stared at me from the chair probably trying to read something from me. I wasn’t going to give him anything. “Mandy you have nothing to fear, the more you share the more I can help you” he replied.

“I don’t need.. I stopped speaking as he tilted his head slightly in a gesture. Then corrected my own words “I’m not sick”. “Tell me what happened in the pizza place” he asked. I folded my arms “I don’t remember” I lied. “You did say that already, so let’s try this” he said getting up. He walked over to the windows and closed the curtains. This made the room a little dark, but even then I could still see him clearly. “Mandy I want you to focus on my voice” he said.

My first thought was that he was trying to hypnotize me. I didn’t believe in hypnosis so I kept my attitude. At first it was hard to keep from laughing. “I want you to close your eyes Mandy” he said. “Why so you can molest me” I thought. There was no way I was going to take this seriously. “I want you to think back to that night you were in the toy prison”. Nope, not thinking about that, don’t want to I thought. Then I thought how did he know that?. My eyes suddenly got heavy and it was hard to keep them open.

Then I saw darkness and could almost smell coffee and pancakes. Out of the darkness appeared the music box and I was walking toward it. The the crystal box lit up with red when it play and the twisted sound reminded me of the toy prison. Suddenly I was behind the blue plastic bars. There was a voice that said “hello” and another sound. Then I saw Freddy the giant teddy bear with glowing eyes. I backed away from the doors screaming and was swallowed beneath the foam balls.

When I opened my eyes I was under Toy’s bed and heard the wardrobe bust open. I could hear the lock break and inched further back. Then a silver hooked pulled back and a shadow of a fox appeared on the sheets.  Just as it opened there was another noise then the bed disappeared. I stood up and could hear Troy’s voice. He was calling me, and in the distance there was a bright orange light.

I ran toward it but when I got there I fell back into the toy prison. Once inside I looked around me and my heart jumped in my chest. Freddy and his friends surrounded me outside of the prison. I backed away again thinking this can’t be happening. Then lock broke off the  bar door and I screamed again . Unaware that in reality I was screaming as well. Then the Dr. snapped his fingers. My head was on his chest, my breathing was heavy as as I sat on his lap. My heart raced as he held me tight against him. Then a familiar voice whispered in my ear “It’s 6am you made it through the night”.


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