Misery Insanity

Misery Insanity

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"You said you wouldn't lay another hand on me! ", I yelled as I began panting with unsteady breathes. The gun still shook within the palm of my hand, my fingers throbbing on the trigger. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please Lilly-boo, I love you!", Isaiah yelled as he scooted back into the wall. He was breathing just as heavy as i was, but more afriad of my own strength then I could ever be. "Say it like you mean it!" "I love you"


"You said you wouldn't lay another hand on me! ", I yelled as I began panting with unsteady breathes. The gun still shook within the palm of my hand, my fingers throbbing on the trigger.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please Lilly-boo, I love you!", Isaiah yelled as he scooted back into the wall. He was breathing just as heavy as i was, but more afriad of my own strength then I could ever be.

"Say it like you mean it!"

"I love you"

Chapter1 (v.1) - Misery Insanity

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"You said you wouldn't lay another hand on me! ", I yelled as I began panting with unsteady breathes. The gun still shook within the palm of my hand, my fingers throbbing on the trigger.<br /> <br /> "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please Lilly-boo, I love you!", Isaiah yelled as he scooted back into the wall. He was breathing just as heavy as i was, but more afriad of my own strength then I could ever be.<br /> <br /> "Say it like you mean it!"<br /> <br /> "I love you"

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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I leaned against the wall of Charron's End of Senior Year celebration. People of all grade levels attended. Popular or not, Charron was nice enough to invite anyone willing to come. Nerds, Jocks, Outcasts, Goths. Most showed up. The jock squad, mainly the football team, barraged in the room yelling "Toga! Toga! Toga!" and wrapped in white sheets with weed sewed together to make a head lace. They chanted and yelled in people's faces. Most laughed, some yelled back, and some gave them nasty faces. Most of the guys smelled of the game that occured earlier that day. It was obvious they didn't bathe earlier.

"If you got lice, i ain't smoking that shit", Jark, one the popular seniors said as he held his girlfriend, one of my best friend's, Tia. Jark was popular just to be popular. He had no talent, but he was good looking and got along with everyone. Tia was a cheerleader back in sophmore year and they met after the football team stole her pom poms and Jark got them back for her from the boys bathroom. They've been dating since.

"Toga! Toga! Toga!", They continued shouting as they went into the back to surround the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders yelled and shriek in these annoying voices that made me close my eyes tight and give a snobby look on my face.

Isaiah, my boyfriend, came in the room with 2 full cups of fruit punch for me and him. "Move over, me and my girl gotta sit down too. Tia, lose some ass", Isaiah joked as he took a seat.

"Hey hey, don't be talking about my girl's ass, only I can do that", Jark said with a squeeze to her buttocks which made her giggle before she moved over. Tia quit the teaam because all the cheerleaders did was talk about people and act slutty. Isaiah took a seat and signed me to come over. He handed me a cup. "Sit down, no need to stand." He patted his lap sexually and I sat on it, smiling at him as he nuzzled me. His nose was hot with sweat from the humid air and his breathe warm enough to heat my tender neck as he laid on me. I groaned softly under my breathe as the sex crawled through the pores of my skin.

"Aww look at the happy couple, snuggling tighter than Lisa in those cheer leading spanx.", Jark said which made Tia laughed. Everyone knew Lisa had bubbly thighs and if she didn't wear another pair of them, the first would rip. She was the kind of cheerleader who was fat, but stayed on the team anyway. She said she'd lose weight to be skinny enough to be tossed in the air one day, but that would never happen now. This led her to depression and bulimia. As they laughed, I saw her creep into Charron's nearby bathroom. I could visualize her vomiting and the pain she was feeling. I watched them make fun of her as I sat defensively on Isaiah's lap.

Isaiah laughed and kissed me as sweetly as possible. Heknew making fun of people wasn'y my best subject to be on. He tries to make me happy. He tries so hard. But it'll never happen either. I only kissed him back softly, pulling my face from his lips. He deepened it and held it there, even though i didn't want him to. He gripped my chin and slid the sex tougue into the back of my throat until I gagged.The kiss stung me, and I knew he was only trying to show off. He was satisfied with the 30 second sex kiss, only to drink his punch and place my undrunken cup next to his. He licked is lips sexually, but I only looked away.

Tia playfully slapped Jark's shoulder, "I'm thirsty! How come you never get me punch!" she complained. Jark shrugged.

"You have legs. Whats wrong with them?", he said pulling her legs over his knees to examine them. "There not broken ya know."

I laughed softly, the first smirk all night, and handed Tia my cup. "You can have a sip."

She smiled and drunk abit of it. Her cherry lips gripped it as she swallowed a majority of it down her throat "Thanks, your a better boyfriend than Jark is"

Jark looked shock at her, "You gonna take that Lilly? Tia, I thought you too were friends, La'Lia is too pretty to be called a boy!"

I chuckled, and I felt Isaiah hold me closer to him. I glanced into his eyes. Hate developed.

"Lilly knows I'm joking", She handed me back my cup. "Thanks. I wish Jark and Isaiah could switch. At least Izzy over there gets me juice when i want it."

Jark sighed and Isaiah held me tighter and only faked a smile. "I'm sorry, La'Lia is my energy. Without her I wouldn't have strength to get her juice"

Bullshit. I looked at him slightly stunned and he gave me the face. The face, scrunched up, and full of hatred. The face meant 'Shut up bitch, you know whats coming.'

"See, even Isaiah makes sweet comments about her. Why I don't ever feel special around you.", Tia sighed and Jark held her closer in his arms and onto his shoulder.

"You want punch?", Jark said as she looked up at him with her puppy face and nodded. He nuzzled her and sighed. "Fine. And I thought I wouldn't have to get up the rest of the party..."
He stood up and tossed her legs off rudely and walked into the kitchen.

She giggled and looked over at us. Isaiah's head was on my left breast, him snuggling on it comfortably. He held me doubtfully with his eyes shut. His fingers dug in my side. I bit onto my lip as he grippened it.

"Izzy, you look so tired. Lily is your man sick?", Tia asked as she lightly brushed his forehead with her hand. He moaned abit and smiled. "I'm fine Tia."

I reached over and got his cup and held it to his lips. He tilted his head and drunk all of it before coughing and laying back on my breast. He then leased his grip. I put my hand on his forehead and he shrugged it off. "Hun, your hot...", I said as I held him back.

"Why thank you, I try to keep my body in shape.", he joked which made me chuckle for the first time in weeks. Fake laugh of course. "Come on, lets go home.", I said getting off his lap which only lead to him sitting me back down. Has gripped on my thin waist and fingers digging in again. "No no, your having fun. I can stay here", He recommended. I sighed and shook him abit. "Come on... I'm tired too...", I said and he shook his head. "We can sleep over."

I sighed, "Please...Isaiah...I want to leave"

He looked back at me and sighed, pushing me off his lap. I tumbled foward and caught myself to make it seem like it was playfl. We both know it wasn't.

"Fine, Fuck. your driving," he tossed me his keys and made his way into the kitchen as I stumbled forward.

"Bye Tia", I said with a hug towards her, She hugged me back and i witched abit. "Sorry, did i hold you tighter then Isaiah could do?", she chuckled while she released me.

"Yeah.." I said. Truth is, the bruise on my back from last week... I didn't want her to know...

Isaiah came back with 2 soda pops to take back to our apartment. "Come on Lily!", He said over the loud music.

"Bye Zay", said a few cheerleaders whom he waved too before opening the front door for me.

"Coming Isaiah!", I said as I stumbled into his arms which lead us through the Toga Brothers.

I drove into the darkness with the headlights on. The light was dim and the streetswere quiet. It was a slow night with barely any cars or people around. A jogger and a middle aged man walking his dog was the only people we saw on the lonely road. Our small city was filled with only abit of people. Perfect conditions for him to strike.

"You embarrassed me...", Isaiah said, breaking the awkward silence within the 5 minute drive. He was staring out the window with his fist under his lip. Houses dawned in his eyes as I drove.

"How...", I answered, coming to a stop at a red sign. No one was around. Only a sreet light was around to dawn on the car in the dark.

"Don't question it. Your always embarrassing me. Do I have to keep you in the house? Do you think I like treating ou like an animal?", He looked at me stunned. I didn't glance, scared of his eyes as i processed forward in the car. A tear crept down face.

"You didn't wanna kiss me... You didn't answer to my compliment... and you wanted to leave... Do you love me?"

I kept driving and sighed. "Of course I do. I love you Isaiah" I looked at himmand smiled.

"You slut, your a fuckin liar!", He yelled as a blow was thrown. So powerful, so painful. A punch on the right side of my face. I lost the wheel balance as the pain made it successfully up to my brain. Isaiah grabbed the wheel and yelled, "Pull over bitch!".

I slammed the brakes and leaned forward as i grabbed my pulsing cheek. The punch was so heavy and it hurted so badly. I felt my face sell up like popcorn. It felt as if it would pop at any moment. It was hot and hurted to touch. I began crying. Tears into sobs in a instant. He got out the car and walked over to my side.He threw the car door open. "Your so fuckin clumsy." He unfastened my belt and pulled me out the car into his arms bridal style. He walked me over to the passenger side and sat me down, where be put my seat belt on. I leaned forward on the airbag box and kept crying. I held my face in my hands as I felt purple paint my face and suicide emerge in my head.

"You get on my fuckin nerves", he yelled as he walked back over to the driver's side. "First you lie than you try and kill us both. What the fuck is your problem!", he kept yelling. I was so shaken up i couldn't even hear him. He put the car in foward, and drove the rest of the way home.

We arrived at the apartment only minutes later. He skipped every stop sign and any light he could make to arrive there. He couldn't let anyone see my face. Everyone knew everyone here. Once we got there my whole face was soaked in tears. I ws red and hot. He sighed and got out the car. He walked to the passenger side and undid the seat belt, picking me up bridal style again and up to our apartment door. He put me down and unlocked it only to pick me up again. He walked us over to our bedroom. He laid me down, and in the light, he could see my make-up washed away and down my cheeks. He saw my red and purple face. He saw my pain.

I kept sobbing as he started to cry with me. He laid down beside me and held me in his arms. "I'm so sorry...", he whispered in my ears.

"I'm so sorry..."

He cried more as I hold held him close to me. His forehead on the bare skin of my chest. He's fever was higher than it was before. He kept sobbing, more than i was. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry", He kept repeating as every word only squeezed me tighter against his chest.

We laid in bed naked. Softcore sex and sweat later, he panted next to me after ejactulating inside my damged body. He looked at me as I stared at the ceiling and appeared dead to him. He pulled my small body next to him and kissed my neck. "Please...Just don't leave me...", He said. "I'm so scared...Please don't leave me..."

"I ... I wont...", I said, sucking up my tears as he only cried into a deep sleep.

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