Reverse Strip Search

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A local cop stationed at a small local town has been stopping women drivers and harassing them around town, and complaints made toward the station are ignored, and so the women decide to take justice into their own hands and teach the officer a lesson he'll never forget.

Young 23 year old officer George Johnson was very recently stationed at the local town of Far-Springs, and was almost always assigned to watch the roads for speeding cars, and after a few weeks wtih (relatively) little trouble complaints started to reach the station by local women who claimed that Officer George was harassing them by first making them stop their car and when talking to them would always prominently sway his hips forwards to show off his obvious bulge to them and would make (very unsubtle) suggestions to have sex with him. 

After almost daily complaints were made the station finally decided to start an investigation, and after various testimony from Officer George came in who himself claimed that the women were the ones who wanted to have sex with him and that they were making complaints becaus they were spurned when he refused. Ultimately the station decided to let it go, but decided to transfer Officer George to night duty at the station in orde to pacify the town's outraged female population.

Some women were fine with the decision, but there were a few who thought he had gotten off too easy, and so they all collaborated to teach the young officer a lesson he'd never forget. there were five women in total, their leader was Alice Hale, along with Elizabeth, Anna, Mary, and Kathy.

There were a few women police officers at the station who were willing to help becuase he wasn't so work-friendly there either and decided he needed to be taken down a peg, and one officer also worked the night shift, and one night when he was in the bathroom, she managed to put a strong sleeping pillin his coffee that he was drinking to stay awake. Because he sat at the front desk, all the women needed to do was wait until he nodded off. Sure enough when he came back he took a big swig of his coffee, and it wasn't long after that his eyes turned drowsy and his head hit the desk with a solid loud thud. 

It was time to make their move, the group then made their way in without much notice, the women police officer had disabled the cameras for them so no one'd be able to catch them, they quickly got Officer George handcuffed (with his own cuffs no less) and picked him up before carrying him away into the night. 

Officer George woke up to nothing but pitch black as he had been blindfolded, with his arms bound by handcuffs around a large metal pole. "What?! where am I?! whoever you are you had better let me go! I am an officer of the law!" He shouted to no one in particular. The five women were gathered in front of him, gazing silently at their captured prey.

George was quite a handsome fellow there was no doubt about that, the police uniform he was wearing added to his attractiveness, with his muscled and burly upped body, with a pretty decently sized bulge at his crotch and round firm buttocks that filled the seat of his black pants. The officer continued to shout until he was hoarse, and it was only until Alice spoke that he finally went quiet, "I'd pipe down if i were you Officer, otherwise you might make this worse for yourself" she said, but George wasn't having it as he replied "release me immediately, and i'll consider not pressing charges" he said.

Alice only tsked and said "we decided you needed to be taught a lesson to keep your hands (and cock) to yourself" she said, and turned on the video camera they had positioned right in front of the bound officer. "If you cooperate, we might go a little easier on you" Alice said, but officer george shook his head and again demanded to be released or they would all face the consequences. Alice sighed, she turned to her co-conspirators and said, "Ladies, I think our young officer here is concealing some dangerous weapons, let us investiagte. Strip him." she said, and the shock on officer George's face was replaced with anger as he struggled anew against the cuffs as the ladies surrounded him and started to peel off his uniform. 

They started with unbuttoning his uniform shirt, and brought it down past his shoulders to reveal a white tank top underneath, his muscles almost clearly visible right through the fabric, which the women took great advantage of feeling before one with scissors cut a small hole through which the others used to tear his tank top off all in different directions, leaving him bare chested,and discarding the fragments on the floor. 

Two other women had already gotten to work on his socks and shoes, and by the time his tank top was ripped off his feet were bare and the two women started to undo his belt buckle. The four women took great pleasure at how the officer was writhing underneath them, but despite it all almost his entire body was being fondled by these women and his cock was already hard by the time they started to undo his belt. Officer George begged them to stop, and uselessly struggled against his bonds, but all of a sudden he felt hands grip the sides of his pants and slowly started to pull them down his legs, his underwear with them, and his face flooded with shame as his five and a half inch cock bounced off his pants and slapped lightly against his abdomen. 

Alice then ordered the women to step away for a second as they took in the officer in all his naked glory, his cock fully hard 9which had pre-cum already coating the tip), with a nice set of balls to go with itand Alice took the opporunity to take a few good pictures of him before she said "Alright ladies, it seems he's clean after all, but I sense there's other places we've yet to search, turn him 'round" she said, and others obeyed her commands. As two women grabbed his shoulders and turned him around to let the camera get a good view at his firm and well-rounded ass, they held him in place there as the other two held his legs in place. Alice told them to spread his ass cheeks wide to see if he was hiding anything there, and soon enough Officer george stood naked and bound while at the mercy of these women as his ass hanged in the air, bare for all to see.

Alice took more than a few pictures, then narrowed in the image to only include officer George, with the women's hands being the only thing visible, and Alice told her fellows to turn him around again, his cock again in full view of these women. "Alright ladies, now you can have some fun with him" Alice said, and the four women took great delight in their captive as one pinched and twisted his nipples, while another cupped and lightly slapped his ass, and another tickled his feet while the fourth grabbed ahold of his cock and started to stroke it. The sensations all happening at once were beginning to drive officer George crazy, and as much as he felt embarassed and humiliated by this, he couldn't deny that it all felt....good.

So good in fact, he started to moan in pleasure as the women had their way with him, and Alice zoomed in on his cock as one of the women stroked it furiously, and started to record everything that was happening.

A 23 year old man was at the complete mercy of these women and were almost begging them to let him cum, as Alice had told the woman stroking his cock to stop at random intervals whenever he got close to cumming. When they felt he had had enough Alice nodded to the woman who then stroked it even faster and Officer George was moaning loudly and it wasn't long until the woman saw thick streams of cum start to stream from his now purple cock, going as far as his own face. The women moved away as they gazed at his cum-covered, naked body. The women felt he had learned his lesson, as they had gotten pictures of him in various stages of undress, as well as a video of unkown persons doing things to his body as he begged whoever it was to let him come while being both bound and blindfolded. 

The women unbound him and quickly threw him outside the building they were in, with no clothes to speak of, and Alice only said one thing to him through the door, "might wanna get home fast before someone sees you" she said, and instantly she heard him dash away from the building, running for dear life.

Days later copies of the pictures and the video made it's way to the entire adult population of the town, and Officer George was the laughingstock of the town, and was talked about for over two months. Needless to say Officer George never harassed any woman ever again, as he was painfully reminded of his humiliation whenever someone spotted him going to the bathroom and shouted "hey! need a hand?".


Author's Note:

This is my first story I'm posting to the new site, and feel free to comment, or even vote if I should post the alternate ending to this story, as it includes a bit more in store for our young officer George. I'm hoping to repost my Jaime's Humiliation and Revenge series here, and also posting the next part of the Revenge series soon. Thanks everyone for reading! 




Submitted: July 27, 2019

© Copyright 2023 ENM Enthusiast. All rights reserved.

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Rick Kink

Great story, and I'm so glad you didn't call his five and a half inch cock "tiny" or some such nonsense. Medical science is clear that five and a half inches is perfectly normal in the real world, not small at all.

Again, great story!

Sun, July 28th, 2019 2:55am


There is enormous satisfaction to be gained in the triumphal humiliation and degradation of someone who so obviously deserves it. Congratulations, Sir. I do hope you will consider posting the alternate ending.

Sat, July 18th, 2020 11:11am


Was this is a good one, congrats. I just discovered it today 5/25/2022.

Anywhere I can see your naked photos from that contest you "won"? If they're even halfway as hot as your stories, I am in for a treat.

The one with 20 comments. Regretfully I discovered it too late, as it has expired and I can find no way to view your humiliating nudity.

Help me out here, one writer to another.


Sat, June 25th, 2022 3:16pm


I'd like to amend my previous comment. Today is 6/25/2022, not 5/25/2022. Apologies.

Agee with the previous comment from the guy who appreciates a five and a half inch cock not being insulted as "small."

That said, I do enjoy small penis humiliation stories if they were believable and well-written. I've written a few myself. You can really go to town on the guy with that angle, and the stories have been well-received.

Of course, it is just as much fun to focus on the guy's other exposed body parts. I've writtten stuff humiliation a man for his:

(1) exposed, brownish pink anus
(2) fleshy "titties" -- this is a personal favorite because I had a buddy who I teased mercilessly for this and he really got embarrassed about it.
(3) rigid, red, erect "feminine" nipples
(4) plump buttocks
(5) orgasm sounds
(6) cum (texture, amount and color), and where it lands when he's really on fire
(7) wet urethra and how it glistens
(8) ticklishness
(9) low-hanging balls, esp. if one is lower than the other
(10) smaller than usual scrotum, esp. if he is sensitive about that
(11) pinch-an-inch waistline, esp. if the rest of him is in perfect shape--I had a buddy who was so pouty about this I couldn't resist doing to him esp. at the beach, he got really upset which turned me on
(12) blushing during the nudity--I absolutely love that
(13) and yes, large cock, esp. on a smaller man--you'd be surprised how many short guys wish their big cock was more proportionate

Send me those photos, TJ! Or let me know where I can find them. I think my email address can be detected on the website without me posting it in comments, which I think is unwise. I've gotten comment alerts via my email more than a few times.


Sat, June 25th, 2022 3:28pm

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