That's The Way Tim Likes It

That's The Way Tim Likes It That's The Way Tim Likes It

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Familial duo attend a wake, with a twist...The twist is, it's a choose-your-own-adventure.



Familial duo attend a wake, with a twist...The twist is, it's a choose-your-own-adventure.


Submitted: February 20, 2019

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Submitted: February 20, 2019



The lawyer fumbles with an VHS, in front of a gathered crowd, of mourners. He laughs, and jokes, as he fights to work the VCR.

Sarah, sat in the back row, half-asleep, beside her brother, David.

David looks out over the crowd, “How’d dad know this guy,” several mourners gather around the TV stand, fussing to get it to work.

Sarah yawns out loud, and gets a couple half glances, “wasn’t he like dad’s old boss, or something?”

They both shrug their shoulders, as the video starts to play, and the lawyer, stands before the crowd, “May I present, Mr Tim Pryor’s last will and…”

The video jumps to explicit scene’s, of Mr Pryor thrusting into his fourth wife.

The women in the video, sits by the TV, tearing up in the corner, “He’d always wanted it this way.”

Another couple steps into view, and the lawyer jumps in front of the screen, and fast forwards though the scenes.

Sarah, shouts over the crowd, “I want to see where this is going,” and sits back down.

Half the mourners step outside, or gather around the buffet table, as Sarah whispers, “Here I am thinking this was going to be boring, but Tim pulled through. But, why are all his friends, such prudes?”

“Please, you’ve just got no imagination,” David points out, Jack, a man, with a bit of gray in the temples, heading upstairs, “that one’s half-hard, and ready to go.”

“You going for it?” She says.

“No…” he bites his lip, but shakes his head, “I’ve been eyeing somebody else, and she’s been eyeing me all day.”

A women, named Michelle, stands by the stairs, smiling at David, “you can head off without me, if it’s so boring.” 

Sarah pats him on the chest, “Please, she’s been looking at me,” Sarah blows a kiss. Michelle eyes her up and down, before disappearing down stairs.

Point A (Sarah Goes Downstairs)

Point B (David Goes Downstairs)

Point C (David Goes Upstairs)

Point D (Sarah Goes Upstairs)

Point A

Sarah brushes David aside, “I’ve got this, little brother.” David moves along, and flashes her smirk, “Just the way, Tim liked it.”

Sarah swings downstairs, into an empty kitchen, “Where’d you go?”

The pantry closet, pops open, and Michelle yanks Sarah in, and forces her against the shelves. She presses her lips into Sarah’s. “Sorry, if I’m a little…” she rips open Sarah’s shirt, “Rough.”

Sarah shoves Michelle, and backs her into a wall, and breathes down her neck. “Too rough?” Sarah cups a boob, and returns a burning kiss.

Michelle frees a hand, and eases it down, Sarah’s pants, and plays inside. Sarah’s legs go numb, as Michelle slips a couple fingers in and out.

Sarah grinds into Michelle’s hand, and her foot slips. Michelle catches her, and forces her into the corner, “You bitch,” Sarah says.

Michelle shakes down Sarah’s pants, “I know.” She slides a finger up her slit, “ya pretty little thing.” Michelle nibbles between Sarah’s legs, and eases in her tongue, till Sarah’s seeing God.

Sarah crumbles, flat on her back, with her knees in the air. She bucks her hips, as Michelle laps her up. 

Sarah catches her breathe, resting on a stale bag, of marshmallows, as Michelle fixes her outfit, like nothing happened, “That was fun,” Michelle blows a kiss, and walks out the pantry.

Sarah grabs her pants, “Yeah, can’t wait till the next…so and so.” she fixes up her shirt, “Fun party Tim.”

Point B

David fixes his tie, and strolls past Sarah, “Not this time, sister, dearest.”

She socks him in the arm, “Ok baby brother, you go be a man. besides, she looks like, she likes them fresh faced, and spry.”

David laughs it off, as he wanders downstairs. He steps into the kitchen, and shoved onto his back, over a large table. 

Michelle nest, between his legs, and unfurls his belt, “You lost, little boy?” Says Michelle. He defensively, tries to shout back, “I’m twen…”

Michelle shoves a piece of cake into his mouth, “shush!” She fishes out his dick, “Don’t worry,” She starts stroking him, while keeping eye contact, “Momma’s got you.” She says.

She wriggles her tongue around his head, as she buries him in her throat.

he’s on his back, standing in attention, as she climbs onto the table. She grips him by the base, and plunges him, inside.

His eyes roll into his skull, as she rides hard. He reaches up her thighs, but she holds his arms down, “Momma’s taking care of you.”

He slips his hands out, and rolls Michelle, onto her back. He holds her arms over her head, as she fights to get back on top. He buries himself, deep inside, “Daddies got you.” He eases himself out, and inches back in.

she digs in her nails, as he pushes deeper, and deeper, “daddies…” he rolls his hips, as pumps a hot load, spilling down her legs.

He looks up from Michelle, and sees, an entire table of leftovers, shoved onto the floor, but sitting on the corner is a single, perfect cupcake, still standing, “Thanks Tim,” he whispers to himself.

Point C

David fixes his hair, “Whatever you say sis, but your going to miss out,” and skirts around Sarah. She gives him a thumbs up, with a “Go gettem, bro.” As she makes it up the stairs.

He makes it to the top, empty hall, with a single door, opened a crack. David sneaks over, and peaks inside.

Jack’s stroking his shaft, as he turns to see David, skulking around. David knocks on the wooden door, and steps inside, “Need some help?” David says.

Jack rubs up and down his length, and whispers, “Shut the door.” As he pulls off his shirt.

David fiddles around with Jack’s dick, as he gets to a knee. He adjust his wrist, and really starts to work the shaft. 

Jack reaches into the drawers, and musses David’s hair. David rolls his tongue over the tip, as Jack lathes up the shaft.

Jack pats the counter, and pulls out of David’s mouth. David puts a hand on the counter, and helps lather up the tip, before Jack pulls down David’s pants, and spreads open his cheeks.

Jack eases himself in, as David struggles after every inch. Jack reaches around, and pulls him off, as he digs deeper into David.

Jack holds him close, as her thrust into David faster. David blows a load onto the side of the counter, and almost goes limp, as Jack keeps him up, and blows a load into him.

David looks up at the mirror, as Jack pulls out of him, and sees an old photo of Tim,“Enjoy the show, old man?” He whispers to himself.

Point D

Sarah peeks over David’s shoulder, as Jack vanishes up the stairs, “seems kind of cruel to leave him like that, I’ll see if he needs any, help, since your so busy.” 

David puts a hand over his heart, “my blessed sister, really knowing how to give, and receive.”

Sarah walks up the steps into an empty hallway, with a large bay window, at the end of the hall. she tries a couple doors, but they’re all locked.

She twist the locked knob, at the end of the hall, “dammit.” She turns to look out the window, “where’d you get too?”

Sarah watches the clouds roam over Tim’s old fields, and sees somebody in the reflection. She presses a finger into the glass, “Is that the guy’s old tractor?”

Jack walks up behind her, looking out the window, mumbling to himself, “I’m not seeing anything.”

She leans over, and sticks out her ass. She rubs herself against him, as she points outside.

He leans into her, and slides a hand down, the front of her pants. Sarah braces a hand on the glass, as he digs in a couple fingers, “yeah, I think I’m starting to see it.” He says.

Sarah bites her lip, and takes a deep breath, “I don’t think you are.” She leans more into the window, to catch her breathe, “You need to look harder.”

He pushes her up against the glass, and his pants drop to the floor, and she wriggles out of hers, “It really is nice out here,” half admiring the scenery.

He spreads her slit, “its lovely.” He guides in his head, before plunging in. He reaches up her shirt, and cups her breast, as he thrust into her.

He roots around out, and in. He thrust deeper, holding her close, as he shoots a hot load, that drips down her leg, and holds her tight, as he pours out the last of it.

Sarah pulls her face off the glass, and in the distance, sees an old tractor, half buried in the field, and whispers to herself. “Tim, actually did have a tractor?”

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