...Like a virgin?

...Like a virgin? ...Like a virgin?

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Twenty-Something baby sitter fucks her employer. Something, something subtly, but that's what happens.


Twenty-Something baby sitter fucks her employer. Something, something subtly, but that's what happens.


Submitted: February 01, 2019

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Submitted: February 01, 2019



Alma grips the sheets, as Jay wriggles around inside her. His hands at either side of her, as he pulls in and out.

“…ah, fuck, I love you,” he says, never breaking his stride.

A door, down the hall, creeks wide open.

Alma half sits-up, and looks at the door, as Jay keeps his pace. “I think the kid might be up,” says Alma.

Jay presses himself into her, runs his hands up her back, and grips her shoulders. He lays on top, pushing deeper, “He’s asleep,” says Jay.

She struggles to speak, “I need to check on him,” says Alma. She grips him by the ass, and forces him inside.

“Ok, just…hold on,” says Jay, as he holds her tight.

“I’m serious,” says Alma

“One second…”

“I think he’s coming.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Oh my god.”

Jay explodes inside her, and spills out on the bed, as he inches his way out. “Man, I love you,” he says, as he runs a hand through her hair.

The doorknob twist, Alma immediately throws a sheet over them, as the door pops open. A young boy peeks into the room, saying he had a bad dream.

Alma pokes her head out, from under the sheet, “It’s alright Bill…Just, grab a cup, and I will warm you up some milk, or something,” Says Alma.

“Chocolate?” Says Bill.

“…as long as you don’t tell your parents.”

“Ok.” Says Bill, as he shuts the door behind him.

Jay shuffles under the sheets, his hands run down her body, as he slips away. 

Alma smiles, and whispers to herself, “I don’t have to beg this time.” She reaches a hand under the sheets, but they collapses flat.

Alma sits up, and throws off the sheet, confused. Jay rummages around in the dark, picking up his clothes, and plucks a shiny nickel, off the carpet.

“Lucky day, 1987.” Says Jay, as he flips the coin.

“Your leaving…Already?” Says Alma.

“Yeah, I should probably get out of here.” Says Jay, as he pulls up his underwear. “I mean, give me a few minutes…I could probably.”

“Never mind, just get out of here, before the kid sees.” Says Alma.

“He won’t see me…Hey you think I can make it out the front door?” Says Jay, as he pulls up his sock.

“The window.” Says Alma.

“You don’t think I can make it? I think I can make it.”

Alma sits back, and massages her temples.

Jay flips the coin in the air. “Heads I go…” Alma points to the window, and without another word, he crawls out the window, forgetting to shut it.

Alma shuts her eyes, hearing the night air, flowing in. She bundles up the sheets, and burritos herself in.

Alma takes a deep breathe, and brushes her hand between her legs, as the cold air floods the room.

A glass shatters in the next room, “Sorry,” shouts Bill.

Alma crawls out of bed, and grabs her clothes, off the floor. “Step away from the glass, Bill. I’ll be right there,” says Alma.

Alma finishes up a chapter of Treasure Island, as Bill dozes off, tucked in bed. She shuts the book, and grabs a half-empty cup of chocolate-milk, off the nightstand. 

“Good night, Bill…Treat your future girlfriends, well,” says Alma.

Outside the house, an old engine roars, and parks, just out the door.

Alma steps outside the home. An old mustang’s driven, up on the lawn. Alma knocks on the window, and the man inside, gulps down some scotch, out of the bottle. 

Alma taps the glass, “Mr Collins…Mr Collins?” Says Alma, as the man inside, turns away. 

Alma pops open the door, “Nate,” says Alma.

Nate steps out of the car, with his half-full bottle of scotch. He takes another drink, before setting down in the drivers seat, and buckling it up.

Nate laughs to himself, “I promised, no more alcohol in the house,” says Nate. He shuts the car door, behind him, “Pretty clever, ai.”

Alma looks past him, “And the Mrs?” Says Alma.

Nate takes a breathe, “I’ve got to talk with Bill,” says Nate. He stumbles forward, and holds himself up, against a wall, “Momma, needed to get away from it all, I guess.”

Alma leads him, into his room, and sits him down, before shutting the window.

Alma whisper, “We broke a glass.” He looks at the window, “Why was the window…” 

“Bill’s great, no big deal.” Alma interrupts. “So, I’ll see you, next…”

Nate pulls her in for a kiss, but she pushes him off. He laughs to himself, “Sorry, it’s…”

Alma presses her lips to his, and whispers in his ear, “Sshh, don’t ruin it.”

Alma unbuttons her pants, but he puts his hand over hers. He unzips her, and sits her on the bed. He kneels down in front of her, and eases off her pants, past her knees.

She lays back in bed, “Oh, a gentlema…aah.” Nate laps his tongue, between her legs. She springs up, and pushes him away.

Alma crosses her legs, “Hold on,” says Alma. She chuckles to herself, as a shiver runs through her body. 

Nate clears his throat, “Sorry, I’m kind of rusty.”

“No, no, keep going…I’m just not used too…never mind.”

Nate runs a hand down her thigh, and asks, “Are you a virgin?”

“…Yes.” She runs her hand across his cheek, and gives him a kiss, “Be gentle.”

Alma struggles to sit up, slumped over Nate, as he drags his tongue along her. She squeezes his head between her thighs, and plays with his hair, and he bobs his head under her, poking his tongue inside.

Her body goes numb, and Nate eases her on her back. Nate steps away, as she stares up at the ceiling, rolling her hips, after he’d stopped. Alma whispers, “Don’t go.”

Nate’s pants hit the floor, and he climbs over her, and looks her in the eyes.

Alma looks up at him, widens her eyes, and asks, “Is it going to hurt?”

Nate kisses her, and brushes her hair out of her face, “I’d never do that.”

Alma bites her lip, as he eases himself inside her. He inches his way out, and presses deep inside her, as he holds her closer.

He kisses her along the neck, and whispers in her ear, “You’re so tight.”

Alma squirms under him, as he roots around inside, and asks, “Is that good?”

He wraps his arms around her, as he slides in and out, spilling over the bed. He grabs the headboard, as he hold Alma down, and pumps a couple loads inside her, crumbling on top of her.

Alma smiles, as he climbs off, and asks, “When can we do this again?”

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