Sex pet for the Alphas

Sex pet for the Alphas

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I was saved by a cruel place by two Alpha werewolf brothers who took me to their house and made me their personal sex pet.No matter what I did to escape,I coudn't run away from them.They told me that I'd always be theirs.Everything in me now belonged to them.Literally.


I was saved by a cruel place by two Alpha werewolf brothers who took me to their house and made me their personal sex pet.No matter what I did to escape,I coudn't run away from them.They told me that I'd always be theirs.Everything in me now belonged to them.Literally.


Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Amy's pov



I could still remember that night when I was taken away from that 'prison' like village by Chad and Seth,my two werewolf 'owners'.They took me from there and brought me their house.I've been here for a week already,I have been given rich nutrition,health care and medication for the past week just so they could make sure I'd be okay and perfectly healed.I don't know why these two guys brought me here,to their pack and to their house since I'm only a human.What do they want from me?

But I only know that I've been told by them that I now belong to them and only to them.I'm something like their possession,and they won't let me go.

When I heard that I tried to run away,but I failed.It was a stupid thought of me to try and run away from werewolves,but it was worth the effort.I didn't want to give up on my freedom and self so easily.

They brought me back after my failed escape effort and tied me down to their room for punishment.

Today I'm still in their bedroom with my hands tied on the bed while they're in their office arranging pack metters.


I'm a 17 years old ordinary human girl called Amy.I don't know my nickname since I never had the chance to find my family.I stand at 5 feet and I have a very thin body but luckily for me,a healthy one.I have long brown curly hair and hazel eyes.

The two Alpha werewolves that kidnapped are Chad and Seth,both are 21 years old,stand at almost 6 feet and 7 inches,are perfectly fit with 6pack abs as far as I've seen,and both have dark blond to light brown hair and dark brown eyes.

I wonder if I will ever be able to get out of here or at least get them to free me.

I was interrupted by my trance when the room's door was burst open and in came Chad and Seth looking at me.

They both walked towards the bed and climbed up on it hovering above me with weird looks on their faces.

''You're finally awake'',Chad saying stroking my cheek.He slowly bent down and started trailing soft kisses on them and my neck and then my face.

''Don't worry,we'll untie your hands,so they won't bruise'',Seth smirked at me and untied my hands after first kissing my wrists.

Their saliva had healing abilities when it came in contact with my skin since they're werewolves.So when he kissed and licked my wrists all the pain and marks in my wrists were gone.

Suddenly I felt Chad's body moving over mine in rhyme and I looked over only to see him humping me while he was staring at me with a heated look.I gulped scared of his look and turned my head away from his eyes.

''Let me get up please'',I said trying to pry Chad off me.

''Not yet'',he said huskily and suddenly he stood over me and started taking his clothes off.

''What are you doing?'',I asked shakily looking over at Seth who was licking his lips now.

''We want you and we will have you'',Chad said simply unzipping his pants all the while staring at me.

''No,please don't '',I pleaded but I was soon silenced by Seth's lips on mine.

''Theres no point on begging baby,you're ours and we will do whatever we want to you.Stop resisting and it will be a lot easier'',Chad said now slowly removing his boxers revealing his manhood to me before I could even turn my eyes away.I closed my eyes to avoid the sight but then I heard a growl.

''Open your eyes baby'',Chad ordered threateningly and I slowly opened them only to see him having his hand over his manhood and stroking it.I looked at Seth who now also had his hand inside his pants while kissing my face and giving out low moans.

I started crying when Chad started ripping my clothes off me and when he took my panties off me too.

''Please'',I begged between sobs but they didn't stop.Chad fell on top of me with a grunt and soon I felt something big getting inside me and Chad gave out a loud grunt of pleasure while I started sobbing.He started thrusting into me,taking my virginity away and kissing my face and my tears,moaning loudly while Seth was grunting next to me watching the whole thing with lustful eyes.I  tried to pry Chad off me but it was impossible.He put his big arms around my small body to keep me from moving or wiggling and kept kissing me and thrusting into me faster at every second.

After what seemed like several minutes of me sobbing and him raping me,I felt some liquid inside me while Chad moaned loudly slowly stopping his thrusts and resting his forehead on mine.

He gave me a smirk licking his lips pervertly ''Now you have my sperm into you baby'',he said smirking again and wiping my tears,''don't cry Amy'',he said kissing my forehead and slowly getting off of me.He stood up and started stroking his manhood until a white liquid poured out of it landing on my lower body.He then layed back down to the bed while Seth stood over me unzipping his pants and taking his boxers off.I started sobbing again when I realised that he was going to do the same and he quickly wipped away my tears as he landed on top of me,inserting his manhood into me too.He started thrusting in me slowly at first and then faster grunting huskily and kissing my neck and my face hungrily.

When he stopped too I was still sobbing exhausted by all of it,when I felt the warm liquid on my thigs and my womanhood again.Seth kept releashing his sperm inside me letting out pleased grunts.

''That's right baby,feel our sperm inside you'',he said above my ear giving me a wet kiss and standing up to releash more of his sperm over me.

I started wiggling my body trying to find my clothes but they suddenly grabbed my hands and pulled me up.They got me off the bed and then put me down to the floor on my knees.I tried to get up but they wouldn't let me.

Seth came and stood right before me with his manhood a few inches from my face.I pulled my face away but he grabbed my hair and pushed me forward again.

''Open your mouth baby'',Chad ordered with his Alpha tone.

I let out a sob and hesitantly I opened my mouth and Seth put his manhood into it and started pushing it back and forth grunting loudly and holding my face close so that I couldn't pull back.

I wanted to get it out of my mouth but Seth kept pushing it inside my mouth keeping me to his hold pushing my head forward from my hair.He grabbed my other hand and put it over his upper body stroking himself with it.

I felt tears coming down my face as I was trying to stop him from doing what he was doing but the more I was resisting the more he'd moan in pleasure.I was so embarassed at what they were doing to me,that I couldn't even keep my eyes open.Seth was standing naked right in front of my face with his manhood inside my mouth,and I'd surely die of embarassment if someone was to see us.I was raped by them and now being used for their nasty desires.

After a while Seth stopped doing that nasty thing and took his manhood out of my mouth but not before dripping some of his sperm on my body again.

He stroked my cheek tenderly and gave his position to Chad who positioned himself in front of me too and inserted his manhood inside my mouth too before I could even say anything.

For several minutes he was pushing himself inside me moaning while I was desperately trying to get away from it,until he too finished after releashing himself over me again with a satisfied moan.

When they both finished I stood up sobbing and went into the bathroom,and took a long bath to clean myself from their marks and then I went back into the bedroom only to see them on the bed laying naked with the middle spot of the bed empty,while they were laying on the two corners.

''Come here'',they ordered in a strict tone that I knew I couldn't ignore..if I wanted my own good.

I looked down at my poor new clothing nervously and slowly walked back towards them getting on the middle of the bed and laying on it.

Seth was behind me with his chest on my back while Chad was in front of me with his body very close to mine and his arm around my waist.Seth also put his arms around my body.

''Next time it will be much better and you won't feel any pain'',Chad said stroking my cheek.

''I don't want another time,I don't want this'',I said lowly.

''You will do it,because you belong to us Amy,and if we want you to be our sex pet,then thats what you will be.You will always do whatever we want you to do in order to please us.Don't be afraid though,you won't be hurt'',Seth said kissing my head and rubbing my belly.

I closed my eyes with them holding me possessively tight to their bodies and soon I fell asleep.


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