Caged to him 2

Caged to him 2

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Caged to him chapter 2


Caged to him chapter 2


Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012



Alice woke up the next day only to be surprised by the fact that she was laying down on the guard's known as Derek,chest while he was staring down at her curiously.

She quickly bolted off of his body and sat up feeling her head hurting from the sudden move and turned around only to glare at her rapist with dry tears in her eyes.

''Don't make any sound,or the old hag will come down again and he will wish to punish you himself this time'',Derek warned the petite girl in front of him before she could make another mistake.

He had been holding her during the whole night as she was sleeping into his arms sobbing slightly ever so often.

She wouldn't stop sobbing until the sun started rising on the sky..he kept wondering if he really hurt her and how much or if she was just crying out of sadness and shame for what happened to her.

Alice brushed her dry tears off her eyes and cheeks and started kicking the floor with her toes.

At 5 feet,she was really petite and fragile.

''I want to pee and I'm hungry'',she cried out at Derek who got up and picked the girl up to his arms carrying her out of her cage and towards the bathroom.

She put her back down to her feet and she entered the small bathroom to freshen up herself.

When she was done Derek carried her back into her cage and after a few minutes he brought her a big tray of food which she devoured instantly.

Derek sat across her all the while watching her silent.

When she was done he took the tray back and threw it in the trash bin.

Alice wrapped her blanket around her body again and fell back on the pillows of her cage falling asleep,since she had nothing else to do.


When Alice woke up again she saw Derek circling her cage like a predator with a smug look at his face as he was rocking the cage back and forth and looking inside it hungrily.

She stared at him in fear that he might do what he did the night before,again.

She backed away into her cage but the hunk before her only growled at her in response.

Derek growled in aggrevation as he felt himself becoming harder by the seconds and quickly put his hand into his pocket and got the cage's keys out.

Alice stared at him as he unlocked her cage again and locked it back putting the keys into his pocket, and then started walking towards her licking his lips hungrily giving her a heated look.

''Don't touch me'',she shouted backing away till her back hit the cold metal of the cage but she was jerked forward as Derek grabbed her small hands and pulled her to him with a quick move.

She tried to hit him in the face in defense and since Derek stopped her he layed her down and suddenly came above her pinning her with his arms and started devouring her mouth into a hungry and lustful kiss.

He felt the need to dominate the girl and make her his,and thats what he did last night,as well what he was going to do that moment too.

But he wouldn't rape her..not again.

He knew she was in a very weak state right now,she was sore and still in pain since the previous night,he wouldn't risk her health and physical state again.She was just an innocent young girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And more specifically a young fragile human girl.

But something in him made him feel happy that the specific girl was in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Deep inside him,he knew that the reason why he chose to kidnap that girl,wasn't because of the man he was working for,since he could have ignored the girl in the park and try to find another girl if he wanted.But he took her,instantly.

And not because of his ''duties'',deep inside him he knew he had taken that girl because of himself.

He wanted her for him..not for his boss.

Alice let out a whimper against the guy's mouth who insisted on exploring her with his tongue while stroking every part of her unexperienced body with his free hand.

When he broke the kiss he sat up and pulled her to his lap too laying her across his lap.

 He slowly brought her head against his chest and started giving soothing strokes to her stomach.

''He won't have you..nobody else except me,will ever touch you'',he whisered kissing her neck.

Alice blinked in utter confusion but she quickly lost all her thoughts when he leaned down and claimed her lips again with a possessive kiss.






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